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Friday, December 3, 2010

Woman Police Chief Slain in Mexico

by: Fox News

The woman leading the police department in the northern Mexican town of Meoqui was slain while driving to work, the Chihuahua state Attorney General's Office said Monday.

Hermila García was named last month as chief of the 90-strong police force in Meoqui, located 70 kilometers (43 miles) from Chihuahua city, the state capital.

García was found fatally shot in her car at a spot near her home about 10 kilometers (6 miles) from the town center, the AG's office said.

Authorities suspect the police chief, whose prior experience included working as an investigator for the federal AG's office, was murdered by gunmen working for drug traffickers or other organized crime elements.

Chihuahua, which borders Texas, has three other female police chiefs, including 20-year-old criminology student Marisol Valles, recently appointed the top law enforcement officer in Praxedis G. Guerrero.

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Newest Police Chief in Mexican Drug Epicenter is Student, 20 Silvia Molina, the top administrative official of the police department in Ciudad Juárez, the state's largest city, was murdered in 2008.

Juárez, just across the Río Grande from El Paso, Texas, is Mexico's murder capital, with more than 2,700 homicides so far this year and roughly 8,000 slain since the beginning of 2008.

The carnage is blamed on a bitter turf battle between rival drug cartels, itself part of a wider conflict involving the gangs and the Mexican security forces that has claimed nearly 30,000 lives nationwide over the past four years.

Chihuahua has accounted for around a third of all the drug war fatalities.


  1. Fox news says EL PONCHIS and his sister were arrested.[The twelve year old killer]

  2. Unfortunately she knew the risk of having such a position.

  3. Northern Mexico is really a toilet now, no respect for the lives of anyone. Ah well, 20 years from now it'll all just be a concrete parking lot for the mexi walmarts owned by the Chinese.

  4. I bet she wouldn't last three months. Looks like I won.

  5. Rise..
    Is this the same one from last week? Or is she the second killed? I am confused.

  6. Please guys, check your past posts, this has already been posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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