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Friday, December 3, 2010

Wikileaks cables: US Mexico drugs War Fears Revealed

The US is concerned that the Mexican army is failing in its fight against drug cartels, according to diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks.


Mexican soldiers are in the front line of the fight against drugs.

A cable sent by the US embassy in Mexico City in January 2010 described the army as "slow and risk averse."

It said troops were not trained to patrol the streets or gather evidence to convict those detained.

However, the cables praise the Mexican government for its "unprecedented commitment" to take on the drugs gangs.

But the fight is being hampered by widespread "official corruption" and a lack of co-ordination.

According to the cable dated 29 January 2010, the deployment of troops in Ciudad Juarez - a border city at the heart of the drugs war - had failed to reduce violence.

Troops were not trained for law enforcement operations, and only 2% of of people arrested in the city were charged with any crime, it says.

The Mexican navy is seen as more effective, particularly in the operation in which the cartel leader Arturo Beltran Leyva was killed - an operation that, the cable says, was based on US intelligence.

Losing control

But security institutions were often "locked in a zero-sum competition in which one agency's success is viewed as another's failure, information is closely guarded and joint operations are all but unheard of."

Another embassy cable sent in October 2009 quotes a senior Mexican official as saying his government was worried it was losing control of some regions to the drug gangs.

"We have 18 months," Geronimo Gutierrez, at the time Mexico's under-secretary of the interior, is quoted as saying.

"And if we do not produce a tangible success that is recognisable to the Mexican people, it will be difficult to sustain this confrontation into the next administration."

"It is damaging Mexico's reputation, hurting foreign investment, and leading to a sense of government impotence."

The BBC's Julian Miglierini in Mexico City says Washington's financial and political support for President Felipe Calderon's strategy has been crucial.

The cables highlight Mexico's calls for more help to fight what many in Mexico believe is a problem that originated in the high demand for drugs in US territory, he adds.

While the publication of the cables is unlikely to strain relations between the countries, it has opened the door into how Washington is thinking about the burdens of its southern neighbour, our correspondent adds.

More than 30,000 Mexicans have been killed in drug-related violence since President Calderon began deploying troops to fight the cartels four years ago.

The US embassy cables praise President Calderon's government for its willingness to build "strong civilian law enforcement institutions that are necessary for sustained success against organised crime in Mexico."

They also highlight how the kind of help Mexico requests from the US has shifted from military hardware to intelligence-gathering technology and training.

President Caderon's office said it had seen the leaked cables but had no immediate comment to make, the Associated Press reported.


  1. so from this it dosen't seem like the USA is the big bad wolf plotting to take over Mexico...just the contrary,,,, there is actual concern for the state of Mexico

  2. Brito; concern and fear, finally we see that they know what exists...

    Here are a couple of other links..

    LA times (I think has done the best coverage on this) and also the US Ambassador's take on the leaks;

  3. the problem is not the military the problem is the corrupt judges n politicians the soldiers capture the bad guy just for a judge to let them go free n they should approve the death penalty for those who deserve it

  4. Let see what our friend Ernest1 has to say!!! Cmon, Ernest, you are too slow!!

  5. @ B

    yeap... seems like not much response to this ...the communiques are surprisingly mundane big nasty secrets least not yet... (fingers crossed) I personally am pleased at the concern the reps of my country are is good to have a little bit of good news about what the USA is doing..i get really tired of the paranoid cynical shit sometimes

  6. Hey, got to work too, you know...

    'Anonymous said...
    Let see what our friend Ernest1 has to say!!! Cmon, Ernest, you are too slow!!'

    This 'wikileak' outing simply shows that the US government thinks it is totally their own show that is to be run, and that Mexican society is their play thing to do their own little toy international 'drug war' with as they like and with no real regard to those in other countries who get hurt by it, their game playing.

    The US always has no problems with running roughshod over the national sovereignty of other countries, and to pushing other countries US tied elites to make decisions that are essentially forced on them by American politicians and military men. Just look at this bleating of the Mexicano puppets...

    'The cables highlight Mexico's (elites) calls for more help to fight what many in Mexico believe is a problem that originated in the high demand for drugs in US territory, he adds.'

    Pathetic to be tied up following orders from another country, is it not? Whether they work, or not. 'But, Boss, you messed me up with this!'


  7. I wonder if wikileaks will reveal something about the corrupt Coahuila Governor, Humberto Moriera Valdez,

  8. E1

    you know man, the impossible has happened, I actually have grown a soft spot for you. You leave for a few and we all miss you! JE JE..
    Truth be told I heard a gal once say after a divorce, "hell yeah I miss the a-hole, I can only explain it by saying; if you get hit over the head with a hammer every day at 8AM and then it stops, for sure your gonna miss it"

    But E1 please destroy the thought in my head that YOU are the REAL Assange! When I read your posts I don't want to visualize a mousey slighty yellow, whiter than white rapist.. J..K.. I know the jury is still out on the rape thing. Just messing with you.


  9. Obama: Assange, you genius you! Looks like your plan is working.

    Assange: Didn't I tell you the people would lap it up? Like the ol' boys used to say, we don't report the news, we make the news.

    Obama: So now what do we do? They're starting to believe we actually give a fuck about this country. Surely this is not going to hold them off for long.

    Assange: Hey, I did my part. You flat-foots need to get back on the ball, create a false flag, make these Americans salivate with lust for war with the Mexicans. The ol' nothing under the sleeve, two-card monty, now you see me now you don't. And if that doesn't work cook up a plague or something, but this time make it really nasty not like that H1N1 crap, my god, my niece could have concocted a better killing machine with a couple of blue-berry pies.

    Obama: What do I tell the people?

    Assange: Tell'em what they always want to hear. That it's their duty, their fate, that it's their calling to come to the aid of a fallen people. It worked for Georgey boy, it'll work for you as well.

    Obama: I don't know, these people are starting to wise-up. The media black-out doesn't seem to be enough. I don't think they're going to bite on this one.

    Assange: Sure they will, but you have to take control. Develop the right atmosphere, make them feel guilty for hating Mexico, give them a good reason why they must come to the rescue. You gotta force their hand.

  10. In Lies We Trust.

    Los homicidios iniciaron a partir de 2007, precisa el documento. Considera “muy real” el riesgo de agresión contra su personal en el país.

    México.- En dos años, 61 funcionarios federales mexicanos que servían de enlace con la DEA y el FBI fueron asesinados por el narcotráfico, según uno de los cables de EU difundido por la organización WikiLeaks.

    Los agentes mexicanos, agrega el parte identificado como 09MEXICO193, eran de los mejor entrenados para la lucha contra las organizaciones de la droga y colaboraban de manera sistemática con las autoridades estadunidenses.

    “Aunque los cárteles no han tenido como objetivo directo agentes u otro personal del gobierno de EU, éstos no han dudado en perseguir a algunos de nuestros más confiables socios de las agencias de ley mexicanas”, se afirma en el cable preparado por la embajada estadunidense en nuestro país.

    Señala que desde 2007 “diez oficiales de enlace cercanos a la DEA fueron asesinados, siete de los cuales eran miembros” de unidades especiales.

    El documento, fechado en enero de 2009, agrega: “además, en los dos años recientes 51 contactos cercanos al FBI fueron ejecutados”.

    Así, “más de 60 de los mejores policías de México, en quienes habíamos colocado nuestra confianza y colaborado en investigaciones importantes, compartido inteligencia y en muchos casos entrenado, han sido asesinados por los cárteles”.

    Preocupación por ataques

    En el cable también se establece la preocupación de las autoridades estadunidenses por los posibles ataques que pudieran sufrir su personal o instituciones de parte de las organizaciones criminales.

    “Sabemos por fuentes que miembros de cárteles han contemplado por lo menos la posibilidad de hacer daño a tanto nuestro personal como a nuestras instituciones, pero francamente no sabemos lo bastante acerca de cómo piensan y operan sus miembros para determinar los factores que quizá los lleven a la decisión de montar un ataque, pero la potencial amenaza es muy real”, se advierte en el documento.

    “Calculamos que las amenazas al personal de EU (en México) puede incrementarse si la violencia continúa en aumento y más funcionarios del gobierno de alto nivel y políticos son vistos como objetivos”, añade.

    El cable, de 10 páginas, alerta que la reacción violenta de los cárteles se puede dar si los traficantes perciben que sus pérdidas se deben al apoyo que EU otorga al gobierno mexicano en la lucha contra el crimen.

    “Continuaremos vigilando potenciales ataques al personal de EU por parte de las organizaciones criminales y estaremos alerta a la información que sugiera que los traficantes ven cada vez más a EU como el responsable de sus pérdidas”, señala.

    Por otra parte, se hace referencia a los “significativos éxitos” que ha obtenido la administración del presidente Felipe Calderón en la lucha contra el narcotráfico.

    Las revelaciones

    El jueves pasadó WikiLeaks comenzó la difusión de documentos de EU sobre temas relacionados con México.

    En uno de ellos se señala al Ejército como “torpe, lento y con aversión al riesgo” en ese combate, pero se elogia la labor de la Marina.

    Además, se revela que en una reunión, Gerónimo Gutiérrez, ex funcionario de Segob, admitió que el gobierno había perdido el control en algunas zonas del país.

  11. @ 3:40

    Governor "Bert" is leaving Coahuila and the governor post. He is relocating to DF and begin his campaign for the federal presidency of the PRI party, in January. It looks like his bro Rebuen, and equally (if not more) corrupt, will take over as Governor.

    As PRI pres he will gain the national recognition to make a run for the presidency.

  12. man somebody here is smoking some G13 er white widow er something...maybe some honey oil...whatever it is ,,,,it sho do gettem hiiiggghhhh!!!!!puff puff pass gnarly chronic bro...coff coff

    sometimes the truth is just too boring

    lets see how much you really know

    what ancient symbol is on the US marine saber ...right down next to the hilt

    according to the Urantia book what is the name of our solar system

    what african tribe identified the star sirius long before "modern" astronomers

    who was the greatest magician who ever lived (he once commanded a large flight of birds to fly over him and provide shade while he was crossing a desert )

    where are Geronimo's skull and thigh bones

    who founded Monterrey Mexico, and was later burned at the stake

    say silk silk silk fast three times, now ..what do cows drink?


  13. oh more what is the order of DeMolay and how was it started?

  14. Paz to you , too, Buela.

    No, I do not look the least bit like Assange so know need to nightmare about that. Plus, I actually have hung out around Camargo, El Paso, Colombia, Guatemala, Janos, Torreon, Panama, several different Matamoros and Guadalupes, etc. and parts there about, and not just lived also in white bread Phili, Seattle, Milwaukee, Oregon, and the USA alone.

    I may be a Lefty and many don't think very well of that, but I have traveled and lived in places where you might not suspect Lefties like me to ever have been in, so perhaps I might have some little perspective to offer others about what's happening out there???

    Plus, when I'm in Texas, whatever part, I know most of the yokels down in my home state have never met anybody Left of dopey liberal Democrat in their lives. They think an extreme commie is somebody who likes Michael Moore and votes Al Bore! BB landia is a little like Texas in that way... Lost in inner unlimited space at times. That's OK, Y'all.


  15. E1
    ok thank God! I will revert back to the tall dark handsome with the stern look and knitted eyebrows.
    Why the hell you leave Seattle? Or Ore for that matter? Let me guess portland. Stay a while and they will make you king. Only place tiny bit more left is Boston MA. I am yet to find a republican there, but I love the damn place....I even like the people with the exception of the Laker/Celts playoff all white crowd I may add, Buela and gang stuck out with our brown skin and gold/purple attire.

    and...To whoever

    back to what I have renamed "Weaky-Leaks" seems stuff to cause faces to redden but nothing earth shattering. Unless it is on the horizon. I think we should help Mx more but not by US troops. BUT if we think Mx is bad,,,just wait..CA is going to be armageddon, the US cannot short change them as they have, that is the potential Narco State in the making, pick a country and the possibility exist. Even Costa Rica we sent 7000 marines, but they need to get an arms force a federal army....quick


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