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Friday, December 3, 2010

14 year old "El Ponchis" arrested

by: Amanda Cassandra CBS NEWS

CUERNAVACA, Mexico (CBS/AP) A 14 year-old U.S. citizen suspected of being a hired hitman for a Mexican drug cartel was arrested today as he attempted to board a plane to travel back to the United States from Mexico.

Edgar Jimenez, nicknamed "El Ponchis" worked for the South Pacific Cartel since he was 11, according army officials who apprehended him.

Jimenez was captured with his 16-year -old sister who told reporters they planned to cross the border to San Diego, California to see their mother.

"I participated in four executions, but I did it drugged and under threat that if I didn't, they would kill me," the boy told reporters calmly when he was handed over to the federal prosecutor Friday morning, showing no remorse.

"El Ponchis" made grisly headlines in Mexico when reports of murders he allegedly committed surfaced.

The Mexican daily paper La Razon reported in November that he was allegedly paid $3,000 for each murder.

The attorney general for Morelos state said the two would turned over to state authorities, who handle crimes committed by minors in Mexico.


  1. Damn, I was hoping you were dead... Oh, well... you're an American, you'll be loved by all in Mexican canland... plus if you ever make it out, we'll be waiting for you over the border, brother... PAIN IS YOURS.

  2. Problem is that this screwed up kid can't be charged under Mexican law.

  3. El Ponchis sister was the girlfriend of El "H" .. Dirty pig, perv...
    they have not yet authenticated Ponchis US Passport

  4. mexico should really rethink their abortion laws...and before someone goes off on me about it being against the Big Man upstairs..i would say lets help and nurture the ones that are HERE on this earth that there are less of these nightmares running around..

  5. On another blog...he claims "he will straighten up and work doin anything BUT bein a Sicario"...On the same blog it also states that he was involved in over 300 Homicides...krazy shit..

  6. I think the actual numbers are closer to 10, 300 is pretty farfetched, actually it's ridiculous. The kid sounds like a little punk, but Buela where are you getting that El H's girlfriend is the kids sisters? Not that I would doubt for a second. Beltrans turned into a bunch of scumbags.

  7. "Arrested with Jimenez were two older sisters, and news reports said that one of them, 19-year-old Elizabeth, was a girlfriend of Hector Beltran Leyva, the leader of a splinter faction of the powerful Sinaloa Cartel that operates out of Morelos state.

    News reports said the elder sister led a gang called Las Chavelas that took slain rivals of the Beltran Leyva group and dumped them on city streets."

    -Miami Herald

    I think that is what Buela was getting at

  8. feed him to El Peinado! or anyone else in the Federacion!

  9. I didn't check the link before I posted, stupid. But, why does the Miami Herald have the most detailed story circulating? It's no secret that a lot of guys are into (much) younger women, seems to be even more prevalent in the macho narco world, Chapo supposedly married a 17 year old a few years back, so I don't doubt this, it is pretty deplorable and repulsive though.

    Also, lol at Ponchis saying he was high on weed, please kid. I don't doubt he was using drugs, and manipulated by scummy cartel recruiters, but saying he was high so he cut some throats and wrapped some faces in tape isn't going to work.

  10. Hang that dirt bag nothing by his balls from a telephone pole in the city plaza where he lived as a lesson to all who think they can act like devils and commit these artocites without anyone to stop them or say otherwise. Screw this piece of shit!!!!!!

  11. @ j

    Not only Miami Herald...China & everywhere else had lots of details! This report was a bit scarce, that is why I posted the link of Miami Herald because it had a few more facts.

    Chapo's latest and current wife was 18 when they married, she was Miss Sinaloa at the time.

    I read that edgar's wife (Barbie) was 20 years old which I thought was young until I read he was married in 2003! so either he is a pedophilo or the 20 y/o account was off.

    Does anyone know the Mexican law dealing with 14 year old killers? Are there juvenile facilities? I don't have a clue.

  12. @kevin

    I agree with you. Mexico should rethink its abortion laws and should really encourage birth control. Mexico's over population is a huge problem and is assisting to their poverty situation. But religion wont allow it. I believe that religion is restricting mexico of having important laws including capital punishment. If calderon would at least try to amend the constitution of mexico, it would make a difference. El ponchis is a menace to society and only serves the purpose of causing pain in people's lives and should be executed. But religion and politics have always influenced the choices that many politicians make and hinders a country's advancement.

  13. It makes sense that these cartels are recruiting young boys and training them to kill. It isnt right but every gang does this. The palestinians have been doing this for years. But buela chivis made an interesting comment that "money doesn't buy class". These cartels are the most dirtiest, filthiest, sick bastards i've ever seen. They have no class at all. And this fourteen year old is just an extension of this disgusting network of criminals. This kid is a disgrace to the human race.

  14. This kid is not the same one as in the photos everywhere before nor in the video!!! Check Blog del Narco with the video... He is not the same...

  15. Or watch it on Borderland Beat

  16. Throw his ass in prison and let him get raped, he deserves it. Stupid kid.

  17. throw him in prison? naw, he gave up his childhood long ago. treat him like a man and let him die like one.

  18. Yeah I agree that is not the same kid. When the alleged 12 year old sicario report fist came out a few weeks ago, he was referred to( by Mexican media) as el "pochis". this kid looks nothing like the kid in the YouTube video or the pictures. Somewhere somebody got it wrong.

  19. someone got hit by the ugly stick

  20. Bizarre! It is obvious it is not the same kid who was posted on the videos. Looks nothing like him at all......What is going on? He might be part of the gang but anybody can see he is not the one they were ranting about before..

  21. Borderland Grotesque....

    Anonymous said...
    Throw his ass in prison and let him get raped, he deserves it. Stupid kid.

    December 3, 2010 11:21 PM
    Anonymous said...
    throw him in prison? naw, he gave up his childhood long ago. treat him like a man and let him die like one.

    Reminds me just how the Mexican police always rough up and bruise their prisoners up during their little tortures for the 'free press' cameras, meeting the public's 'entertainment' needs and blood lust desires.

    What can one can really say to comments like this about having a 14 year old raped in prison? Who are these anony-moes?


  22. this ponchis kid doesnnt look like the other kid that was interviewed had an afro hair

  23. The kid with the 'fro mentions El Ponchis in the interrogation video. not sure how people got the impression that he is Ponchis. He's another member of the crew.

  24. The kid with the afro on the video mentions "el ponchis" who is this kid that got arrested. Come on people listen and thinkg first!

  25. Court rules today Edgar will be tried in Juvey court, really there was no other legal option. IF found guilty then 3 years max or 273 3/4 days for each murder HE admits to.

    or 3 2/3 days for each murder the government says he did.

    of course that does not account for his cartel cronies busting in and setting him him as they have done before.

    That is why he is not scared. at all.




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