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Monday, December 13, 2010

Soldiers seize fake Mexican army trucks, drugs in Miguel Aleman

Jared Taylor
The Monitor

Mexican army officials said soldiers found two fake military trucks Saturday in Miguel Alemán.

A convoy of army soldiers patrolling the area around Miguel Alemán found the trucks on Saturday, the Mexican defense ministry wrote in a statement.

"They are employed by organized crime to confuse the public and cover up their crimes," the statement reads.

The latest fake military vehicle seizure came just days after a similar bust in Camargo, across the U.S.-Mexico border from Rio Grande City.

Four trucks painted olive green to look like vehicles used by the army were seized during that bust.

Also Saturday, soldiers seized 8,104 pounds of marijuana during a patrol of the Rancherias neighborhood near Miguel Alemán. The drugs were found in a warehouse, officials said.

Another 4,636 pounds of marijuana was found Saturday morning in Nueva Ciudad Guerrero, across the border from Falcon Heights.


  1. These are the trucks used to transport the drugs to the the river and cross to the US. Fill these with drugs and men wearing military uniforms and high powered rifles, and it seems that the Mexican Army is crossing the drugs. These guys are cloning all types of vehicles including corporate (think COCA COLA, PEPSI, CORONA...)and state run PEMEX, CFE.
    This thing still has a long way to go.
    Matamoros Front Row Joe.

  2. They are driving around the Falffurias area in fake Haliburton trucks..

  3. There have been more than one border patrol vehicles stopped by the real Border Patrol that were fakes also. They passed the real border patrol and didnt stop and when they wouldnt answer the radio calls they were stopped. these fake BP vehicles had perfect paint jobs and decals along with correct radio antenas lights and everything.

    kind of makes you wonder how many other ways they have decieved the law on this side of the border.

    One such iniident happened near Eagle Pass, and another in the RGV.

  4. That is perhaps so but Falfurrias is not really part of the US but is actually located inside one edge of the Bermuda Triangle.

    Anonymous said... 'They are driving around the Falffurias area in fake Haliburton trucks'


  5. Falfurrias is well inside the US border.
    Any proof of these "fake Halliburton trucks" or is it just another wild rumor of these things happening on US soil?

  6. falfurrias is a long way from the border...maybe they were real haliburton trucks ..nothing would surprise me about chenys old cronies...

  7. Who cares!? Who trusts the REAL Haliburton guys any more than a cartel mule?! LOL!

  8. I do oilfield security and, yes, one of the local Sheriff's has photos of a captured fake Halliburton tractor trailer. And some other less ambitious fakes including a Texas highways truck.


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