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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Search for El Chayo's body

12/12/10 - Mexican authorities have continued to search for the corpse of Nazario Moreno alias ‘El Chayo’, leader of the La Familia Michoacana cartel, killed this past Thursday and whose body was rescued by sicarios who have entrenched themselves into a zone which has become difficult to access.

The army and marines have sent 300 soldiers to aid in the search, this brings the total to over 600 federal elements, including 350 police officers who are desperately looking for the body of 'El Chayo'

“The federal government has reinforced the operation that is being coordinated in Michoacan, the objective of which is to protect the citizens of the statefrom the violent acts committed by the La Familia cartel in the past few days," said a message from the office of the Secretary of Public Security (SSP) Genaro García Luna.

The intelligence and anti-drug operations by the federal and military forces were reinforced this Saturday in Michoacan, one of the poorest states in Mexico and an important producer of Marijuana and the home of La Familia.

Various vehicles were still burning and blocked the entrances of the city of Apatizingán this Saturday, located in the southern part of the state. The gun battles began to be reported on Wednesday, and according to the government Nazario Moreno, capo of the cártel had died.

“What remains clear: We will not retreat,” said SSP Genaro García Luna during a ceremony for the five fallen officers whose lost their lives during the operations.

The SSP began an operation last wednesday against LFM when they obtianed information that ‘El Chayo’ was attending a religious ceremony in Apatzingán, according to various Mexican news sources.

The police convoy alerted the sicarios of the federal presence and they initiated an attack that would last all day into Thursday evening. The fight between uniformed officers and gang members ended with the official death toll of 11. among the victims, an 8 month old baby, a 17 year old, and five police officers.

According to La Jornada, the body of ‘El Chayo’, was guarded by over 400 fighters, who fled with his body into the Sierra.

During the first hours on Friday, the military has been searching the mountain in southern Michoacan and the surrounding towns, looking for members of La Familia.

Feds deny a split with State Authorities

Press Secretary Alejandro Poiré, denied that there was any lack of confidence between the Calederon administration and the state goverment of Michoacán, lead by governor Leonel Godoy.

“Because everything has happened so quickly, there is the perception that this was done without the proper communication between us and the state: not so. We maintained contact during the operation with Michoacan government” Poiré assured.

To this respect, Leonel Godoy reiterated the federal government had not advised him of their operation and was furious that his administration was not enlisted to help or assist the population during "an onslaught by federal forces, whom they (Michoacan citizens) didn't ask to have this done."

“This should have been planned out and coordinated with us, so that the citizens would be shielded from harm and given emergency service. But most of all to instill calm and order during the operation."

He went further to deny any connection between La Familia and members of his government, saying that they had increased the number of yearly state police evaluations, and "we remain vigilant of any influence of criminal organizations within our ranks."

Banner claims support for El Chayo's successor

A "narcomanta" appeared that stated support for La Familia in the historic center of Morelia.

The message mentioned Jesús Méndez, alias "El Chango", who along with Nazario Moreno González, "El Chayo", came under fire laste week, and shared leadership of the criminal group with him.

"Señor Chango Méndez, Give the Federal Government Hell, But please don't involve civilians, and don't burn cars, they have nothing to do with any of this."

The message was removed by state police. There was no signature of any individual or group.

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  1. why tell him? So he can tip the narcos. And i thought the dead guy in that pic was el chayo

  2. lol over a total of 1000 men from both sides and only 16 die ?

  3. I agree with Anonymous, why tell Godoy? Just so he can tip off his boss? Michoacan is very corrupt and needs to be cleaned up big time.

  4. Can someone explain....earlier this month they posted all over the internet a picture of el Chayo's dead body with what seemed to be some military personel in the back....but now they cant find his body???



  6. when the story of El Chayos death broke, all the narco blogs put out a lot of misinformation simulatiously. The pics we got later turned out to NOT be him. As whe any of the capos die or get captured the details are always murky, look thru the previous posts abou Nacho or TT, even La Barbie. This was pinted out by feloow BB readers.

    As always, thanks to all for your patience when we attempt to bring u the best english language coverage of the drug war in Mexico, sometimes its hard to sift through the info.

  7. It's safe to say that chayo is dead. You wouldn't have lfm shiting in their pants , sending death threats to presiden calderon, and hanging up posters naming a new successor if he was alive.

  8. @December 14, 2010 5:08 PM
    I completely agree! Did you see how LFM reacted when La Minsa was arrested. They went wild and same here with el chayo. I'm sick and tired when ppl or all these boneheads always want pics. The same way they were with nacho, tony, la barbie...everyone wanted pics or they wouldn't believe it. Well believe it or not like previous cases THE LIDER OF LA MIERDA MICHOACANA IS DEAD!!! THANK GOD!! haha

  9. I was kidnapped by these people. Everybody was ready to kill me and my friend.
    El Chayo was the only one there without a black mask on.
    He wouldn't let the others kill me or my friend. He let us go with out being hurt nor robbed.
    Two women shot at and kidnapped on hwy 200 near Ticla.
    If he really is dead it's going to be chaos! There were a lot of young hot heads wanting to torture and hurt us.
    Without his lead they are going to go wild and be brutal.
    I will never ever go back to Michoacan.I am not saying he was a nice man.
    He said if we ever came back he would kill us. But he remained cool and calm while the others were all pushing for our demise.
    He didn't let it happen and at least someone had some control over all the young blood thirsty ones.
    BY the way the picture of the dead man with military behind is not him... he's too dark.

  10. To the woman who was kidnapped by LFM near La Ticla-

    I read your story a few days ago on another post.
    Wow- what an experience.
    Its sounds terrifying!
    A lot of my friends from college would go surfing on the coast of Michoacan, south of Manzanillo.

    Were you a tourist at that time?
    Do you know why they shot at you?
    Did they ever explain their problem with you?

    It sounds crazy and I am so glad you two survived.


  12. I was a tourist with US plates on the Toyota 4 runner.
    If I had taken off slower less than a second I would have had a least 15 bullet holes in my head and body.
    All the bullets hit the back of my car.
    I ran from them over 40 minutes after they shot my car with AK 47's.

    There was no escape. They had people all the way to Maruata.
    They had known for over 2 hours we were coming.
    We were trapped by about 40 men with guns and masks and bullet proof vests.
    The comandante wanted us brought back to camp.
    I was sure they were going to kill me my friend and my little dog.
    El Chayo( I will never forget his face) opened my car door when I arrived and told me " today I am your God I'm going to let you go"
    The others went nuts. We were there for about 3 hours with everybody arguing about letting us go or killing us.
    On the Colima side of Michoacan the military was not letting anyone pass.
    The Michoacan side was open and we passed 3 military trucks with American looking soldiers and the camafloge was all wrong on the trucks. This was about 2 hours before we were attacked.... I had driven this road from Puerto Vallarta to Puerto Escondido 3 times previously in a 5 month period...
    Never expected this to happen in daylight around 3pm....
    Lucky to be alive.
    Will never go back to Michoacan... He was working with the Nahual Indians fighting with Federales and the Government for land rights .


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