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Monday, December 6, 2010

War for Guerrero continues: 9 more dead

The war continues unabated in the state of Guerrero. Three days ago, Borderland Beat posted a story about the murder of three men whose decapitated and castrated bodies were found dumped in front the offices of an important local newspaper: El Debate, a source well known to the reporters here on this site. The message found at that scene contained a threat against La Familia Michoacana. Since then there have been several more murders.

The first two images show the heads of two men, which found at the base of a bridge
early morning on the community of Tunzingo, which is located in Acapulco. Their bodies showed signs of torture and were found hanging above the macabre scene from their feet The skin and scalp had been peeled off and left on the sidewalk. The hands had been arranged facing upwards to the sky. Along with the bodies this message was found:

"This happened to us for working with El Rojo, Diego, Carlos Montemayor, El Erizo, Tilde, chino, An El Toribio. Atte. El Fantasma. My people and I are waiting for you here."

The next four images show a triple homicide in a neighborhood of Acapulco . The identities of all the victims are unknown. They are males, between the ages of 25 - 40 years old. Around 2 a.m. this Sunday, armed men confronted the three residents and fired several rounds from an AK-47' and 9mm as the assailants drove through colonia Emiliano Zapata.

Another youth was also found shot to death nearby in Colonia Centro. He had been abducted earlier from a bar called "Top Secret" by a group of men whose descriptions were vague when the police questioned the patrons of the establishment.

The last image shows yet another triple homicide. This incident occurred around 7 or 8 a.m. Monday morning on the T
unzingo-Isidro Gallinero highway, in the community of El Cayaco, located only a few miles from the tourist zone.

Authorities were alerted by anonymous calls by concerned citizens who saw the men lying dead in plain sight. They had their faces covered and were shot execution style, up close with an AK-47. No further details have been given.

The plaza of Acapulco and the state of Guerrero seems very much up for grabs. A lot of big players have been making moves for this lucrative area; C.I.D.A., CPS, the Z, La Familia, the scattered remains of the Beltran Leyva organization, are all vying for control of precious smuggling routes and local extortion rackets. The authorities have had some success recently; the high profile arrests of Edgar Valdez Villarreal, El Grande, and recently Carlos Montelmayor, who is also the father-in-law of La Barbie. But even this has done little to stop the violence or the flow of drugs in the region, in fact the brutality has gotten worse. One thing is apparent: there is no clear front-runner in the war for the state Guerrero.

Article written with information obtained from Milenio and El Universal

Warning: Strong and Violent Images follow. Viewer Discretion is Advised


  1. The heads left by the CIDA, are not the same as the ones in the story Rise posted a day or so ago, right? It seems like the same technique/method, sickening as it is. But the reason I ask, is that I thought CIDA stated they had a peace agreement with La Familia? Either way, what a mess. Anyone with any sense would work out the issues, because I don't believe any of these groups are stronger then another. A bunch of rag tag groups fighting over scraps.

    Isn't El Fantasma a Sinaloa operative, or is it just same names?

  2. J

    The murders in Rise's story are different, that happened in Ciudad Altamirano. The bridge murders happened in Acapulco.

    Thing is, I'm not sure who is doing the killings, or which ones pertain to which group. I haven't seen anything to suggest that CIDA has reneged on their pact with LFM, so I don't think that happened. But I agree, quite a mess. and it only seems to be getting worse.

  3. The first two look like the work of Hieronymus Bosch, reincarnated as a cartel worshipping Mexican teenager, on day four of a sleepless meth binge.

  4. It's pretty disturbing that two different groups are now skinning their victims, and displaying the skin.

    The CIDA are the ones behind this latest ones, (the bridge/skinning) they are they ones obsessed with Montemayor, and the rest of the La Barbie fall out crew. I wonder if CIDA sided with Hector Beltran's group, or if they are all fighting. I don't even like saying CIDA, half of these groups are barely cartels, just glorified cells.

  5. Am I wrong in thinking that showing photos of the skinned heads will spread this new atrocity throughout Mexico?

  6. 1:48 a.m.

    They were gonna do this sort of stuff long before these photos were published. For that matter, I hardly think these type of sickos need any encouragement from the media to do what they do; there has to be something wrong with them already to think this shit up, let alone be inspired by what they see on the internet to murder victims in such a cruel way.

  7. there is a capo named El Fantasma that works for the Federacion, but you do see a few people with the same apodo's over and over again. Not saying it isn't him, but doubtful.

  8. Time to bring in Jack Bauer to clean up this mess

  9. Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate. Dante, Divina Comedia. That should be written on the cover of cartels' employee handbook.
    Well, ending in between a Bosch's artwork and a Predator's display, this is were these folks are heading (no pun intended).
    Now, I hope they won't hear about Vlad Tepes and his way of scaring off Ottoman invaders!

  10. I have said it before, these people have gone feral!!! I don't know if it’s sad or scary that acts such as those displayed here are occurring with more and more frequency. I thought the story of the guy who had his enemy’s face sewn on to a soccer ball was messed up; this latest stuff is getting just plain gruesome.

  11. Man the 1st pic is just eery! you can see the torment on their faces before they were killed.

    So evil I hope God has something to say to the assholes who do such sadistic shit.

  12. Anon 1:13

    To answer your question....

    "Contras Independientes de Acapulco (CIDA), a faction of the group that was lead by Edgar Valdez Villarreal La Barbie, which now maintains an ongoing fued with the sicarios working for Carlos Montemayor (La Barbie's father-in-law) and who now controls a lot of the criminal structure the former capo controlled until his detention on August 30th of this year."

    Here is some more info on the recent violence in Aca

  13. el fantasma is arturo beltran leyva people, cmon


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