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Sunday, December 12, 2010

13 killed in Jalisco violence

The wave of violence that hit Michoacan late this week also crossed the border into Southern Jalisco Friday night, December 10th, as two rival groups of gunmen, one reportedly associated with La Familia Michoacana, fought a 20 minute gunbattle in the Municipality of Tecalitlán.

Tecalitlán is situated close to the Jalisco-Michoacan borderline and Apatzingan, where the fighting between La Familia and federal government forces has been heavy.

Up to 4,000 people in this town of 14,000 inhabitants were enjoying a series of events in the main plaza honoring the Virgin of Guadalupe when suddenly a group of armed men that had driven into the city confronted a rival group of gunmen that was attending the fiesta and opened fire, turning the plaza into a battlfield.

The large crowd of civilians present began running in different directions to get to safety as the shooting started. Some took shelter in the town hall and the parish church, while the gunmen fought among cars parked on sidestreets and on the sidewalks facing the plaza.

According to witnesses many of the gunmen were armed with AK 47’s and semi-auto sidearms and at least one fragmentation grenade exploded on Ponce de Leon Street.

After the fighting subsided eight men lay dead in the area surrounding the plaza. The bodies of two other men were found in a burned out Suburban and one other man was found next to a Mazda pickup on roads leading out of Tecalitlán. Two “narco” placards were reportedly found inside the pickup that read "We did not come to kill innocent people, we came for “el Zopilote (the vulture)” and also " We do not extort. "

At least 30 other people were wounded in the attack and are being treated in hospitals in Tecalitlan and neighboring communities. Two of the wounded were reported to have died after arriving at hospitals. One of the hospitalized is the two year son of the mayor, Rogelio Llamas Rojo.

Information was not immediately available from the Jalisco state prosecutor’s office as to how many of the dead and wounded were gunmen or innocent civilians, but at least the eight dead around the plaza were said to be gunmen.

Unconfirmed postings on message boards by people claiming to be witnesses to the gunbattle reported that at least 21 bodies littered the streets within Tecalitlán after the battle.

On Saturday, the interior minister, Francisco Blake Mora, offered the governor of Jalisco, Emilio González Márquez, the full support of the federal government and expressed its deepest condolences to the families of those who died and wished a speedy recovery to those under medical care.

Blake Mora also offered Governor González Márquez federal support to assist local authorities in improving security in Tecalitlán and to assist in the investigations headed by the state attorney general and the subsequent capture "of criminals responsible for these reprehensible acts."

Tecalitlán is a poor agriculturally based town where many in the community survive on remittances sent by relatives living in the United States. Marijuana is now said to be a significant cash crop in that area of Jalisco where sugar cane was once one of the primary crops. Methamphetamine production is also becoming a big business in the area.

In April 1st, four men were executed and two men were critically wounded at the “el Cazalote” ranch in Tecalitlán, and in July a police commander was ambushed and killed. In March, an Army patrol seized and destroyed a meth lab there.

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  1. Can't these people be a little more discreet and plan it out better? I mean if there trying to nail 1 guy in particular it would be better to hide weapons and get as close to their target as possible without looking suspicious but no they just end up piling in with no effort to hide their identities and can be spotted a mile off then they end up shooting at their target from a distance, usually missing their targets and people get killed in between the crossfire.

  2. ...when you honor and praise some culturistic pagan god and not the true GOD...well look whats happening!!!

  3. It looks like it was not la FM.
    Because they said we don't charge plaza.
    I believe it was the people from el Mencho.
    El Mencho is disputing all these territories.
    Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes AKA el mencho.
    And Sergio Bernal from Mazamitla... AKA cuco
    Hector Contreras Novoa ... AKA el cuate

  4. I think it's hilarious that these guys leave signs saying "we don't extort" - like they're the good guys - they just shoot up crowded gatherings.

    They should all be hunted down and killed like the poor, sick animals they are. Somebody do them a favor.

  5. @8:49am
    Um yea sure el mencho had all these innocent people killed just for kicks and giggles in his own plaza. It does not take rocket science to figure out this was the work of LFM's cell called la resistencia. If you want to support these assholes go to blogdelnarco, there are few scumbags overthere who share your thoughts. La familia chose to do this in tecalitlan due to it's proximity to michoacan and be cause of how much they hate el cartel de Jalisco nueva generacion. This was a retaliation to the killing of their god nassario and to heat up that plaza. They did it out of state because some citizens of michoacan are starting to realize that they do kill,extort,kidnapp, and rape innocent people.

  6. These idiots are wanna be`s , They are nothing but ANIMALS , My question is why does this "Borderland" news organization keep Glorifying these Stupid El This and El That, name , They should say Criminals or Animals , Which would sound better Or say "El Stupid Criminals and Animals" that would be more appropriate

  7. Yes you are right it was not El Mencho or his people...
    It seems it was against mencho employee the zopilote...
    Anyways I believe all of gangs should be caught
    All of them are animals..

  8. Mussolini would have set up a death squad and killed all these would have been resolved in 12 weeks.....

  9. El Mencho iz worth dick!!!!!!

  10. Anyone know anything about Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes... if was caught or what?


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