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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tony Tormenta : Story Behind His Death

As you all know, Antonio Ezequiel Cardenas Guillen or Tony Tormenta, as many knew him by, was killed last Friday in a shootout against the Mexican military forces.

Over the last few months, a lot information has been flying around about the events leading to his ultimate death, I will try to share them with you guys here in this article. None of the information is being cemented as “facts”, it’s just simple information that's been received by several sources. I feel like I have to put this HUGE disclaimer before releasing this information due to the fact that in a recent article I wrote, I nearly got crucified for having an open mind. Anyways.

What I ask of you today before reading this is to keep an open mind, and remember, this was all information which was passed on to me by people who are somehow affiliated to the war. I do not paint this to be facts, I will only share with you my thoughts on this.

Ok, so here’s the deal. Couple of months back I’m sure some of you guys heard about the huge shootout that broke out in Matamoros, where a a picture flooded the internet claiming that it was possibly Tony. I quickly laughed at the idea and told you guys to ignore it. Well, what a lot of people don't know, even though he was not killed, he was actually captured. Now this is part of the story which I do back up and can almost swear by it.

Story is that Tony was involved in a shootout with Zetas and the military got involved, a huge chase and shootout eventually broke out. Story behind that, Tony was cornered and captured. Upon being captured there was an agreement with the "Commandante", Tony was to pay 3,000,000 dollars to be released. Apparently he was treated like shit and even smacked around by the marines, well none the less, story continue with Metro riding down to Matamoros to pay the ransom for Tormenta. It all sounded too Hollywood to be honest, I didn’t really take much to it. It became a lot more noticeable after I was told this by more than three people, all stating the same story but adding a piece to it.

Apparently word got out and the “Commandante” was charged and sent to Mexico D.F. for releasing Tormenta. I don’t know if some of you guys remember reading it all over the place, newspapers printing “Confirmed by Credible Military Sources”, meaning high ranking officers. Well, anyways, this guys will not just jump up on a speculation and print shit out like that, if that was published, it was published because it had a strong character backing up the claim. This was the first piece of the puzzle, story I heard weeks ago.

Well just yesterday I was told what appears to be the second part of the story. Apparently, after Tormenta was released, the man kidnapped 10 soldiers and called up the “Commandante” at the time (this is before he was prosecuted) and asked for a ransom. The Officer ofcourse, did not give two cents, so Tormenta killed the soldiers and threw their bodies on the side of the road (I can’t remember what road). Anyways, story continues. Apparently after the bodies were found, the Marines retaliated, they found out who his wife and family are and kidnap his wife and son.

Tony Tormenta is somehow contacted and alerted that they have his family, he completely disregards it by stating it is his sister and nephew, I guess to see if they would let them go or something, I don't know. Apparently the Marines dismembered his son and badly beat up his wife, let her go only to go back and describe how they had murdered her son to Tormenta. At that moment it clicked, weeks ago I had heard from a friend that Cardena's Sister had been kidnapped, that's when it kind of started to itch, you know. That certain situation where everything just seems to click.

“It’s just a story and really, it’s the first time I’ve heard it and nothing absolutely to back it up”, is what I thought. As the day went on I start reading my favorite website, and I start reading my comrades coverage, when all of a sudden I remember, the story, and I think, “why not, let’s just do a little research”

This is where it get's interesting..

" Supposed Marines Kidnap Two In Tamaulipas"
"Karla Elizabeth Cárdenas states a convoy of Marines broke into her house on sunday
and took her mother and brother."

That is an extract from this post in Spanish (, I will not translate all of it, but it basically descibres how Karla Elizabeth states that an alleged convoy of Marines broke into her house on Sunday. This article was published on the 29th of September, stating it happened on Sunday 26th. So far it fits, right, first shootout where tony was supposedly captured and released happened on the 18th of September I believe. So far it fits with the story right, but I mean, it could be anybody, just because her last name is Cardenas, does not mean she's related right?

Until I found this other article..

"Tormenta's Body is returned to Wife and Daughter"
Authorities informed that the body of Tormenta was turned over to his wife
Hermelinda Rivera and daughter
Carla Elizabeth Cárdenas Rivera.

Ok, well the name is spelled with a C instead of with a K like on the first link, but I'm pretty sure it's the same person.

I published this information to give you guys an opportunity to realize that the stuff that we see on Tv is not all true, and that a lot of times information we think to be true, is really just a part of a bigger puzzle. It's not as simple as we all would like to think. Some of you guys where asking how Tormenta was still hanging around in Matamoros after how hot it was, would this be a good excuse? His son murdered and wife beat and probably raped.

I was told his son was kidnapped, and in the last article they mention Wife and Daughter, nothing about a son, although I know that Tormenta had a son. It all just seems to click, and I wanted to give you guys an opportunity to digest it.

My educated Guess....



  1. Good research, I believe it, Tormenta was making some bad decisions it seems, aside from the drugs and gambling. But, I feel for him, having his wife and kid kidnapped. Rise, whats the word on Metro 3?

    Also, even with the turn of events, why not just send his soldiers and workers to do the work? Why ride around a hot city like Matamoros when you are a wanted man?

  2. How is it tt was in building but his bloody body was shown outside on d ground ? Help maka

  3. @RiseMakaveli

    Sorry dude, but ever since reading your last article you lost all credibility, you even said that el metro 3 was killed and was he? the answer is no. But again thanks for this interesting and fairytale story but in the end like you said "(you) do not paint this to be facts, (you) will only share with us your thoughts on this."

  4. There's only one problem with your theory, TT wife and daughter werent living in Tamaulipas, they were residing in Houston, Texas haha, but good story Maka.

    1. the WHOLE family left houston in 1997 or 98.. they never came back , i would know Karla was one of my bestfriends and neighbor

  5. Well, ive also been reading about this and it all seems to make sense. Nothing is too "Hollywood" in Mexico.. shit like this happens in little towns daily. Every level of law enforcement is corrupt in Mexico so it all seems to fit for me.

  6. There is a huge conspiracy brewing here and a ot o fit has to do with Borderland Beat. I believe Borderland Beat played a role directly and indirectly with all the events related to Tony Tormenta thelast few months:

    September 17, Mexican Marines Quiet the Storm
    "Ezequiel Cardenas Guillen, "Tony Tormenta", the main leader of the Gulf Cartel was arrested this afternoon amid heavy fighting that left many dead in Matamoros."

    This was not widely reported and denied by Mexican authorities, but BB had the scoop and published it cited relaible official sources.

    September 23, Tony Tormenta Remains at Large
    Buggs retracts the story:
    "Last Friday I reported on the capture of Tony Tormenta based on official reports and news from reputable sources. I quickly jumped on the story wanting to bring our readers up to date information on a very important event. Well, it turns out, the information was incorrect. Tony Tormenta was at the scene of the conflict but managed to escape."
    But we most of us knw happened is his original story was dead on, it just, that the release of Tormenta ha dnot yet happened. But BB did eventually would know, while most of the media did not have a clue what was happening. Most of us hard core readers of cartel affairs picked up on it and commented to this fact, including some saying that BB was wrong, but a few of us knew it was true and has been cofirmed threw hints from other sources.

    October 13, The Hunt for Tony Tormenta
    Buggs continues his coverage of the Torments pursuit, including some revealing facts in the comments section.

    "DEA agents that have followed his steps since a decade ago say that Ezekiel is hiding in Tamaulipas, where he is protected by police officers and old alliances of the cartel."

    Hope all of you can see the writing on the wall, figure it out!

    November 5, Brownsville Billboard Draws Attention

    The day before BB makes a prediction o fthe capture of Tormenta, just hours before the shootout that kills him.

    From the comments section;
    "Preasure...there's nowhere you can can't hide from us"

    This was actually writen the day before, perhaps even 2 days before, as many of you know, BB delays their post of news by one day, to get approval of the articles,

    The following day I don't have to tell you what happened, Tormenta is killed, but if you look very close to the reporting of the confrontation that killed Tormenta, you will see what at first appears to be a slip from BB, that Tormenta is captured then killed as he was being rescued by his Escorpiones. This was not reported at all, but was later hinted through a press conference later by Mexican authorities.

    Hope you start to undertand what has happened, but you still doubt it?

    Do a search of this site with the words "tony tormenta" and read the articles that date back to last year and you will began to see a pattern.

    Maka, you part of it??????????????

  7. Holy shit! You are right, did you read the BB report of July 10?

  8. "There's only one problem with your theory, TT wife and daughter werent living in Tamaulipas, they were residing in Houston, Texas haha, but good story Maka."

    Anyone who know that true facts know that Tony Tormenta has more than one wife, they are not legal wives in the lagal sense, but they call themselves that!

  9. tormenta's son was killed and hung on a chopper and flown around matamorros by ejercito

  10. Ok seriously BB, what ever happens to reporting the truth????? Now we have this "Where None of the information is being cemented as “facts”, "It’s just simple information that's been received by several sources.I do not paint this to be facts, I will only share with you my thoughts on this." Well shit anyone could do that. I seriously think you guys need to go back to reporting the truth and not mere speculation, again I criticize bz I considered you a reliable source but now seeing this, idk what to believe.

  11. I think you guys might need to open a type of discussion forum where theories, thoughts, or speculations can be posted by BB members. I mean for the sake of not mixing in "facts" with "thoughts" as they call it. It can also proof to be less confusing to the reader, instead of publishing on the main part of the site where we come to read on credited source published information of related drug cartel violence.

    I think Maka's thoughts/information are also interesting because it gives us additional insight on what's going on behind the vail, but I do believe it is information that will not be accepted entirely or at all by some no matter how much you try to prove it. As a side effect, this can also cause BB to go under heavy criticism, that is definitely something you don't want. I think an open discussion forum would take care of this because honestly I think Maka is going somewhere with this and would like to read more.

    Or what do you all think???

  12. I've been giving BB the benefit of the doubt for some time. Ever since the one Valentina character stopped posting her theories and stories BB had gotten better in regards to FACTS. OVEMEX's contributions are usually on point due to they are typically facts or citations from the news.

    This kind of student journalism is really hard to swallow and not comment on. While the stories are appreciated, they are really quite outlandish.

    Tony Tormenta was simply caught up in a military operation. This is not a novela or a Robert Rodriguez flick.

    The reality is that TT is gone, the Zetas are gaining power, the Familia Michoacan seems to be "retreating", there is a band of 13something year olds in Morelos that are decapitating and that all of us in the comfort of our American homes are safe from it. I feel for the Mexicans who are really in the thick of it and don't need to fabricate stories to remain relevant.

  13. Does anyone know how old Cardenas son was? I know that he has one wife in Houston, guess this was a mistress maybe?

    1. was? he's still alive just in jail tho. and he has two boys and 1 daughter

  14. I've read BB posts for a long time now and Rise has always been a solid source of information from the trenches.

    The guy actually lives on the front lines, I trust Maka to keep me informed on the down-low details, and the rest of the guys do a fantastic job of translation and stories about the human side of this war.

    Keep up the good work!

  15. Maka's voice is an essential element of the narrative of Northeastern Mexico. It must and will be communicated on Borderland Beat as he sees fit.

    Su servidor, Gerardo


  17. Aztec Lady....authentically from MexicoNovember 11, 2010 at 8:26 AM

    Whereas I do not think Rise/Tupac intends to be harmful, he is. I also think he "Rises"to the point of fantasy. I have a right to express my opinion and a bigger duty to call this as I see it. For thre record I agree with the guy/gal above, Rise is living in a cartel fantasy.

    It was confirmed when a reader suggested his scoop regarding M3 was taken mistakenly from an early report of TT and M3 being killed in Sept 17th..another reader said they did the same,, and so did I. His reponse? he said "I did not even see that report" that is bogus, EVERYONE saw that report especially if you care about Mex.

    I, as a person who lives in mex & interacts with all levels of society, I think only Ovemex lives in Mex of the BB reporters. WHich is fine, but be honest. Please. I have seen Rise write on countless blogs he never actually quite says in lives in Mex only "Tamps area" who descibes state location as "area" eith you are in Tx or not not Tx area.

    His description of these narcos being just one of the guys, no dark shadows, have no choice, is not all to blame is a fucking travesty and insult to mex citizens. It is hard enough convincing children that the narco life choice will only end in death and is morally reprehensible, than to have a reporter state these dangerous things on a blog. Secondly, his persona of 2Tpac Shakur and Shakur Alias is offensive to us Mexicans that one would use a black gansta to pen fantasy about Narcos in Mexico. I am surprised that BB allowed this in the first place. Americans reading BB will form many inacurate impressions of Mex and how they people think, the regular common citizen. We do not hink like that, we respect Narcos and allow a wide berth because we FEAR them, noth because we love and repsect them we hate them and what they have done to our country. we see no light at the end of the generationaly tunnel, or even for our children's generation. But keep in mind, words have too much power than to be quiet whern they are being abused.

    I hope to hell BB posts this, I kind of doubt it. For some reason they are inthralled by this guy, who never contributes anything than is not general comments that anyone can post. form many inacurate impressions of Mex and how they people think, the regular common citizen. We do not hink like that, we respect Narcos and allow a wide berth because we FEAR them, noth because we love and repsect them we hate them and what they have done to our country. we see no light at the end of the generationaly tunnel, or even for our children's generation. But keep in mind, words have too much power than to be quiet whern they are being abused.

    I was stunned to see Gerado rudely state that the blog will be operated as they see fit, totally unlike the guy, the genetleman I admire. Please know my words are said in the spirit of loving Mexico so much and so much is out of our control, but when we do have the power to right a wrong and say why we should be respected the same as anyone especially one who fantazies being a black gang-banger.

    I hope to hell BB posts this, I kind of doubt it. For some reason they are inthralled by this guy, who never contributes anything tha

  18. Do a search of this site with the words "tony tormenta" and read the articles that date back to last year and you will began to see a pattern.

    Maka, you part of it??????????????
    Wow, the comments some of you guys make. if you don't think its true, then move on EINSTEIN!!! How else would one get such information from the front lines while you are sitting back in your office??????

  19. Why is this so outlandish? I am from el paso and believe me I've haerd shit that no newspaper will ever touch... from the victims themselves... is this true? Maybe, maybe not.. but we all know how generals and colonels get money from these guys... if you guys read on commandante calderoni you will find all kinds if shit on him too (crazy federal comandante from 90's, made millions from extortions out of carteles)... How do you think CIA gets its info? They get bit and pieces from different people, not the most reliable way, buts it the best method out there..

  20. Plus this attack on him seemed pretty straightforward... they were going after no matter what... especially when you have zetas killing immigrants, and decapitating investigators.. from the two evils, the z are worst, which makes me think why hasn't the military in that area hit the z the way they are hitting the cdg... and the whole speculation bs, just watch fox news for one hour, even glenn beck speculates more than maki. That doesn't stop an army of tea dumbasses to follow him..

  21. If you go to the "About" page you will read the following disclaimer:

    "Most of the information and content is derived from open source media, unconfirmed individual sources and personal view point of author. Most content is for information purposes only and is not from direct official sources and in most cases not confirmed"

    If you are in Mexico or not, that is not relevant to the information. We do not disclose precise locations of reporters for their safety. Remember; drugs, people, guns, money information, all of it flows freely across the Mexican/US border, no difference!

    We here in BB attempt to put out information and at times give our opinion on issues, that is what we do. The information out there many times is not black and white, is very gray. Many times it's hard to sort through it, even when reported by other media sources or given by governmental officials. We also get a lot of emails from other people (many on the ground and we also read some of the best contributions that is seen on the comments section). Are we to beleive everything we read?

    We should keep it in mind but we must keep an open mind because things in Mexico are fluid and change on the flip of a dime. So we try to get you the information out there, unlike some of the media, that does not report it, but we expect you are mature enough and have a common sense to figure out that nothing is an absolute when it comes to reporting on Mexico.

    BB, as many of you call it, is not a news organization, it a blog. It is made up of reporters who have a daily job and contribute to you all on their own without getting any compensation. If anyone out there feels they want to do the same, them contact me via e-mail, but shitting on someone who is trying to share information and his/her opinion on current issues is not right. Read it, process it and make your own conclusion, but the personal attacks are not constructive and do not bring anything to the table. We do moderate comments, if you want free speech, open your own blog and post until heart content, but here we will maintain control of comments so they do not get clutter with off topic rhetoric, personal attacks and three word liner bull shit from what appears to be the same trolls (just speculating due to the same attack in attempt to bring others down).

    For the readers who truly benefit and are loyal reader of BB, we thank you and you are the only reason we continue to devote perosnal time and effort to this project.

    Now anyone have any good rumors or any constructive opinion on Tormenta?

  22. Aztec Lady....authentically from Mexico said...
    "I was stunned to see Gerado rudely state that the blog will be operated as they see fit, totally unlike the guy, the genetleman I admire. Please know my words are said in the spirit of loving Mexico so much and so much is out of our control, but when we do have the power to right a wrong and say why we should be respected the same as anyone especially one who fantazies being a black gang-banger."

    So you are offended that a person who has a "black" gngsta moniker dare to talk about Mexican cartel issues? And let me see if I get your point correctly, just because you have a Mexican moniker gives you more status, or by that matter because you claim to live in Mexico? I don't live in Mexico, but was born there and grew up there and all my family does lives there, so you are more qualified than I?

    Please, climb down the hill and accept you are not the only legit person based solely on a moniker or your current place of residency!

  23. Excellent catch Maka..This is fascinating! Ihad never read the Vanguardia news, but did read about the body of TT being turned over to his wife and daughter (to be honest it burned my ass thinking how family of narcos just ealtz into federal buildings like it's no big deal.Seems to be they should at least be picked up and investigated as well..Apart from that, Mexico did pass the law that criminal assets would/could be seized/frozen upon arrest/death..)

    I did hear something about a ransom being paid in that last confrontation, but didn't give it much thought, really.

    Another hypothesis could be that the "alleged marines", as Vanguardia states, that picked up wife and son were actually Z's.. who knows, but this IS interesting, VERY INTERESTING.

    I also just saw in Proceso that after TT slipped away/escaped last September, hundreds of citizens went to the military base in protest, demanding that Hermelinda and Jorge be arrested. It doesn't say exactly what day this happened, but after reading this, I would bet it was before Mom and bro were picked up??

    Thanks for the insight Maka

  24. "I think Maka's thoughts/information are also interesting because it gives us additional insight on what's going on behind the vail, but I do believe it is information that will not be accepted entirely or at all by some no matter how much you try to prove it. As a side effect, this can also cause BB to go under heavy criticism, that is definitely something you don't want. I think an open discussion forum would take care of this because honestly I think Maka is going somewhere with this and would like to read more.

    Or what do you all think???"

    I think you need to start clicking on some of the links on top, there is and has been a discussion forum for a while now. Also, Buggs nailed it for me, I myself want to read all information and will make up my own mind what is credible and what is not, not you or BB by that matter.

    I think some people will not be happy no matter what, like the saying goes "you can please some of the people sometimes, but you can't please all of the people all the time."

    It's just information people!


  26. I'm through trying to defend myself from people who don't contribute anything but see it as their god given right to try and trash somebodies credability. Out of all the information I have posted, one little comment I posted about Metro 3 also being involved and killed and you all try to flip it around and make it seem like I lie and make shit up. If I lie and make shit up, how could I possibly know that Tyson was killed. I posted that before it was posted anywhere else on the internet. When I came around, nobody knew that Costilla was head of the Carte, everybody pointed towards Tormenta.

    Before I pointed it out, nobody seemed to even know about it, there wasn't shit posted anywhere else on blogs or even newspapers. They always reported him as "head of the cartel, left incharge after Ociel".

    I never painted the Capos as being Gods, or good people, I simply got to see other sides of people due to the fact that I was born into a family that was part of it. I grew up Pre-Cartels, I grew up during the Entrepreneur era, Cartels where not as involved and people could do their business whatever way they could. People would bump into each other and no conflict, everybody just wanted to work.

    I grew up knowing people and seing how they really where, aside from business. People this days are different, I have more than once called them Animals and expressed my hate towards them.

    I don't fantasy about being anybody, have you heard me carry a "black" slang? Or use "thugish" words? I appreciate your criticism before it turns into a straight out atack for no apparent reason. I understand that you may disagree with me, but I really don't understand why you express so much hate towards me.

    I dont know if you've noticed, but sometimes I have a hard time expressing myself in english, my first language was spanish, for me this is nothing new..

  27. No way Jose, this article is totally wrong even to the point to consider all the information as inaccurate and fantastic.
    No negotiation with 'Tormenta' in any case, no retaliation of the Army.
    Authorities in Mexico are returning to control the Institutions because if the Narco Wars continue , the country is going to explode with a revolution where the actual or prospects regimens will lost all the power gained for years.

  28. Going back and forth on the Metro issue is irrelevant. His is still out there operating. Out of all the scumbags the Z's are the worst. I use to travel thru business from the US to Monterrey back in 2004-2006. Back when the Z's were still somewhat tamed. I would drive to Tampico thru Tamaulipas from Monterrey for business. Me being Mexican-American I didn't feel intimidated. But today is a different day and era..For the average Mexican to travel, they even think twice. Out of all the areas affected Tamps and Nuevo Leon is just as bad as Chihuahua where I am from. I still do business with people in Monterrey and they have told how bad things are there. Go to work scared, come home scared. What kind of life is that? The shooting in Matamoros! Like a small war in Iraq? Just as bad if not worst. These are legit business people who in one way or another may know a Narco but out of fear you either respect them in some sort or they can destroy your life thru intimidation. I can relate to RISE as knowing shady people who grew up in that lifestyle. But years ago it was different, people could make paper. Narcos would respect the public because at that time they didn't want to go public. Shooting innocents would only generate light on you but now the mess is full blown where the Narcos don't care anymore. Now it's grown to the point where greed and paper have taken priority over everything in these Narcos lives and thru fear and intimidation and the lack of regulation in the Mexican goverment it's grown like a virus. The expandables are getting killed as the jefes live the life till their day comes. It's the way the Narco mentality has consumed them. Live and die on your feet! Even though while breaking the law and killing...Better than to live your life on your knees. Sad way to live but until something happens to regulate the drug trade...People in the States and Mexico will consume drugs...Behind that there will people to fill the supply... What God has in store for us all is hard to tell but lets not just lose faith...My prayers go out to the people caught in between all the scum rolling around Mexico.

  29. The gov needs to take out the zetas, who do more damage to mexicans then any other cartel. Fkn pieces of sh*t

  30. Everybody needs to back the fuck off of makaveli. Its a fucking blog, whch means its not a 100 fucking percentright everything that gets posted here. If you have a problem cause some of the info here is incorrect, then do us all a favor:

    Log the fuck off your computer, take your ass down to front line of the battefield, find out first hand whats true and whats not, and if you survive then log back in to this website and post it.

    Otherwise quit fucking bitching and complaining just cause Maka got one piece of information wrong.

  31. hey people, i just want to say. Bottom line, it DOES NOT REALLY MATTER who is in LA LA land when it comes to reporting. PEOPLE ARE DYING, DAILY and that's no bullshit!!!! let's put it this way. i would not want to be anywhere close to where some of this people have to live. i feel really bad for them. to them is no different than if they were living in the heart of Iraq. Lives have changed, families destroyed... you can't get that back. do you heart youre selves!! REally?? this dude TT, his son, dismembered!!! ARE YOU FUCKING NUTS!!! that is not normal, MExico stopped being normal. the only thing i agree with here, is that this is a window into Mexico for a lot of anglos, and guess what they are not seeing anything they like and there is those out there that assume every Mexican is just like that. AND WE ARE NOT. it's SCARY, really. May God have mercy on us all. Because the Devil is destroying US!!!!

  32. I agree back then people "worked" and that was that. They weren't out hunting down competition or the law. Hell the law kicked back with you. But I don't know where things began to get this bad. No more hanging at the calle del taco in Reyno or going to the "sumbido" for some relief! Cuz now you have these baby rambo's running around with ak's trying be all they can be.

  33. Yeah, disgusted by most of the peoples responses to Rise, seems like a good person, trying to report. And for the record, most of us are fascinated with narcos, every aspect of it, some of you are just here for the immigration/blame issues, and somes daily lives are adversely affected by it. But, we are all fascinated, there is no denying that. Is this true? I don't know, it could be, I'm glad I read the article though, because it was interesting, and if it is revealed as true, I'll be wiser and more informed because of it. If not, sometimes the rumors are just as interesting as the facts.

    Rise, did you see the person who commented on another article that he heard Tormenta was taken out by Metro 3 and El Coss, because he had become a problem, due to his attitude, drug/women/gambling problem? From his picture, he looked like a man who overindulged in many things.

  34. so who are the worse guys the z or cdg? .
    was tony a real bad villan or a fair drug lord who did no harm to innocent people?

  35. Anon 7:45

    CDG can be just as cutthroat as the Z, take a look at some of their handywork; they decapitated 8 people including 4 women in Ciudad Mante recently and the other day they also decapitated some lookouts in Tamaulipas and sent the pictures to BDN.

    The CDG sometimes uses immigrants from Central America as hired guns, just like the Z. Not a lot of differences when you compare the facts.

    TT seems neither a villain or a "fair" drug lord (if such as person could exist, you don't get ahead in the drug game by being "fair"),

    CDG has a reputation for being from the "old school" of the narcos; respect the family and never harm innocents. Some would say the Z were the first to break these rules, but keep in mind, los Zetas started off as the armed wing of the CDG.

    Its more like comparing Dr. Frankenstein to his monster; the fact he created it makes him a monster himself by default.

  36. I live in Matamoros and can tell you guys that Everything RiseM has informed you about is true to a certain degree. One thing left out, after the Marines took pictures of their trophy (TT), his body was taken into the street and run over by one of the large troop mover trucks.
    You guys fail to realize that RiseM is risking his life by posting what is actually happening in Matamoros, accept it as what it is ¨word on the street, from the front lines¨, you ungratefull readers of a free blog whose reporters are not compensated but are just trying to fill the void of the mainstream media.
    Don´t let them get you down RiseM, people swore the earth was flat at one point...

  37. That's true, but I think besides the 'old school' approach, there is that the CDG business is drugs, sending them across the border, and distributing in the states. I wouldn't doubt they operate retail drug distribution in their strongholds, but you never hear about it like Juarez, or the others, so I'm not sure on that. My point is, the Zeta's main thing is not drugs, and if it is it's retail distribution, tienditas, and extortion, robbery, kidnapping, murder for hire, taxing, that all adversely affects the community.

    If the Gulf moves a 1200 ki shipment of coke into Brownsville, that doesn't directly hurt anyone. When the Zeta's extort a small business, or kidnap civilians that directly hurts the citizens.

  38. @J
    The problem is not the cocaine, I could care less for 100 casual cocaine users, the problem is how the cocaine gets where its going. Most of the cocaine this days is tainted with blood. It's not fair that peopl have to die in order for somebody to get a 10 minute high on a saturday while drinking with his buddies.

    @Anonymous 10:26pm

    That part I didnt know about, very interesting and I wouldn't doubt it. Appreciate your thoughts.

    GOOD JOB!!

  40. I agree with 4:49 Keep on posting and for the rest of you who can only critisize what are you doing to help the cause. Get off your ass create your own blog or just stop reading Maka's. Bottom line take away the names they being bad people are soulless and evil. May God watch over the good people of Mexico. I pray for a better government, the eradication of the evil that is taking over your country, better pay and health care May God watch over you.

  41. I hate when people criticized like if they were God or something similar. I don't like the violence in Mexico, it is getting out of hand. Is hard to blame the Drug Cartel when the demand is so to big and the profits too. Everybody want to make money one way or the other and let's face it I don't think this will end the demand for recreational drugs is way and now in days is part of our culture. I once heard some one said, If you kill a man or two they will call you a murder and if you kill a million they will call you a conqueror. My respect goes to the military for their valor to stop the violence in Mexico.

  42. Everything is possible in Mx!!! Nothing is too this or too that. NOPE, no siree! Example: my father was incarcerated in Nvo Ldo, Tamps for about 5 yrs. We live in Ldo, TX across the border. 5 yrs may be alot of time for some, but considering what my father was convicted of, it was nothing. I kept hearing from friends "hey i saw ur dad last night" or really worse things. HOw right?? So i thought. I know he was the top boss at the time so, he, as well as we did, had many privileges. TEn years later I come to find out he came out every night to do his business and went back in like nothing. HE had the KEYS to the gates and had his car in the jail's shop! I don't boast about it, but it's something that if it wasn't because i LIved it, I wouldn't believe it. It seems too "hollywood-ish!" Mexico is a fantasy land of violence and corruption where "con dinero baila el perro!"

  43. At the time of TTs take down, the highways leading out of Matamoros towards Reynosa were full of Marine checkpoints. Once he was killed the checkpoints were removed. Then I figured out that reason the city had been surrounded by heavily armed Marines was to capture Tormenta. The Mx. authorities decided it was time for Tony T. to go. When TT launched his war against the Zetas, he decided to launch against the military also. That was as its said was all she wrote. As far the debate about who his wife was - it was known that TT had wives, or girlfriends, all over Tamaulipas.


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