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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ciudad Mier evacuates after Zetas threaten to kill residents

The Monitor


Hundreds of families have fled this Pueblo Magico amid reported death threats from drug cartel thugs.

About 300 people are seeking shelter in nearby Miguel Alemán, the nearest city to this town across the border from western Starr County.

Sources said after Cárdenas’ slaying Friday, members of Los Zetas, the drug cartel controlling Mier, were yelling in the streets that they were going to kill everybody who remained in the town, sparking the exodus from town.

“Initially it was 30 people, but then went up to 60, 100 and now we have 300 that came here,” Miguel Alemán Mayor Servando Lopez Moreno said in Spanish.

The exodus from Ciudad Mier began Friday afternoon — the same day Antonio Ezequiel “Tony Tormenta” Cárdenas Guillén, head of the Gulf Cartel, was killed in Matamoros.

Mexican Army officials in Reynosa and Nuevo Laredo denied knowing of any recent violence in Ciudad Mier.

Authorities acknowledged the shelter in Miguel Alemán, but denied the Mier was under control of the Zetas or any other drug cartel.

“We haven’t heard any complaints,” a military official said.

Officials said army units are in the area, but have not reported anything to their superiors in Nuevo Laredo and Reynosa.

The military sources denied any knowledge about the threats. And today, authorities said they will need to open another shelter.

“We are operating the shelter the same way the army trained us to operate the shelter during Hurricane Alex,” said Lopez Moreno. “We are supporting the people here and helping. They are running away from things we cannot fix.”

Jose Ivan Mancias Hinojosa, the mayor of Mier, told Mexico’s El Universal newspaper that officials were doing everything they could to help evacuees .

“We are here at the Lions Club to assist in everything we can to assist our families who fled their homes,” he said.

Tamaulipas state Governor Eugenio Hernandez Flores has learned of the situation and sent supplies to the families on Monday, but they still need more help, Lopez Moreno said.

“We do not know how long this shelter will have to be opened,” he said.

Authorities in Miguel Alemán plan to let the children from Mier attend school classes there, Lopez Moreno said. Miguel Alemán officials will open schools in the afternoon so teachers and students from Mier can continue with their education.

Also they plan to implement a temporary employment program. “The people here are active people, they need to work,” Lopez Moreno said.

Authorities in Miguel Aleman are helping the people, but nothing is being done to solve the situation in Ciudad Mier.

This town was named a Pueblo Magico, or magical town, in 2007. Mexico’s Pueblos Magicos are part of a federal program of the Secretariat of Tourism, which selects towns with unique historical attractions.

Mier’s history dates back to 1753, including a church completed more than 200 years ago that features a façade of carved sandstone.

And despite its current state as a drug cartel battleground, the city has seen violence at times in Mexican history.

In 1842, a botched raid on Mier led to the infamous Black Bean Episode — where Mexican President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna forced 176 Texan prisoners to draw beans from a jar containing 159 white beans and 17 black beans. Texans who drew the black beans were killed as punishment for an escape attempt.

The city has been a local attraction for history buffs, though any tourism has ceased with the current battle between Mexico’s drug smuggling groups and the military.

Hundreds have reportedly been killed this year in the Mier area, though no official count is available. More than 29,000 people have been killed since Mexican President Felipe Calderón declared war on his nation’s drug cartels in late 2006.

“There is not a house that doesn’t have broken windows,” said a native of Ciudad Mier living in Reynosa.

“The authorities do not go there. There are no soldiers there. There is nobody,” the former Mier resident said. “The mayor is not there anymore, there is no police, no traffic authority — nobody. It’s a ghost town. All the businesses are closed. If you want an aspirin, you have to travel to Miguel Alemán, and by bus, because if you drive they take away your car.”

“They have strangulated my town.”

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  1. this Zeta terrorists will be hard to eradicate. This towns have been converted to forts by them. military dont have reports, because they dont have anyone there to tell them! SEND A DAMN PLATOON FROM REYNOSA ARMY BASE!!!! Wait there under the Z payroll, nevermind continue...

  2. What the hell Calderon???? This is just too much. Send the marines to control that damn city. I mean this is a perfect chance to kill a bunch of those mother.... because there is no civilians to worry about for now, so send a group of marines and exterminate those fuck faces once and for all.

  3. the government of calderon is with the Z...these are all little towns ...miguel aleman ,mier, is not like trying to eradicate the roachez from monterrey...these towns are easy to surround and control...all of them are cut off on one side by the river...if the zetaculeros are there and have taken over it is because the government has allowed it to is the perfect way for calderon to conceal his real intentions of putting the Z in control ...he can turn over this area to the z and hide them there and the rest of mexico knows nothing about it...i have been to all of these litle places many times and assure you that they are prime smuggling areas...there are little places across the river on the US/texas side that assist in the smuggling and have done so forever...these texas towns are not policed would be very easy for the army to safe guard these towns , and would take very few soldiers...BUT CALDERON WANTS THEM AS A SAFE HAVEN FOR HIS ZETAPUTAS...there is a lot of complicity between the narcos and the texas authoritys....believe me i have personally witnessed things that you would not believe ....this whole drug war is a charade just to allow PAN to consolidate it;s power...after all the opposition is killed off, or put in line , it will end...and the drug trade will continue ...only with the mordidas y haciendas going to calderon and PAN...i have no proof, but the proof is in the pudding....who is getting killed the most...NOT THE Z...BUT EVERYONE ELSE...why is the army very effective against any of the cartels, but the cannot kill these hijoz de putaz...ask youself why...

  4. Is there anyway to bypass that city through Miguel Aleman? Besides using another bridge? I remember having to drive thru Miguel Aleman up to Mier then to Monterrey. I'd figure after all this they'd be making another highway to bypass that city to meet up with Highway 54 elsewhere.

  5. The Mexican government and its military simply have turned whole zones over to the various cartels (especially the Zetas in this area) and allowed them to romp free. Then they come out with totally dishonest statements that nothing is supposedly going on that they know about! That's Bullshit!

    'Mexican Army officials in Reynosa and Nuevo Laredo denied knowing of any recent violence in Ciudad Mier. Authorities acknowledged the shelter in Miguel Alemán, but denied the Mier was under control of the Zetas or any other drug cartel.

    “We haven’t heard any complaints,” a military official said.'

    'lito 'brito is absolutely correct in what he says...

    'the government of calderon is with the Z...these are all little towns ...miguel aleman ,mier, is not like trying to eradicate the roachez from monterrey...these towns are easy to surround and control...all of them are cut off on one side by the river.. '

    This strategy of letting the major cartels do battle between themselves while the Mexican military stands by and smiles on will backfire big time, and meanwhile the areas effected are ground up like hamburger.


  6. is not 300 people´s it´s more than 300 families at first part of the exodus

  7. I live on the U.S. side and am reading all of these remarks about the Mexican Government backing the Zetas...Is it really true? If so, how can you prove it?

  8. @November 11, 2010 3:11 PM

    They cant, this is just pure speculation. The problem in mexico is not the violence, the problem in mexico is the lack of education obviously 'lito 'brito and Ernest 1 seriously lack. What is happening in Cuidad Mier and all of Tamaulipas is the lack of information ppl have because the local press are either threaten to publish a news story on what is really happening or they are with the cartels. So what do ppl do to look for information? they turn to twitter and all it takes is one idiot on twitter to scare everyone on a shootout and threats and in turn ppl actually believe it, when its false. Believe there is violence but there is a psychosis here in the state of tamaulipas for the lack of information, thats what were suffering here more then anything, and how do I know, bz I live here. They say things like this without proof because they have none, but here ill show you some proof that government is not with los zetas: here are some news articles where members of los zetas have been arrested like a hummer there number 3 guy in that organization:

  9. "In five years, the Corleonne family will be completely legit". Famous words from Michael to Kay on "The Godfather". Lesson should be learned. The major cartels have it in them to stop this bloodbath. They now should consider "going legit". Invest the earnings in settin gup the networks for importation/ transportation and distribution of legitimate produce. Invest the money in retaining and "buying" lobbying/ lawyers and lawmakers in the US to lift the restrictions on Mexican produce like avocado,mango, tomato and tuna. Really, people: how many millions of Dollars are the markets on these products worth in the US, yearly? Do we really want to keep payingU$ 1 for a protected California avocado? By majorly shifting the production back to Mexico: where the soil, the weather and the labor cost is more advantageous, we would also effectively curtail the influx of undocumented workers coming to the US to work those fields. My thoughts may stir up animosities, but let's just give it some serious thoughts. Force the major cartels to accept some negotiated amnisty and disband/disarm. Have them focus on going legit and recover Mexico's legitimate position as a major purveyor of legal produce to the United Sates. My thoughts, anyway.

  10. My info about the Mexican military abandoning whole cities and towns in this area comes from info in my own family there who live right in the middle of the battle zone, where several members of my wife's family have narrowly escaped injury due to the Mexican military's stand by and let them kill each other policies.

    'I live on the U.S. side and am reading all of these remarks about the Mexican Government backing the Zetas...Is it really true? If so, how can you prove it?'

    I can't 'prove it' to you other than to say that I have family in the middle of this mess who report how Zetas and Gulf Cartel people alike, at different times, have been allowed to strut themselves around without any Mexican military presence for whole weeks and even months at a time.


  11. say what you want ...before calderon the z obeyed the CDG...after calderon they invaded Monterrey...anonymous dreamers with their head in the sand think education will stop the violence , when the kids can't even go to school because of the violence...yeah the army might catch a Z sometimes...but they dont repeatedly work to exterminate them, pero they do repeatedly interfere when the CDG says please let us kill the pinche Z...any boboso can see that calderon is for the Z....even educated ones

    as for detour around cuidad mier...yes you can cross the falcon dam at guerro and bypass mier, hang a left at guerro, then a left on 4 i think , then a right on 54 to monterrey...i would not recommend traveling this road, go on the cuota from reynosa ...or better from laredo, it is much safer

  12. the godfather was a movie...and the mexy narcoculeros would eat the american mafias for you realize the famous st valentinos massacre was only 7 men...that dosen't even get noticed ...some haitian black gang killed 50 people in two years in miami fla...50 in a weekend can get killed in mexico...these guys don't want to grow lechuga, they want to be king, if even for one mexico there is no love, trust, or confidence in the gob as a whole , for good reason, the government de mexico dosen't trust the citizens , and the citizens don't trust the gob,the police don't trust each other , the army dont trust the police , and so on and on all the way from top to bottom.. so the narcos are seen as somewhere between a necessary evil and folk heros, and the common person is unarmed . defenseless and caught in the middle..

    if the gun control and liberal culeros in the usa ever succeed in disarming the people and can engender enough distrust of the govt will go down the same road

    some people blame it all onthe USA drug problem, but that is only a part of the problem, the real problem is a culture of greed , desperation and traditional mistrust of authority, lawlessness is the fruit of these conditions, if these guys weren't in the drug business, they would be robbing and extorting , just like they do anyway, the history of mexico is bloody as hell and the government is often guilty of crimes against it's own citizens...chiapas state is like an occupied country...all the quick answers don't apply ... it is like the chicken and the egg...who trusts first ...will the gob trust the citizens...will the citizens trust the gob...some liberal dreamers don't think the mexican people should have the right to keep and bear arms for self defense, but many realists see it differen't ...the mexican people do not share in the power unless they join the gob/army/policia...or join the narcos...if they were trusted to, and allowed to become equal in the power by having the right to own a gun , it would make a big difference..disagree if you want...but in Mexico today men with guns shape the present and future...who will those men be ...????

  13. LitoBrito is absolutely right on! These aren't even towns;thier "Glorified" Villages but they serve the purpose as far as gettin the product
    accross the river to the Lone Star State! Why
    not move on these areas now when all the civilians are gone and there's No "Collateral
    Damage" If Mexico can't be trusted to clean it up; let's put some mercenaries in there to take out these Zeta Cockroaches,they recruit the scum
    of the earth;who have no scrupals whatsover,

  14. yeah and as for the USA/Texas, the local cops damn well know what is goin on down on the river...if they don't know . they should try to go fishin sometime,,, they all make a big show up on the main roads and at the bridges ...but don't do shit on the patrols at all... no checkpoints on the roads from the river ...nada...don't forget Calderon was the USA'S pick for president of Mexico...once the shit is on the texas side is the fault of the USA what happens...I

    don't agree with blaming the USA for Mexicos problems...pero we to have some fault..if we really guarded our borders and didn't allow the shit to hit our side would pile up fast in mexico and the price would would go down as quick

    the shit is worthless if it dosen't make it to the grande mercado de USA...

    calderon's mexico does little to stem the flow...and the USA does nothing....except for the big show busts...while all the time the rest of the border is open as hell...yeah they show how they stop a bucket full every so often ...when all the while there is a firehose running out in the yard

  15. identify these Z pekerheds, put a good bounty on them ,DOA, get permission from Mexico to hunt them, and let the wind take them...most of these fucks wont last five minutes against professional killers...look how easy the Z kicks ass with just a little training....and oh yeah with the help of their bueno amigo calderonZ...ever wonder why he (calderonZ) has not been killed or even no attempts...i guess you don't kill your own dog...

    this fuckin shit is really hurting the good people of Mexico...they are having to live in fear every day...guerro had the mas ..pinches Z/calderon....mier has don cuco's boot shop, the business is slow now...gracias Z/calderon.....miguel aleman had shopping and some tour mas ..gracias pinches Z/calderon...

    all of Mexico is suffreing for this shit except the ricos who are in cahoots with the narcos..any honest people are deprived of legitimate income, forced to dodge around and scrabble for scraps from the table of the ricos/narcoculeros/politicos/calderonZs

    the USA cannot fix this shit ...and the gob de mexico aint gonna do it ..only the good honest people can do it

    mexico needs another revolution , and this time the people get to keep their guns

  16. The NRA is helping arm them...isn't that great?

  17. some mindless dreamers think it would be a good idea for Americans to disarm....i am sure the narcoculeros would agree with them ...good thing for mindless dreamers they have some realists who will be armed to guard the door for them while they skip around , blowing bubbles and playing in the sun ...

    nobody makes YOU buy a a frisbee

    just down the road from where i live ..the other day one guy beat another to death with a gun needed

  18. @ Lito Brito

    I am taking trucks of supplies to the shelters.
    coming from Piedras..what would be the safest route and what to avoid if you know I would appreciate it. We will leave Tues/Wed but now I am a bit worried about putting my staff and volunteers in danger. A longer safer route is better. I am thinking we stay over night as to not travel after daylight.

    Please advise


  19. Buelita the safest route for your staff is down 83 on the Tx side all the way to Roma-Miguel Aleman (if they have visas). If you already have the supplies in Piedras, do you know anyone at Eagle Pass customs to expedite crossing?

    Su servidor.....Gerardo

  20. @ Gerado
    thank you mijo...but the truck drivers do not have papers to travel on the Tx side or we would. It has to be on the Mx side, unfortunately.

  21. @buela

    unless you can drive where gerardo says ..there aint no safe way...and the supplys can be hijaked ...get some guys who can drive on the texas are looking at a long drive thru hostile territory...sounds like a real war zone .when you put it that way...

  22. @buela:

    Proteccion civil recommends Piedras-Mty-Reynosa (recent outbreaks in Nuevo Laredo)..
    I'm waiting for a Noreste confirmation of these facts.

  23. @ Ovemex
    It is a priveldge to help the citizens of Mier. We will leave on Tuesday, my staff is excited and enthusiastic but we want to be smart and safe. The will have to stay in Laredo one night, on Tuesday.

    Anyone have suggestions of the safest place to stay in Laredo? we will travel with large delivery trucks so will stick out like a sore thumb.

    Ovemex...without your help my foundation would be lost as to how to work out the logistics of this worthy project!

    A million thanks...we will send footage...words from the people.

  24. @Buela

    If you have not left yet get in contact with me, I know some powerful people in Nuevo Laredo who might be able to help. Please update, I admire what you're doing, god bless you. I have not contacted those people in a while but I can if needed, so let me know please.
    Stay Safe.

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