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Monday, November 8, 2010

Tijuana Reports 8 Murders Since Weekend

Eight men were executed in the city over the weekend, raising the monthly murder average of Tijuana to 14 and adding to the 689 deaths in the area from the drug war this year.

Police officers found the corpse of an unidentified man in a burned out vehicle. He was about 30-35 years old. Though almost everything was destroyed in the fire, investigators say that it appeared he had an electrical cord that had been wound tightly around his neck and face several times.

Another man was identified as Daniel Bezares Zepeda, age 30, who died from a gunshot wound sustained in colonia Nueva Tijuana. Four .45 caliber casings were found in the vicinity of the crime.

La Cruz Roja reported that gunfire also claimed the life of Benjamín López Mondaca, age 35. His body was found with several bullet wounds around the arms, neck, and face. Authorities say he was found in the La Ciénaga section of a neighborhood called Los Pinos.

In another area called Cañadas del Florido, near the neighborhood of La Presa, residents reported that a corpse had been found under a couch that had been abandoned on a side street. The cause of death was unknown, the man was 30-35 years old.

Yet another unidentified man, 35-40 years old was found dead on 2000 Boulevard. He died of a gunshot wound from several 9mm rounds.

Joel González Ornelas, age 38 , was killed in colonia Buenos Aires Sur About the same time the homicide was reported, police found another unidentified body who appeared to have been the victim of a violent crime in nearby colonia Magisterial.

In colonia Los Venados Jaciel Alejandro Martínez Hernández, age 22 was found dead with from gunshot wounds. Next to his corpse were seven 9mm shells and several 7.62 mm shells, typical of an AK-47 assault rifle.

Ex-comandante of the Municipal Police, José Luis Lugo Báez, was killed by 9mm rounds while he and his wife were on their way to visit a family member in colonia Lucio Blanco. A few months ago he was accused of having links to organized crime and was charged with participating in the attempt on the life of the Public Security Secretary of Rosarito, Jorge Eduardo Montero.

He was acquitted due to lack of evidence. Since the trial, he was reported to be laying low and had been running a small tire repair shop he opened on his property in order to make some money. His wife was injured, but survived.

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  1. It could be something coming up, could be nothing, just setting scores, and a further fall out from the Tigre/Aquiles conflict a few weeks ago, or something else. It's interesting how much more low key Tijuana organized crime has been, and usually is, rarely (aside from 2008) did you see the dismembered bodies and brutal beheading that have become commonplace in Guerrero, Tamaulpias, Durango, and Juarez. I read they arrested someone with a rocket launcher on Sunday though, in an Escalade.

  2. I saw the arrests u mentioned and the pics of the suspects holding up their weapons, including a rocket launcher...the whole thing got me thinking 'who the hell would use that thing anyway?' Its not exactly an inconspicuous firearm, and in a crowded city like TJ it wouldn't be hard to find the person who fired that weapon. For that matter, I have yet to hear of rocket attacks in Mex, although they find these rocket launchers every so often I don't think anyone has had the gall (or the permission)to use it on their rivals.

  3. I don't know, I think if someone uses a grenade they will use a rocket launcher, and as far as being caught with how brazen these gunmen are today I can't see that being an issue. I'd say it's a good thing there isn't any, as of now. Most likely it just hasn't happened yet, besides the cartels locked in heavy combat (CDG, Zetas, Juarez, Beltran Leyva) theres not really a use for it. Like those .50 cal. barret machine gun, it's just something to have when it's needed. CAF, and Sinaloa cells operating in Tijuana really don't have a need to use those weapons, I hope it stays that way.


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