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Sunday, November 7, 2010

La Barbie's Life in Prison


Edgar Valdez Villarreal, alias La Barbie, the narco-trafficker that has been accused of being one of the most bloodthirsty sicarios in the country, has such sensitive skin that he can only wear clothes made out non-allergenic material.

Once arrested by Mexican authorities he had a significant reduction in his creature comforts, starting with the fact that he could no longer use moisturizers or skin creams. In his presentation and during the interrogation by the Federal Police, it was evident he needed those products by the way he kept scratching at his arms and face, adjusting the handcuffs which also chafed his wrists.

Upon arriving at Centro de Mando, the U.S. citizen requested a change of clothes, he has been wearing the same green shirt that he was arrested in for the past few days.

The federal officers in charge of watching his cell and protecting him from other inmates couldn't understand why he refused the clothes they offered, or why Valdez Villarreal refused to shower in the common area bathroom despite his obvious skin condition, which was deteriorating. One of the officers said it was like watching a filthy person who missed his jacuzzi. If they thought he would stoop to using these public facilities, they were sadly mistaken.
The skin irritation didn't subside by the time Valdez hung the phone up, but there was hope. From Texas, his brother sent him a lawyer, who got into a Toyota truck and 50 minutes after Valdez had spoken to his sibling, the lawyer was standing outside the Centro de Mando.

The discussion with prison officials centered around the interests of the rotund prisoner at the behest of his family and the famously litigious lawyer who stood before them. La Barbie touched on a few things he needed, the lack of which had been bothering him like a rock that was stuck in his shoe; he needed the necessary clothes, skin cream, a television, fresh undergarments, a DVD player, a Bible, and sandals. He was very specific, the shirts had to be the Polo brand made by famous New York designer Ralph Lauren.

After the meeting, La Barbie's lawyer along with the rest of his legal team, scoured México City from one end to the other in search of the finest threads for their client.

First stop was a boutique called Liverpool, which is near Insurgents avenue; here, they only bought a few articles of clothing. Afterwords, they went to Palacio de Hierro, where they bought clothes similar to those worn by Valdez Villarreal at the time of his arrest: each Polo shirt they bought for him cost about 1,500 pesos or 125 U.S.D.

But the errands did not end at fashion stores, they also involved banks. The lawyers had to visit three separate branches to convert $10k U.S.D. of La Barbie's money into Pesos. This is due to restrictions that were set in place by the Financial Secretary for the Federal Government in order to control the amount of dollars circulating in Mexico.

Much to his joy, La Barbie received a pair of denim jeans, a comfortable pajama set made by Nautica, and undergarments by Calvin Klein. These in particular had been sent by his brother Abel, who resides in the U.S.

What he liked most of all (although it took a while longer to get) was a pair of sandals and tennis shoes (no shoelaces allowed). At the first opportunity he couldn't wear them because they were a size 9. The lawyers went back to the Boutique on Insurgents ave. and came back with size 11's.

The detained capo not only requested name-brand items, he was also very picky on what kind of soap and cologne he would use. He was very keen on a specific fragrance made by the German designer Hugo Boss. In the department store which held large advertisements featuring actor Orlando Bloom, the lawyers had everything gift-wrapped and sealed in its plastic bags tightly, so as not to lose any aroma.

Back in the prison, the inmates and staff that worked in the laundry area received the nice sets of clothes that had come to the wash and thought it was some kind of joke: who would have that type of garb in this place?

Then they received payment to move the VIP laundry load through the system as quickly and efficiently as possible, the payment came with one of the fragrance bottles along with a note to spray it on the fabric before the clothes were to be folded. The men knew at that point that this was not a joke and they took their orders more seriously.

The cells at the bottom of the Federal Police Regional Security building get very chilly, which happens to be one of the things that causes Villarreal's skin condition to flare up. To prevent this, the lawyers went on another errand run to a commercial center located in Reforma 222 which was constructed only a few years ago by Carlos Slim.

At a hardware store called Zara Home they decided get La Barbie a gas space heater, so he wouldn't have to suffer through a cold night. The one they picked out was painted black with tiger stripes, they also bought him a good pillow, more Dove-brand soap and skin cream, a pair of shower slippers, black in color and of the brand Lacoste.

La Barbie mediated his risks. He didn't have much confidence in sanitary conditions of the public showers, which he was now obligated to use. The idea of having to wash himself in such a filthy place repulsed him. He hated the idea of contracting a foot fungus or disease and he refused to take a shower until his designer shower slippers arrived.

He began using his skin products from head to toe, for years he has fought a battle against dermatitis and his skin frequently has a pink hue, like that of a cooked shrimp. But this was no longer the case in prison; just as he had appeared before the media, La Barbie once again had a reason to smile.
As they complied with his requests, the police in charge of his custody realized the sicario who demanded respect through the way he terrorized his rivals was a man of very sensitive skin.

VIP Arraignment
This past August 30th, Edgar Valdez Villarreal, one of the principal operators of the Beltran Leyva cartel was detained in the state of Mexico and was presented before the media. Twice, officers from the Sub-Secretary of Investigations into Organized Crime (SIEDO) tried to extract information from La Barbie. After the federal police failed to get any significant information from him, he was escorted by the marines to the office of the Attorney General (PGR).

Still he refused to break his silence and answer any questions. without any declarations, the authorities implemented Plan B, the prosecutors made a flurry of telephone calls and went through great efforts to have the hearing postponed for another 40 days. Around 1:00 a.m. the morning of October 8th, a federal agent came to the cell door and informed the Texan that he wasn't going to be leaving Centro de Mando anytime soon.

Not too many of those people accused of involvement with organized crime are placed in the cells at the security offices of the Federal Police. Only the ones who are candidates for the witness protection program are taken to this housing unit, and they are often kept in solitary confinement for their own safety. Vicente Carrillo Leyva, son of Amado Carrillo, deceased leader of the Juárez, was also held in the same cells (he recently had a few weapons charges against him dismissed by a federal judge).

After La Barbie's transfer to this site, one of his neighbors became Sergio Villarreal Barragán, El Grande, a former friend and business partner of Valdez Villarreal when they both worked for Arturo Beltran Leyva. Recently, they had become rivals in the drug game after the death of their boss one year ago in December 2009.

Most the of jail population is held at the National Center for Investigations (CNI). This old building was once used to house prostitutes and other people arrested in colonia Doctores, now it mainly holds people who have been detained by the Marines. If La Barbie knew he had a chance of being sent to this place, he would most likely beg to be sent back to the United States, but didn't have the luck of Ramón Ayala or Lupe Tijerina, both of whom at one point stood a very real chance of growing old in this hotel.

During his life on the outside, it was nothing but the best for Edgar Valdez. He had a penchant for Polo shirts like the one he was wearing when he was arrested, marked by a 'London' logo. He particularly favors clothes from England.

People being arraigned are allowed to have a few personal objects in their confinement area. Clothes, books, magazines, movies, and televisions are allowed at CNI, although they aren't allowed to keep food or items of personal hygiene that aren't issued by the correctional facility.

This is how much different than the common people from colonia Doctores are treated. In Centro de Mando the Policía Federal allowed La Barbie to enjoy good food. Edgar Valdez longed for the taste of a nice, hot bowl of caldo with carrots and spicy potatoes. As he thought of the kitchen in his house, police officers entered his cell and left him a tray of cooked, smoked and dried meat, along with a platter of peanuts and other assorted nuts, grapes, papaya, natural spring water, fruit juice and a variety of candy that had been sent by his brother in the U.S.

Every 15 days he gets new magazines to read and though he isn't a book aficionado, he has been known to read them if they are of a religious nature. He keeps a copy of the Holy Bible next to his bed. In his seclusion, Valdez Villarreal keeps a 28 inch flat screen tv. The authorities wouldn't allow him to have anything bigger, much to his chagrin.

During the day he tries to find working channels to watch, but the reception is poor. He prefers to watch movies. He has seen Amarte duele, La Pontífice and the most recent film by Luis Estrada, El Infierno, which depicts the lives of narcotraffickers living in northern Mexico. He has tried repeatedly to be allowed to have a computer and a cell phone but so far he has been denied these objects because the facility rules do not permit them.
El Grande and La Barbie were men of confidence to Arturo Beltrán Leyva, leader of the criminal organization which bears his last name. They worked together for El Jefe de Jefes until his untimely death. El Grande thought Valdez had betrayed his boss because he didn't provide backup for Arturo during the military operation involving the Marines in Cuernavaca; La Barbie thought El Grande gave the authorities information on Arturo's whereabouts. The details were lost after they declared war on each other.

Villarreal Barragán was born in Torreón, where he achieved the title of regional leader and representative of the Beltráns. He gained fame in states such as Durango —where a restaurant still exists that bears his nickname and the ownership of the property is attributed to him—, Nuevo León, Sinaloa, Morelos, Sonora, Quintana Roo, The states of México and Puebla, the latter is where his luck ran out. On August 12th, elements of the Marina arrested him. He was taken to make his official declaration with SIEDO. Recently, the authorities have decided to have him arraigned and he has been placed in a cell next to his enemy, Valdez Villarreal.

La Barbie noticed his neighbor in the Centro de Mando had no friends or family who visited him. Only his attorney would inquire about him once in while. He also knew that El Grande had made a declaration with the Federal Public Ministry and had acquired the few benefits that were allowed to those in the witness protection program that was run by the PGR, he was most likely waiting to be debriefed. The same deal had been offered to La Barbie.

On Wednesday the 13th, La Barbie had another visit from SIEDO. He spent two days listening to the fiscal proposals to entice him into entering the witness protection program. The authorities want him to give information about the inner workings and methods of operation used by the criminal organizations, in addition to revealing the names of federal and state officials who are protecting the cartels, in exchange for very few benefits. The deal was not up to par with La Barbie, who thinks his information is more valuable than what the authorities are offering him in return at the moment.

United in disgrace, La Barbie decided to give his neighbor some of his clothes, a comb and some toothpaste. He was also included a copy of the Holy Bibly in the care package for El Grande .

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  1. when are they gonna show "el infierno" in the states?

  2. I think it is funny that La Barbie accused El Grande of giving up La Barbas, seeing as it was him that did not come to his predecessors aid when called on, and he also said he did not like being around Las Botas Blancas because when he got drugged up he would want to kill La Barbie and accuse him of being a traitor. Considering that El H sides with El Grande, it is almost laughable.

  3. federal agent standing next to la barbie is a good-looking, damn he's taken. good luck to la barbie for a new life in prison or whatever he's doing

  4. This is the funniest story from the skin condition which makes him look like a boiled shrimp to the fact that he thinks his information is too nice of him to share with his former partner in crime. Ha.

  5. You have to love how the top ones are getting all this nice things (like killer pleas for info), while the low ones are getting their families killed and themselves decapitated, and the video of their ordeal circulated on the net.. low level sicarios and dealers are so dispensable that most of the time they are not paid. Yet they are the ones that have to fight to keep guys like Barbie, grande, lazcano, and etc, well fed and with control of their turf.. drug dealing used to be profitable market for everybody, now with the over saturation of sicarios, it is only profitible for the top ones. They can have huge armies of under paid, sometimes unpaid, sicarios doing your dirty work. This reminds me of the industrial revolution when factory owners could hire employees and fire them at will, even after getting their arm chopped off by their equipment.. these sicarios need a union or something haha.. but seriously, can they see how shitty their work is? This is basic economics, the more sicarios available the shittier their working conditions will be.. I remember watching that video of barbies worker getting decapitated on camera, it was awful. Barbie probably laughed when he saw it...

  6. I learned some things about la barbie. I learned that this guy is a prissy lil wimp. I would beat his ass in a boxing ring. Its obvious that he made it so far by using his wits only. I mean considering that he was this ruthless cartel leader. But fascinating article.

  7. What a great article. These guys have it pretty decent in jail, La Barbie is real character, only Polo shirts, that's classic, and the skin condition? Funny stuff. So, was La Barbie an informant like the article that ran on here said? I still have hard time buying that, he does remind me of 'Davey Kleinfeld' from 'Carltio's Way', in that he would sell who ever for freedom, or some polo black cologne.

    Almost touching the last segment, about him giving El Grande some of his personal items, thats pretty ironic considering they were hanging and murdering each others gunmen for awhile. El Grande doesn't have the friends and family that Barbie does I guess.

  8. 'El Infierno'?? Clue us in...

    Anyway, I lost the story but I wished to contribute someone was writing about RJR Nabisco on one of the previous pages.

    What I wonder about is during the Vietnamese War, some people thought that some companies, the Miltitary Industrial Complex benefitted from the war.

    We could have a little bit of this on what is playing out in Mexico. It is crazy, I know the country well. This is just plain unbelievable but as I have said before, Mexico has long time had "some of this".

    What are known as "Extrajudicial" acts, murders and the likes, carried out by government forces happened in the past, in the '90s but it was way in the background, it wasn't where you were afraid it might personally affect you.

  9. I have one more observation to "float" by you all, they wouldn't or couldn't answer it at Narcosphere.

    Okay, Mexican Revolution started in 1910, 100 years ago I guess, at least the 2nd Mexican Revolution, lasted about 10 years to 1920.

    The decade started with a census number, I know, we can't be sure it is exact, but in 1910 Mexico had 18 million, by 1920, it had 17 million. That can't really be correct can it? But these figures you would be told in a history class, so the Revolutionary Years saw Mexico's population decline despite births, etc.

    So, what this would be telling us is that if those figures are true, the Revolution was much worse by fatalities.

  10. youll cry of fear if you watch it.

  11. It's outrageous that barby gets that kind of special treatment. The authorities should be embarrassed. Offering him deals? I got a deal for him - how about if you tell us everything we want to know and we'll stop waterboarding you? Deal? Send that fucker up to the US and we'll see about that skin condition.


  12. I love when Mexicans say "We will never let american troops on mexican soil" well maybe its about time you rethink that because it seems to me like its the people in mexico you have to worry about are mexican

  13. nice cloths, a spray of fragrance, skin cream, a heater to keep the cell nice and toasty...sounds like he's planning a date with his cell mate. Did he ask for candels and a bottle of wine?

  14. If money is buying him all of these privileges, what else can his money buy?
    Send him to the USA. We'll be happy to have his cellmate Bubba smack that smirk right off his face and then have his way with him. A skin condition will be the least of his worries.


  16. la barbie needs hiz little beauty kit awwwwww!!!!!!!

  17. The special privileges La Barbie receives in jail is just another layer of the corruption endemic here in Mexico. Institutionalized corruption is the hardest to get rid of.

    Think of the prison that loaned guns to sicarios to commit murder and you can see that it is easy for La Barbie to continue to rule from inside.

    I think one of the reasons our government does not want the US to be active on Mexican soil is because of the incredible levels of corruption in our military and police. Could you imagine what would happen when State or Municipal police get in a gunfight with US troops when they are protecting cartel members? If a US soldier was wounded or killed by a Mexican soldier or police, it would be news around the world.

  18. I don't care how rashed up this guy gets, he doesn't deserve anything

  19. @November 8, 2010 2:17 AM

    Well no fucking shit, right sherlock!! What do you think your going to find in mexico? mexicans. And where is this happening in mexico! And Oh yeah your right, the solution to Mexico's problems is going to be the United States Military right??? How's looking for Osama going for you??? Cuz Iraq and Afghanistan are such wonderful places after the US went in there right??? Even the people in Iraq and Afghanistan would prefer there former regimes then the US puppet, corrupt, inefficient governments they have now. WAY TO GO!!!

  20. I have a question. I often read/hear the Mexican media referring to brands like Polo as "luxury brands" and kind of in general refer to them like the pinnacle of clothing. Is this because brands like Armani, Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Louis Vuitton, etc are not readily available in Mexico? I really find this hard to believe that they are not.

    Now, I'm not saying Polo is not a nice brand and could be considered luxury to some, but this is just a trend I hear in Mexican news reports sometimes. I rarely hear any of the "real" luxury brands I just mentioned brought up in the reports, but I fail to believe that Mexican/Colombian drug lords and their families aren't gravitating towards those brands like the rest of the wealthy world.

  21. If you want to get these capo's. Follow their wives and kids that fly in from MX city to Houston and go on shopping sprees at the Galleria.

  22. I hope they remembered to buy his Gummie Bears.

  23. well, the man has a skin condition, this is a reasonable medical necessity, and if he has relatives who will pay for him to have these items, what's wrong with it?

    it's a cultural thing, the's like other social groups thinking baby phat is cool too..i don't care, i wear payless and target, because it's what's inside that counts...

  24. don't matter what brand you get, Mexico will find a way to duplicate it and sell it as an original. (Piracy) I bet La Barbie's polo style shirts were pirata's. Every time I visit MX I see all the latest fashions that look just like the authentic one's except for a few things, some better than others of course.

  25. Sounds like a faggot to me.

    Faggotry got him where he is and faggotry will follow him the rest of his faggot life.

  26. la barb gonna get like 2 to 5 years... then its bac to bizzness

  27. @November 8, 2010 11:44 AM

    You have your opinions, ill have mine. Honestly, I believe that U.S. troops would whip the cartels in no time. And I didnt say that the solution to Mexico's problem is US troops. No, the solution to Mexico's problem is for mexicans to stop killing their own people and stop helping the cartels. But since that doesnt seem to be happening, I think some U.S. troops would help. Look, if Mexico doesnt want America's help, thats fine with us. Our country is doing fine by comparison.

    1. Do you ever think about how and from where mexican drug loards get there guns? U.S. Product. How do you think big loads of drugs get in the U.S.? Your non- corrupted friendly borderline officers.

  28. La Barbie is not "living the easy life" in prison. Mexican prisons are different than U.S. prisons. You arent supplied any basic necessities like clothes and soap. You arent given clothes. If you need medicine, or a sweatshirt, you have to have family bring it. If you dont have family, tough. If you go into ANY prison in the US, you will find that every inmate has shower shoes, lotion, multiple pairs of clothes, even space heaters. Nothing mentioned in this article is out of the ordinary for any prison in the civilized world. US prisoners can even have Ipod's and Xbox's in some place. At the end of the day La Barbie is still in a crappy mexican prison.

  29. El Chapo lived in a luxury cell room at one of the prison buildings in Mexico. He bought alcohols and whores for himself and his accomplices, and paid bribes to those ones who did the work for him. He certainly fooled authorities when he escaped twice, and now he remains at large. He's an intelligent wanker.

  30. US prisoners allowed to have Ipods and Xboxs? Not even patients at the psychiatry is allowed to have these stuff.

  31. I think it's safe to say Mexico and US Prisons both have a fair share of ups and downs to them. Yeah, in Mexico, they don't have nearly the amount of 'everyday' things that are pretty much garnisheed in any US prison/county jail. But, in Mexico, someone like La Barbie is living relatively well, whereas if he was in federal custody here, he wouldn't have the flat screen, the Polo shirts, the toiletries, DVD's, etc. I still like La Barbie giving El Grande some commissary, because he he seemed lonely.

  32. @November 8, 2010 2:44 PM

    I agree with you. Alot of things mentioned don't seem to be out of the ordinary compared to the prisons in the US are allowed to have but I disagree with you on the XBOX and ipod but they sure do watch televison alot and even provided with one too. This is what we pay taxes for. haha

  33. This is the funniest article I have read so far.

  34. @November 8, 2010 2:41 PM

    "I believe that U.S. troops would whip the cartels in no time."......"I think some U.S. troops would help" Are you joking or your just that stupid??

    Just look at the opium crops US marines past daily, Opium production in Afghanistan, which provides more than 90 percent of the world's heroin and what do the troops do there, they just walk on by bz they want to please poor Afghanistan farmers. The United States is a joke declaring this war on drugs. Everyone knows its going to end the same way as it did with prohibition, legalized. And by the way this war has been raging since the Nixon administration declared a WAR ON DRUGS and US with all its military power, still hasn't been able to whip the cartels. Just a fact. There still here until Americans stop the demand. Plain and simple economics. And no we dont want your help just look at Iraq and Afghanistan, like I said before and I'll say it again Iraq and Afghanistan are such wonderful places after the US went in there right??? Even the people in Iraq and Afghanistan would prefer there former regimes then the US puppet, corrupt, inefficient governments they have now. WAY TO GO!!!

  35. If your saying that the US doesnt have the strength or the know how to defeat the cartels, why arent there cartels operating with such impunity in this country? Oh ya, because they CANT operate with such impunity, because US law enforcement is too effective for the lawlessness of Mexico to be repeated in this country. Mexico now is like America in the cowboy days, only even worse. If you dont think that Mexico needs the US's help, thats fine with me. Since the violence isnt really spilling onto our side of the border yet, its not our issue. but do you want to know how i KNOW that the US military could, for example, catch El Chapo? Because EVEN MEXICOS MILITARY COULD CATCH EL CHAPO. Except they are too damned corrupt to do it. That being said, long live el chapo. i love the guy. what a bad ass

  36. @John

    Yes, Mx has high end lux in the big cities...such as DF, Monterrey. access is no problem if this what Narcos were attracted to..but it isn't, they tend to go for the gaudy stuff lux but not high end they prefer polo or Ed Hardy. Money can't buy you know like the lottery winners in the US? Same tasteless appetite for the showy and ridiculous

  37. The systems is different between prison and protected witness? For those ones on the witness program can order any food they like? Do they have TV cable in their caged room? Visitors can visit them anytime? Protected witness is being treated nicely and fairly just because they have to reveal secret drug operations to the authorities? What happens to somoeone on the witness program that refuses to do anything for the authorities? Send them to prison?

    Prisoners in NZ eat the meals off our taxes, as well as bedding, building, whatever the government provide them. NZ justice law is shit.

  38. IF the US is so awful why are millions of Mexicans living here and more trying to get in daily? Just a thought.

  39. As far as fashion and the narcos go, you have to take into account that some of these guys, a lot of them, haven't been to the US in a long time, and most of them weren't raised there, so fashion senses can differ. People sometimes have the image of narcos draped in Gucci and Louis Vuitton, and some are, but mostly more 'amercanized' ones, then those that have been living in deep Mexico for years, at least from my perspective. I doubt someone like Chapo or Mayo, or any of then higher CDG guys would wear Gucci or Prada (who wears Prada anymore anyway.

  40. @Tiso
    "why arent there cartels operating with such impunity in this country? Oh ya, because they CANT operate with such impunity, because US law enforcement is too effective for the lawlessness"

    Seriously are you that stupid? Or did you just forget that mexican cartels operate in every freakin city in the United States, even Alaska hahaha?? Don't you think that if US law enforcement was so effective then why are there more drug addicts in the US, then it has ever had before. Yeah real effective law enforcement agencies you got, that tons of drugs are getting in very day. And the only reason the violence hasn't spilled over is bz its bad for business, just check out the documentary cocaine cowboys, you will learn something because obviously your too lazy to read your own law enforcement agencies reports, that say the same thing. Oh yeah you could catch el chapo right but cant even seem to catch Osama bin laden right, where is he?? Your a joke and obviously don't know what your talking about if your praising a killer who affects the daily lives not only of Mexico but your drug addict country as well. Loser.

  41. What a queer. He made people lifes hell, same should be done to him

  42. "And the only reason the violence hasn't spilled over is bz its bad for business"

    and WHY is it bad for business you idiot? Because US law enforcement is too much for the cartels. Haha, you literally proved my point for me, and then called me stupid. I know there are cartels in every state (not every city like you claim), my point was they dont operate with the same impunity as they do in the US. and I stand by my statement, because its completely true. Obviously you lack reading comprehension. This whole website is dedicated to documenting the lawlessness of certain parts of northern mexico. the whole reason this website exists, the whole reason we are having this discussion, is because im right and your wrong. And your getting your information from a documentary about florida in the '70s? What a lame. next time before you open your mouth, take some basic reading comprehension courses. Cartels DO NOT operate with anywhere near the same freedom in this country as they do in mexico. My statement was 100% accurate. And your very statement about "why the violence hasnt spilled over" proves it.

  43. @November 8, 2010 11:08 PM

    There are no "American cartels". There are american gangs. There are mexican cartels in mexico. But there arent american drug trafficking organisations. Cartels have not been able to establish the same foothold, are not able to travel in caravans 50 SUVs deep, are not able to throw families out of ranches, take over towns, corrupt entire police units...the list goes on. So saying that cartels operate with the same impunity in america as they do in mexico is incorrect. Sorry bud, Tiso was correct

  44. Drug trafficking is always going to exist, as it has existed for so many years, one way or another, as long as theres a demand for all these drugs theres going to be a supplier, I think that the US Government needs to stop complaining about how the Mexican cartels are bringing all these drugs to the US, this is not just a drug war for Mexico to fight, I mean If Americans didnt use these drugs there wouldnt be such a huge demand, Im going to repeat this; as long as theres a demand for these drugs theres going to be suppliers;....and NO! DO NOT send troops to Mexico is not going to help at all, what the US needs to do its either legalize some of these drugs or give severe punishments to these drug users, if the US sends troops to Mexico a lot of innocent people are going to die, and I think enough had already died, Im Mexican and I the only people I care about its the children and the innocent people, I do not care about these men that are being killed, they should have thought about it before working for these cartels, basically they got what they deserved, but what makes me really mad its the innocent people that die everyday, the ones that have decent jobs and are good people, but I mean thats just my opinion, one thing I know its that the US needs to stop being nosey in other country's matter, and yes I know that all this is affecting the US, but they need to start by fixing their own country first, before going and trying to fix other countries!

  45. It would be a great thing to hear that somebody got to him, blowing out his brains all over that new polo shirt.

  46. Speed freaks and/or junkies scratch their arms when coming off the drugs. Maybe not an organic skin condition after all.

  47. My Question is, why does he need cologne??
    Unless he is trying to impress someone in there...
    IMO, he is a metrosexual type of guy....
    I think he is acting like a kid, keeps asking to get stuff until they say no..
    IDK, I am a little disapointed that this article adds a sort of comical aspect.

    "As they complied with his requests, the police in charge of his custody realized the sicario who demanded respect through the way he terrorized his rivals was a man of very sensitive skin"

    Im more than sure that the police in charge last concern was this guys skin.

  48. Anon 12:36

    I thought the same thing, but my impression is that the author trying to make a scathing criticism of the way the authorities have handled the guy with cologne-scented kid gloves. The original title of this piece was "La Barbie: A Capo with Sensitive Skin" but I didn't think it had a good ring to it. The whole thing drips with sarcasm and outrage the guy isn't being treated like a common criminal.

    I don't know how much longer his intel will be of much value; methods and personnel change dramatically, he is in danger of making himself irrelevant.

  49. Remember one thing: someone said that most sicario's don't get paid! This is a true statement as your going to get. They have 12 year old kids killing people for no money but
    a tough sounding name and a position in the Gang! Now the kids name is "El Loco" and everyone is afraid of him until someone blows
    his brains out for Youtube entertainment! Has
    life become that unimportant??

  50. Tiso... you are right. the other guy is a nitwit. For fuck sakes if he wants to spend his money putting money in the economy of america by paying his lawyers to run errands and into the economy that makes the things he likes or sells the the things he likes let him. Its not like he will be free anytime soon. Unless he escapes like "el capo". its all a joke. whats his crime anyway? Giving me drugs? killing evil gangster mexicans? rebelling against the government that is more corrupt than any person could ever be? LEGALIZE DRUGS BUT DONT ALLOW THEM TO BE CAPITALIZED.

    1. There both corrupted, the only diference between them is that one goverment covers it all so well to the civilian eyes with articles to read and make them feel safe and "coozie". Thats how it used to be a couple a year ago in mexico before.

  51. and I thought I would post it here!

  52. His brother works with CBP in Laredo, TX.

  53. I hope he thinks hard of what he has started! A war with no ending! But I guess he does think about all bad things he has done cause he has a Bible and I'm guessing he reads daily! A lot if times its hard growing up into that life but u do make ur own path in life

  54. I am happy he is enjoying his "comfortable pajama set made by Nautica"


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