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Monday, November 22, 2010

They Provide Detail of the Execution of Cevallos

Details of the execution of former Colima Governor Cavazos Cevallos reported in Borderland Beat yesterday.

The government of Colima and the Attorney General of the State reported that the former governor Jesus Silverio Cavazos Cevallos, who was killed this morning near his home, received three gunshot wounds from a .38 super caliber, one in the neck and another in the abdomen.

At a press conference, the attorney general of the State, Arturo Diaz Rivera, and Governor Mario Anguiano detailed how Cavazos Ceballos was at his front door of his home when three men on board a Jeep Patriot with license plates from the state of Michoacán and reported stolen from Querétaro shot at him at least five times.

The former governor died at the scene, but was transported to the San Francisco Private Clinic in attempts to revive him. He was officially declared dead at 1100 hours.

At the time of the attack Cavazos was in the presence of the Secretary for Economic Development of the current state administration, Rafael Gutierrez Villalobos, who was unhurt. According to official statements made by Gutierrez Villalobos, he was passing by and stopped to greet Cavazos Ceballos when the attacked occurred.

The Security detail responsible for protecting the former governor managed to repel the aggression and to sound the alert to the "C4" ("The operational command of immediate reaction"). During the conflict the security detail managed to cause damage to the vehicle carrying the gunmen, which was later found abandoned in a place near the scene with the windows broken out.

An operation was immediately carried out that included checkpoints at various points of the cities of Colima and Villa de Álvarez, but resulted in negative results.

Cavazos Cevallos was the constitutional governor of Colima from April 5, 2005, after the death in a plane crash of Governor Gustavo Vazquez Montes, until November 1, 2009 when he turned over the governornship the another member of the same political party of PRI Anguiano Mario Moreno.


  1. The people that did this should be identified with reward money and they should be destroyed along with thier friends and families.
    Maybe they will then understand what it means to cause harm and pain to others.
    What goes around, comes around!!!!

  2. More to the picture than meets the eye. Do some homework on Colima.


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