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Monday, November 22, 2010

They Execute Two Juarez Attorneys in the City of Chihuahua

Two Juarez lawyers and a companion were executed by an armed commando in the city of Chihuahua on Wednesday, when they were conducting due diligence of a defense from an accused from federal law.

According to data provided by Eduardo Esparza, a spokesman for the Office of Justice of the capital, the men were identified as Juan Carlos Alba Varela, as well as Enrique Ordonez Mina, both 37, who were said to be professional litigators of the law.

Along with them was also the body of Baltasar Rios Aguirre, 32, who according to his family was a cook from a company that recently fired him.

The three bodies were found south of the city in the community "11 de Febrero" at 7:00 am on Wednesday. They appeared to have gunshot wounds and their hands secured with plastic ties.

Information provided by lawyers who knew that the two attorneys said that they were there gathering information into the investigation of one of their clients.

The police said that the three men had come to the city of Chihuahua to sell a vehicle that was brought in from Ciudad Juárez.

Esparza said that at the present time they have not been able to establish the timelines from the investigation of the murder of the lawyers and their companion.

He said that as soon as the bodies were found, and the evidence was collected, it opened the a file of investigation to try to find those responsible for the crime

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