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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sicarios Operating in Arizona

El Universal - The cartel wars over disputed territories are also beginning to reach the United States. Executions, kidnappings, confrontations between armed groups, and attacks on police and federal agents are becoming a common occurrence on towns located on the edge of the border.

This past May 13th, the National Security Agency (NSA) for the U.S. sent a memo to all police and security agencies around the country that they have received information "from credible and reliable sources" of a reunion between the leaders of criminal organizations who traffic drugs through Valle Vekol, Arizona. According to a criminal informant, he helped pick the location for this meeting, which was to take place in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. There to assist the informant were “representatives from the rival cartel of El Chapo Guzmán”.

The document obtained by El Universal says that the purpose of the meeting was to agree on how to divide the plaza of Valle Vekol — specifically the control of the Pinal condos— was given to a group of 15 sicarios who are “very well armed”. It also mentions that the sicarios have established security by holding tactical positions around buildings and streets near the zone of Pinal condos.

The sheriff of Valle Vekol, Paul Babeu said in an interview with El Universal, that the Mexican cartels have recently been sending sicarios along with their drug shipments to protect their product from armed gangs who specialize in ripping off stash houses that are operating in the area .

Babeu also commented that sicarios identified as members of El Chapo Guzmán's organization, the Sinaloa cartel, are in the region and have attacked his police officers. Since April of this year, Babeu has been sending information to federal agencies about these sicarios' movements and their operations in his jurisdiction.

Sicarios plead for assistance

Also this past April - two members of the Sinaloa cartel were wounded during a gunfight in Valle Vekol. One of the called 911 for help on his cell phone.

According to the audio recording of the call —a copy of which was obtained by El Universal— a man who identifies himself as Omar pleads for help to the operator, saying he can only speak spanish.

In the recording of the call, the operator responds in spanish that she needs more details of his condition, specifically where he is located so she can send an ambulance.

"Listen...I've been shot, they shot us both and we had to run, I'm over here on 8th... Uh, over by where the sheriff got shot, by 8th...Uhmm, 8th... Next to the freeway there is a little store on 8th street... Please send an ambulance quick, we're hurt real bad," Omar says to the operator. With desperation in his voice he tells her he is near mile marker 150 and that he has lost a lot of blood. He says his compañero El Morro is also gravely injured.

Both men died before help could arrive but according to the report from U.S. agencies, the two were sicarios for the Sinaloa cartel.

Babeu confirmed the details. “When they found the two dead subjects they were holding AK47's. The scene of this mayhem was located in the area that was given to the sicarios at the meeting in Puerto Peñasco. I can tell you this much, we wont tolerate these sicarios in the U.S; we ain't gonna let them get in.”

In this sense, he agreed that the security situation that is adding to the instability in Mexico worries him: “There is the idea that this thing is expanding. For us this is indicative that things will not get better in the war against the cartels; actually we expect them to get a lot worse."

Alert in U.S. of "Danger Zone"

The federal government of the U.S. recently installed 15 billboards along a 60 mile stretch of interstate highway that tells passerby's that this "area is active in with narcotraffickers and human smugglers." It also indicated that civilians should be careful because "armed criminals and vehicles with contraband often exceed the speed limit and travel at a dangerous pace."

Sheriff Babeu explained the memo from the NSA uses the military jargon "23LPOL" which means "a place to observe and report," or a position from which to conduct surveillance against the lookouts, sicarios, and gang members associated with Mexican drug cartels.

Matthew Chandler, the press secretary for the department of Homeland Security, has confirmed to El Universal the existence of this memo and stated that “during the last 20 months, this administration has decided to add more innovative, technological approaches to the border security infrastructure in Arizona that thus far, have been unprecedented”.


  1. For all you Americans who say the US would never tolerate this violence, well here it is. And if the police are running scared, the notion that armed civilians will solve the problem is ludicrous.

    Welcome to our nightmare. You would be better served to put up 2 walls and create a no-mans land then put troops on the first wall. Anyone in no-mans land should be shot, no questions asked. That is the only way to stop this from spreading like it has in my beloved Mexico.

  2. Of course they operate in Arizona. But the information about representatives meeting in Puerto Pinasco is not true. It is a lie. As another has stated, rival cartels can't stop killing each other,let alone organize a meeting between each other about a petty valley in pinal county.

  3. @10:15
    I'm american and I just read the same story as you. TWO sicarios were disposed of. Good riddance. I love how one called 911 begging for help. Que maricon de mierda. Not so tough in la norte, eh?
    Also note, quote, "I can tell you this much, we wont tolerate these sicarios in the U.S..."
    The message is that if they opt to come across the border, then they opt for a bullet to the head. They won't be glorified here, but spat on and disposed of like the dirty rats they are.

  4. Just bc they kill each other (low level sicarios, and dealers) doesn't mean they don't hold conferrences... they are businessmen and its for their best interest to meet, especially when their cargo is being stolen in the US... I've said it before, the best way to combat these guys here is not by passing some law that will bother both legal and illegal immigrants, it by cooperation between the fbi, nsa, cia, customs, bp, and local enforcement... I have a feeling they are losing millions if they are willing to enter the most powerfull country in the world and fight for their cargo.. I wonder if its rival cartels, or just local gangs that know their turf very well.. interesting of how it will play it, the sad part is that you will have foxnews blaming the immigrants picking peppers and onions instead of the mexican carteles and their american counteparts... obama needs to get on the ball asap.. before this shit gets more out of hand..

  5. I wouldn't take this too seriously considering this idiot Sheriff Babeu(so) along with other sandlanders in Arizona have been using bullshit like this to further their political careers scaring the old folks shitless in order to get their votes.

    And remember, we have the Neo Nazi scum running wild in the Vekol Valley area playing GI Joey on a mission of "hunting illeegals"!

    1. I am in Phoenix and went to swap meet this morning. Inside the grounds was a truck with "Sinaloa Arable" lettering on windshield and a Palestinian flag hanging from mirror. Come see for yourself Moron!

  6. Can the moderators put up a survey to see how Americans feel about the U.S. joining the war down south? I see more and more mexicans begging for help. A couple of months back it was tabboo to even mention such a thing in the mexican blogs, but it is becoming quite commong to see readers say calderon is foolish in his belief that it can do it all alone.

    I think we'd all like to arm the honest people of mexico and give them a chance to fight back, but that is just wishful thinking. There's no way to distinguish the cartel affiliates from the noble citizenry. The guns would fall in the wrong hands.

    What infuriates me is the fact that so many tons of this garbage gets aross. And it's not just drugs but human trafficking in illegal immigrants and sex slaves. It's like we trully have open borders. Where's our security perimeter? Are we that short on border agents that we can't put a line of them all along our border? We need to close the gaps and not allow anyone to cross through.

    Why is it that we never see footage of mexican soldiers stopping cocaine ton-loads from hitting their mainland? If nobody is stopping the trafficking of drugs into Mexico then what are the chances this bullshit will die down?

    I know, I know, it's not just a drug problem. There's the socio-economic problems, and perhaps the racism between the lighter skinned mexicans and the 'indians' as they love to call the darker looking ones. That's something worth looking into....

    Does race play a role in Mexico's problems? Are the cartel leaders primarily of white-Spanish descent and their underlings of Indian? At times it seems like this is the case, at others race does not appear to play any significant role. Maybe the people of Mexico can answer this one. For instance, When La Barbie was captured I noticed nobody was calling him a dirty indian...or a pinche indio mugroso in the mexican blogs as they usually do when a dark skin person is gunned down or captured. In fact, people were fawning all over him both in the mexican and english blogs like this one.

    I know mexicans come in every shade but something tells me there's a level of racism that nobody wants to adimt to, especially the whiter looking people who are the ones usually spewing hatred both on the net and in the streets.

    I wonder what would happen if the people of a large mexican city got together and demonstrated on the streets in an effort to attract the attention and the aid of the American citizenry.

  7. it is true....all the jefes de plaza for the sinaloa cartel met there in peñasco at flavios restaurant people from caborca agua prieta santa ana magdalena nogales this included saboris paleteros jabalines el gigio de nogales paredes family and of course the salazar family

  8. "all the jefes de plaza for the sinaloa cartel met there in peñasco at flavios restaurant people from caborca agua prieta santa ana magdalena nogales this included saboris paleteros jabalines el gigio de nogales paredes family and of course the salazar family"
    They may have, but not to organize snipers in vekol valley, which is what the reports and the retarded sheriff in pinal county have said.

  9. "They may have, but not to organize snipers in vekol valley, which is what the reports and the retarded sheriff in pinal county have said." yes they organized in rocky point to send gunmen to arizona in general am not sure vekol valley but i know they did send gunmen to arizona in general because the zetas and beltranes are trying to make a big move to arizona since arizona is pretty much dominated by sinaloa cartel

  10. is about time ...bienavidos you are all gonna get to are gonna run into the USA ...but you are gonna be packed out ...feet first...PLEASE start up ..with us ...all of my life i have wanted to get to kill some cocksucker and it be ok...all i got is an sk rifle , a 45 two 38's a 20 guage auto shotgun and a little 410 guage ...and a compound bow.....but i will try to manage ...damn ...i wish i hadn't just sold my AK...yeeeefukn haaawww!!!!!godamn this is the best news i have heard all day....godamn i hope they put some bountys on these pinche madres ...i need to pay my house off...and get a oil change on my truck....

  11. Blessed be the the lord my rock who trains my hands for war and fingers for battle.

    We will be waiting.

  12. hey that is a good idea ...a straw poll about how many mexicans would want americans to come help...and another about how many ...americans would be willing to go.....

  13. The high ranking zetas r living in the US. CDG has safe houses all over the valley. They r already here.

  14. here is a link for a survey about whether mexicans would accept outside intervention in the drug war




  17. "The mission of THOR Global Defense Group is to provide the most advanced weapons and equipment, the latest in techniques and tactics for training and to offer experienced, professional security operations for missions worldwide." We have companies like this all over the US ready to prepare us to take on any scumbag who wants to come over here and destroy our way of life.

    Mexicans just don't know what kind of trigger happy, red-neck motherfuckers are awaiting them in the US. And I don't think they are afraid of the cartels. And these are just the civilians.

    Our Military is trained to fight in the deadliest countries against the most opressive regimes in the world. Trained to fight and die if necessary to protect the feeedom we hold dear.

    Finally, our military can do what it was originally meant to do: defend our OWN COUNTRY against foreign invaders; instead of the "sandbox" countries of the middle east who don't give a damn about freedom anyway.

    And we aren't going to worry about moderators, surveys, or the "race" card.

    "Sicario" means killer and we won't tolerate them running around on our streets. Period.

  18. All you dummy law n order machistas, both Gringo and Mexicano, are way off the mark. You're not going to win anything by 'just getting tough' on 'crime'. You've been watching too much of those Charles Bronson/ Chuck Norris trash out of Hollyhood, Dudes.

    This mindset just feeds terrorism from the government and from the cartels. All sides are perfectly capable of heating it up with una guerra sucia that goes on for years, if not decades. Heads can roll in the streets this side as well as the other, and will.

    If the Mexican government and the US government and the business communities can't create an economy that feeds people, no about of 'getting tough with police and soldiers will stop this wave of violence now spreading into Mexico from points farther south. And none of this War War War crap out of DC is worth shit either. The war is coming home to the US quite soon, in one form or another. It already did... and we call it 9/11.


  19. Please shut the hell up with this "hunting illegals" bullshit. Its always racist and they are out to get us. It is ridiculous. All these people flooding to this country because they are too lazy and stupid to fix their own damn country. it is absurd. I understanding wanting to come to this great country but pretty soon it is going to be just as screwed up as Mexico is.

  20. Shame on those that criticize Sheriff Babeu in their comments as he is a honorable, patriotic man. We KNOW who we can and cannot trust here in the US and he is certainly one we can trust. We should all pray for their safety and appreciate the sacrifice they make trying to keep our citizens safe from all of this crap! We all know they aren't getting much help from the idiots in D.C.

  21. Hell, no?
    No U.S. Troops once you let them in theill act like Isreal and redraw the boundaries.

  22. as an american soldier(national guard, infantryman) of mexican descent, i would not be willing to go into mexico, but would be willing to meet these shit bags head on at our borders. Would much rather fight for my nation and defend her from the immediate threat across the border than fight a threat thousands of miles away (Iraq and now Afghanistan). and all though my parents were born in mexico and i still have family and friends in mexico i have no alligiance to said nation. it would be just as easy or easier to engage, close with and destroy some cartel scumbags as it has been to do to the same to our current enemy of the middle east. so "let loose the hounds of war!" pretty sure i am not the only american soldier that feels this way.

  23. @Ernest1

    hey there ernie...why don't you run an add to employ some of these guys...i am sure they are wanting a gardner job,,, or mebbe a you are unreal...

    you are trying to make bunny rabbits out of wolves

    i bet you go to the zoo and try to pet the tigers

    good thing for children like you there are men like the soldier above who will risk their lives so you can moon around and never face reality

    high regards to the soldier above ...his boots on the ground , make it safe for you to keep your head in the clouds, ..i agree completely with hell with iraq . afghanistan, we have a major problem on your border....and it ain't gonna just go away...stop the shit at our borders

  24. to Lito Brito and the others. You have been waiting all your life to kill someone?!!! I am more worried about having you around than the sicarios. Killing is not normal. Our police and military are very well trained to get over this reluctance to kill other people. But to WANT to kill?? You need some serious help!

  25. The Gómora article contains errors. Most reflect false statements Babeu has made before. He is a nativist demagogue and a false witness. The translation is also faulty.

    The memo described in the story was produced by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), not the National Security Agency. The incident involving the two men shot in the desert was in June, not April. So the DHS memo predated the shooting. It therefore didn’t discuss the incident. In particular, it didn't suggest the two men were sicarios or associates of the Sinaloa cartel. It didn’t mention them at all. Also contrary to the article, they weren't found with AK-47s.

    DHS subsequently determined that the informant’s claims were false. Babeu and his associates didn’t bother to check before they leaked in memo in a crass pre-election stunt.

    1. Typical, let's see...they are not here. How many people in phoenix have died at the hands of illegals? I personally know of 3 police
      In my Dads neighborhood on N.E. side. How many weekly run down weekly by drunk illegals, say average over last rear.Any one talk to their kids about what is happening in their worlds? We regulary here of abductions or attempted abduction. An anyone tell me a description of peeps? 3 guesses come on you can do it even the dumb one that's says timing of statement is wrong. Like I told a woman with same mindset, does it have to happen to your daughter before you get mad?? I know some worse stories, but I would hate to emotionaly damage the pussies and the timing excuses that enables them to decieve themselves.Go hide under a woman, we will save your kind too, we always do. Yes I was in the Army and by the way we already have people there and these killers from Mexico, u sure no one has watched on ir scope?? It won't be a head shot, I want you alive when I piss on you! We don't drive down main street kissing the women like movies. Why are they always surprised when they let the dogs out? We don't all bark but the bite makes up for it keep and keep a closer eye on the shadows Pedro. Up to now you only killed women, children and pussies like you. Game changes now you are fucking with a different animal now ;-) ) here kitty kitty...

  26. Just freakin close the border already!!!

  27. Anon 9:32

    NSA should have been DHS, you are right about that.

    Desesperado, le dice que está en la milla 150, que ha perdido mucha sangre y que su compañero El Morro también está herido. Ambos fallecieron, pero de acuerdo con reportes de las agencias estadounidenses, los dos eran sicarios y pertenecían al cártel de Sinaloa.

    Babeu afirmó que “cuando encontraron a los dos sujetos, éstos estaban armados con rifles AK47. Esa es el área a donde enviaron a los sicarios de la reunión de Puerto Peñasco y eso no lo vamos a tolerar en EU. No vamos a permitir que vengan”.

    The article CLEARLY states they were sicarios and they had AK-47's when the police found them

    Don't be so damn quick to call the translation faulty.

  28. So let's see, out there in the Arizona desert,neo nazi hate groups masquerading as Minutemen(military trained, heavily armed, and using night vision glasses) encounter some drug smugglers with backpacks full of their product.What do you think will happen next? That's a no brainer! But you see the bad guys know their product did not arrive, and they know it did not end up in the police locker with all the other contraband.Now the news headlines all make sense, huh.

  29. ok siganle vendiendo armas a esos pendejos nunca and echo nada con el problema de las drgas ni de las armas les va a pasar lo mismo que en mexico nunca hicieron nada y ahora que quicieron hacer ya vieron las consecuencias una pinche guerra entre el govierno y la delincuencia organisada bye good lock

  30. la delincuencia organisada es como un cancer que si no lo curas a tiempo ya cuando lo quieres curar ya no tiene remedio eso le paso a mexico y lo mismo va a pasar aqui por que no hacen nada con el trafico de drogas y el trafico de armas no controlan el uso de armas se enfocan mas en los illegales que vienen a trabajar y la jente que le hace dano al pais anda como si nada pensando que hacer para matar en un solo ataque lo mas que se pueda nde jente como el 9/11 saludos pinches americanos ni hasi entienden que los illegales no mas quieren trbajar dejen de estar chingandonos preocupense por que no tardando aqui va a empezae la guerra tambien



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