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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gunmen Torch Kidnapping Suspect’s House

From the archives and not published:

A kidnapping suspect’s house in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico’s most violent city, was attacked with Molotov cocktails by gunmen, leaving three children and the woman’s mother with serious burns, police said.

Eunice Ramirez was one of 15 members of a kidnapping gang arrested last month by Chihuahua state authorities.

The 19-year-old escort allegedly used her work at conferences to identify and attract victims for the group.

Ramirez’s notoriety grew when Mexican media found her Facebook page, which featured photos of her accompanied by police at trade fairs and other events.

The gunmen threw the fire bombs inside the house in the Florestas de San Jose subdivision in Ciudad Juarez, a gritty border metropolis that has become Mexico’s murder capital, Federal Police spokesmen said.

Ramirez’s mother, her daughter and two other children, ages 6 and 9, were inside the house.

The four were rushed to a clinic, where emergency room doctors treated them for second- and third-degree burns, doctors said.

The gunmen, according to Federal Police spokesmen, left a message on one of the house’s walls that read: “Por marranos atte. La Línea” (For being filthy swine. Sincerely, La Linea).

La Linea is the armed wing of the Juarez drug cartel.

The attack occurred Monday morning and was carried out by four subjects traveling in an SUV, eyewitnesses said.

Ramirez and the other 14 suspected members of the kidnapping gang, whose leader was Jorge Puentes Gonzalez, known as “El Arqui,” appeared before a judge on Nov. 1.

The gang’s members face aggravated kidnapping charges, which could result in life prison sentences, state prosecutors said.

The Juarez and Sinaloa drug cartels, backed by hitmen from local street gangs, have been fighting for control of the border city.

A total of 2,756 people have been murdered this year in Ciudad Juarez, according to a press tally based on figures from the Chihuahua state Attorney General’s Office, topping the homicide figure for all of last year.

A total of 350 murders were registered in Ciudad Juarez, located across the border from El Paso, Texas, last month, making October the bloodiest month of the year in the city, the Chihuahua state AG’s office said in a report last week.


  1. good this rameraZ had it coming

  2. If you seen her pics, she is really fine. I can't imagine what must have gone through her mind to get involved with this shit. She literally threw away her life. A good looking girl like that with a little bit of ambition in school could REALLY go places in life. Now she is sitting in a cell and hearing second hand information that her mother and siblings have been firebombed because of her involvement with these kidnappers.

    I really feel bad for the kids though, they didn't do a goddamn thing to deserve this.


    Thats her btw.

  4. @ Smurf

    "a little bit of ambition in school could REALLY go places"

    Since you write for a blog, I do not know what is more offensive, your sexist remark, "she is so fine what was she thinking" as if beauty/lack thereof has any relevance. That is not the first first tiime you have reacted with a stupid, immature remark like that.

    secondly, your ignorance of Mx is transparent to say all it takes is a little ambition in if everyone, poor, wealthy only has to have ambition to atain an education.

    I don't know what is more stunning your first remark or the later, either way it depicts a gross ignorance adn understanding what exists in Mx

  5. Drugs and money, Smurf. Drugs and money. What ever happened to making an honest living? Working hard to get ahead?

  6. Anon 8:13

    To your first statement. She was used as a lure to attract victims for the purposes of kidnapping. This is a fact, not a "sexist remark" and there is no need for the personal insults. Don't be so melodramatic.

    Second; contrary to popular belief, there are legitimate opportunities to move ahead in Mexico. I know this to be true because I have friends and family who live there and they haven't gotten mixed up in this bullshit. I think you are generalizing and adhering to the stereotype that every Mexican is living on the edge and susceptible to corruption: NOT TRUE

    Anon 10:18

    I know, its a lost value. Some people think an easy buck is better than an honest one. The reason we don't hear about these good people who are walking the righteous path despite the temptations around them is because the latest beheading or shootout is more sensational than someone who works 2 jobs to send their kids to a good school. Quite a shame.

  7. she is just going to be raped in jail, will probably end up pregnant by one of the guards that will do her favors. Sounds familiar!

  8. Smurf;

    first, I apologize it was not personal just to present a different view, as a female when someone says "shes fine, she could have been something" that is sexist" secondly you are WRONG about opportunities, forget your friends and family, I speak as someone who has worked in the system for 8 years. Even Calderon said this week the key is education reform. See what Abuela wrote on the educational system, that is valid. teachers are no longer certified in public schools, and the possibilty of higher education is non-existant to 2/3 of the pop of children. It stops at middle school.

    I actually like what you write and am a fan, but wrong is wrong I do not think you are intentionaly wrong, you just are. Any hope for this generation of children will require educational and socio-ecomonic overhaul of the system. I would be happy to forward a study I wrote this year that contains hard facts, and i do not mean to disrespect you, I applaud your efforts and thankful for them, but we in Mex have to correct what we see as misinformation. That is all.

    de la tierra en Mexico!
    Bendiciones y Paz

  9. Still a fan,

    I appreciate your clarification and I better understand your position now. A little advice: when making a point, don't refer to the other party's thoughts and opinions as 'stupid, immature, or ignorant' as these adjectives tend to make the other person less receptive to what you have to say.

    That being said, after reading your comments the first time I actually wandered across Abuela's thoughts on the education system and I can see that perhaps not everyone is able to a step forward in the educational system for several reasons. If I understand you correctly that you have worked in this system, then you are def one of the good people I spoke of and we need more folks such as yourself to lead by example for all those who see the narco lifestyle as something to aspire to.

    To the issue of the girl, i can see that I rpobobly could pick my words better than "she is really fine. I can't imagine what must have gone through her mind to get involved with this shit," William Shakespear I am not. But I am also not a sexist and that's not were I was coming from. My thoughts ran like this:

    Here is a young person with all her natrual gifts and god-given ability to do something with herself. She is obviously in school if you go by her Facebook pics and it would appear that she CHOSE to involve herself with this gang of kidnappers. Now she sits in a jail cell, her family has been viciously attacked, and she herself faces a bleak existence as an attractive, young female serving a life sentence in the Mexican justice system. How sad.

  10. Thats pretty common, on the US side too, basically these girls fall in with the criminals/kidnapping cell, thru social things, bars, clubs, parties, and are recruited, via Louis purses, cars, jewelery, drugs, whatever, and all they have to do is hang out with some guy, flirt a little, and lead him somewhere, sometimes not even that. Pretty enticing, I imagine for some of these women. There was a ring in San Diego, operating with women like this, kidnapping CAF related operatives on the US side.


  12. I was born in Mexico and I live there until I was 20. I have little education I didn't finish junior high. I don't think this has anything to do with education because I have seen, read about, and know about well educated people who live in the line of crime, or work for Organiced Crime. I think it is people not thinking about the repercussions. I do that is why I can only go so far. I belived in Karma and God knows if I will ever kill some one it will be defending my family or in self defence.
    Ningun cabron vale la pena ir a la carcel por el resto de mi vida y tarde o temprano a todos nos llega el dia del juicio.

  13. @3:48

    well you are sadly wrong. Yes there are ed people that are greedy and choose the life, but it is a choice made from options. The poor uneducated folks have few options and none that pays well. It has drastically changed, the entire system. I work with the system and know until there is a level field of choice, there will be a huge pool of young folks that DTOs can recruit from. Sadly they realize their lives will be shorten drastically but choose to have a few years of the high life than a long life in abject poverty. Those you speak of, the educated ones are not the ones that do the dirty work, there is a hiarchy even within the Narco system.

  14. No Buela, you are wrong because you spin everything from a progressive, social point of view. Just because some of it is true does not make it all true. Many young people, because they are young choose to live fast and loose and end up making bad choices. Sometimes it has to do with a lack of formal education and sometimes it has to do with being greedy or young or they just don't think they will get caught.

    Buela have you seen the Mexican documentary film, Presunto Culpable? It's a very important film and we could use your help.



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