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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rehab Massacre Arrest

11/1/10 Tijuana, BC (AFN).- During a conference in which 13 tons of seized marijuana was displayed, Ministerial Police also presented a man who has been captured in relation to the rehab massacre of 13 recovering addicts who were murdered on the 24th of October 2010.

Preventative State Police (PEP) agents gave details of the seizure that happened early this morning in the East Zone and informed the press they had also detained one individual.

Director of the PEP, Eusebio Villatoro Cortés said the information that led to the discovery of the contraband was thanks to an anonymous tip left at telephone 089.

There were only 24 kilos missing to "complete" the 13 tons. Exact total of dried and fresh product was 12 tons and 976 kilos.

The Operation

Around 1:00 a.m. this morning PEP agents agents approached a house on Mexicali street in colonia Buenos Aires Norte where suspicious activity had been reported.

Once they had situated themselves on Mexicali street, in between Ejido Chilpancingo and Primo Tapia, police observed a person leaving the building with a manila envelope in his hands.

The suspect, upon seeing the presence of the PEP tried to escape and in the process, dropped the envelope on the floor. It had a return address on it which police used to track down the suspect and arrested him as he stood on his patio.

The man was identified as José Manuel Mercado Gallegos, 53 years old, the packet itself contained marijuana.

Further investigation turned up two vehicles with the rear doors unlocked. in the backseat were similar packages to the one the suspect had dropped. According to the police report the white Chevrolet Van had license plates marked BD1635, and the GMC Top Kick, also white had license plate BN79593.

There was a total of 235 packets with a combined weight of 12 tons and 976 kilos. Estimated street value of 519,040,000 pesos ( $42,230,651 USD).

Involved in Multiple Homicides

Although he gave no further details, Villatoro made the reference; “the Ministerial Police have a person in custody”, who is under investigation for participating in the multiple homicide which happened this past Sunday night, October 24 at a rehab center called El Camino AC in colonia Buenos Aires Sur, close to where the seizure of 12 tons of marijuana occurred In that attack, four gunmen ordered 13 men to lie down on the floor and shot them all in cold bold.

The General Prosecutor for the State (PGJE), did not confirm the detention of the suspect previously mentioned.

Information from the PEP

Eusebio Alesio Villatoro Cortés, director of the PEP, publicly recognized his agents for good police work that has resulted in a significant blow to the organized crime in the past few months.

In this context, there was also a seizure of 71 kilos of cocaine in Mexicali this past October 28th, along with another bust in Tijuana two days later on October 30th of 2,101 kilos of marijuana.

These actions seem to indicate more cooperation between the forces of the Public Security Secretary for the State (SSPE), and the PEP in their common goal of fighting organized crime.

They also ask that people continue to use the 089 hotline to report tips or suspicious activities and the process is reported to be discreet and the caller can remain anonymous.

Sign Appears in Culiacan that calls out El Mayo and El Chapo

Signed with the phrase “Ramón Arellano, from hell”, three narco messages have appeared on Monday on bridges in Culiacán Sinaloa. The “narco-mantas” have been attributed to Fernando Sánchez Arellano, alias “El Ingeniero”, and threatens Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada, calling hm out to fight.

This information was first revealed by the website Río Doce, which has a strong presence in the cities of Culiacán and Mazatlán, as well as other parts in the state of Sinaloa.

The message:

Chapo y Mayo, para que veas que no somos tan corrientes como tu propia sobrina te lo dijo, las dejamos vivas porque no quisimos matarlas en la fiesta, no tengan miedo y manden a pelear a su gente para ver cómo nos toca, si mandan gobierno también les hacemos frente, ya estamos en Culiacán para matar a su familia y no van a ser levantones, aquí estaremos peleando hasta que me entreguen a la persona inocente que tú ya sabes, atentamente Ramón Arellano desde el infierno”.

Chapo and Mayo, as you can see, so you can see that we are not such common low-lifes such as yourself, like your own niece told you. We left them alive because we didn't want to kill them at the party. Don't be afraid to send your people to fight so you can see how we really get down. If you send the government, we'll take them on too. We are already in Culiacan to kill your family, and they wont be just be kidnapped. We are here to fight until you give back that innocent person. You know who we're talking about. Atte: Ramon Arellano, From Hell.


  1. I want to say that that banner hung in Culican isn't legit, and that there is someone trying to escalate tensions between Sinaloa and Tijuana, after this big marijuana seizure of Sinaloa product, but like 60 tons were labeled 'Inge'.

    But, it's so bizarre, and sounds like how Tijuana speaks, it could be true, I hope it isn't though.

  2. hmmm... Perhaps the rumors of Aquiles going rogue might be true after all. If CAF didn't officially hang those narco-manta's, then I can't think of anyone else who would have the balls to defy the truce between the two factions.

  3. I thought Corriente was Slang for "Naco"
    or a person of little class, i think your
    translation is off.
    it is not meant to be a litteral meaning of to run as in Correr.
    Correr and Corriente are 2 different things.

  4. ahh, thanks for the info. I admit sometimes I get the slang words wrong. So is it similar to cholo? Thats the word i remember hearing that was pretty much used in the same context.

  5. Culiacán is big city, I know bc I been there n have family there, so I really can't see some hypes putting up this banner without ppl seeing n letting THE cartel mas pesado know, whom...regardless pretty ballsy, n if they're claims about "letting them go free" is true as opposed to what was in news, then I'm pretty interested as to how they will react to this...but really does the CAF think they can stand up to THE cartel?

  6. Smurf........Corriente means cheap, low class, low end, no good, POS....etc. etc.

  7. Whoever wrote this has some serious balls, especially in Culiacan! El Mayo's organization will crush the remnants of the AFO, they have never been the same since the killing of Ramon and incarciration of Benjamin. Although it only takes a few to get through to kill some of El Mayo's family, especially the one's bearing his last name.

  8. It doesn't take balls to write a stupid " Narcomanta " or message on a cardboard or cloth. Everyone wants to says it takes balls to do this and that when it's Narco related. You know what takes balls? To stand up for whats right and stand against whats wrong. To work a long day and come home to your family. To recognize that life is a privelage and opportunities aren't given. Look my respects to some of the Narcos, I know some who aren't scum bags like some of the filth that has been running around Mexico, like there are no rules or laws to follow. Back in the day Narcos would not broadcast fueds so publiclly. Narcos would respect kids and family whether it would be theirs or others. Slang to fill the need of the consumer. Now, sorry scum bags respect nobody. Many of these people do what they have to do because they don't have any other opportunities because their government have forgotten or let them down. But you cross the line when you don't respect innocent folks. How can some of these people put bullets into women and children. No Narco is better than the other and no one protects more people than the other..They just intimidate them for them to like them is all.

  9. Culiacan is big and the afo must have cells there, nothing big. Easier to hide 8 then 100. The cds can defintly stomp them, but would could happen is that they overextend themselves and fight to many fronts, like the nazis did. Whats going to happen is that el mayo and el chapo will completly get rid of la linea,los beltranes,and afo from sinaloa + the cds is alredy in mexicali so they've tooken territory from them b4.

  10. Calling out Don Chapo and Don Mayo Zambada...Two of the most powerful and feared man in Mexico is not having balls it's asking for a beating then a bullet in your head....Nothing short of stupidity..Everyone knows all the deaths in Juarez can be linked to shots being called by the Sinaloa Cartel...18K plus, those are crazy numbers attributed and related to deaths for los contrarios who don't suppor the gente nueva. La limpieza de lacras y contrarios has been made in parts of Durango, Chihuahua and Sonora. Most is Chaps and Mayos territory and support. You step into their homeland and you will slit your own throat. The Arrelanos and Beltrans aren't just the same since the lickings they took in the past...I don't see how the CAF can do much even if they are from Sinaloa..I don't see them making any moves any other cartel like the Z's or JC couldn't make with the inflitration and power they have. So if it's true look for a full on war in Tijuana and gente nueva cleaning house.

  11. Remember that in a recent edition of Zeta, it was mentioned that El Mayo kidnapped one of Benjamin's family members. I'm pretty sure the CAF put up those banners.

    El CAF siempre ha estado en Sinaloa, solo que no hacen desmadre ahi.

    Admin. corriente means "ghetto" or "prole", get your shit right.

  12. That's why I doubt the authenticity, meaning I doubt CAF (The Engineer/Endenina) faction is responsible. CAF isn't some street gang holding a corner, but they are greatly outnumbered/outclassed by Sinaloa, they have to know this. CDS could make it hell in Tijuana, and barely lift a finger. I guess we will know the truth sooner or later, and just a small point, narco banners go up frequently in strongholds like Culican, and proclaim that, for instance the Beltrans control the city, but nothing comes of it. And I don't doubt if sometimes the banners aren't offical.

    That being said, some of the old TJ crowd are hardheads and have the same mentality displayed in that banner, all balls, no brains.

  13. Also, Zeta has a new article which brings in some new information, and theories, but very little else. No one seems to know who took El Mayo's people, or Arellano Felix people. El Sillas is suspected of having kidnapped Mayo's, and El Inge cut him from the group.

  14. Chapo and Mayos people will never be too overextended...They employ just in Sinaloa alone 1000+ people and thats not to mention the people they can bring in from Sonora, Durango, Jalisco and Durango....You chop one head and three grow back...No pun intended...People waiting in line to jump ship to belong to la gente nueva...

  15. J, you are right about El Mayo's people, but El Mayo definitely took Benjamin's wife, if you're to believe the article.

    "También confirmaron lo de 'la esposa de Benjamín en México', asegurando que por retaliación, el cártel de Sinaloa habría privado de la libertad a la mujer del ex líder del CAF."

    The authorities have no strong evidence as to who took El Mayo's family, but they're sure Sinaloa took Benjamin's wife.

    What I take from the banner, is that whoever authored it, seemed to be really pissed off. They're not saying they want to take the plaza, they don't even mention that. They're angered because Sinaloa kidnapped a family member and they want her back, if not, they are not afraid to fight back in Sinaloense terrain.

    You're right in that the message is pretty stupid, but these are the same people who'll kill you if you steal a gram of cocaine and had a leader that thought he was Rambo.

  16. This becomes a Hellenistic tragedy. Just waiting for Homer to write an epic tragedy.
    Darwinism at work, yeah!

  17. Could anybody explain me why someone would leave legs in a plastic bag on the side of the road?
    Who could possibly identify legs? What's the point? This is foocking sick. Is that some religious BS going on aside of narco-business? Like "desecrating your enemy's body" sh*t going on? Man, the dark ages are back.

  18. While it does not take balls to write a narco message on cardboard, it does take some sort of "will" power to hang them in a stronghold of the opposition. These could be fake, the work of zeta scouts who are still mad at el ingenerio because after Benjamin got arrested he order all zetas in his plaza killed. At the same time it could very well be the work of the tj cartel. Chapo and mayo are no doubt powerfull heads of their organization, but do not under estimate other cartels. Look at Juarez how long has Sinaloa been there fighting with little results? Tj has been operating freely for quite a while after Ramon dies and Benjamin and tigrillo were captured. Tj could very well hold up to a Sinaloa offensive because of it being very well funded and having some considerable man power. Sure Sinaloa sounds like a untouchable cartel by most because of the corridos, chapo being on forbes, ect but like I said look at Juarez and a couple of years ago at Nuevo Laredo, they sure have the power to defend their home front but to fight multiple wars, I'm not so sure.

  19. I don't think anyone is saying it takes balls to write a message down, use your head people, the balls, or stupidity I would say comes in going out and putting the message up in Culiacan, Sinaloa Federation territory, without being seen, which I would say probability 90 percent of the population is loyal to El Chapo and El Mayo, through fear or respect.

  20. There are people in Juarez loyal to Sinaloa and all the Juarez cartel has now is scum bag cholos from la linea. I would say La Gente Nueva has inflitrated Juarez and they do control a few areas. Chihuahua Chihuahua as well looked over by gente del Chapo and Parral is controlled all by Chapos guys. So I would say the war that was waged by the CDS has made an effect on Chihuahua as a state. Not just Juarez because Juarez is only a piece of Chihuahua with other plazas like Chihuahua Chihuahua and Parral being very important as well.

  21. Wow El chapos is going to own from tijuana to at least juarez!crazy, 2years back i had a good source say el jl was in la sierra de durango,with a bunch of people around him. Doubt it now since the sierra es cds territory. But were do you think these dudes hide, and the carrilos. Is vicente somewere far calling the shots or in juarez his sinking ship?

  22. Smurf, your translation is correct..LOL the person trying to "correct" you is being too critical, how is the Spanish word "naco" an English translation for the same language word "corriente"...besides you may have used a description in place of the word, but you got your message across right.
    Keep up the good work & thank you for reports!

  23. 10:48pm, If you're gonna translate something, get it right. Shit, si necesitan a alguien que hable bien los dos idiomas, me gustaria contribuir.

    Y el pinche anonimo ese anda cagando el palo de un error que ya se corrigio. He'd used the word running (or something along those lines) before it got corrected.

  24. HLM....let's stay on topic please

    Su servidor

  25. Why do people who already know Spanish correct the ones that are taking the time to learn there language so harshly. When in the states we deal with people learning English in a polite way. Its a compliment that people want to learn your language so they can communicate with you so get over the harsh criticism.


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