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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Fate of the Missing Tourists From Michoacan

11/3/10 Acapulco.- In a video uploaded today on YouTube, two unidentified men accused the cartel “La Familia Michoacana” of adding to the escalation of violence in the city, and admit to participating in the abduction and murder of 20-25 tourists who were from the neighboring state of Michoacán.

Only one minute and nine seconds in duration, it was uploaded under the screen “Brazorojo," and voice of is heard off camera that doesn't deviate from the question: "Who ordered the kidnapping and killing of the Michoacanos?”

In the video titled “Levantamiento y ejecución de los 20 michoacano por órdenes de Carlos Montemayor," two young men appear who both about 25 years old. One never talks, the other responds in a shaky voice to all the questions.

“-It was Tilde, Toribio, Picachu and Diego, by the orders of Carlos Montemayor.

And what is his (Montemavor) nicknames?

-They call him El Charro or El Compadre

What were your orders?

-We were going to take them to Cuernavaca, but the way to that city was full of military checkpoints…Then the orders where to bury them in the town of Tres Palos

Why did this massacre happen?

-All this happened because of La Familia Michoacana…because they took the plaza of Cuidad Altamirano away from us.”

Both men look frightened, beaten, and are seen to have their hands tied behind their backs.

Narco banners against Carlos Montemayor

On July 22nd of this year, four Narco banners were hung on bridges in the municipalities of Morelos that were signed by the South Pacific Cartel (CPS), led by Hector Beltran Leyvas' faction of the former cartel that bears his last name. The other half was controlled by Edgar Valdez Villarreal, "La Barbie".

One of the messages was directed at Edgar Villarreal, specifically threatening “La Barbie” and “your in-law Carlos Montemayor (El Compadre) also known as Alejandro García (Charro)”.

Holding Out Hope

Katia Rodríguez, family member of the missing tourists from Michoacan, said on an interview with Milenio Televisión today that she doesn't think the YouTube video is proof that the men are dead.

She says she expects the official version to confirm the allegations of the video are false and the narcograve recently found in Tunzingo, Guerrero, doesn't contain the bodies of the missing men.

11/3/10 Tunzingo.- Two hours after the excavation began for what is presumed to be the dumping site for the bodies of the missing tourists from Michoacoan (who have been missing for 35 days), personnel for the office of the Attorney General of the state of Guerrero (PGJ) have removed three corpses.

A video recently released shows the interrogation of two young people who were later executed in the same zone where the bodies of three tourists have been presumed to have been found. The PGJ has not officially confirmed these rumors; the agent in charge of the case, Enrique Gil Mercado said no further details could be released at this time.

The zone which is located in a rural area just outside Acapulco, was secured by elements of the 56th battalion infantry and members of the Region 4 Military unit. They were accompanied by the 8th Zone Navy unit who helped form the majority of the outer perimeter of the crime scene. A while later, State and Ministerial police for the state of Guerrero also arrived to help with the investigation.

Nine hours after the discovery of the narcofosa (gravesite), officers of the PGJ were able to dig out the an area of four square meters that contained human remains.

After exhuming the bodies, the Forensic Medical Service technicians, led by the director of the institution Keynes García Leguizama, responded to them “There are no body bags to transport the corpses, bring them however we can because there is no other way to do it."

Source Articles:

The 2 men that appear on the video were executed and their bodies abandoned at the site of of the narcofosa in Tuncingo, Guerrero

Forensics staff and soldiers at the clandestine gravesite in Tuncingo. As of Wednesday evening 18 bodies had been recovered.


  1. They have recovered 18 bodies now apparently in two sites...

    I posted this info along with an interesting article of the kidnapping, a hypothesis. I will repost it here... RE; the connection of LFM & La Barbie in the kidnappings and their role. I found it interesting but not so convinced. Not yet. The behavior of the two left behind was very uncartel like, calling the police etc.

  2. Tourists? I doubt they were tourist, and if they were, then they were very ignorant tourist.

  3. Awful. Disgusted by some of these groups and their actions. So, who made this video? Hector Beltran's group?

    The statement 'Because they took the plaza from us' puzzled me because it's unusual for these guys to admit they have been defeated, or any form of takeover has occurred in their areas of influence.

  4. Which cartel is this fighing la familia?

  5. Its a smaller newer cartel Calling itself the Cartel Independiente de Acapulco.
    now every NACO with a Gun is a Cartel independiente de Pendejadas.
    Pinches Indios mamones, ponganse a trabajar!!!

  6. I think La Barbie's group is responsible for the killings and reportedly La Barbie's faction of the BLO still runs the plazas in the state of Guerrero. Wonder who is is acting boss while La Barbie sits in jail?

  7. La Barbie is still acting from within jail. They need to grab his ass and send him to the US. At least what he squeals over here will be put to a greater use... by the way, those were reinforcement, que no se agan los pendejos... in a state of war no one is willing to travel in packs like that... you usually travel in big packs w/o guns, you have another person preferedly a woman transport all the weapons to a site where the hit will take place and there the group arms itself... even cholos from the US operate like that, just watch gangland on history channel...

  8. this looks like a total setup, these cartels want their victims to be found.
    All these bodies were buried as if trying to hide their act. Having lived in a country where the government authorities did these kind of acts, it would be no surprise to find out that the Municipal police or Policia Estatal did it.

  9. Hey they were not tourist
    Those men are from morelia. They are my friends family members

  10. So far, three of the bodies found have been positively identified as the men missing from Michoacan.Family members and forensics are still in the process of identifying others.

  11. Carlos Montemayor has been Edgar Valdez "la barbie"'s Best friend since they were moving loads in Nuevo Laredo in the early 2000s. They moved to Mexico City and Acapulco after the Zetas started their blood war in Nuevo Laredo from 2002 - Present.

    La Barbie then married Carlos Montemayor's Daughter, which we dont know if this pissed Mr Montemayor Off or made their friendship/cartel ties stronger..

    People Say Mr. Montemayor is in charge ever since La barbie was captured (turned himself in hoping to get extradited to close deals with US).


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