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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Police Chief Calls It Quits Amid Killings in Mexican Town

The police chief of Jimenez, a city located about 225 kilometers (140 miles) from Chihuahua city, the capital of the like-named northern Mexican state, resigned over the weekend following the murders of a municipal employee and a police officer, officials said.

Ivan Caballero tendered his resignation and said he had obtained “a better job outside the city,” Jimenez Mayor Marcos Chavez said.

The police chief’s resignation came in the wake of the murders of Juan Padilla, a 40-year-old police officer, and another municipal employee.

Gunmen killed the two on Sunday while they were sitting in a compact car at a shopping center.

Maj. Ramiro Eustaquio Ayala will be the city’s interim police chief, the mayor said.

Chihuahua is Mexico’s most violent state, thanks largely to Ciudad Juarez, a gritty metropolis just across the border from El Paso, Texas, where more than 2,600 people have been slain so far this year.

Most of the violence has been blamed on a battle between the Juarez cartel and the rival Sinaloa organization to control the main drug smuggling route into the United States.


  1. Citizens of Juarez: IT IS YOUR DUTY TO PROTECT YOURSELF. The only duties/authority your government has is what you give it. If they fail to fulfill these duties then it is your responsibility. Pick of a rifle and defend your family. Start citizen patrols. Start a militia, which is your god given right, to defend your neighborhoods.

    If you continue to rely on your socialist government to protect you, you will continue to be slaves. Which is the goal of all socialist governments.

  2. @November 2, 2010 8:54 AM
    Poor uneducated hillbilly here goes another idiot who advocates using violence with more violence. The violence will end when either one: the US legalizes drugs. 2) Or two the mexican government gives its ppl a real opportunities to lost juveniles.


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