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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Inhumane Barbarism"

An elegant church given as a gift by Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano "El Lazca", head of the Los Zetas, to the poor colonia of Tezontle in Pachuca, Hidalgo.

In an editorial titled “Inhumane Barbarism”, published in the Catholic weekly “Desde la Fe”, the Archdiocese of Mexico argues that high livel politicians, governors of certain states, entire police forces, the military, businessmen, journalists, communications media and some religious circles are corrupted by the power of drug trafficking and organized crime, and that this involvement drives the violence in the country.

The editorial lamented the incidents of “barbarism” by organized crime that occurred this past week and deplored the "irrational actions that violently ended the lives of more than 50 youths around the country, that should make us think beyond the outrage and condemnation.”

"Nothing justifies the merciless killing of many people, especially young people, by criminals who move with impunity throughout the country."

“In the conscience of corrupt governments at all levels is the disaster we are living, in the conscience dishonest businessmen paid to launder money is the source of so much bloodshed, in the minds of many citizens who have sought easy money through drug trafficking is the cause of this widespread problem.”

"We can start with high level politicians, from governors of different states to entire police forces, through the military. We can mention business sectors, journalists and media and, unfortunately, some religious communities."

“We find ourselves with this crisis from the great cities to the most isolated townships, where people from all classes are circulating the money from drug trafficking. Also, it is with great shame that some Catholic communities are suspected of colluding with drug trafficking benefactors who have helped with money, derived from that dirty and bloody business, for building chapels. This is immoral and doubly damning, and there is no justification to accept this situation."

"We must say, with regret, that some towns and communities have justified drug traffickers because they are benefactors of the people. Of course, we must also say, the addiction of many in our country and of our neighbor to the north is the main cause of this barbarism. "

The Catholic Church presented a series of questions about what is occurring in Mexico, among them:

How and why did we got to this point?

Is it just a matter for the police and authorities or is society itself is already involved?

Why are a relative few filling our world with fear and violence?

What state of the republic is free of this scourge?

What sector of the population is not involved with the corrupting power of drug trafficking and the crime that results from it?

The editorial ended by demanding an end to complicity, impunity and an indifferent and complacent society and stated it is time for society and government to commit to rebuilding the social fabric so affected by the abandonment of values and respect for life, lack of education and job opportunities for youth, as well as the development of "more honesty" in economic activities.

"It is not time now to apportion blame but to find solutions and commit ourselves to eradicate the roots of this social cancer that threatens to destroy us. It is well that certain public figures stop talking about legalizing drugs and commit to rescue our youth and communities.”

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  1. There are several options. The church could issue some kind of decree, promoting people to rise up and kill the cartels. If there ever was a morally justified crusade of a sorts, this would be it. I doubt they would do that in modern times, but it is not that far fetched. Islam has leaders that issue fatwas all the time, and the Catholic Church could get into the same game for this stuff.

    Another option is for the government to issue bills of attainder for all identified drug cartel members and leaders. That would mean that society would be legally authorized to kill these vermin on the spot.

    Another idea is to have the government issue letters of marque and reprisal to foreign or domestic companies and individuals, and give them license to attack and take from the cartels. The government would also have to sweeten the pot by providing a bounty as well, and all prizes (assets seized by companies) would be determined by a prize court, and both the company/individual and Mexico would get their cut.

    The reason I am proposing this is because what is driving the cartels is not morality, but profit. They sell drugs, and they need territory to do so. Everyone else just gets in their way.

    The industry I am proposing is one that profits off the destruction of the cartels. Look how profit drives the cartels, and imagine setting up an industry that is driven by the same economic forces? It is also a strategic mechanism of warfare that countries used for hundreds of years on the high seas to attack their enemies with.

    It works, it is ruthless and extremely efficient if set up correctly, and I believe it would tear apart and wipe out the cartels. It is also a way to get the public/private industry involved in the war, and utilized this untapped human resource for the eradication of this vermin. That is how I would 'smite' these bastards.

  2. This tale is sad but true. It is an outrage to me. But it is wrong to portray this happening solely with the Catholic church it is ALL demoninations, and: hogars, charities, schools and medical for the poor. I know this first hand and also know the fear when a cartel sends "someone" to offer help and becomming scared shitless that a refusal may piss off someone, and to lay awake at night wondering how to refuse. graciously. Then there is the poor soul having no where to turn, no government help, nothing, no hope and this generous person who does bad things is offering you a way to a better existance to fix your problem. A gift, no strings attached. That is difficult to weigh before choosing to accept or reject the offer. and it happens all the time, people are not only quiet from fear, some are quiet in gratitude.


    Citizens of Mexico: IT IS YOUR DUTY TO PROTECT YOURSELF. The only duties/authority your government has is what you give it. If they fail to fulfill these duties then it is your responsibility. Pick of a rifle and defend your family. Start citizen patrols. Start a militia, which is your god given right, to defend your neighborhoods.

    If you continue to rely on your socialist government to protect you, you will continue to be slaves. Which is the goal of all socialist governments.

  4. Buela...there ALWAYS strings attached....otherwise you would have no fear to accept their help....the answer is under post "Silence Kills" all the answers...the right answer to the whole problem is there....WHO has the real power? Can they gaurantee you life eternal even if you die? any of you believe the truth?!

  5. "There are always strings attached. .." totally agree, it is shameful that those who are supposed to follow the word of the Lord and guide the people forget the part about "leading us not into temptation.." Jesus himself was tempted when he was at mount Olympus, but did not succumbed. Shame on those who hide behind faith, Catholic or not....with this kind of "leadership" no wonder things are as so.
    Gratitude?! -"Like, thank you for killing ALL kinds of people, all kinds of torturous ways, so we can have a new church..?!!?

  6. On Tuesday 110210 An Interview with the Archbishop of Durango was aired via Televisa: what a bloody shame for a Catholic officer to state that "El Chapo" is omnipresent and to boast in public an on national broadcast that he's kept informed of "El Chapo's" whereabouts at all times. Either he's D.U.M. and has death wish or he's so involved with a cartel that he feels safe in making these statements. Sad, very sad.


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