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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mexico Drugs Cartel Suspects Arrested in Atlanta Area

Authorities seized 46 pounds of methamphetamine, 43 kilograms of cocaine, 4,120 pounds of marijuana, 20 guns and about $2.3 million in cash during the investigation.

Police in the United States have arrested 45 people they accuse of belonging to the Mexican drug cartel La Familia Michoacana.

Agents also seized cash, guns and drugs as part of their operation against the cell, based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Police said the city had become a major drug distribution centre, from where drugs were being shipped to neighbouring states.

But they said the arrests would disrupt the cartel's operation in Atlanta.

Operation Choke Hold began in May 2009 and targeted the Atlanta-area operations of La Familia Michoacana, authorities said at a news conference at a suburban Atlanta courthouse. Known as La Familia, it is one of Mexico's largest and most brutal cartels.

"It has been widely reported that the Atlanta metropolitan area has become a major distribution center for drug cartels based in Mexico," said Jack Killorin, director of the Atlanta High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area program. "Let today also document that law enforcement working together is successful in disrupting their operations."

Justice officials said those arrested would be charged with conspiracy to traffic drugs, money laundering and possession of firearms, among other things.

The agents said they seized more than 21 kg. of methamphetamine, 43kg of cocaine and more than 1870 kg of marijuana, 20 guns, six vehicles and almost $2.3 million dollars in cash. The drugs seized have a street value of over $10 million U.S. dollars.

Senior agent in the US Drug Enforcement Administration John Comer warned that while the operation to dismantle this particular cell had been successful, it was just one of many operating in the Atlanta area.

"Mexican cartels such as La Familia Michoacana have collectively become the most powerful drug trafficking organisations in the world, and have an impact on the United States," he said.

Sources: Reuters and AP


  1. You know, "El Mas Loco" Moreno Gonzalez is the only cartel leader I never really hear anything about? Is he still on the loose? Is he even still running La Familia?

  2. I think he just keeps a really low profile, but protected in his home state, a lot of thee guys do, how often do you hear anything about Vicente Carrillo, El Ingeniero, El Coss, (CDG), most of these guys are pretty smart, and keep low. It's the flashy La Barbie, and El Teo guys that get picked up.

    This is nothing new, although LFM is really gaining ground as a major player, they cracked down on them this time last year in the Southern California area, and San Diego. Atlanta has been a major cocaine trafficking area since the 80's, and has been up for grabs as a plaza since BMF went down 5 years ago or so. I assume Sinaloa, and Gulf cartel have operations there too.

  3. wont be long before the drug violence increases in the US

  4. If drug violence increases here at least we have weapons to defend our selves. This amount that they confiscated is nothing I want to know where's the big amounts that get across?

  5. I am so tired of seeing these comments, with these types. Do you think you will have to shoot it out with cartel gunmen in some sort of post apocalyptic city? Like 'The Postman'? You guys are too much.

    What do you mean nothing? 40 ki's? It was a distribution network, not a production lab, and from what I read, I'd say because of increased seizures of drugs, and tightening of border crossing, they are using smaller shipments, instead of big loads.

  6. i always thought when i saw patricia gonzales on television, that she was a cold-hearted witch. now that she is a victim of this war, i wonder how she feels now? she has played around for too long. she's lucky that it was'nt her on that video.

  7. I'm with J. The comment "at least we have weapons to defend ourselves" is ludicrous and plays up the Dirty Harry mentality of many Americans. You know, the one-shot-from-behind-the-corner bullet-between-the-eyes thing. Unless you are trained as a cop or military, you'll be hiding out, scared shitless, like everyone else.

    We have weapons in Mexico too. My family has had our ranch taken by one of the cartels. When 30 guys with AK-47s show up, what exactly are 4 adults and 4 small children going to do? So we beg for our lives and promise not to tell the authorities (who are probably in on it)

    Grow up! This is not a game. Let's see how tough you are when the cartels kick in your door.


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