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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Authorities Locate Body of Mario Gonzalez, Brother of Ex-Prosecutor




Photos by: El Diario

According to unofficial police reports, Mario González Rodríguez, brother of the former prosecutor, Patricia Gonzalez, was found dead and buried in northern Chihuahua.

The location of the body was obtained after the arrest of a group of gunmen last night in Chihuahua, after an armed confrontation with federal police, military and agents of the Attorney General.

Among those detained is Jorge "El Chuleton" Gutiérrez Corral who was the operational coordinator Cipol (state police) at a time when Raul Grajeda Domínguez was the State Secretary of Public Security.

Authorities are also investigating whether some of the individuals arrested are municipal police.

In the confrontation two suspected kidnappers were wounded, including the former police chief, who after receiving several gunshot wounds remains hospitalized in a local hospital under heavy police surveillance.

Hours after the incident, it was reported three men, apparently kidnapped by this group, were rescued. Initial reports cited the possibility of Mario González Rodríguez being one of the men rescued, but this version was denied hours later by the governor César Duarte.

Authorities seized an unspecified number of high-powered weapons and uniforms similar to those used by men who appear in the video where the brother of former Attorney Patricia González, 'confesses' to a series of crimes and accuses his sister and former governor, José Reyes Baeza, of being linked to the Juarez Cartel.

0riginal article by: El Diario


  1. What cartel is responsible for this killing? Sounds fishy to me?

  2. From what I read, this guy and his sister were in bed with La Linea, then sold them out, made a deal with Gente Nueva, and that went bad too, which is why they are in the current situation.

  3. Which picture is actually where he was found? Border Reporter has a different location.

  4. "Which picture is actually where he was found? Border Reporter has a different location."

    That be the same location??????? Different angle same newspaper source!

  5. There is no legal law in Mexico, Those upholding the law ravage, pillage , rape, extort,kidnap & kill their own for their own protection. Mexico needs to approve the death penalty to reduce and control the cartels. Lets face it they will never go away. The crooked cops, politicians, gangs & cartels will never go away.

  6. @ 9:10 pm

    There were 3 pics from El Diario, basically the same pic from three angles, I only posted 1..Border Reporter has another and there is still one other.


  7. @anonymous 9:10 pm

    Same place, different angle..El Diario published 3 pic, I had only put one, Border Reporter another. I have added the other two photos.

  8. @ Capo and J:

    Authorities have arrested 8 men, said to be from GENTE NUEVA, part of the Sinaloa Cartel.

    The arrested confessed to the crime and being in the videos which were uploaded to Youtube. Said in the first video Gonzalez confessed on free will, the facts were truthful. BUT claimed in the second video, a poster was made for him to read specific names of different police (of various agencies) to implicate them in crimes which had occurred.

  9. WHERE IS EL CHULETON? He was wanted since 2008 but reports from Mexico City say they decided he was a victim in Chihuahua. He's a bad actor! Where is he? Did he escape again?



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