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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gente Nueva Leader 'El Dorado; Captured

"Smurf" for Borderland Beat

Edgar Camacho Mendoza
Chihuahua - Federal Police captured Édgar Camacho Mendoza, alias “El Dorado," on November 15th of this year. He is the head of a criminal group working directly for Noel Salgueiro Nevárez, (a) El Flaco Salgueiro, the leader in Chihuahua of la Gente Nueva, armed wing of the Sinaloa cartel.

According to the Secretary of Public Securit, information gathered from the capture of 8 people associated with the Sinaloa cartel on November 4th was used to capture several members of this organization.

Acting on the information from the 8 suspects, authorities located a Mitsubishi, Lancer, license plate number ECT5991 that was traveling on highway Chihuahua-Cuauhtémoc. In the vehicle was Camacho Mendoza, who was in possession of a large caliber rifle. After a short chase, he attempted to flee on foot but was quickly apprehended.

The investigation has revealed that El Dorado was in charge of planning and carrying out the executions of rival groups, the transportation of drugs into the U.S., the extortion of businesses and car theft rings operating in Parral and Ciudad Jiménez, in the state of Chihuahua.

According to information from the Federal Police Intelligence Center, 31 year old Édgar Camacho had warrants issued for his arrest since October 13th 2008, and one ine 2006 for homicide.

Also arrested along with El Dorado, Antonio Leonel Camacho Mendoza, Eva Gabriela Márquez Grijalva, a minor named Mariela “N." They were traveling in the Mitsubishi, Lancer, which had been reported stolen earlier in the year.

UNOFFICIAL REPORTS indicate El Dorado directly participated in a massacre on March 15, 2010 when armed commandos attacked a house in Creel, Chihuahua. Amazing footage shows someone who resembles him meeting with sicarios and snorting cocaine prior to the incident. The group fires several shots into a nearby house before stealing a vehicle from what appears to be an innocent bystander.


Source: Milenio


  1. Wow! Unbelievable! WHO was filming all this is what I am wondering?

  2. This guy was not the leader, he is a follower. Nobody has even heard of this guy until today. Now I know El Flaco is just one of a few that lead La Gente Nueva in Dgo and Chihuahua.

  3. He isn't the top leader of the LGN but he works directly under El Flaco. He is a mid level guy. I've heard him mentioned before but i cant remember the exact article, i will prob look for it later when i have the time.

  4. This is BS ppl like this need the Death Penalty

  5. Flaco is the top dog in Parral, he leads all of the gente nueva there in the capital of the world. He extends power through out the surronding area. But he is the el patron del la plaza and works directly under Don Chapo.

  6. This guy isn't the leader...Everyone knows who the leader in that area is. El Senor Flaco, el jefe de Parral. This guy was just another worker is all. You think Don Chapo is going to entrust this guy to be a leader of la gente nueva...Come on man....Tatted up cholo...He did the dirty work is all...Saludos a Parral Chihuahua...Respectfully submitted....

  7. Weren't the sicarios doing the hit in Creel Chihuahua la linea? Why would this person be doing there work if he is gente nueva? Known rivals gente nueva and linea? Why would el Dorado be there? Sounds fishy? Doesn't quiet make sense. From what I understood the people doing that killing in Creel and in the video were people from la Linea... What does everyone else say?

  8. I'll take everyones word that he isn't a "leader" of LGN in the strongest sense of the word. Prob just a guy who ran just one of many cells that work for LGN. Only reason I ran with that title is because that was what Milenio published (maybe they were going for a sensationalist angle). Might have to change it though....

  9. Anon 9:45

    Can u give us a link of were u read that? Otherwise its pure speculation. But rival groups working together to move drugs isnt unheard of. This type of business structure is more fluid than u
    one would think. Charles bowden had a few things to say on that topic in his book Murder City.

  10. were in dgo are there gente nueva?prob everywere but people call them diffrent names, so el flaco is in parral? What other major cities do they occupy

  11. Well from what they say, Gente nueva are spread out accross Chihuahua and Durango. In Chihuahua they have always had a presence, especially the southern and western area of Chihuahua that extends into la sierra madre. It's a huge state where narcos have always prospered. Gente movida have always worked back and forth with people from Sinaloa...Parral has always been a important point for smuggling and distribution but most importantly a integral point of supervision for all the surrounding areas with weight coming in from different areas. There is gente nueva all across Chihuahua and Durango where tons of weight is pushed from.

  12. Come on guys!!!! We saw the creel massacre covered extensively here in BB:

    Here is this same dude wanted in a billboard (low level thug):

    Do some research pleeeeeze!

  13. I really don't see what your point is anon 4:36

    This guy was captured, we reported it. the article above mentioned the Creel massacre.

    Again, more anons just here to complain.


  14. Point is a scumbag was captured...A low level scumbag...And to put him as a leader of la gente nueva en Chihuahua is insulting....

  15. Semantics really...take it up with Milenio

  16. this is all BS cause weren´t the people from the linea the ones who did the massacre?

  17. There is a reason they call it an UNOFFICIAL REPORT!!!

    Complain, complain, complain...

    Anonymous posting is supposed to be for anyone who is in danger of revealing themselves to cartels or extortion. I don't mind you spanish speakers saludos a todos mis hermanos y hermanas latinos.

    But you english writing anons... are only using it to hide behind the keyboard. As much as y'all bitch about folks like least he has the decency to stand behind his statements with a consistant handle... you no-nothing complaining anons have no excuse and get NO respect from me.

    I went ahead and made that part of the article larger and in bold. In case you can't read. there it is highlighted for you....

  18. Smurf
    You can't win with some folks don't give in to their anon bullshit. I feel the same I hate the personal attacks...attack on op fair game but the personal attacks is really getting out of hand. There really is no point.

    as for E-1 I rarely agree with him but he is intelligent and feels strongly in his views, and he does not hide behind anon. I use my name, my nickname which I am known by in Mx and I do take a chance because not even humanitarians are safe with certain cartels, but too late some friends in Mx are fans of BB and have figured me out.. and ask "your the buela on BB!?".... JAJA "what cha talkin bout willis??"

  19. Thanks for your thoughts Buela, BB readers such as yourself are a big part of what keeps us going in the midst of internet rabble.

    Quite frankly, the Milenio article is dated 11/17/10 and the guy who was captured was Édgar Camacho Mendoza, alias “El Dorado.

    The guy featured in the BB article about Creel dated 4/17/10 (that anon 4:36 tried to sound cool and "in the know" by calling into question my credibly) was named Enrique López Acosta, "El Cumbias" and if you compare the images the two men DON'T even look alike.

    All it takes is one and the pile-on begins. But thanks again for keeping it positive Buela! And may you be safe on your humanitarian efforts in Mex.

  20. official or unofficial i think yall do a great job at keeping us informed so thank u and btw Smurf "Lemony fresh victory shall be mine!"~zim shall we sing the doom doom song now ;c)


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