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Thursday, November 18, 2010

5 gunmen dead in Zacatecas shootout.

El Sol de Zacatecas

At least five allegeded Zeta gunmen were killed, two seriously injured and a further two in custody, and five late model pickups and SUV’s were destroyed in a series of shootouts between a large group of criminals in a convoy of 15 to 20 vehicles and a Mexican army unit supported by Jalisco and Zacatecas state police.

The confrontation began early Wednesday on the stretch of highway 23 that winds through Zacatecas, into Jalisco and back into Zacatecas. The melee took place in at least eight different points on the highway as the pursuit by the army and state authorities sped through both states. Dozens of armed encounters have occurred previously in this area between gunmen and authorities.

At 2:00 AM Wednesday the heavily armed convoy was first spotted in the municipality of Garcia de la Cadena, Zacatecas headed north on highway 23. The first confrontation occurred when the convoy broke through an Army roadblock in Teul de Gonzalez Ortega. The chase that ensued ended 2 hours and 100 kilometers later at Hejuscar, Jalisco and Tepetongo, Zacatecas where the remaining gunmen dispersed and eluded capture.

Several vehicles belonging to the gunmen were found later that morning in the municipality of Jerez.

Zacatecas state government spokesman Mario Caballero Ramirez confirmed the deaths and capture of the gunmen and reported no casualties in the state police and military units involved in the operation


  1. the only good z is a dead z

  2. you never really hear alot from Zacatecas, never really considered it to be a Narco state? Guess I was wrong. Alot happening there the past few months seems like.

  3. Shit now this state?! Mexico is going to shit. Get US in there asap!

  4. The zetas have been in zacatecas for a couple of years, its rummered the governer sold the state to the zetas and she was under hott water. now its plaughed by them, and since there in control you dont hear much noise from there. People in durango are pissed becouse alot of zetas jump from zacatecas over to dgo, do there dirt and leave. Some mess with the wrong people and dont get to cross back. Zetas pieces of crap

  5. Zacatecas has always been a narco state. And yeah the ZETAS have ran the state for years now. Good people in Zacatecas, feel bad they have had to deal with the scum of the Z's....

  6. "Shit now this state?! Mexico is going to shit. Get US in there asap!"

    Really? The US needs to battle this war on its own soil by providing more gun control across it border and minimizing the demand for these drugs...stay out of other countries!

  7. It important to understand that the NARCO trade is Mexico's second national product and we the USA are responsible for what you see here. All out there that are shocked, GET A GRIP!!!!!!!

  8. jajajaja me cago de la risa damn z's se les aparecio el cuco i wish i can see their faces when they run from mex.police i can only imagen how fast they shit while running

  9. Damn. My dad goes out there to visit every year looks like im going to tell him to ditch the vacations. The people should arm themselves and hold an uprising. Power to the people! Its revolution time.

  10. This is getting so frustrating, the fact that some of us can't go visit our family is bullshit. Unfortunately, it seems Mexico might be at a point of no return. Then again, things do tend to get worse before they get better....we can only hope.

  11. "This is getting so frustrating, the fact that some of us can't go visit our family is bullshit"

    my thoughts xactly

  12. Gees been in Zacatecas for last three years. where my husband was fron and is buried there. this is so much dog do do.. Can't anyone do something about these slimy people. I am going back in August for the 1st annvirsay of my husbands death. Hate to think we could run into these scum bags.


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