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Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Juarez car bombing suspects apprehended

Original article by El Diario.

This morning in the Mando center of Iztapalapa, federal police presented 14 captured members of La Linea. Among those arrested was Fernando Contreras Meraz, alias El Dorado, who is believed to be the logistics expert behind the Ciudad Juarez car bombing on July 15th of this year that killed two federal officers and a musician, in addition to injuring 11 people, including several bystanders.

It appears Contreras Meraz made the call to the cell phone that detonated the explosives in the vehicle. He was working under the orders of
José Antonio Acosta Hernández, El Diego, second in command to Juan Pablo Ledesma, alias El JL.

"Contra Meraz knew the composition of the explosive material that was armed and set to detonate in a car that was carefully positioned to cause the most casualties and was specifically intended to intimidate the Federal Police" said Luis Cárdenas Palomino, regional chief of security.

The detained suspects were identified as Mariano Bernabé Ceferino alias El Cora, Carlos Manuel Macías Monreal alias Beans, both of whom were halcones (lookouts) for the organization. Also presented; Óscar Morales Flores alias El Gordo, who provided stolen vehicles for the group. Óscar Solís García, El Güero; Juan Manuel Hernández Barraza, Meny; Juan Manuel Torre Pérez and Ana Patricia, 17 years old; Jesús Daniel Estrada Hernández; Carlos Chabolla Mendios; Evelyn Jaretsi García Gamboa, La Tota; María de Lourdes Moreno Aguilar, Maribel Palomo Lugo and Rosa María Aguilar.

At the time of their arrest the suspects were in possession of 31 packets of marijuana, 4000 envelopes of cocaine, seven firearms of various caliber, 24 cell phones, a broadband device that and two laptops.

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  1. Good work ,but there is a need for severe consequences these guys will sit in jail for a year then get turned loose,in the US killing 2 Fed agents would be life wo parole in Texas the death penalty, Mexico needs to start taking criminal punishment seriousley,when will this happen??


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