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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Los Zetas and LFM battle for Colima

Original article by Mundonarco

The government of the Pacific state of Colima, through the offices of the Attorney General (PGR), the Secretary of National Defense (SEDENA) and the Secretary of Marine Forces (SEMAR) have declared that the recent violence in the last few months has been the result of a confrontation between Los Zetas and La Familia Michoacana (LFM), both of whom are vying for control of the plaza, specifically smuggling routes and territories that were formally controlled by Ignacio Nacho Coronel, who died during a raid on his home by Mexican marines on July 29th this year (story on Borderland Beat).

The sub-prosecutor for the state announced that an operation that occurred with the combined forces of the Vigésima military arm of SEDENA and elements of the 6th regiment of SEMAR resulted in the arrest of four members of LFM after a gunfight with another group of sicarios from Los Zetas. The incident occurred in the community of Cofradía de Morelos, a municipality of Tecomán, Colima. In their initial confessions, the group claimed to be part of a cell of sicarios sent to exterminate Zetas who are working in the state.

In their possession were a few AK-47's a .32 and 9mm pistols, various ammunition clips and a few recent model Toyota trucks.

Names of the arrested: Vicente Ruélas Gutiérrez, (a) El Burro or La Perra, who recruited Clemente de León Jerónimo, Aarón Hernández Varela and Baltazar Ochoa (a) El Balta, paying all three of them a monthly stipend of 4000 pesos to work as sicarios.

The leader of the cell was identified as Gerardo Mendoza, (a) 01 or El Flaco; and the hierarchy followed as such; El Canales or 02; El Güero or 03, Ismael Gómez García, (a) La Changa or El Wini or 04, direct boss of Vicente Rúelas Gutiérrez (a) La Perra.

They explained they were at a safehouse, planning an attack on a group of Zetas they had under surveillance when that same rival group caught them by surprise. The Zetas attacked the LFM safehouse and according to the LFM version; they stayed and fought off the attack but were apprehended later in the day during the previously mentioned military operation.

At the moment the men are being held on several weapons charges and organized crime violations by the sup-prosecutor for the state.


  1. fuckin scumbags. the boss is gone and these cockaroches are on the loose.

  2. these sorry suns of a bitch.. i hope they all fuckin rott in hell! with their families... mexico just needs to get their shit together and get rid of them!

  3. Less competition between warring cartels would reduce the violence, Stewart said. But during the short term, the aggressive move by the New Federation will likely increase the bloodshed, he said.

    “These cartel capos are really businessmen, and they make more money when it is peaceful and the dope is flowing,” Stewart said.

    Allowing U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents and special operations units to operate inside Mexico would also put additional pressure on the cartels, but Mexico has limited U.S. involvement to protect its sovereignty, according to the report. STRATFOR’s analysis suggests powerful Mexicans tied to drugs have also helped limit U.S. involvement.

    “We are talking … 40 billion dollars, and that is a lot of money,” Stewart said. “All that money is not being kept at El Chapo’s basement or under his bed.”

    “Through financial institutions, it is being laundered in construction projects, resorts and all kinds of financial things, and a lot of people getting rich off the drug trade,” Stewart said.


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