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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sinaloa captive video reveals corruption

It is an old video, shot before the July 4th gubernatorial and mayoral elections this year in Chihuahua.

We can date it accurately because the body of the man you are listening to, Miguel Angel Acosta Peralta, was one of four execution victims hung from highway overpasses in the city of Chihuahua, the capitol of the state also named Chihuahua, on the morning of July 4th.

We learn that a cell of Sinaloa cartel gunmen has been captured in the city Chihuahua, which like Ciudad Juarez, is a battleground between Chapo Guzman’s “gente nueva” and the Juarez cartel. They are probably prisoners of “La Linea”, the Juarez cartel’s paramilitary gunmen.

It is the same monologue by a captured gangster, “soltando la sopa” or spilling the beans in narco slang, and the same weary brutality inflicted on the now powerless captive who was surely living the gangster lifestyle hours before his starring role in his own tragedy.

It is likely that he was also delivering the same pain on his own victims. It is a testament to our humanity if we feel sympathy for Miguel, for he probably would not have any for you.

The video begins with the captive introducing himself and naming his cell leader and the hierarchy up to Chapo Guzman. It is hard to tell if he has been coached on his answers, either way his recall seems very clear under duress.

He tells us that his cell is under the command of “el Flaco” Salgueiro, an important trafficker from Durango who allegedly works directly under Chapo Guzman. “El Flaco” and his band are believed to be responsible for the kidnapping and deaths in 2008 of two prominent members of the Mormon community in Chihuahua, Benjamin LeBaron and Luis Widmar.

Thenty eight seconds into the video Miguel Acosta names a General Felipe de Jesus Espitia as being under the control of Chapo Guzman. It is hard to imagine someone at the organizational level of Acosta having this knowledge of corruption at the highest levels. Maybe it was common knowledge or maybe he was coached by his captors to repeat this accusation.

In April of this year La Linea accused General Espitia, who at that time was the commander of the military’s Fifth Military Zone which includes Chihuahua, of reneging on an agreement to co-operate with La Linea and aligning himself with the Sinaloa cartel instead. The accusation was publicized on narco banners in April that stated the General was Chapo’s right hand in Chihuahua.

General Felipe de Jesus Espitia

On July 1st of this year General Espitia was relieved of command of The Fifth Military Zone and the Joint Coordinated Operation Chihuahua, the operation responsible for command of Federal Police and the Army in the fight against drug trafficking. He had been in command for 2 years and 3 months.

General Espitia was given command of a Mexican Air Force base in Santa Gertrudis, Chihuahua. The military high command would only state that the transfer of duties was due to normal rotation of commanders. It is not known if General Espidia was investigated for links to organized crime.

Since 2008, human rights lawyers in Chihuahua have documented 170 cases of soldiers under the command of General Espitia being involved in kidnapping, torturing and extorting civilians.

At 45 seconds into the video Miguel Acosta states that his cell leader, Rolando Valdez Villaseñor, works in collusion with two Federal Police officials, “agente Lemos” and “agente Ricardo”. Acosta accuses the federal policemen of committing extortion, kidnapping, armed robbery, car theft and dealing in drugs and arms, and homicide.

Acosta then names the locations of several safe houses with arms and vehicles used by corrupt Federal Police forces and Sinaloa cartel cells.

These were exactly the same crimes that Federal Police mutineers in Juarez accused their superiors of committing during the one day uprising in Ciudad Juarez last month.

At 2 minutes 30 seconds Acosta begins to describe the operations of the Sinaloa cartel in the CERESO prison located in Aquiles Serdan , a municipality neighboring Chihuahua city.

He states that members of the Mexicles prison gang under the command of the Sinaloa cartel and incarcerated in the Serdan CERESO are sent out from the prison to commit homicides and kidnappings. This video actually predates the video of the policeman captured by Zetas who describes in detail the mass murders perpetrated by inmates of the CERESO prison in Gomez Palacio, Durango.

One of the bodies hung from the highway bridges on the morning of July 4th was that of a prison official, Juan Scott, who worked at the Serdan CERESO.

Acosta then describes where cocaine is sold to local drug consumers . He continues naming other members of the Sinaloa Cartel who traffic drugs and commit kidnappings and contract murders in Chihuahua.

At 4 minutes and 55 seconds the camera pans to Acosta’s right into another room where eight bound and blindfolded men are laying on the floor. Acosta describes them as Sinaloa Cartel sicarios, or contract killers. He also describes how stolen vehicles were used and rotated among the captured sicarios.

On the morning of July 4th, in addition to Acosta and Juan Scott, the bodies of eight other men were found executed in Chihuahua city. Police officials said at that time that all 10 men had been murdered by the same group of gunmen, due to the fact that all 10 men were bound with the same brand of yellow plastic tie handcuffs.

In the video Acosta is seen bound behind his back with steel handcuffs but in the photo where his body is hung from the bridge he is bound with the same yellow handcuffs with his hands in front.

At the end of his monologue Acosta describes how his cell leader, Rolando Villaseñor, betrayed him and sent a group of soldiers to kill him but he managed to buy his life from the soldiers for 120,000 pesos and his vehicles.

At 6 minutes 36 seconds, the inevitable begins horribly for Miguel Acosta.

Miguel Angel Acosta in death

In addition to this video a second video was also released. This video shows gunmen belonging to the Sinaloa cartel in their safehouse and in the streets of Chihuahua in broad daylight displaying their power to the local citizens.

This video was probably captured along with one of the bound sicarios shown in the video and executed soon after.

And so ends the story of 10 more deaths in this conflict. Can we believe the claims of collusion by government officials documented here, were they just propaganda or the truth? And if they are true how can the claims of progress by the government against corruption be believed?


  1. What/who are these animals? Do they have families? Are they aged out from Hogars? I am serious, who the fuck created these monsters? I did not think anything could shock me...this video did. IN heavy traffic, daylight..this illustrates they fear nothing. They could have gone in darkness, they deliberately chose to have fun in the sun. Clearly to send a message who is in charge. If I had been a motorist I would have most likely fainted. They are sociopaths, singing, laughing, while threatening motorists, ....

    just another day at the office

  2. The days of people saying "they are just doing business is over" they are smiling while they do this. Mexicans have to ask themselves why they are not allowed to own guns yet? What because people may die? America has a lot of problems but at least when it goes south for us we can do something about it. If those guys did that in Mississippi they would have had redneck Americans shooting at them lol. You guys need guns, bad. I have also never understood why Mexico signed the Brownsville Agreement, in 1999. Not sure why you wouldn't want the USA's help in law enforcement unless the entire Govt was corrupt, which it is.

  3. El Flaco does not work directly under El Chapo, he is a capo for Los Herreras, who is allied with El Chapo and El Peinado from DGO.

  4. I thought the herreras were gone? Down by the river talks about the capture of the dad and son, unless there are more? Anyways I agree mexico needs to let guns in for the public. A law that only applies to law abidding citizens and not to criminals is not a law... any law abidding citizen that gets caught with a gun goes to jail, while a criminal will most likely pay or kill his way out of the charges...

  5. This is the kind of reporting that brings me back to Borderland Beat time and time again. Gerardo, I commend you for putting this all together for us, you obviously undertand the cartel issues and you have the ability to remember past incidents well to connect the dots.

    For the ones who brag about "Blog del Narco" you have to accept the fact that all they do is copy and paste news from other Mexican media newscasters (if you think it's exclusive, you are not well informed) and they download videos from other internet blogs just to put their name on it as if it was theirs. They offer nothing new!

    Just because Borderland Beat is in English doesn't mean they don't have the beat of the heart of the Mexican drug war. If you think BDN is it, You have no idea how well the reporters in BB are well informed and know every details of what is going on across the border. I live in Mexico and I have learn more here than any other BLOG, when I read BDN I already saw the news they posted, but for the English speaking people across the US side, they get a front row seat of the chaos going on in Mexico.

  6. I agre BB is probably the best source out there to stay informed.. some articles may not be accurate but then again they are opinions, and even as opinions they are not as farfetch as the ones tha fox news brings out "terror babies", or obama not being born in the US. The drug war is as complicated as it comes, 3, 4 carteles alligning and fighting each other, its hard to keep up who is with who. I just wished more americans would pay more attention to this problem, but they don't. BB keep on the good work!!! And to the guy talking about sinaloa cartel killing innocents and how the zetas are the real deal. Why are the zetas killing innocent immigrants from south america? Zetas are probably the worst group out there.

  7. By the Herreras, I think he means the orginization still bears the name, but works closely with Sinaloans. The Herreras are a huge family, with a city named after it, although the city is about 2 hours from the capital where they operate from.

  8. They are coming for the grigos next. Its just a matter of time before the killing fields get larger and the death spreads.
    No mercy for the inocents or the guity,just death and pain.Such as waste Mexico is now.

  9. BB is a needed element for sure! SO why don't ya all give a donation and show the love????

    BUT keeping it real, BDN does mostly "borrow" sans credit. But in this story it was sent to my twitter even BEFORE they posted the story on line. So I searched to see if they borrowed it and could not find it anywhere so I posted the link yesterday here on BB under the Arsenal raid story. I am sure BDN does get some stuff fresh. I only wish they would have the same intregrity as BB and give credit....

    as for Obama I am republican and never once entertained the thought that he was not US born. Nor did any of my friends. There is stupid everywhere. Obama's rapid decline was his own arrogant thinking that rhetoric was all he needed.

    Man I agree the zeta's are the worse, the assasins that is, not all zetas are created equal, sorry I know a few, everyone does in Mx. Read some of the media stuff from Central Am..for a different take..2 reasons they kill migrants..they do not comply becomming assasins or provide ext $..killing them is punitive but also to set an example.

  10. That video was came from one of those guys captured. My real question is, how did those guys allow themselves to be caught if they had assualt rifles and there was a bunch of them?

  11. So this raises a question. Primarily, these videos serve purposes of propaganda and terror. Not intelligence, as the interrogators use any information extracted from their captive almost immediately—as is implied here, by the killings of Scott and Acosta well before release of the video. You simply don’t need to publicize an interrogation/ execution video to maximize the value of the intelligence gained in the questioning.

    And surely after two or three years these videos have lost their power to frighten rivals away from the fight, if they ever were effective. I mean, the bodies and body parts pile up, and still the war goes on.

    So are the allegations contained in the videos—like those regarding Espitia—intended to persuade the public to side with a particular DTO? Has it come to a propaganda war for the support of the populace? If so, that leaves the question of government control emphatically answered.

  12. Great article Gerado, really paints a picture of the situation this sicario is in.

    If La Linea really cared about innocent people then they must realize the hypocrisy of detonating car bombs and putting out videos such as this.

    I know the guy is far from innocent but watching him whimper on the floor hurts to watch.

    Absolutely barbaric.

  13. I'm not 100% sure but I believe the last video is very recent. As in, it didn't come from the person/s in the first video since they were executed sometime in July. Those narco-mantas in the second video were hung recently on September 15th.


  14. the whole situation hurts, as the old saying goes and trust me i'm not poking fun at this horrible situation. "it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt" like the reporter said, it is most likely that the man beaten and later murdered in the video had indeed done similar stuff to his victims and maybe it was fun for him. but never the less he was still a human being and seeing him in such a state of vulnerability and helplessness is quite heart wrenching. What these people need to learn is that to the higher ups your life is expandable for basically when it comes down to it a couple of bucks. Because when it comes down to it thats all they get. You hear in these videos the guys saying they got paid the first time and then the payments stopped and basically they are saying this on the video where they are about to be killed in now you tell me how that's working out for them!i agree with Smurf this totally hurts to watch and you know what most of the stuuf that is posted here hurts to watch, it's asad thing to see your homeland wasting away at such a savage pace. Also very sad to not want to set foot in your homeland for fear of being caught at the wrong place at the wrong time. All this will end, but not by us as humans. Only the Creator can end this and he will. We know not when but it will come we just have to hold on and braise our selves.

  15. "SOLUTIONS?"

    1. Political corruption must be eliminated. Without political corruption, organized crime loses its protection.

    2. Develop a multi-party political system in countries that lack such an arrangement. A political party with no opposition is accountable to no one.

    3. A heightened sense of professionalism must be developed in the law enforcement community in the international community.

    4. There is a need for law enforcement coordination and cooperation throughout the international community.

    5. Centralized law enforcement data banks need to be developed and maintained on an international level.

    6. International extradition treaties need to be developed among countries that lack such agreements.

    7. Existing international extradition treaties need to be re-written to reflect the dynamics of the contemporary political realities.

    8. The World Court needs to enhance its political capital, substance, and strength.

    9. Illegal markets need to be made unprofitable, principally on the demand side, and particularly in the United States.

    10. The public needs to be educated as to the true nature and impact of organized crime operations, and mobilized to action.

    11. More research needs to be undertaken into the structures, techniques, and impacts of organized crime on society. To be victorious, we need to learn all we can
    about the enemy.

  16. wrong on a couple of details

    completely different group of guys. Miguelon and the other 8 guys on first video were kidnapped during 1-3 of july.
    Second video is from week of sept 13-17 when they display those announcements in broad daylight then got into it with people from Juarez cartel and mexican army. One died and others were apprehended

  17. Not wrong, you missed it!
    The same person filming on both incidents!

  18. Were can I see this first video at.

  19. The first video and last video on the post??????????

  20. you are wrong
    first video (posted originally by elinea on youtube and a regular on quitapuercos channel)was filmed by juarez cartel the first week of july. 4 were found hanged from various bridges in chihuahua including miguel and a 17 yr old crying on video.
    Second video was filmed by gente nueva (sinaloa cartel) about 2 weeks ago. Most likely video was found by military when they were apprehended about a week ago. 1 died, 1 injured and 5 arrested

  21. Wow... I've seen some shocking videos and pictures on this blog, but I gotta admit that seeing him whimper in pain and thrash around on the floor, really got to me. It's hard to feel sympathy for him since as many in the coments have pointed out, he probably did the same to many people and probably even worse things, but we literally saw a human beign get beat to death, then the pic of him hanging, just wow.

    It's sad to see my country being ran, raped and terrorized by these cowards. Becase everyone from el chapo to el MZ to cartel de Sinaloa to Los Z and every fucking coward involved in this senseless bullshit, they are nothing more than cowards. Savage animals are more fucking decent than these cowards that terrorize a whole nation and the innocent. They prey on the weak. But as the saying goes "every dog has his day" and all these fucking cowards will soon get theirs.

  22. this article,for me,was chilling to read. obviously because of the superb writing. but then i saw the video...this video kinda made me sick to my stomache. the way miguel is crying like a boy and painfully trying to beg for his life but cannot becuase his mouth is covered so all you hear is him squirming. then he gets angry and wants to hit back but is helpless becuase of the steel handcuffs that bind him. i thank the person for blacking this out. i dont understand how these narcos allow themselves to be captured. i would rather fight and get shot to death then get kidnapped and tortured to death. well miguel, you live by the gun, you die by the bat. it is a testament to our humanity if we feel sympathy for miguel,for he probably would not have any for you...brilliantly said.

  23. Well, maybe I'm not human, but I felt absolutely no sympathy for that bastard. The only thing that I was thinking while watching him get the crap broken out of him was - karma. Not a perfect justice, but workable. Would have been better if it would have taken longer though.

  24. i cant comprehend how this kind of violence happens in mexico constantly. i wish the united states and mexico were more in alliance. together we could stop this violent wave. guess i'll keep dreaming. this would never ever happen in the u.s. this violence has become too ritual. seeing it on video though is a whole different story. OBAMA! wake up! we should be helping our mexican neighbors then fighting a hopeless war on the other side of the world!


  26. im amazed at how you guys are all sympathetic to a guy who would have done exactly the same if he were in the batting guys position.

    Anyways im sad that the video was blacked out so much seeing as well i wanted to see his face more and im also sad that they didnt film him dying or the other 8 captured.


    Fantstic story, Gerardo....

  28. i liked the part where he hit him right up in the ass...this should be shown over end over in every tv and school in show how you die when you go for the life of sicario...just think only a few hours before this , he was a proud , arrogant, strutting culero, pushing people around...when he looked at you, you had to drop your eyes and look away...good to see him kicking on the floor...whine you bastard...i would like to have the job of beating these fucks to death, i would do it for free

  29. looks like policia doing the work here...who are they working for?

  30. I am an American Soldier. (of Mexican descent)

    I am an expert and I am a professional.
    I stand ready to deploy, engage, and destroy the enemies f the United States of America and Mexico, in close combat.
    I am a guardian of freedom and the American/Mexican way of life.

    I am an American Soldier.

  31. ARE YOU SERIOUS!! Show this in schools!! i would not want my kids to know that this site even exists. And the fact that some people get enjoyment out of seeing this type of barbaric behavior is also a testament to wherethis world is headed and the inhumanity in some of us. Please, people. The men that are doing the beating are not some divine group here to get rid of all bad people in the name of some just cause!!! They are criminals as well and those kids are their enemy, just getting rid of those that are getting in their way and tomorrow someone might do the same to them and the day after those people will be next, it seems to be the norm these days in the once beautiful country of Mexico. Those people that killed that kid are no better than the kid himself. The only difference is that they are on the giving end and the kid is done. SAD, SAD. all this people on the blog saying i liked when they did this or they should have done that, i'm sure they would not like it if it was them on the receiving end. IT'S NOT BAD ASS TO SEE SOME ONE GET MURDERED. God have mercy on us all!!!

  32. i totally Disagree.
    as hard as it is to watch this.
    i berlieve school children should be shown this video and others like it.
    Just rescently i saw a video of children being asked what they wanted to be when they grow up.
    lots of them stated they wanted to be dealers or
    Cicarios, whats wrong with showing reality?
    the problem will not go away unless the truth is exposed. so what if they get nightmares?
    as for the guy getting whacked with the baseball bat, he got what he deserved.

  33. This is less then the brutal rapes kidnapped women must endure and we do not know about, it will not be long before some video of sicario gang rape will come out somewhere. There is a world wide black market for this kind snuff videos that fetches anywhere from $10K to $40K. There are rich and powerful people who get pleasure from watching this kind of stuff. Some people just have a morbid fascination watching pain and suffering.

  34. With all due respect to the person above who says that this should be shown because kids are saying they want to be killers and dealers. i totally and completley disagree. at least my kids wont watch this, and trust me it's not about nightmares. i've watched 2 videos on these blogs one being the above mentioned and two the decapitation of some guy while he was still alive!!!and it totally screwed my mind up. why? because i human and still connected to my humane side, and i do feel for those people guilty or not. And i know there is more i'm sure the list is like going to blockbuster. it does not make them less disturbing. this shit will not scare kids staright. do you know how many times they show videos in schools about not doing drugs and they take that goofy dog and tell kids to "just say no" care to take a guess on how many of us that saw those videos said no. Look!! i don't what my kids will turn out to be but i'll tell you something showing videos of this magnitude do not help. what parents need to do is be there every step of the way explain the reasons this world is what it is. you are totally right i'm not trying to hide reality from my children but i'm not gonna force death scenes down their throat. Beleive me friend just because it's reality does not make it normality. IT'S NOT NORMAL FOR PEOPLE TO SHOW UP DECAPITATED everyday. We just get used to it because we see it so regularly and that too is not normal.

    to the second person. Yes i'm sure that in your eyes that video does not even come close to some of the other things we see or don't see. Anf i agree that there is women out there getting raped and murdered and yes, it bothers me too and i think it's horrible but IT DOES NOT MAKE IT LESS HORRIFIC.

    And last: Kids grow up wanting to be what they see, if they see a fireman, their dad is one and maybe brothers, it is most likely they will become one and it probably won't matter much that hey see a video of a massive fire it may interest them more. Well guess what the same thing happens to kids that grow up around a bunch of killers, they see the guns the money and they think it's cool, and i'm sure they hear them dudes saying it's cool(IGNORANCE)i'm sure it ain't cool when they get caught up and done with. and how bout them "cool songs" that say that they carry bazookas and cut heads off being sanged by those cool guys with the fancy suits. "oh man i wanna be like them sooo bad" that's what kids are seeing. getthat shit away form your kids it's destroying them. so again with all due respect friend those videos are not the solution. TALK TO YOUR KIDS PEOPLE!!! DO NOT LET THEM GO TO THE DARK SIDE!!! SHOW THEM LOVE!!! And may GOD have mercy on us ALL!!!!

  35. Sicarios get beaten to death when their are caught and when the narco-bank Wachovia was caught laundering $420 billions for the cartels in 2007, it got a slap on the hand ($160 m fine).
    Better be a banker in this sick game.

  36. I have always avoided these videos, esp. the beheadings ones, because I don't think it's right for me to look at it, unless I'm being beheaded, or doing it there is no reason for me to see that kind of thing, in my opinion. I watched this, and yeah it's tough to watch, , anyone not feeling that...theres something missing from you. The ones on here always calling for blood make me uncomfortable, someone said 'they would do this for free', beat men to death with blunt objects? You are, or make yourself sound as bad as them.

  37. "J" quit living with your head buried in the sand. Just because you look the other way, doesn't mean it's not there.

  38. Yeah J, it's the humanistic factor that is missing in some people's mind. I feel sorry for these folks who enjoy the punishment. Whatever you have against other people, it doesn't justify this horror. Believe me, I was born a few miles from a German concentration camp.

  39. Long time reader, first time commenter. I'd like to first say that any torture is an offense towards humanity. However, in these unique cases I tend to understand why some might approve or even cheer on such acts of inhumanity. I do not mean to justify torture, but it is quite a novel situation in which the victim of torture was most likely one that was actively torturing people; and for that reason I can understand why some may condone such egregious acts. What I think we should all be concerned about is not whether these criminals are being tortured or not, but rather the fact that most of these capture cases are not done by average mexican citizens, but by cartel sicarios. I suppose what i'm trying to say is that justice must be taken by mexicans, their communities, and not by other cartels. Otherwise we risk feeding the cycle ever more. If true community organizations were handing down punishments to these sicarios, then it's really up to them to see what act of justice is appropriate. Take care all.

  40. I think that most of us that come to this blog to learn about what is happening in our neighboring country are good people. We don't want to bury our heads in the sand.

    Please don't misunderstand my horror at the barbaric behavior of these criminals as sympathy. I may sound "preachy" by I believe there are different types of death, physical as well as spiritual. Every time we celebrate these types of deaths and torturings we let a little part of the goodness in us die.

    Why give these criminals that much power over us? HATE THE ACT, HATE VIOLENCE, HATE THE SYSTEM THAT ALLOWS THESE ACTS TO CONTINUE.

    No disrespect intended to anybody here.


  41. this is a staged video.

  42. KRRAAAAKKKK!!!!!AS THE ALUMINUM BAT HITS THE BONE....whine goes the used to be killer...moan goes the bleeding heart....good say I

  43. the beating is not staged but the kidnapping might be staged. it seams like miguel is reading from a cue card. at 1:50 min. he mentions el cholo then tries to mention another sicario but doesnt know the name. he says,"y el otro...elllll..." then someone in the background says,"el yogui". then miguel says,"el otro...el el yogui." when the man is beating miguel with the bat, he's accusing him of killing innocent people and miguel nods his head with eyes wide open. he's trying to say no. not true. miguel isnt really dressed like a sicario and the other victims look like kids. why did they black out this video? and why is the confession edited? im telling you. the juarez cartel fights dirty. most of the massacres of innocent people in juarez have been made by the juarez cartel. miguel could be a stool pigeon.i hope im wrong. just a thought...

  44. I never cease to be amazed here on BB when I read the comments and someone ALWAYS says "this is staged"....REALLY!!!!! Who signs up to have their head cut off to send a message to a drug cartel. Who tells their grandma...we are going to "pretend" we beat your grandson to death so we can send a message!!! So, when you get questioned, just say he is dead. WHATEVER!!!! This is out of control and its not going to be brought under control anytime soon. The USA can't even come to an agreement on whether or not to arrest the illegals that are in the USA. They arrest enough of them to keep the border patrol busy. In the meantime we ignore the fact that Felipe Calderon has lost complete control of his security system in his own country. I am counting down the days til all border towns on the US side have refugee camps for the old, ill, innocent people that cost the USA billions of dollars to feed and keep warm and contain til they can go home again. While we go into Mexico and slaughter all the cocaine, meth, marijuana dealers and their CARTELS!!! It'll happen and it will be a mess. The collateral damage will be horrific!!! At this point I hope and pray my great great grandchildren will be able to visit Mexico and all its beauty and loveliness....because I will never return, nor will my children or theirs. Why should we?

  45. after watching this video several times...i think i myself would rather be shot or stabbed to death then beaten to death by an aluminum bat. the sounds of the bat hitting this young man's body sound horrendous. now everytime i see a decapitated head, i have a better understanding of what the victims probably went through before they died. it aint pretty...wether or not miguel was innocent, you still have to feel for his parents. im sure they are good hard working mexicans who love him dearly. i hope that they never see this video ever! and for all of the people who are enjoying the violence in this guys need to go to church. or maybe you're too young to understand. or maybe you're just trying to rouse people. either way these violent acts are immoral and caused by the devil. im not against justifiable killings but i am against torture of any kind.

  46. Who blacked out this video and why? That's the first time i've seen a torture video blacked out??

  47. I don't trust anything that the cartels do. They could have kidnapped a group of troublemakers but not necesarily sicarios and used them as false examples to scare the enemies. This does happen all the time in mexico. Don't believe everything you see.

  48. For the people saying that you dare them to come to the US walking around with guns and pointing them at people in broad daylight, um, open your damn eyes. That's been happening for a long ass time. Go to the hood, or the ghetto. Your ass will get robbed in daylight, or you might even witness a gang shootout. Here, guys do shoot at cops. Not at the level that Mexico is, but it still happens. Trust me, I'm from Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, and I know what to look for. There are guys like that here in the US. Just because you don't hear or see it on news doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Ok that's it.

  49. In mexico its marshall law. Anything goes. The mexican cartels have more power than the mexican military. The cartels have more power than the military?? What the @ #$%!? Over 2000 homicides in juarez? El paso next door had a little over 20 homicides. There is no way you can compare the two countries.


  51. they should have beat all their asses with a bat. they all deserve everything coming their way, i watched it like 10 times already.

  52. no matter how many times i watch this video, it still gives me the creeps. but i dont know why ive seen it about 7 times. its our human nature to have a curiosity for violence. even though we fear and oppose it, it still entertains us. weird man...

  53. This is justice pure and simple. This is the law of Karma in full swing. This piece of human garbage and all the others that infest Mexico deserved and deserve no mercy, no swift death and no consideration of their rights. They deserve to account for the death and misery they traffic in, for the lives they have ruined and for the sheer terror their innocent countrymen and the innocent American citizens suffer daily. They wrap themselves in the robes of the self righteous making claims of "indigenous" refugees, they clog the courts and bankrupt the infrastructure of the United States of America. They traffic in pain, suffering and misery and should be wiped from the face of the earth with no more consideration than decent citizen would give to stepping on a cockroach. Decent Mexicans and Americans are waking up, slowly but surely and when fully awake there will be no place for this vermin to hide......then the streets will run with rivers of blood and street lamps will be festooned with the corpses of drug dealers and murderers. This is justice...this is right.

  54. I saw original video (not blocked out) a couple of months ago. it was posted by same guy. elinea who is a regular in quitapuercos youtube channel. He is a sicario out of chihuahua city. It was taken down after 1 hour. Now he posted this edited version maybe so they won't recognized surroundings. It's not staged

  55. interesting, do you know anything about the victim(s)?especially miguel angel acosta? was he a sicario himself or just a narco? was it lalinea that did the murders?

  56. on the first original video. do they show miguel actually die?

  57. still dont understand why you have to tie someone up and beat them to death men arent raised to fight like that lets see him fight back ans see who wins pussy in my book all of them...

  58. this is the truth...sinaloa cartel does not control a single damn state in all of mexico.not even sinaloa!i personally know of sinaloan drug traffickers in los mochis that pay "cuota" to the zetas...truth of the matter is that chapo guzman continues to lose turf to the zetas and the beltranes,now known as "cartel pacifico sur" and despite that "some" federal comanders do back up the sinaloa cartel,they still have not beenn able to beat the juarez cartel.Chihuahua continues belonging to the juarez cartel,their hit squad la linea and the barrio azteca,that is the truth wether we like it or not.All the publicity that chapo receives does not help him one bit.The best knownn tactic knownn by sinaloa cartel is to heat up the killing innocent people,to the point where the idiot president calderon uses it as an excuse to send in the"corrupt federal police".They try to clean up plaza,killing,arresting the rivals,when they believe its almost done,then come in the sinaloa cartel...thinking they are going to have knew plaza...yeah right!we are about to hit 30,000 dead in 4 years!!!trust me,there are another 200,000 ready to continue the fight.No one is handing over mexico to the greedy midget piece of shit of el chapo.fuck you sinaloa cartel.pinche gente muerta de hambre.que chulo estan llorando aqui en el videoja ja ja ja no que muy gallitos y que mejor mueren en la linea antes que los atrapen y todas esas babosadas! son unos mierdas,jotos,envidiosos,y arre mi gente ,seguimos destrosando a la gente de chapillo,q por su envidia todo esto a pasado.y no es puro cuento.ahorita ,tenemos mas de 50 elementos nadamas de mi celula listos pa ir a darle piso a ustedes pendejitos que les gusta pensar que andan de narcos en sus camionetas.unos van para mero sinaloa y otros pa chihuahua,les seguiremos tumbando gente discretamente pinche cartel de sinaloa,son unos pinches traidores vergueros,y la van a seguir pagando,asi como estos culeros,que segun mis ,colegaslloraron todos como una bola de cochis!!!!!!!!!!!!!jajajajaj, ya ven jotos,ustedes son los marranos!!!!!sigan dejandose llevar por sus videos del komander,y esos ojetes al cual no les importan,nadamas quieren hacer feria a lomo del los pendejos que deveras piensan que el cartel de sinaloa controla.que comandos ni que mamadas vergas,les vamios a seguir dando en su puta madre!y ya veremos haber quien se cansa primero.cartel de las traiciones,CHINGUEN A SU PUTA MADRE!!!!! CHAPIO GUZMAN,POR MANDAR A TU GENTE DERECHITO A LA MUERTE,TAMBIEN CHINGA TU PUTA MADRE!!!!!!POR ENVIDIOSO,POR PENDEJO AL PENSAR QUE IBAS A CONTROLAR TODO MEXICO,TAMBIEN CHINGA TU PUTA MADRE!!!!! YA VEREMOS CULERO,QUIEN SE RIE ULTIMO....POLICIA FEDERAL,PIENSENLA DOS VECES,LO APOYAN,VAN A MORIR PENDEJOS,PIENSEN EN SU FAMILIA FEDERALES.YA QUE SI NO QUIEREN,FIERRO PUES BOLA DE JOTOS,LOS VAMOS A SER CHILLAR COMO LOS COCHIS QUE SON,YA VEN QUE ES CIERTO,ESPECIALMENTE LOS FEDERALES CORRUPTOS EN JUARITOS!!!ACUERDENSE ESAS ULTIMAS PALABRAS,"PORQUE A MI,PORQUE A MI!!??"LOS QUE SABEN,SABEN A QUE ME REFIERO.ASI QUE,PURO PA DELANTE CABRONES,VEREMOS QUIEN SE CANSA PRIMERO.

  59. Para el puerco que escribio el 6 de octubre,cada vez falta menos , ya valio madre el cartel de Juarez puro pinche cholo tiene ya en las calles. cuando atoraron al puto del chaky y el grande se fue con arturo empezaron a valer madre.
    Ya casi, el quitapuercos ya esta en Juarez y lo sabes marrano.

  60. Anonymous of September 29, 2010: If Blog del Narco only copies news articles from other sources, how does it get all of those violent pictures that don't appear in the Mexican press?

  61. Dear God, This is what hell on earth is, when human beings have lost total compassion for one another. I live in El Paso, and though it is safe here, I cry inside for what is going on . Fuck this "war on drugs" that is escalating the problem.....Dear God I pray....

  62. lol that was good beating to bad they just hung his body from bridge should have chopped him up real good first lol


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