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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Zeta Slaves: A Story from the Inside

Zeta Slaves: A story from the Inside

The horrifying massacre of 72 Central and South American immigrants by the hands of Zetas shocked the world. Preliminary investigations, based on testimony by the sole survivor of this attack, report the immigrants were first given the option of paying their ransoms in cash or as cartel slaves. Having no cash and refusing to join Zeta forces, the 58 men and 14 women, were blindfolded and bound before being executed on spot.

We know what happened to them, but what about the others? What happens to those who are unable to pay, but still desperately wish to survive?

Below you will read the story of Marisolina, a young immigrant from El Salvador who's only dream, like many before her, was the American dream. An immigrant who, with no means to pay ransom, was forced into the dark world of Zeta slavery.

Marisolina didn't have relatives in the United States, much less in El Salvador, who would or even could pay the Zetas, who kidnapped her, the $3000 dollars they demanded to release her."You're going have to come up with another way to pay us, Guerita", they repeatedly threatened her in the first few days of her captivity.

There was nobody to answer for her, no one to defend her. Within a week of kidnapping her near the railways of Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, the Zetas had decided how she would pay her debt; Marisolina would become the safe house cook, in charge of preparing all meals for fellow immigrants who had been kidnapped, and those who held them captive. "At first I just cooked for them, but when they began to trust in me, they gave me their clothes to wash."

One evening, after serving dinner, a man everyone called "El Perro", who was in charge of the safe house, after getting very drunk and high on cocaine, asked me to sit down and talk for a while. It was at this moment he asked me: "Guerita, do you know why my clothes are always so dirty?"

Marisolina spoke of the fear she had of this man who always had a weapon in hand and took great pleasure in constantly abusing the immigrants he held captive. "I told him I imagined (because of the dirty clothes) he worked on the trucks which were used to transport the Central Americans."

"El Perro" let out a hardy laugh and replied: "I'm the butcher. I don't do any type of mechanics. My job is to I get rid of the trash that doesn't pay."

Still visibly scared, Marisolina recalls that exact moment: "Mockingly, and without any remorse, he told me he was in charge of killing the immigrants who couldn't afford to pay their ransom. He said: Fist I cut them into pieces so they fit into the drums, then I light them on fire, I let them burn until there's nothing left of the little assholes."

That night she couldn't sleep. She was alert and spooked by every sound. She heard people coming and going from the house, but was too scared to try to catch a peak of what was happening. The next morning "El Perro" brought more clothes to be washed.

No longer able to contain her tears she finally, after several long minutes, continued her story: "I washed, so many times, the blood of those people. As I scrubbed at the blood, pieces of meat fell out. Everything smelled of soot, which to me, was the smell of death."

Marisolina was held captive for three months by a group that called themselves Los Zetas. In their get togethers and business meetings, she was in charge of serving meals to the leaders."When they were together, I would hear them say Los Zetas was a very respectable organization. Sometimes they took me to a hotel they rented in Coatzacoalcos, it was there I learned to recognize La Compania's, as they called it, chain of command."

The soldiers, she revealed, where those in charge of guarding the immigrants day and night."Then there were the Alfa. I heard them, many times, speaking to police, immigration officials, and train conductors. They would advise them when large numbers of immigrants were coming on the train, or when they were detained."

Trying to minimize her Salvadoran accent, she recalls the location of at least six butchers, one for each safe house. "Above the butchers were the big bosses, they were the ones who gave the orders of which immigrants to kill."

She covers her face with shame and sadness as she recalls how she knew many of the immigrants which were killed. "One day they ordered me to take food up to a room I had never entered before. Just the smell of the place made me cry. They had them tied up there. They were the ones that couldn't pay. They were the ones on the list to be killed. Their eyes were covered and their hands were bound. The only way to get out now, was by dieing. I gave many of them their food at night and by morning they were gone. I saw so many disappear. And it hurts me that I couldn't help any of them, even though many, so many begged me."

One night, after a military strike on one of the Zeta safe houses led to the rescue of other immigrants, "El Perro", who by that time considered Marisolina his friend, asked her to accompany him to the store to by cigarettes and sodas. It was outside of the store she was released, but not before being warned she would die if she ever revealed what had occurred.

Long walks and days and nights without eating or sleeping, preceded her denunciation of the Zetas who had held her captive. She didn't want to talk to the police, she trusted no one. She agreed to the assistance offered by the National Commission of Human Rights only after being reminded her testimony could help prevent others from suffering the same.

Unfortunately, Marisolina's nightmare did not end there. The greatest deception came when the Attorney General's office informed them her situation had changed. After reviewing her testimony, they had reasonable suspicion she was part of the Zeta's criminal organization, thus her legal status had changed from that of the victim to the indicted.

Marisolina for her part, after everything that has happened and learning how the Zetas operate, can't believe she survived, let alone, that they released her just like that.


  1. When I asked my staff & friends throughout Mx what they knew of the Tamps killings of 72. They all said the same thing.."Yes, I heard about the lady cook that went to the authorities" she was a "hero"...the same story from each I spoke to. I would say that info was incorrect I thought the damn media, so screwed up. then this afternoon a friend from Monterrey sent me the video from EL UNIVERSAL TV...with one line "" here is your cook"
    I realized then until I gave the correct information of the 72..none had heard about the Tamps killings...
    When I heard Marisolina's words saying she let her guard down & trusted the Human Rights Comm. & what they determined, I was sicken...THIS is why few people come forth, they can trust no one. Its better to look away even when doing so is destroying the country you love.

  2. That story turned my stomach, theres another one floating around the internet called 'Welcome To Hell', which was just as awful. Human trafficking, that is a dirty business, when it's conducted like this, how can you treat poor people with almost nothing like that? This has nothing to do with drugs, money, or business, and everything to do with savagery, and psychopathic abuse to innocent people, which disgusts me, and I can't understand, how these people can sink so low.

  3. This is fucken good, I am loving it! But it ended without an ending, is there another part forth coing????? It better!

  4. so drug uses in the USA are the cause of this?

  5. "so drug uses in the USA are the cause of this?"

    Get over yourself, there is plenty of blame to go around, be constructive and contribute in some way to end this misery.

  6. mexico is going down the toilet quickly. honestly there is no hope in sight as long as the corruption remains so pervasive. its a shame but the mexican pride runs so deep that they would never allow the us to go in there and exterminate this savagery. its called flase mexican pride and it also calls covering their corrupt governments ass. mexico y the riducule of the world right now.

  7. the zetas are the most cowardice form of species in the world today. they have no soul, no intelligence, no compassion and are the shit of a rat. they are despicable and they would be destroyed so easily if the united states military were to deal with them. as a matter of fact they would most likely leave the country like a bunch of scared little pussies if they had to face a superior people and military zetas can all fuck themselves

  8. why is the us military in afghanistan when they should be in mexico ridding the world of thscumbags?

    1. Because they are in collusion with the government and the cartels.

    2. Because they are in collusion.

  9. If the Mexican gov't really wanted to end this misery, they could. But, as mentioned above, they are more concerned with the truth, and the vast number of politicos and federal law enforcemnent officers who are complicit in the lawlessness and thuggery.

    A phone call to the CIA and/or any "reputable" mercenary org would put "fireants in the pants" of the Zetas, La Familia the Gulf cartel, etc. Then again, the Mexican government could also negotiate with everyone but the Zetas to find a common interest and cooperation much like the PRI of years past.

    Lastly, the U.S. could legalize pot for recreational use and the level of drug smuggling and violence becomes much smaller.

    But, any group of people who believe that they have the strength and power to kill, dismember and burn the body parts of poor, innocent human
    beings must be exterminated or held for public trial and execution by the death penalty. Much cleaner if it's the former.

    Does the Mexican President have the power and influence to do so? I doubt it. Does he have the authority and guts to order it done by those he trusts in his administration and the CIA? We will see. My guess is we will see the Zetas efficiently eliminated over the next several months by their adversaries and other unnamed interests. Brazilians, Chileans, Ecuadorians and Guatemalans alike lost loved ones in Tamulpais in an act of violence that has shocked the entire world.

  10. Corruption controls everything in Mexico. Politics, business, police, military and all levels of government.Only outside intervention by the U.S. could stop it and that is not going to happen. Never. There is no hope for the failed state of Mexico as long as the people accept it.People deserve the government they get.

  11. Sending the US Army down there will do nothing to stop the drug trade. The US needs to legalize drugs, starting with marijuana, or this war will never end.

  12. This story made me feel so sick and I wanted to just hold Marisolina and hug her....
    I want to say I feel your pain and sorrow.
    I am glad you are still alive..

    I hope God gives you the strength to move on with your life after this heart wrenching ordeal. I cannot even begin to imagine what it was like for you (God knows)...

    I pray that God would draw you to himself for he is the only one you can trust completely...only then will you have true fear of death, but hope in the One who gives life...

  13. Mexico "shit hole". Yes blame the U.S. for the lawlessness and carnage in Mexico. Never mind the $50 million plus spent on Mexico's independence parade, that money should of gone towards helping that country's citizens, then maybe they would not have to deal drugs in order to put food on the table.


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