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Friday, August 20, 2010

The Need for an Uprising!

The frustration of the insecurity in Nuevo Leon is manifested through the pain of “el grito” from the people against their own governor Rodrigo Medina.

How much more suffering and misery can a "pueblo" withstand?

All that is needed is an uprising!


  1. Mexico should issue Letters of Marque to private military companies or individuals, and allow them to kill or capture wanted drug cartel members for a bounty. I would also implement a prize court and allow those companies and individuals to keep any seized assets that those cartel members had. Mexico could also take ten percent or more via the prize courts, as a means to fund the bounty system.

    If companies did not follow the guidelines set forth by the license (Letter of Marque), they could be fined or even imprisoned. Better yet, you could put them on the wanted list, and have entire industry turn on them.

    In essence, this type of plan would allow the public to be more involved with the eradication of the cartels. I say allow the police and military to keep pressure on the cartels, but bring in this third component called private industry. The intent is to create an industry out of capturing or killing your enemy.

    The cartels have created an industry off of selling drugs and creating a world of addicts. I say create an industry that profits off the drug cartel's destruction. If Mexico issued Letters of Marque to just Mexicans, then that would mean that only a small fraction of a potential industry would be applied. True large scale destruction of the cartels would require issuing Letters of Marque to those companies and individuals throughout the world that have a proficiency in this type of activity.

  2. hey Matt, that all sounds pretty reasonable to me as one part of a larger strategy to stabilize the whole region...of which would have to include short-term and long term social and economic reforms that help the poor...the downside is all the more killing involved with so many innocents around..

    also can anyone loosely translate what the man is saying? thanks.

  3. Kevin, you are asking for a Spanish translation of Matt's post? I can do it

  4. I have said it from the start what you need is mercenaries. Unfortunately the Mexican people don't have the training to take on the cartels. Although an uprising by the mexican people is what's required. When I was in Iraq that's what the people of Iraq did against the terrorist. They took up arms and patrolled their own streets.

  5. No, I think he was referring to the Youtube video, I can translate it later.

  6. The man on the video is expressing his outrage at the lack of action by the governor and is also demanding that the governor resign. He also says that he is not there to beg for a handout as he is able to work, but that he demands the right thing be done. He also goes on to mention that brave and honorable Mayor Cavazos was loved and respected by many in the town.

  7. Send in Los Pepes!

  8. ¡Ese señor tiene pantalones!

  9. Does anyone know if the governor had been previously advised about the harassment issues towards the mayor by members of organized crime?

  10. Dam it! Where are all the valient, strong, proudful mexicans who would fight to the dead to free a mexico from all this violence and trash! Its hard to believe that all those men can be bought, corrupt,threaten by lowlifes! Where are the mexicans who would cry out Revolution against these cartels!!

    The government of mexico is losing the country!!!! Cant ya see its all going downhill! They are so proud to ask for help they prefer to loose the country to criminals!! Selfish Bastards!!!! All for money and power! Mexico needs another sub commander Marcos in the region of all north of mexico!! A guerilla group made by the mexican citizens. USA is not going to do a dam thing besides throw money at the problem like always!

    pinches webones, Creen q el pinche dinero es felicidad cabrones Narcos, durmiendo con un puto ojo abierto y con miedo que perra vida es esa! La vida de un puto narco ya no pasa de 3 anos menos hoy en dia! Asi que piensele raza antes de querer hacer dinero facil! Crearan un grupo Revoulcionario contra carteles, me mocho un huevo si no vengo apoyarlo! Morir por una causa justa es mejor que morir por maldad! GRitoooo de pazzz!! Viva Mexicooo!!! Muerte a los traidores y carteles!!

  11. Yes, Los Pepes,CIA, that was VERY effective.

  12. The PMC's are already there. Gathering intel and learning the system. The tide will turn in Cd. Juarez, Reynosa,Nuevo Laredo. It's going to be a nice Christmas.

  13. no need for PMC's having a Population of 4.1 million! A man and its Flag die with honer and dignity than a man with a gun and money! Its a matter of time, that the people will rise in the State of N.L!

  14. Let's see... The Mexican Federal Government celebrates that the country today enjoys the highest level of foreign reserves in history: More than U$ 100 billion.

    How much do you think our Blackwater USA or South Africa's celebrated Executive Soulutions would charge for winning Mexico's Drugwar?

    One billion? Two? Whatever! If implemented as Matt suggests further above>>>>this would be a win-win situation!

    All property, goods, inventories and weapons seized...would be treated as bounty

  15. this man has balls...something that many young generations of Mexicans are lacking, it is unbelievable that a group of drug trafficers are imposing their own laws and that the local government does nothing, because they are probably taking advantage of this to swell thier pockets..may god protect the people of Mexico..but only the people can manage a change, not this puppet of government they have that works for the cartels.


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