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Friday, August 20, 2010

The Narco Blockades: Narcobloqueos

Elements of organized crime have used a very effective way to slow down the movement of military forces when attemting to halt sicarios from causing mayhem in cities in the states of Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas. These sicarios have been conducting "narcobloqueos" or "street blockades" to impede the military from reaching some of the shootouts in the cities.

It has been interesting how some of these operatives are able to conduct numerous blockades in the middle of the cities, carjacking big trucks, tractors, buses and regular motorists, to use their vehicles to block main roadways. They use high caliber weapons to take the keys from motorists and use their vehicles as obstacles to block the streets.

How do they get away with such blatant acts?

Here is a video from Televisa where a camera captured heavily armed sicarios highjacking vehicles and blocking a road and, guess what? A state police unit arrives, they see the armed sicarios, who make no attempt to flee, and the police drive away very fast.

Where they afraid to confront the sicarios, or where they accomplices?

It's one or the other, rest assured.


  1. Time for the U.S to start Carpet Bombing a 5 mile wide swath of Mexico from the Pacific to the Gulf. Declare it "No Man's Land" and have it patrolled by C.A.P and armed Predator drones 24X7. Eliminate anything that walks or rolls in that area.

  2. That would be wonderful, but lets be realistic here. There are innocent and good people in these areas. Too bad they are scared of their own shadows.

  3. Much easier for the Mexicans to go to the US and demand free stuff, they are complacent if not complicit in all the crap in Mexico and then bring with them all their ills

  4. Seriously, stop with the mercenary/Blackwater bullshit. We know how ineffective that shit is in Iraq, Afghanistan, and wherever the hell else you assholes like to kill for money. Why don't you just go to Mexico and join a cartel and have your fun that way if you like that line of work so much.

  5. You Americans are something else! I've about had it with your "kill em all" attitude. That's what got you "hated" by most of the world.
    Arrogant idiots!

  6. Its easy to judge us mexicans, but corruption starts in the U.S. Me as an x-con thats lived in both sides have a front row view and perspective of how it should be controled 1 legalize mary jane 2 stop selling assault weapons in the U.S. 3 Send Nato and a special hit squad runned by a large commity suchs a organized group of anti-terror qualifications such as first hand look upon these issues 4 Creat more jobs in Mexico. We mexican are they hardest worker in the face of they world. Have mexican Gov.Open there border morebroder than they are now tomore of aindustrial country .?

  7. blame the mexican

  8. The Mexican drug cartels are able to do this because they are funded by the big economy created by the American drug problem and the hypocritical "War on Drugs" that creates a huge profit in this illegal business. If Americans manned up to the drug problem and legalized drugs to take the production and profit out of the criminals hands it would do everyone a lot of good. But of course corrupted government officials and other interest groups would hate to see their profits go away.


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