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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mexican Army Detains 4 Members of 'La Familia' in Santiago, Nuevo Leon


In an exclusive military operation led by the Mexican Army, military elements stormed a rural residential complex in the municipality of Santiago, Nuevo Leon where they arrested four alleged members of the Michoacan Family (LFM) and seized weapons, communication equipment and vehicles.

This event has been marked as the first time members of the Michoacan Family cartel have been captured in the state of Nuevo Leon.

The detained gunmen were identified as Roberto Ramirez Florian, 24, Jose Dolores Ruiz Plancarte, 27, Victor Hugo Moreno Mendoza, 29, and Francisco Javier Valdez Oliva, 25. Presumably, they have been in the residence for at least a month.
In a press release, the Ministry of National Defense reported that the detainees identified themselves as members of La Familia Michoacana.

Among the weapons seized by the military were five AK-47, 3 R-15, one of which was fitted with a grenade launcher, and one rocket launcher, said to be capable of shooting down a helicopter.

Also seized was a 12 mm gauge shotgun, three 9mm weapons seven 40 mm grenades, a cache of ammunition of diverse calibers, clips, cell phones, and Nextel radios .

Soldiers also found two baseball bats, camouflage uniforms, maps and and discarded grey industrial tape, which lead investigators to believe a kidnapping may have also taken place.


The residence was unkept and in complete disarray, it is presumed it had been forced from it's rightful owners months prior. Blankets, clothing and food was found scattered under a thatched pavilion and in various rooms.




In the garden area the military seized four vehicles, a Sentra, a Toyota, a small cargo vehicle, and a Jetta, all of which had been reported as stolen.


The arrest was made in the Residential complex known as Campestre Rincon de la Boca, located west of mile 11 of the Los Cavazos-San Mateo highway.

A source revealed that based on intelligence reports, the soldiers were conducting a search of the area in efforts to locate various vehicles which were allegedly towards the back of the subdivision.

Around 8:00 pm, the informant said, when they closed in on the complex, they observed, from a distance, a man sitting on top of a tall concrete wall. It was at that moment the soldiers moved into position to storm the residence.

The man, who allegedly was positioned as a "look out", jumped from the wall and alerted the inhabitants which allowed an estimated 17 additional suspects to escape through people through a hole made in the rear property wall.

The informant said although the four detained were armed, there was no exchange of fire, as the suspects immediately threw their weapons to the ground once confronted by the soldiers.

At this time, there have been no official reports regarding a possible connection of this case with the recent kidnapping and execution of the mayor of Santiago, Edelmiro Cavazos Leal.


  1. Good info, I bet they are related to the assassination of the Mayor.

  2. These criminals are pussies. Why did they run when confronted by soilders? Putos sicarios. Porque corrieron?

  3. LFM????? WTF?? I had no clue they were in the area. I cannot believe they are connected to Cavazos murder, I WAS certain it was Los Zetas..or Gulfo, but my bet was Zetas because of the heavy presence and activity by them in Monterrey the past year..

  4. That was a nice bar!

  5. Who put out the hit on the mayor,why? This informant who paid him to finger Familia Machoican? The low level arrests with plenty publicity are typical damage control. No one ever knows the truth about anything in most latin countrys Mexico for sure. Who put the hit ,why.

  6. Ja, Ja, Ja. A bar made up of tree stumps!!! I WANT ONE!!!

    Looks like they're on a pretty crappy diet of pop, stale hamburger buns, crema fresca (bottom right) crackers, frijoles and salsa La Costeña. The wheelbarrow is for entertainment, of course!

    Whats not in the pictures are the recruiting posters announcing accommodations at a "beautiful Mexican open air tropical resort where you will share in an unforgettable and mohicanesque communal adventure!"


    Yea... "WTF" is right. This doesn't feel right to me either...

    Seems like there's an element of misinformation in this report (by the authorities or the detained, deliberate or not); just doesn't any make sense. A "hit" wouldn't be productive; they need all the confederates they can find, and its obvious ECL didn't wanna play along (copera o cuello, or ransom), ...unless it was a ploy to intimidate the populous...

    Some of the leadership folks from Lazaro have publicly disassociated themselves from Zeta/BLO activities. ...Might some of these fucks come from Michoacan? ...Well, that's a whole different story... Aren't Zetas desperate to recruit soldiers; even out of the ranks of the pepenadores at any municipal dump?

    At least one dark, full sized SUV's fitted with strobes would have been nice to find though...

  7. 17 about a helicopter, or surrounding the building first, the narcos just outsmart the authoritys

  8. @Abuela Chivis:

    It is said they have been here for a while, but maintain a very low profile. Many say they are here in support of the CDG, working together to oust the Zetas.

    Many say this is the case in Tamps, but since they have never actually been reported in NL, it's hard to say. Nothing seems as cut and clear as it once was..

    There has been NO connection reported between these LFM and the Edelmiro execution.

    Even if a supposed connection had been announced, it just wouldn't seem to fit.

    Authorities report the detained LFM members have been in Santiago for a month or so..I personally, cannot believe the kidnapping and execution of mayor Cavazos could have been pulled off by "óutsiders", especially being as they would not have had the support of authorities (police) which were already and had been in Z pockets..

    It just wouldn't make since.

  9. @ Ovemex
    exactly my thinking I would be stunned to discover any connection to Edelmiro's murder. There would be not point for the LFM to do it, at least at this time. Now that you have replied about the connection to oust the Zetas. I do remember the alliance between Sinaloa-CDG and I forgot the third but it must be LFM. It is clear now. My city is one of three border towns left in control of the Zetas, they had a counter attack a few months back by Sinaloa which was reported on BB, but it was so weird, just a burst on conflict, buildings burned, chief killed and a couple of kidnappings...then nothing. Since the Zetas held control I am sure round two is not to far off in the future. God help the good people of Mexico..which the majority are.

    My secretary said yesterday was the first time they ran Edelmiro's murder, it in the media, in the town my office is in, but with very limited information.

  10. it would make no sense for LFM or CDG to kill the mayor, it would raise their profile,tarnish the image, remember they are trying to look like the good guys here, no extortion no levantons, just honest traficants trying to get by, more likely la leytra maybe failed extortion? who knows, half of the Z kills make no sense other than trying to spread general terror through the population

  11. Zs did it to poner gorro a LFM, which is in the area not to colonize but to follow through with its commitment to the other cartels to help fight the Zs. It did not take much to out LFM cus theyr new to the area. Remember, chaos helps the Zs more than the cartels, who are trying (poorly) to create an image of good guys vs. bad guys in the war. So it doesn't cost them anything to kill the mayor, while the gain can be substantial, that is, generalized terror and the tarnished image of the guys trying to look good. Retirement plans? You bet they have them, reams at least. It's called negotiations with the Govt.

  12. Here is a new report on the investigation:


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