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Monday, August 30, 2010

La Barbie Arrested

Edgar Valdez Villarreal is said to be the heir to the Beltrán Leyva cartel.
Edgar Valdez Villarreal, aka "La Barbie," heir to the Beltran Leyva cartel, was arrested by Federal Police in the state of Mexico.

According to the news from Carlos Loret de Mola, the alleged capo was apprehended near Toluca.

However, ForoTV Televisa, cites that the arrest took place within the state limits of Morelos and Guerrero.

More information as it becomes available ...

Sources Reporting:
La Jornada

Reuters - Mexico captures "La Barbie" drug trafficker

Mexico captured major drug trafficker Edgar "La Barbie" Valdez on Monday in a second big coup for President Felipe Calderon in his battle against murderous trafficking cartels.

Federal police caught Valdez, a leader of the Beltran Leyva gang based in central Mexico, in a house in a residential area on the edge of the state of Morelos, near Mexico City, a police spokesman told Reuters. He said Valdez put up little resistance.

The attorney general's office also confirmed the U.S.-born smuggler -- nicknamed "La Barbie" for his fair complexion and blue eyes -- was caught alive.

His capture comes on the heels of the killing by Mexican soldiers of another drug boss, Ignacio "Nacho" Coronel, in July.

But Valdez's capture may be seen as an even bigger win for Calderon as Valdez could be extradited to the United States, where he has a $2 million bounty on his head.

"It's a key success. What is very good is that they didn't kill him. That makes a big difference," independent security analyst Alberto Islas said of Valdez's arrest.

Calderon is struggling with growing alarm in Mexico and abroad over his drug war, which has sparked vicious turf battles between rival gangs that have killed more than 28,000 people, mainly traffickers and police, in the 3-1/2 years he has been in power.

The Arrest of La Barbie

The Mexican Federal Attorney General’s Office (PGR) confirmed that members of the Federal Police detained former Beltran Leyva Organization top enforcer, Edgar “La Barbie” Valdez Villarreal. Several Mexican media outlets have reported that the operation that netted Valdez Villarreal took place outside of Toluca, Mexico state, while others have reported that the operation actually took place near the Morelos and Guerrero state borders.

Federal Police had reportedly launched an operation to capture Valdez Villarreal on Aug. 9 at a luxury condominium complex in the Bosque de Las Lomas neighborhood of Mexico City but missed him by a few hours, indicating that the Mexican government was close to capturing him for some time before his arrest.

The arrest of such high-profile and public figure in the Mexican drug-trafficking scene is a huge success for the Mexican government on both a tactical and public relations level.

Valdez Villarreal has been locked in heated battle with his former colleague, Hector “El H” Beltran Leyva, for control over the territory once occupied by the Beltran Leyva Organization under now-deceased leader Arturo Beltran Leyva.

Hector has since gone on to form Cartel Pacifico Sur (CPS) and has been waging war against the former BLO elements loyal to Valdez Villarreal. The arrest of Valdez Villarreal is a tremendous blow to the leadership of his faction of the BLO, and it is unclear at this point who if anyone will take the place of Valdez Villarreal.

Additionally, the detention of Valdez Villarreal also will provide Mexican authorities with a treasure trove of timely, actionable tactical intelligence about his organization’s operations, which could lead to more arrests in the near future. Furthermore, should Valdez Villarreal choose to cooperate with Mexican authorities, he could provide an enormous amount of information about rival organizations as well.

The arrest of Valdez Villarreal also comes at a time when President Felipe Calderon’s war against the cartels has been drawing some negative attention due to the high levels of violence and a recent, ominous escalation in tactics over the past week with increased use of improvised explosive devices.

Valdez Villarreal was well known for his ruthlessness and brutality in dealing with his rivals, and his arrest will be a public relations coup for the Mexican government even though it will do little to quell the violence in places like Juarez and Monterrey.


  1. So was it him or was it not him different sources say it was his right arm man not La Barbie

  2. hope it wasnt him im from Laredo and hes a local legand here we all respect him for standing up to the rapist , kidnapping Zetas the Mex goverment schould go after 40,lazcano and all the trash(Z) and leave the buisness men alone!!

  3. Whether it was really him or not, but there is someone else who will replace him. His drug empire is not falling down into every piece - yet.

  4. Another animal caught and thrown into a cage. Now if
    they would only extradict him back to the US
    we can stick him in the supermax forever!

  5. To Anonymous: He's a legend here?!!?! In whose eyes? I'm from Laredo, and to me he's a criminal not a legend. I have no respect for him, so speak for yourself!

  6. Aww man...I kind of liked Barbie, repping for the US, lol...

  7. he is a legend...

  8. I'm sure he will be sent back to the U.S. because he is a U.S. citizen ans there is no chance he will buy his way out of the Supermax prison in Colorado.

  9. if your also from laredo you schould remeber how it was back in the day when Chacho Garcia and Juve ,Barbie had the Plaza of Laredo and Nuevo Laredo how things were they didnt mess with the ordinary citizens when you could go anywhere in nuevo Laredo with out fear of violence or getting kidnaped i'd much rather these guys run the show than the z !!

  10. He was at Dillards buying that shirt today! hahaha...Moron

  11. His larger track was set up in Mexico. And thus, he should be made to pay in Mexico. DO NOT extradite him to the US. The bland US system would give him a slap on the wrist like the shameful 20 year sentence imposed on Osiel Cardenas. Whom instead of a harsher sentence and sent off to Florence, CO to the Supermax, got sent to a medium secutirty facility on the East.

  12. AWWWW happy at least they didnt kill him.

  13. If this means more peace for the citizens of Guerrero than it was absolutely worth it!
    After Sinaloa and Beltran I think it's Z's turn! :)

  14. That puto is going to be on lock down 24/7 in Supermax. La Barbie aint no Osriel

  15. It doesnt look like him...I dont think its him

  16. His opposed drug lord kingpins probably are LOL at him. They are gonna throw a big party to celebrate the arrest of their enemy. Is he the youngest drug lord kingpin of all in Mexico, isn't he? Did not realise he is from the U.S. Looks like he is going to be jailed in the American prison for many years to come...

  17. Ummm... Coming from a criminal defense background, I don't know if you guys understand the federal sentecing guidelines, but if he is extradited to the U.S. in the future he will not be doing time at Supermax.

    Seriously, if Cardenas Guillen is not there, La Barbie will definitely not be there.

    I'm glad he's in custody though and that he could possibly do time in the states.

  18. Unbelievable how someone can have respect for a narco-terrorist and consider him a legend! He's no "Robin Hood". All he about cared about was flooding the streets with dope and the almighty dollar. Not what I would consider a hometown hero.
    The atrocities Barbie's done in Mexico would easily get him the death sentence if he committed those crimes in Texas.
    Glad they finally caught the worthless sewer rat.

  19. Gay Narco gains respect from local gay in laredo. sounds like a good headline

  20. Calderon announced the capture on TWITTER

  21. Long live El Guero... Aki andamos en Laredo Texas.. Aki sigimos opeeando. Esto se va a quedar asii.. Cuiado con Los dedos y les digo una cosa va a ver mucha gente muerta otra vez

  22. Where and how much time he will do in prison is an irrelevant....the main thing here is that he was caught and it shows a measure of success for the Mexican's still like chipping at a huge rock, but it's a significant chip....this guy's no hero or robin hood....he's just another interesting murderous criminal who is a fascinating character which for better worse will make him a legend...

  23. Really...for post 9:51, this is the kind of people that work with this animal? This is what some of you respect? The only thing criminals like him deserve is all the pain they have caused other people.

  24. Post 10:02 what are you talking about? Not offering any praise or unworthy respect to this guy....just saying it's a fascinating story which will make him become an "infamous" legend none the less

  25. This capture is big,he is a major player, word was he went rogue and he could have taken over alot of areas.He was highly feared.We will see the ripples of this capture in a month or, things could change.

  26. If he was a real man, he would have gone down in a blaze of glory like Nacho and Arturo, he folded up like a coward, how can you have respect for an insect like that?????????

  27. I am amazed to hear words like "legend" attached to this man. He is nothing but a vicious criminal. Talk about preferring him to the Zetas is what has got our country into such a mess in the first place.

    As a country, we buried our heads in the sand, saying that it was ok as long as the crime was only among the cartels and against the US. We Mexicans created these monsters and ignored the corruption in our politicians, military and police.

    This man should be extradited to the US, buut only after our security forces are done with him. Yes, the US will be easier on him at first, but he will never be able to have a cushy life in prison.

    Stop romanticizing these idiots!

  28. string up him by the neck from a telephone pole and go after and kill all of his family members and friends. chop to pieces and burn the properties of all of his business assiciates and friends. burn in hell you fag piece of shit.....enjoy prison...puto..... he will be some BuBBas bitch real soon... death to his family and friends

  29. yes they caught an infamous druglord that happens to be from my hometown and went to school with my brother,i never thought in a million years edgar would become a druglord or ring leader, but never the less there is thousands of other figures from various cartels that are more dangerous and vicious than him, tha president should be proud but has alot of capturing to do but its obvious that he is protecting one cartel or another probably his twins shorty which is the responsible figure for mexico being compared to iraks terroristic tactics

  30. @ Anonymous, August 30, 2010 9:51 PM.
    "Long live El Guero... Aki andamos en Laredo Texas.. Aki sigimos opeeando. Esto se va a quedar asii.. Cuiado con Los dedos y les digo una cosa va a ver mucha gente muerta otra vez"

    Plimero aplende a esclibir mardito!! Eles un analfabeta ilustrado. A Ti y a tus malditos seguidoles en Laledo, Texas les va a Yegar su dia! Como le yego a la puta balbie!

  31. Anonymous (August 30, 2010 at 11:29 PM):

    To answer your question, if the one in custody would have been Hector Beltran Leyva, who do you think would be the potential heir? Clearly, the one who was fighting against the natural heir (Hector Beltran-Leyva): Edgar Valdez Villarreal.

    It was going to go either one way or the other and for now, luck has sided with Beltran Leyva, but we know their history so he won't last too long either.

  32. Well, this was a long time coming, for the past 6 months anyone with any knowledge of all this was predicting his fall, his lieutenants and sicario’s were getting taken down like once a month, and the war with Hector Beltran just exposed him more, I’d guess if he stayed under El H, he would still be free, but the only/first US born ‘kingpin’, (he really just led a faction of a frayed organization) wasn’t going to last long. I don’t know why some people push for the top tier spots, Barbie could have disappeared into southern Mexico, controlling shipments north, avoided the war, but he wanted to be king for a day. His appearance does look a lot different, but usually they do, because of the obscurity and age of the mugshots, most likely. It’s possible he got surgery, he had a lot of enemies, and was making more. The picture is kinda crazy though, he almost looks like a frat boy.

    I’d guess El H and El Grande are pouring shots right now, partying like Tijuana after Muletas and Teo went down.

  33. Valentina,

    Francisco Javier Arellano Felix is a guest at ADX SuperMax prison.

  34. I was rooting for him to succeed, I always am a sucker for an underdog. To bad about El Guero

  35. I think its possible that La Barbie was a sacrificial lamb given to Calderon on behalf of El Chapo if La Barbie really was being backed up by Sinaloa as the article states. An arrest here or the death of a drug lord over there keeps the US pressure off the backs of the administration and the heads of the cartels

  36. La Barbie should count his lucky stars the federal police caught him and not Sergio Villareal "El Grande".


  37. How about dunking him in a 55 gallon drum of acid
    before sending him back to the US? A fate
    so many of his victims were exposed to.
    And for those that look up to him...well you are
    nothing but trash as well!
    You want a hometown hero? Go to the local
    veterans hospital, go shake the hand of an 18 yr
    old walking out a military recruiting office, or better
    yet, go stand in line at the recruiting office!

  38. "The bland US system would give him a slap on the wrist like the shameful 20 year sentence imposed on Osiel Cardenas"

    20 years isn't a slap on the wrist, and the idea that he would be better punished in Mexico than the US is ludicrous.

  39. I am amazed by some of the commits,there should be no successors only the capture and imprisonment of all drug cartels, burning of marajuna fiels, providing a better life for the youth such as more jobs,better pay,medical. Restructure of the government, Hey about putting tracking devices on all drug cartels that way when you let them play at night someone knows where they are at. Maybe some faith and a love of God, all this horrific killings is the Devils work.

  40. La Barbie was Arturo's right hand man, he was a big boss on the Beltra-Leyva cartel. When Arturo was killed, both La Barbie and Hector Beltran-Leyva wanted to the top dog post and went to war against each other in dispute.

    How can La Barbie be fighting the Beltra-Leyva cartel when he is a boss of the Beltran-Leyva cartel? Although if he had managed to defeat "El H" the name of the cartel would probably had changed.

  41. choices a "bland" US justce system or a inept and corrupt Mexican justice & prison system......point is he's caught and finished.

  42. "I think its possible that La Barbie was a sacrificial lamb given to Calderon on behalf of El Chapo if La Barbie really was being backed up by Sinaloa as the article states."

    Good point, that is the rumor for Nacho as well.

  43. A million more Texans ready to take his place they people calling him gay probably wouldnt be saying that if he wasnt in custody he was a hitman first before he controlled a plaza then his own organization.

  44. En el mes de Julio se escucharon muchos rumores que El Guero consentido de Nuevo Laredo ya habia caido en las manos de la ley. Aqui en Guerreo estamos contentos que ya cayo ese mal agresor pero la mata no para aqui sigue otro en su lugar. Por lo mucho tambien se dice que no es Edgar Villarreal alias La Barbie el que tienen detenido segun es un doble o persona pagada. Segun La Barbie tiene mucho resfuerzo de seguridad disponibles a protejerlo. Dicen que lo raro que si si es Edgar, se extrana que no hubo resistencia mayor. Para mi que no es el verdadero Barbie a quien tienen en sus manos habra que verificar las huellas digitales, estoy seguro que Estados Unidos lo hara.

  45. "Plimero aplende a esclibir mardito!! Eles un analfabeta ilustrado. A Ti y a tus malditos seguidoles en Laledo, Texas les va a Yegar su dia! Como le yego a la puta balbie!"

    Pot meet the kettle. Y acusas a otros de no saber escribir?

  46. Si es lo que se dice Edgar ya estaba en las manos de la ley.....todo esto es para tapar el dedo con el sol. Edgar es estadounidense y se le tiene que llamar al consulado americano para que el FBI o DEA esten presentes durante el interrogatorio. El gobierno mexicano lo capturo y lo tenia detenido para sacarle la sopa y no alarmar a carteles contras. Ahora lo ponen en una casa y el ejercito dispara unos cuantos cartuchos y dicen que capturaron al Edgar y sale un militar con Edgar esposado. Si le hubieran caida a Edgar como dicen que le llegaron hubiera habido muertos y lesionados en el grupo del Edgar. Miren lo que paso con Nacho Coronel le dieron duro. Todo huele mal...todos estan caendo menos el Chapo...o Lazcano

  47. This is not as deep as the rabbit hole goes..
    There is something waiting just around the corner..
    I think that in the next few weeks, we the people will be informed or lied to about a certain situation, that or another big fish is going down the toilet..
    That smirk and grinn he had on his face, was not normal.. That laugh is not an anxious or scared smirk, he knows something.. It's almost like he's letting everyone know..
    Either he was not supposed to live through the operation or he is still holding something that will make a difference..

    You guys, don't think that beecause he was caught alive that he is not as tough as the other drug dealers.. lol
    Arturo B. was murdered.. He was not caught in the crossfire, he was set up and caught off guard..
    He was shot right infront of the front door, which is not a very smart position to be standing in a firefight..

    In my opinion.. Arturo was set up by La Barbie..
    La barbie was his #1 man, and he was not there when arturo fell.. There is no way that the Boss would not get away, but Edgar would... He was not there to begin with..

    I can only imagine if this guy still has another Ace on his hand..

  48. Je,JE,JE,Je at 9:51. Crime does not pay. Imagine having all the money you can spend, having anything you want. But sooner or later you will be killed by your competition or the law. You're always hiding, looking over you back,wondering when the law is going to kick the door open while you are asleep. That's not a way to live. I have more respect for a man that works a 9 to 5 job and earns his living honestly. Have you all noticed how all of the gatieros,sicarios, pushers, etc. are all dressed? Todos aparesen garientos,barbudos, y cochinos. Los mismos cateles no les pagan,y si les pagan,es una miseria. No les dan de tragar,pero la mala vida no la dejan. Pendejos!

  49. August 31, 2010 7:55 AM
    Anonymous said...

    "Plimero aplende a esclibir mardito!! Eles un analfabeta ilustrado. A Ti y a tus malditos seguidoles en Laledo, Texas les va a Yegar su dia! Como le yego a la puta balbie!"

    Pot meet the kettle. Y acusas a otros de no saber escribir?

    Hello? Se me hace que lo hizo a proposito...agarra la honda. LOL!!

  50. @VI

    If he cuts a deal... part of the deal w/ FBP potentially can put him in a cushy med security prison...however he can go to supermax such as colorado or pelican, living solo and not seeing the light of day..the FBP and Fed prosecutors have this option as part of any deal...
    re: Abrego
    re: Cardenas

  51. Frank:

    There are a couple of Latin American guys at Supermax; most of them are there because they are major flight risks or extremely resourceful and obviously dangerous.

    Another guy that’s been at Supermax since the mid-1980s is Honduras’ Matta-Ballesteros, unfortunately for him I was only 4-years-old when the U.S. government illegally extradited him in order to prosecute him. Instead, he ended up with my father as one of his lawyers and the only judge that denied signing any extradition order. I would have done a better job on his case, internationally and otherwise. Too bad for him, he doesn’t even see the light of day (except for an hour a day). I honestly think his federal case was botched up and Felix Gallardo sold him out.

    Anyway, as the BB noted, Cardenas Guillen cut a plea agreement, basically agreeing to provide future testimony regarding other cases, if needed of course, providing the U.S. government information regarding other cartels (I’m sure Guzman Loera is quite appreciative of that little detail) and promising to be a good boy – not attempting to escape back to Mexico (stuff like that). That’s why he’s not at Supermax. Guzman Loera on the other hand, if he’s ever caught and extradited, he will definitely end up with the big boys at Supermax.


    I NEVER thought about that, because I don’t know much about him, but it’s totally plausible – why else would he be at war with Hector Beltran-Leyva?

    It makes a lot of sense and sheds light on his opportunist nature.

  52. This is not the real Ken Barbie or he had plastique surgery

  53. This criminal "La Barbie" was captured on Monday,August 30 in the afternoon in Mexico and by later that afternoon he had already hired a Houston lawyer,Kent Schaffer,to represent him. Is that fast or not? His defense attorney stated that his client was on the run and knew time was running out. His attorney stated "You die, get caught,or spend your life looking over your shoulder".

  54. J (August 31, 2010 at 1:10 AM):

    I totally agree, he looks like a frat boy that's been eating late at night and partying too much for his own good.

    I never really payed any attention to him, he seemed too disloyal, given the fact that he was at war with Hector Beltra-Leyva, but like RiseMakaveli pointed out, La Barbie may have been Arturo's downfall, afterall.

    Seriously, why would he be at war with Hector, knowing that he's Arturo's brother and the natural heir to the Beltran-Leyva cartel. Valid points to reflect on.

  55. Santiago-Del Rio:

    Thanks for the update!

    It's sounds like his defense is getting ready for a probable extradition to the U.S. and they are already laying out the groundwork for a plea agreement.

  56. I have a theory. Someone touched on it earlier.

    I do believe that in the weeks ahead, the drug war 'successes' of Calderon will appear to pick up a head of steam. More and more 'successes' will appear in the headlines. It will give the appearance that the war is being won.

    Meanwhile, behind the scenes, a de facto legalization will take place. The public face will be that the government is still fighting the drug war. The reality will be that cartels will be given the slack they had before in exchange for less violence.

    The public and the world will see less violence and believe that progress has been made.

    Politically this will be good for Calderon. It will also be good for cartels.

    The violence and jockeying between cartels might still go on for a while. But I am sure that some sort of arrangements could eventually be made.

    Everything will appear as it did before. Just all love and roses.

    Am I wrong in thinking this way?

  57. I forgot to add that it also seems like he's willing to talk and cooperate before a plea agreement has been offered, in fact, before he's even on U.S. soil.

    When a criminal defense attorney states anything along those lines, basically admitting that he’s guilty (because he's on the run and has to look over his shoulder), they are not playing defense, they are playing offense, which translates to: I'm not planning to go to trial. I'm hoping to plea this out.

    Does anyone want to place any bets? That he's going to fold before he even sets foot on U.S. ground.

  58. Chivis (August 31, 2010 at 9:23 AM):

    Sorry, Chivis, I didn't read your comment until now, because I was responding to Frank's comment first.

    But, yeah, from what Santiago-Del Rio posted, it sounds like he's hoping to cooperate and get a good deal with the U.S. government, which will definitely gurantee him a ticket to doing less time and being transferred to a Medium or a Low security prison - no Supermax for him.

  59. @ 9:56

    I would say that is prob very close to what is taking place behind closed doors. Seems like Guzman's friends and business partnes have a nasty habit of being arrested or executed by the Mexican Armed Forces. Move over Osiel Cardenas; El Chapo is the real "Mata Amigos"

  60. Good job ,good work,One by One the process is slow, everything in Mexico is ultra-slow but progress is being made, Calderon deserves respect he has made the first real effort to force Mexico out of the dark ages, and should have the full support of all responsible Mexicans.

  61. Chapo doesn't walk on water, close, but he doesn't. Everytime someone goes down it's not because Chapo gave them up, or set them up, it's possible in a few cases, but every time, you guys are killing me. Chapo and Barbie have little ff not nothing to do with each other, they most likely haven't seen each other in years, and only vaguely know about each other's whereabouts thru rumor and light intelligence work.

    La Barbie was a big target for awhile, and the war with El H didn't help, wars are messy, and expose you and the people under you, his guys were getting arrested every month it seems. RiseMakaveli, maybe you are onto something, and I always read and respect your posts, but as far as the mugshot? Posturing. A lot of them have that little cocky smirk, it's just a front, it doesn't necessarily mean a conspiracy is lurking in the shadows. But, yeah, Barbie probably will give up everything he knows, and more, because for one, he seems like the type, and two, they all do,more or less. He just has the same arrogant smirk he's had for the last ten years, it's part of self awareness about your 'celebrity' status.

  62. What is very interesting is the same day Barbie was caught, it was announced El Tubi (considerado por policías ministerial de Nuevo León como el de “mayor capacidad de fuego”, después de Edgar Valdez, La Barbie (otro de los famosos sicarios y reclutadores de asesinos de El Chapo que actualmente combate la plaza de Nuevo Laredo), mostraban su poderío en la región.) will be released after serving only 5 years.

  63. Valentina: What did you mean by "if you understood the fed. sentencing guidelines you would know he won't do time at supermax?"

    I'm not a lawyer, unfortunately my past record ("moral turpitude" because of past drug offenses) kept me from getting accepted to any law schools despite my excellent GPA and above average LSAT. However, I do have a good understanding of the law through dealing with it myself, having many friends in prison, and what little undergrad schooling I had in it.

    With that said, I would say the federal sentencing guidelines would be THE thing he should be fearing. Case in point: Salvador Magluta from Miami. One of the most significant traffickers in the USA in the 70's/80's. However, never CONVICTED of any trafficking or murder; he was acquitted (yes I know he bribed jurors, but regardless...). His only conviction? Petty money laundering. Now, where most people would get maybe 20 years MAX for this, he ends up with 205 years. Why? I'm sure you know the answer: federal sentencing guidelines. Since the judge in the case, despite what the jury said, decided he WAS guilty of drug trafficking and having witnesses murdered, he sentenced him accordingly rather than just for his money laundering conviction.

    I think the federal sentencing guidelines and the federal system in general are a load of shit. It's stacked against the defendant any way you look at it in my opinion. Shit that would never fly in state courts is fair game in federal.

  64. I hear ya J but if you look at the pics of Barbie on BDN you will see that he is practically laughing out loud at the situation, I obviously don't know for sure but it does raise suspicions for collusion between the Mex Gov and Sinaloa. For that matter it would make sense that he may have been working with Chapo's organization recently, if Hector's BLO and Los Zetas are working together then, La Barbie would come running back to Chapo with his tail between his legs. And Chapo, knowing that Barbie is in a weakened state due to his war with BLO could have seen him as a card he could play to put to rest the idea that Calderon is in the pocket of CDS. This logic could also be applied to Nacho who wasn't at the top of his game when he was killed.

    One thing is for sure, You don't arrest or kill a member of the top echelon of ANY cartel without someone on the inside of the criminal organization selling that person out.

  65. Forgot one thing...I guess I should note that Magluta is in Florence High, not ADX.

  66. That's Mexico's criminal justice system for ya!

    Highly ineffective and seemingly careless.

  67. So then does anyone wonder what happened during that 12 hours plus shootout in Veracruz yesterday? That drama resembles more of what could have resulted in the capture of a kingpin but the story we're getting lacks substance. I know the CDG was involved according to some forums, but I wonder if there was any correlation. We aren't getting the whole story and we're having to settle for it.

  68. @ VI
    I would rather he get a soft ride, but not short, IF he gives powerful info in return. Always in my gut I felt he had this confidence that either way his road turned he had something vaulable to make asure it is an easy ride...e.g. cartel power/informant..

    Not important but....I think he is very unattractive & don't get the hype...but Mx are still color preference & give extra points for fairness maybe that is it..

    It SEEMS TO ME that there is a cluster of leader level busts going on the past few days ...but has been dwarfed by other news there is so much...
    e.g. El Pelon...( that is a mean looking bastard) was arrested in Monterrey...the leader of Z's there and responsible for the tech deaths

    WTF???? I hate that!! Possibly witnesses (victim) chose not to cooperate? as usual? Something I am unclear of, is there witness protection of any type? can witnesses testify via remote? in shadow? Problem is the extended families are in jeopardy...what a merry go round..

  69. Here are several arrest photos; everyone of them he has that same arrogant-confidant look

  70. By all the comments La Barbie capture is a big deal. He has served as a top lieutenant in 2 major drug organizations and was at the head of his own organization. He has been working in this business for over ten years and by all accounts earned a degree of status and success. In this dangerous business it does take something to make it as far he did with others trying to kill you and put you in jail.

  71. Looks like Colombian authorities were making simultaneous moves against Barbie and his clan. They just announced the arrest of 11 of Barbie's Colombian links:

  72. The way things work..

    Although we have allies in this war, there is no such thing as friends.. to this day I am concrete that there is some sort of understanding between the government, or atleast some of the head government officials (calderon) and the Sinaloa Cartel..

    In all coalitions there is collateral damage. If you have millions of eyes on you, no matter what, you always have to throw a couple of fish on the grill just to keep them happy.
    Just because Nacho worked for Sinaloa and he was killed, does not mean that there was no allegiance between them. Sacrifices have to be made, and sometimes people stop being useful..

    Like I have always stated..
    Don’t believe the hype..
    There is no such thing as a war on drugs..
    It is simply a change in dictators. They are switching chairs, they took out of the map those that where the weakest.. Overpowered the strongest and are changing alignment.
    I wish people understood how this guys worked, and how they see the bigger picture.

    What people have to understand is that this goes way beyond Mexico.
    A lot of people in the US are making a lot of money from this drug transactions..
    Politicians, and I wouldn’t be surprised if government branches the same.
    It is a fact that at some point (I wouldn’t be surprised if it was still happening) the CIA (US Government under some fictitious alias) was making a lot of money off the drug and gun trade.

    Nothing in Mexico happens Random.. The fucking animals of the Zetas have already infiltrated the Mexican military.. They know precisely where and when the military blockades and their routes are. It either has to be some extreme mistake that someone didn’t listen and took a wrong turn, or approved by somebody when the military encounters this guys. CDG are rarely caught in firefights with the military, it is mostly the Zetas.. The Zetas are the cockroaches being exterminated.

    All this guys are the same. There is no Cartel that cares more about the people than they do their money.

    Mexico has a solution but would require extreme measures, extreme self sacrifice and a complete turn around of government. That or as simple as a fucking Civil War.

  73. it ain't real till they get chapo

  74. @ Chivis:

    Something is way off...between his smirk and El Tubi's sudden absolution. I guess we'll just have to wait for the other shoe to drop.

    As for witness protection, there is Federal protection, but I don't think that really says much..

    Look what happened to Jesus Zambada Reyes.(son of EL Rey Zambada and nephew of El Mayo Zambada) He supposedly hung himself with his shoe strings..(Suicide or "suicided"????) after turning (or being turned) state witness and accepting federal protection.

  75. It's not a movie..
    People don't withstand and not turn because they are "tough"..

    95% of this guys break.
    This guys use inhuman torture (this guys as in the mexican government/military)

    There have been several cases of people being caught by the military, arrested then turning up dead..

    Why would they hold back? To protect worthless scum who would sell their own mother for a couple of kilos? This guys are a lot smarter than that, this is not a video game, and pride and honor is worth nothing in their game. It's all about thinking ahead and premature moves. Fuck before you're fucked over because once they've got you bend over against a table with your pants down, there is no doubt in my mind that anyone here reading this would not in a heartbeat scream "uncle"

  76. @ Ovemex

    I agree...reports were that he was actually laughing, giggling or smirking as authorities presented him to the press. Some missing link here...US was called in to assist as Mx became frustrated on so many near misses. US has been on the capture for 6 wks...

    something is up...does this look like a worried dude? He is laughing! as you say we shall see

  77. Good articles, more informative at least...

  78. Yeah, a lot of them, turn before the torture/interrogation though, I'd guess. A lot to do with thinking these guys are the people of their corridos, and they aren't. And I think you guys are reading too much into the smirking, although that one video he is almost laughing, it's like getting in trouble in school when you were a little kid and having the same look when the principal/teachers caught you, or whatever.

    I doubt anyone made a deal to turn in Barbie, in exchange for some Zeta has been from five years ago. Maybe Barbie is just confident he'll go to the US and be a protected witness, relocate to witness protection.

  79. If you think about it, the Mex Gov is becoming the PR machine FOR the cartels.

    Set up a puppet (Calderon), to look like he is there to make a difference in the war on drugs, have him go out there and scream till he is blue in the face about national security and let him loudly denounce the cartels. Offer up a few of your own guys as something to show the ever stupid public here in the US that yes, there is a War on Drugs and WE ARE WINNING!

    But really all it this is just the grease that keeps the wheels turning, You have to lose some people to pretend like there is a system and a guy running the show; and most of all none of the leaders of the Cartels would EVER want legalization of any drugs and would PREFER to the DEA and FBI to keep fighting the war on drugs, it makes it a more profitable game.

  80. John, you just stepped into my territory. And I don’t mean that in a confrontational way, at all. I mean, you just brought up Magluta and Falcon, federal cases I’m extremely familiar with (being a MIA native).

    First, the federal sentencing guidelines can work for you and against you, because if you’re wrongfully prosecuted you’ll have to deal with the minimum to maximum amount of time that you’re sentenced to. As you may already know, if you’re convicted or if you enter into a plea agreement (the cowardly thing to do), you’re looking at 85% of your sentence. Guilty or not, you’re going to do hard time, the accommodations are better than state prisons, but the negative is that you’re not going to get off for good behavior, you’ll only be able to cut your time by getting into a drug program, I think you get a year off (at most) for the drug program.

    As for Magluta, and Falcon for that matter, he had the misfortune of getting assigned to the worst federal judge in the Southern District of Florida. What she did was wrong and unethical, had she relied on the federal sentencing guidelines, as you stated, Magluta would have been looking at potentially doing 20 years, which would have been more than reasonable for money laundering. Instead, she threw the book at him, which was pointless because by the time he was convicted he was in his 50s and he’s probably going to last, at most, 20 to 30 years in federal prison. He’s certainly not going to serve the 195 years she sentenced him to, that’s ridiculous. What she did was sentence him for crimes that he had previously been acquitted for; I know that many of the criminal defense attorneys were outraged, because the prosecution has leverage in federal court, so this was clearly a bias stance.

    I do agree with you on many points, but I also agree that the federal government has to do their job (and they have far more control and influence than the states do), so I understand why it’s a challenge to practice criminal defense in federal cases and why most defendants don’t stand a chance in hell. But I know that there are many cases (case law) that have served in protecting individual rights and I feel good about that. I have my personal reasons why I would only practice defense and not prosecution, one of them being that there is an overrepresentation of minorities in the criminal and juvenile justice systems.

  81. This comment has been removed by the author.

  82. I agree; I would have never been a prosecutor if I would have made it that far. I never had any dreams of working at a white-shoe firm and racking in the millions as a senior partner every year (ok, well maybe I dreamed about it once or twice). My passion was always for criminal defense. As you mentioned the overrepresentation of minorities, as well as other reasons was were my logic lied in that. I'm sure your familiar with the biggest example of that of all with the 5g of crack gets you 10 MMS whereas 500g of powder gets you the same MMS. Gee, I wonder who that law affects the most? Thankfully the Obama admin. is trying to change that ridiculousness.

    Back to Magluta; yes it was absurd giving him that sentence. I've actually written to him in Florence High and he wrote back to me. That sentence and where he is at has broken him, as I'm sure it has many before him. He misses his family (especially his daughter) greatly and recognizes he won't ever see them grow up except through prison visits. I try to avoid talking about all that; he seemed more willing to talk about my questions regarding his powerboat racing than anything else.

    He lived a pretty extravagant lifestyle; if you've ever seen his house at 98 La Gorce in Miami then that's just one example of what I mean. And if not for the sincerity I can see in his words I would assume it's just that lifestyle he misses. But it is so obvious he is most hurt by being away from his family and knowing it will be for the remainder of his life bar some miracle. He had a 2255 motion due on 4-27-10 but obviously that did not go as hoped.

    Anyways, good to hear from someone who has similar interests as me.

  83. RiseMakaveli:

    I beg to differ. I have many friends doing multiple decade sentences in both state and federal prisons who did not snitch on their friends. I agree that MOST people would; but to say everyone does is not the truth. Some people take words like "loyalty" very, very seriously.

    No need to throw names of my friends since their cases aren't "celebrity" status, but I'll mention someone else I stay in contact with: Demetrius "Big Meech" Flenory, leader of the Black Mafia Family. He pleaded guilty to CCE charge, didn't cooperate whatsoever, took the 30 year sentence. Which at 36 years old is damn near a life sentence. So did his brother, Terry "Southwest T" Flenory, as well as his second in command, Chad "J-Bo" Brown (J-Bo got a 15 year sentence).

    I understand the point you are trying to make: that most people in that world would sell their own family out not to go to jail. However, not everyone is like that. You can call it mis-placed loyalty if you like, but I don't see it that way.

  84. I'm sorry John, but there is a big difference between being jailed in the US, and being jailed and interrogated in Mexico.

    I'm pretty sure that anybody could agree to this. Besides looking at more time, in mexico.. You can pretty much die during the torture investigation.

  85. Holy shit! 85 comments! Good stuff, I just finished reading every one of them.

  86. , he knew his day was numbered ,so ,he just saved himself, he will be exdradited to the usa , cut a deal and go to witness protetcion, pretty smart end game

  87. i want to do his movie deal and book, what a story

  88. The ending was pretty anti climatic, but the beginning, middle and near end would be great. I'm guessing there won't be any great movies about Mexico's drug lords for 50 years or so, 'Traffic' was the last one I can think of. There would def. be some great stories though. And, yeah, people don't always cooperate here, but in Mexico they can do whatever they want to you, some are legitimate 'tough guys', but torture is torture. and some like La Barbie, I suspect aren't that tough and cooperate before a finger is laid on them.

  89. Who’s his lawyer for the 2255 motion? Do you know?

    I think Black represented him during the money laundering case; actually I’m not sure, I’ll check on Pacer, but I think it was him and he’s definitely one of the best defense attorneys in the nation, so it would have been difficult to prove negligence on his part.

    Either way I think his motion wasn’t going to work out to begin with, not with his judge. There was no way it was going to be effective, she would have never reversed his sentence.

    Did she deny him a hearing? Or did the judge file an order?

    He can always file an appeal with the Eleventh Circuit and if that doesn’t work he can take it up to the Supreme Court, but I don't think he has a chance to do that now, if the hearing was in April. But if he still has time to object, the only road block he’ll have deal with is Justice Thomas. I believe he’s in charge of granting/denying the petitions for writ of certiorari in the Eleventh Circuit. Which is not a good thing, because Justice Thomas kinda falls asleep during oral arguments (and he rarely asks questions, it seems as though he makes up his mind before the hearings), so you can imagine what he probably does with the petitions for cert – Denied.

    As to RiseMakaveli’s statement, I think what he meant was that most of these guys are not stand-up guys. And I agree with him (Rise) that it doesn’t take someone a day to decide they are going to brake off from their organization. That takes time and Edgar Valdez Villarreal's intentions were pretty clear after Arturo Beltran-Leyva was out of the picture. Had he been loyal to Arturo, he would have been loyal to Hector. But it didn't play out that way and I don't doubt he's going to serve everyone up on a silver platter. According to his defense attorney's statement, it sounds like he's going to do just that, as soon as he's extradited to the U.S.

    Back to the states and the federal cases here, I recall researching all of the federal cases in Southie (South Boston) and while all of Bulger’s lieutenants and enforcers were cutting deals with the government; there was only one guy who stood his ground and didn't cave in, his name’s John Shea (very much a stand-up guy, he did his time and didn’t back down – I respect that). His book is pretty good, a lot of insight on federal prisons and crime in South Boston. Excellent read.

    Feel free to email me if you ever need anything.

    All the best,


  91. Amen to 5:20AM post! I couldn't have said it better. So true that alot of the morons that are posting that criminals like these are "legands" (sic) try legends with an E, but anyway, are too dumb to realize how much hurt and damage they do not only to eachother but to society as a whole. Now I have to fear having my truck stolen at gunpoint because these thugs have the weapons and all I want to do is drive my hard working ass to Mexico for a family visit? WRONG! I don't feel sorry for them and they should be put down like the savages they are. This will set a precedent for those like la Barbie and aleviate the overcrowding in the jails here in the U.S. and the temptation for bribery in Mexico.

  92. It seems more and more like he just cut a deal to turn himself in...There were no millions of dollars found with him, no shoot out, no real information..Seems like it was pretty cut and dry, in the end.

    I think he's probably smiling about what he's gonna be saying when he gets back in the U.S., how much damage he'll be able to inflict from there, where he will be untouchable..

    I dont know anything about law, but I would assume, like Osiel, the most he could be charged with is trafficking, no torture, kidnapping, mutilations, mass executions....

    If Osiel, being who he is, got 25 years, what do you really think Barbie would get after wheeling and dealing the judges.

  93. RiseMakaveli: Ah, I see; I guess I forgot when replying that you were referring to Mexican rather than American "justice".

  94. I am sure that the next to fall will be La Lazca Lazcano or Tony Tormenta or even Dani El Peinado!" I am surprised Hector Beltran hasn't been caught yet!

  95. @ J
    Bad analogy! JAJA

    yes he did double over and laugh aloud at one point. The Fed police commisioner is fielding Qs about it... interestingly shrinks worldwide incl president of the assoc. psychiatrists (Mx) are saying he is displaying ideoafectiva or sociopathic behaviors with the laughing etc. It is very odd...but I still think more is to come the story is young...

    not so important, but an oddity

  96. you know when he is safe inside the usa he is gonna be every cartels worst nightmare..telling it all

  97. As a former soldier, which served in Iraq. I find it amusing that "LA BARBIE" is viewed as a celebrity. The solution is to kill all these people and put the fear into the one's that kidnap, behead, kill other in Mexico. When the violence spreads into Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. Then will the American public know the true meaning of fear. No, law enforcement is ill prepared to deal with the zeta's and el cartel del gulfo and the arsenal that the cartel have.

  98. "LA BARBIE" a celebrity! those of you that believe that should go to Mexico and join the zeta's or el cartel del golfo and find out what its like to be a celebrity. The only issue is whether or not if you have the balls to actually do it it or if it's all talk? Ya, you're are weak and upset but it changes very little to the fact that it all talk and your only response is to post some tough comments and do nothing at all.

  99. 8:23...No u want people to join the cartel or is it to kill cartel nacos to prove BB commentators are tough? So comfused!

  100. Ovemex makes a good point, La Barbie's voice is on the video when a Zeta is shot in the head with a revolver with black trash bags taped up so behind him and three other cohorts next to him. they never had anything like that on Osiel

    I just heard his interrogation on the news. He claims to have met personally with Chapo, El Zaul And El Mayo.

    And his house is hooked up! Should be on MTV Cribs.

  101. Anonymous (August 31, 2010 at 7:56 PM):

    Anonymous (August 31, 2010 at 7:56 PM):

    I'm very appreciative that you guys protect the U.S. and all, but executing someone without a fair trial and denying them due process is the same as being barberic.

    Some of the comments mentioned that the guy stood up against Los Zetas and perhaps that is why they were okay with him being around. This isn't a witch trial - lets be civil.

    He's going to be extradited and he's more important to the U.S. alive than dead, because the he's probably going to negotiate a plea agreement and that's going to work well for the U.S. Is he going to sell everyone out? Absolutely, if Cardenas Guillen did, he will too. He probably won't even bother going to trial.


    As for everyone else, debating whether the guy is a sociopath or just cocksure of himself... Watch the Youtube video and mute it, he's was probably in shock shortly after being arrrested and reality is sinking in, as the cameras flashes are going off.

    He's fidgety (he keeps touching his brow and moving his legs), clearly nervous, again, reality sinking in. And he's laughing, because he's try to regain his composure. People laugh when they are nervous, it's your nervous system trying to produce endorphins in order to relax you.

    And, not to make him sound weak, but he's moving his tongue around and swallowing his saliva - his nervous system is trying to regain control.

    Body language people, it's easier to read than Dante Alighieri's La Divina Commedia in Italian.


    As for the consipracy theories about Guzman being involved... Seriously, if a cow gets arrested everyone blames Guzman. Of course, the cow was set up by Guzman - that's the only possible explanation. As if one is actually needed.

    La Barbie had more people to worry about, and Guzman probably figured that Hector would cancel him out, anyway.

  102. Local hero my fukin nut sack!!!!!!!!! People from laredo don't praise this puta aguada what the fuck has this bitch done for u ??? Richard Faz is a stupid fukin loser who is the black barbie..........le gustta que las viejas le vean cara de pendejo.

  103. Valentina, so you believe that these people deserve due process. Having fought the Global War on Terror on mulitple deployments I can say that the fear of prosecution will not stop these thugs, which kill to satisfy the need to intimidate the Mexican public and have no remorse. Ask any soldier, which has served in a combat zone and has become accustomed to the violence if they feel and remorse for killing. Do the cartels fear prosecution or the Mexican Goverment. The only way to defeat the cartels is make the cartels fear the Mexican goverment and the military. I agree with you on the issues of due process but this thinking will not stop the violence.

  104. Edgar Valdez Villarreal is giveing a PRESS CONFERENCE on the NEWS right now!

  105. The overly simplistic kill everyone approach is not a logical, or plausible, or intelligent idea, and I'm tired of hearing it. I like the breakdown about Barbies body language, it makes a lot more sense then he's smirking because he gave himself up, or he has more cards to play, there is NO guarantee that dude is going to the US, none, they might just throw him away down in Mexico City for 20 years. And yeah, like I said earlier, the Chapo conspiracy theories hold little to no water, that man is running his own empire, not worried about La Barbie running around Cuernavca. Sinaloa was barely engaging Arturo Beltran, much less Hector.

  106. Yes he is on Galavision

  107. J, So what is the solution to the problem? As for not being logical, plausible or intelligent think outside the box and provide a solution not that it's not plausible or logical. Do the cartels fear the military or the goverment. so how do strike fear into the cartels? How did the USA deal with AL-QAEDA?? By hiding in our homes and pretending that everything will be okay.

  108. Anonymous (August 31, 2010 at 9:36 PM)

    Of course I believe in due process, I believe that everyone deserves a fair trial (guilty or not), including the guy that mugged me in 2006 and the men responsible for my sister's home invasion earlier this year.

    Our criminal justice system in the U.S. wouldn't work otherwise, granted, it's already a little on edge. And building millions of prison and locking everyone up is not going to work either. Not here and not in Mexico, although I am adamant that Mexico has a long way to go; I don't give up hope for Central America.

    Anonymous (August 31, 2010 9:58 AM):

    You saw it too? What was he saying about the Colombians?

    La Barbie's press conference will be on the BB soon, within a couple of hours.

    It was on Noticieros Televisa this evening.

  109. I think his smile is a nervous one, he looks uncomfortable and his eyes are getting watery that's why he puts his head up. Well at least that's what I think because when I get nervous I smile a


    Again he looks nervous and uncomfortable.

  110. Tired of hearing it. My god listen to yourself. Lets just sit back and do nothing and hide our heads in a hole and it will go away.

  111. The 5:20am post says it all!!

  112. Listen to yourself, 'just kill them all', 'hang them from the town square', you act like the level of violence and bloodshed has been going on for 20 years now, it hasn't, it will even out eventually, some organizations will lose, some will win, some live, some die, but the violence will die down. There will always be powerful cartels in Mexico, thats just the way it will be, in my opinion. You military reactionary types just want easy, and violent solutions, knee jerk reaction type of thing. And, about how did US react with Al Quaeda? To me, poorly, started a misplaced and misguided war in Iraq, and made a mess of Afghanistan. We got out pound of flesh though, and thats apparently what counts to you guys.

  113. From El Paso Times - Part 1
    Mexico captures reported drug lord 'the Barbie'
    By MARK STEVENSON and PAUL J. WEBER Associated Press Writers
    Posted: 08/31/2010 12:54:39 AM MDT

    Click photo to enlargeFederal Police escort Texas-born fugitive Edgar Valdez... ((AP Photo/Alexandre Meneghini))«1234»MEXICO CITY—A former Texas high school football player and petty street dealer who allegedly rose to become one of Mexico's most savage assassins became the third major drug lord brought down by Mexico in less than a year, and could provide intelligence on even bigger kingpins.
    Edgar Valdez Villarreal, known as "the Barbie" for his fair complexion and green eyes, grinned broadly Tuesday as police described a life of luxury and violence that made a battleground of central Mexico, where he waged a war for control against his slain boss's brother.

    The 37-year-old Valdez faces charges in three U.S. states for trucking in tons of cocaine. As a U.S. citizen living illegally in Mexico, Valdez could be deported to the United

    Federal police stand guard by Texas-born fugitive Edgar Valdez Villarreal, alias "the Barbie," center, as he is presented to the press along with weapons allegedly seized during his arrest in Mexico City, Tuesday Aug. 31, 2010. Valdez, the third major suspected drug lord to fall in Mexico in the past 10 months, is wanted in the United States for allegedly smuggling tons of cocaine and inside Mexico and is blamed for a brutal turf war that has included bodies hung from bridges, decapitations and shootouts as he and a rival fought for control of the divided Beltran Leyva cartel. ((AP Photo/Alexandre Meneghini))States if Mexico agrees, or he could face prosecution in Mexico for drug-related crimes. Mexican authorities say he could be responsible for dozens of murders.
    The arrest was portrayed by the Mexican and U.S. governments as a victory for President Felipe Calderon, who is trying to recover public support for his war on organized crime in the face of escalating violence.

    Valdez's capture Monday on a ranch outside Mexico City was the culmination of a yearlong pursuit after police made some key arrests at XXXoticas, an Acapulco tourist bar owned by Valdez, who passed himself off there as an entrepreneur.

    Mexican police said they chased Valdez across five Mexican states for a year, a pursuit that intensified in recent months

  114. These articles are ok, but I'd like to see some real in depth coverage of his teenage years, how he started dealing, and how he went from selling pounds of mexican weed to sending thousands of ki's across the border, thats not the average story in the drug game. Also, when he met Arturo Beltran, all the details, we know the rough points of his life, but I'd like more information on the early years.

    Also, he was arrested with cocaine, in 9 different packages, was that for retail/wholesale sales or was it personal use, for Barbie and his crew/girls? Laying low means spending days inside doing coke, and talking on cell phones maybe.

  115. From El Paso Times pART 2-
    Among those taken into custody was his girlfriend and her mother, Valdez's U.S. lawyer said.
    "This has been going on for quite a while," attorney Kent Schaffer told The Associated Press. "So you figure it's just a matter of time."

    The arrest also yielded computers, telephones and other equipment authorities said would likely provide more information about his group.

    Born in

    According to federal authorities, this is the main entrance to the house where accused drug boss Edgar Valdez Villarreal, known as "the Barbie," was arrested on Monday, in the town of Lerma, on the outskirts of Mexico City, Tuesday Aug. 31, 2010. Valdez Villareal, a former Texas high school football player and petty street dealer, who allegedly rose to become one of Mexico's most savage assassins, was arrested by federal police on Aug. 30 and is now the third major drug lord brought down by Mexican authorities in less than a year. ((AP Photo))the border city of Laredo, Texas, Valdez grew up in a middle-class subdivision popular with Border Patrol agents, police officers and firefighters. His father was a nightclub and bar owner.
    The former Laredo United High School linebacker became a small-time street dealer as a teen, before rising to become the head of a group of assassins for Mexico's notorious Beltran Leyva gang, allied with the powerful Sinaloa cartel, according to U.S. and Mexican officials.

    U.S. prosecutors say Valdez has been the source of tons of cocaine smuggled into the United States while cartel dealers shipped millions of dollars in cash back to Mexico in tractor-trailer trucks.

    Valdez's first arrest came at 19 in Texas, where he was charged

    According to federal authorities, this a room inside the house where accused drug boss Edgar Valdez Villarreal, known as "the Barbie," was arrested on Monday, in the town of Lerma, on the outskirts of Mexico City, Tuesday Aug. 31, 2010. Valdez Villareal, a former Texas high school football player and petty street dealer, who allegedly rose to become one of Mexico's most savage assassins, was arrested by federal police on Aug. 30 and is now the third major drug lord brought down by Mexican authorities in less than a year. ((AP Photo))with criminally negligent homicide for allegedly running over a middle school counselor in his truck while speeding down a Laredo street. He was never indicted.
    Minor scrapes with the law followed: drunken driving, speeding, public intoxication. All the while, Valdez worked as a small-time street dealer—a small fish to state narcotics officers, according to Martin Cuellar, now the Webb County sheriff, who was an undercover narcotics officer at the time.

    After leaving Texas for Mexico, Valdez quickly rose through the ranks of the Beltran Leyva cartel, police say. He was anointed head of Acapulco operations by cartel leader Arturo Beltran Leyva after serving as the drug kingpin's top bodyguard, according to Federal Police

  116. El Paso Times - Part 3
    That life started to crumble as Mexican law enforcement took on the Beltran Leyva gang. Two years ago, a widespread corruption probe toppled the cartel's top government protectors, including Mexico's former drug czar.

    The biggest coup came in December, when Mexican marines killed cartel lord Arturo Beltran Leyva during a gunbattle in Cuernavaca.

    That unleashed a gruesome fight between Valdez and Beltran Leyva's brother, Hector, the only one of the cartel's founders who was still at large. Decapitated and dismembered bodies littered the streets of Cuernavaca and Acapulco—and often hung from bridges—along with messages threatening one of the two feuding factions.
    Such bloody turf wars have repeatedly exploded following the downfall of top traffickers during Calderon's drug war, angering Mexicans who say life has become intolerable in parts of the country. Calderon's government says the violence is a sign cartel leaders are desperate and making mistakes that lead to their capture.

    Running from security forces and his former allies, Valdez was forced to give up his high-flying lifestyle in Acapulco for a lower-profile existence among the wealthy in sprawling Mexico City, Rosas said.

    Informants stepped forward. The fiery-tempered Valdez berated one accomplice for shooting Paraguayan soccer player Salvador Cabanas during an argument at a Mexico City bar in January, an attack that led to the arrest of a minor henchman, who later told police about Valdez's fury over the incident.

    More of his allies fell in a series of raids and shootouts in Mexico City, Acapulco and other towns. Fifteen Valdez henchmen were killed in a battle with soldiers in June in Taxco, a mountain hamlet outside of Mexico City where authorities had recently discovered the bodies of 55 cartel victims dumped in a mine shaft.

    The pursuit intensified six weeks ago when Mexican security officials began getting tips on Valdez's whereabouts and approached U.S. agents for help, according to U.S. law enforcement officials in Washington, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity surrounding the arrest. U.S. intelligence helped pinpoint his location Monday.

    "We were on his heels for the last six weeks, receiving tips, but Mexican law enforcement would show up and they would miss him. He was feeling the heat of Mexican law enforcement," one U.S. official said.

    An elite, U.S.-trained Mexican federal police squad arrested Valdez and four accomplices in a woody weekend getaway outside Mexico City.

    The U.S. and Mexican governments had offered rewards totaling $4 million for information leading to Valdez's capture. However, Rosas said security forces nabbed Valdez on their own and there would be no reward.

    Authorities believe Valdez can provide intelligence on other top traffickers, including Sinaloa chief Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, Mexico's most-wanted drug lord.

    "Because they caught La Barbie alive, he will be a very important source of information against El Chapo," said Raul Benitez, a professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico who studies the drug trade. "La Barbie was once the bodyguard of El Chapo Guzman."

  117. El Paso Times - Part 4 - this is last part of article
    Valdez's presentation before the media Tuesday coincided with an announcement that Colombian authorities had detained 11 people allegedly linked to the Mexican kingpin in that South American cocaine-producing country. Rosas said the arrests were likely related, with Colombian authorities taking advantage of a break in his organization.

    Rosas also said Valdez has already started talking: He informed police that on the night Beltran Leyva died, the drug boss called him as marines were closing in. Valdez said he had urged the capo to turn himself in, advice Beltran Leyva apparently ignored, Rosas said.

    After that, Rosas said, the Beltran Leyva gang started suspecting that Valdez had tipped authorities to Beltran Leyva's whereabouts. Rosas did not say whether those suspicions were true.

    Rosas said he expected the turf war in central Mexico to rage on for a while as Valdez's allies struggle to hang on and as other cartels try to move in on the territory. But he said he was hopeful that this time the downfall of a drug lord would eventually curb the bloodshed.

    "In the end, the balance will be positive. The violence will diminish," he said.


    Associated Press writers Mark Stevenson reported from Mexico City and Paul Weber from Laredo, Texas. AP writers Eduardo Castillo and Katherine Corcoran in Mexico City, Ramit Plushnick-Masti in Houston, Mat Otero in Dallas and Martha Mendoza in Santa Cruz, Calif., contributed to this report.

  118. I've been watching the presentation video of La Barbie and it seems to me that the reason he is smiling and laughing might be because of comments he is exchanging with the officer to his right. He is clearly whispering something to him while trying not to move his mouth too much. You can also see the officer's mask moving as he talks. I wonder what the exchange of words is all about.

    -bb fan

  119. Nah...this guy is not in fear, he has cocky confidence...I still say: deal

    He is smart enough to know he should display some sense of seriousness..but cocky enough to let his guard down

    The photos of the home he was staying was interesting eclectic mess...the chickens gave a homey aesthetic appeal...but the best part was those black prison bars leading into the small bedroom.

    I had difficulty logging on to blogdenarco early today...this story sure has long legs

  120. @ Anonymous 11:58

    I noticed that too, at minute 17:22 of the video you can really notice him talking out of the side of his mouth..

    Remember how yesterday I was wondering about El Tubi, who before his arrest was directly beneath La Barbie? Well, no need to worry. He was released from Puente Grande yesterday, only to be taken directly to Nuevo Laredo prison to face other charges..Once he got processed in Nuevo Laredo, he was dead by 6:00 pm...

  121. 122 postings as of 9/1/10' 8:39 AM wow this demostrates the concern and sympathy for a drug terrorist "The Barbie" is it his good looks? or Pancho Villa-Emiliano Zapata syndrome Mejicanos psychologically seem to to given to criminals terrorist which seems to be the case - if so then people of Mexican discent all over deserve to suffer and more this narco terror war.

  122. @Ovemex

    You cannot know how pissed I was about that bastard..One thing never clear to the time of his arrest some 5 years ago, whatever, what was his exact role? Monterrey Leader?

    Gracias!! You began my day with a smile...

    Are you high? I'm sorry that is offensive to us that love Mx for various and personal reasons. Try to imagine a criminal moving about in the states, a great assasin, trafficking massive amts of drugs, scoffing at the the law...becoming a legend in the process by his evil acts & apparent ability to move freely about.., and one day he is apprehended//do ya think we would be talking, disecting, scrutinizing the huge event? FOX-CNN all networks interviewing everyone and their mother?

    So I am clear...people of Mexican "discent" deserve to suffer???? because the press mentions in passing his "good looks" and some blogs post insane ramblings? FUCK YOU! You have no clue what you speak of..last night I got a call from a friend born in Zacatecas now US citizen she said to me..."for 2 yrs I cannot travel to my homeland because of the Zetas horrible violence, they force good young men to their violence by threatening the families, we feel so helpless, and scared, so I cannot see my parents and relatives, cannot take my children to the place they love so much.. they love their US country but are sad to come back because it means leaving their family for one year, but now maybe their is a little hope that things can become safe and life can resumme, today is the first day I say MAYBE"

    His "good looks"?
    he is far from Brad Pitt...look at him, he is the Laredo dough boy .. The press imposes silly facts on just about everything for embellish and hype. His crimes stand alone & is why we are speaking about this so much.

  123. @ 12:57
    For years I hear about Edgar being gay..and the name for the reasons you declare. apx 3 yrs or longer I discovered he was dating a daughter of a friend in Monterrey for a while, she is the one who told me he is "gay or bisexual" I did not dwell on it much ...truth or fiction it means nothing but another curiosity in this case...she also said that he has no realationship with his parents...if so, as a mother, grandmother, I cannot imagine how they can bear through this.

  124. I would dare anyone on this forum to call him a faggot to his face when he isn't in handcuffs and surrounded by police.

    The Internet always seems to make everyone's cojones grow about 2 pounds.

  125. A lot of the people in Mexico who carry around guns, running stop lights and stopping people would not even think about running a stop sign in the states..

    A gun and a couple of ouncez of cocaine does not make one have balls. Standing up for what you believe, that requires balls, risking your own skin for what you think is right, that requires balls. Them.. They're just the type of person that don't think about the consequences through. Just how you will always have the person who jumps out of a bungee without thinking it twice, you will have the person who will look around, check the secure line, the safety net.. Push comes to shove, they both land on their asses, the person who didn't think twice is now the person crying, while the person who thought about it already knew what to expect going into it..
    It's easy being a man with a gun, or 10 soldiers backing you up my man..

    The real brave men are not those who have no fear, but those who are scared shitless but will still follow their gut with their balls coming out of their neck.

    It's interesting and I feel proud of how this place has grown so much since when I first started writting here up to right now..
    I sort of feel proud of how much attention we've gotten...

    We appreciate everyones feedback..


  126. @11:11

    Perhaps I missed it but until I read your post referring to "faggot" I do not recall seeing that wor used elsewhere. My point was I was told he was gay/bi sexual by someone who knows and likes him, I also said it meant nothing. In a situation that he is unrestrained, alone would I or anyone else say it to "his face" hell to the "NO"!!do not be ridiculous.

    You clearly do not know what has happened to the good citizens of Mexico, how these bastards have fucked with their every liberty, leaving the people feeling so powerless and hopeless they go about in their daily lives never speaking about the atrocities they see because it is not solely about subjecting themselves to great danger if they do, but also their extended families.

    So if someone wants to release a tirade in the comfort of anonymity I say have a go. However the word faggot is not in my vocab just as nigger is not for the same reason...bigotry. Using these words against anyone is offensive to gays and african americans.

    M@ Maka Ovemex, Valentina, Buggs, Gerado
    congratulations on the good coverage. This blog is essential for concerned folks who are not spanish speakers. Most the others I follow are all spanish sites, you can translate of course but you know how that goes often you miss the delivery & message...Buel gives you kudos and thanks.

    and to everyone & anyone...please remember if you love BB show your appreciation by giving a donation...just a thought..

  127. A donation to what address for borderland beat?

  128. @ 4:49

    beneath the photo stream is a donate graphic for CC cards... on the right colum of this page

  129. @ Abuela

    12:57 anon used the word Fag in reference to La Barbie, I merely pointed out he should call him that to his face.

    How about you read ALL the comments before you go on one of your tired paragraphs long pontification that goes nowhere.

  130. Response Chivis; I have friends and relatives living in frontera chica, My former adolecent friends were killed last week in Los Guerra when he changed alliances to CDG (the hometown boys) I tried to talk them out the business many years back when I became a committed Christian, and do trabajo, negocio honrado like their father did owning a carniceria, they laughed at my face taking snorts of cocaine, which they said made them feel god-like powerful. There comes a point when money no longer matters, they can retire comfortably if they so desire, but this is not the issue with them it's about power.The need to feel and be powerful seems to be a more addictive aphrodisiac then any other drug, that is the reason and motivation for living. It all leads to early grave.

  131. @9:02
    Exactly! That is the motivator, the cartels have 6-7 million ni-ni to recruit from. Those young people have no possibilty of achieving power anywhere else. I agree. As I conduct my humantarian work within both educational systems (Estado y federale) I have a birdseye view & see that the ni-ni figure (those without ed/emp) has risen dramactically in the past 4 years, cartel business is now the option many children are choosing early and dropping out of school. and power is the motivator.

    At 8:44

    I stated that it may have been said previously but that I had not seen it. Sorry for directing it at you personally, I am sure you handled it emotionally.

    as for my ponification...I love it when someone, which I know are the same 2 people, are critical of either VI or mine postings, yet always read every word and respond to them...

    earth to idiot: I always use my name as does VI...if ya see it..scroll pass ...I'm just saying...

  132. Re Chivis; (Marcos my web name) I did not mean this guys were young 46 and 59 years old - friends and aquaintances from the 70's and 90's. Este era y es el ambiente que se crearon por motivo de hermanos, tios, y amistades de negocio. El ambeinte cultural de la frontera era de ser traficante, Camelia la Tejana, La Banda Del Carro Rojo siempre se ollia al transfondo en qualquier calle que caminabas, gente de todo strato social cantaban estas canciones que daban inspiracion ha salir de la pobreza oh al igual ablaban y sonaban de un "buen viajecito" es como si se sacaban la loteria. Yo estube en ese ambiente. Me acuerdo cuando mis amigos les gustaba presumir apuestas grandes $$$ en El Nogalito - carreras de caballos y al siguiente dia andaban por diosando, vendiendo sus pulseras de horo y diamantes cuando andaban quebrados. El punto es - dinero nunca es suficiente, mueres y matas por el y nunca se sacia.

  133. Marcos

    thank you for the clarification, I see now what you mean and your words and conclusions are not only correct but supported by first hand experience. How sad for you, how wonderful your faith pulled you through.

    Last year my assistant in Mx "retired" to marry an upper level Z (they have the stronghold) and I was heartbroken, she is beautiful, educated, wonderful person. That was the first person I knew so well that went to the darkside. She now is in a mansion awaiting the birth of her baby, she has household staff, everything she dreamed of...but lost most friends and she says her life is now so lonely. I for one will not visit her home with the body guards. WHat she said to me is almost verbatim your last sentence.


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