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Friday, August 6, 2010

Capos Put Away Ignacio Coronel

The operational structure of Coronel's cartel undermined him with the 2007 assassination of Gabriel Duran, his right hand man.

Although they maintained a partnership with Ignacio "Nacho" Coronel, it was around 2008 when Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzmán and Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada sent their own representatives to Jalisco to resolve "business" issues on their account, without even telling Nacho, the capo of "la plaza."

According to police reports from that year, the emissaries of the two capos of Sinaloa conducted direct illegal transactions with other drug traffickers, attended to family matters and contacted officials from all the three levels of the government in the state.

There was no "beef" with Ignacio Coronel, leader of the Sinaloa Cartel in that plaza, yet, his business partners sought autonomy in Jalisco, without relying in the political connections of Coronel to resolve whatever problem.

Problems is what Coronel began to have the last two years, and they got progressively worst to the present, all the way to the end of his life on a Thursday morning in Guadalajara, the heart of his turf.

Police investigations show that Coronel's operational structure began to erode with the August 2007 murder of his confidant Gabriel Durán Gutiérrez "El Gavilán" in the Guadalajara Airport.

The decline continued in to 2008 with the execution of Jose Danell, a commander of the Federal Investigation Agency (AFI) that some official sources point as an important player in the federal protective structure of Coronel, and continued in October 2009 with the capture of Óscar Nava Valencia, "El Lobo."

This last incident was a double blow because Nava was arrested along with Angel Béjar Chávez, "El Chino", one of the leading distributors in the State of Illinois, United States, and also a close friend (compadre) of Coronel. Still during that time, "El Lobo" and his allies were also allies of Coronel.

In May of this year, Mexican authorities captured Juan Nava Valencia, "El Tigre." Coronel was losing too many men from within his circle and that would leave him alone to maintain control of his plaza. He must have known that he could not count on El Chapo or El Mayo for help.

Since last year, members of rival groups to Ignacio Coronel were caught and detained in Jalisco (the domain of Coronel) by the Public Security Secretariat (SSP).

On December 22, 2008, the SSP state captured the alleged operator of the Juarez Cartel, Angel Orlando Garcia Urquiza, including his girlfriend Miss Sinaloa Laura Elena Zuniga Huízar along with five handguns, 633 rounds of ammunition, at least 16 cell phones and $100,000 (dollars).

On May 22, in San Cristobal de la Barranca the same corporation of the SSP captured 18 gunmen disguised as soldiers working for the group of Valencia, who were in possession of an arsenal of weapons, and on July 25 six members of "La Familia Michoacana" were captured in Mazamitla.

These three different criminal groups had something in common, they were enemies of Colonel. Some had broken away from him this year, though they were not the only rival group of Coronel attemting to move in on his turf. Both "Los Zetas" and the groups of José Luis y Esteban Rodríguez Olivera, "Los Güeros" from Tecalitlán, also sought to eliminate "El Nacho."

At the end Coronel would lose his life and his structure would finally crumble to the ground. He was left without protection from the most powerful Capos in Mexico, the same ones who have searched for refuge in Jalisco from Sinaloa. Now, who will take over the plaza in Jalisco?

Source: Reforma


  1. To BB:

    Thanks for updating on a daily basis. I realized a week ago that I get a lot more here than I do anywhere else.

    You guys do a great jop covering the media in Mexico. Grazie mille!

  2. Where's the link?


  4. We are certain they are out there, sooner or later pictures and all will come out,right now things are just too "hot."

  5. "Where's the link?"

    Reforma is a paid subscription password protected, take it for what is worth. Besdies, Reforma was just one source, other information was derived from forums and e-mails.

  6. It's tricky to keep one's eye on significant cartel/government players and the timeline, which is what, think this OP is trying to accomplish.

    Remember a previous OP about Nacho Coronel as an 'Ascending Capo', who recently and ultimately became, 'descended'.

    However the piece doesn't mention the various kidnappings/deaths,(don't remember at this moment, who was kidnapped and who killed) of close members of Nacho's family, a son and a nephew. And the subsequent assassinations, attributed, to Nacho Coronel, in retailation.

    Heating up the Nayarit Plaza, and the killing of El Pepino, comes to mind in this regard. Nacho was drawing 'heat'to his previously low-profile career in the 'biz'.

    Rumors and conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen at this time. Time, perhaps will tell, who was who, and what was what in these inter-related events.

  7. Two of Nacho's other underlings who were arrested weren't mentioned, but should be. They are brothers Jesus Raul and Miguel Angel Beltran Uriarte of Batopito, SI. They were arrested in the same town Nacho was killed in which is Zapopan, JL.

  8. If this means another area engulfed in a turf war, then hats off for making the country a bigger mess than it already is. Why don't they try to clean out the slime that introduced the military tactics into this conflict instead of creating new opportunites/geographical regions where they can re-establish tehmselves? Sounds like a piss poor stratergy of taking cotrol of the country and more of an opportunity to make headlines since things are spiralling out of control if you ask me.

  9. In the business, if someone smells fear, weakness, or blood they will attack. Bottom line is that groups or groups of people will collaborate against another person or group for their own personal gain or interest. just the nature of the business brother. Regardless of what has transpired in this particular case, something that should be apparently obvious is the fact that this is a Ruthless business.

  10. Nacho was a sacrificial lamb to say the least. I do believe Nacho is dead , because the Mexican government can no longer afford to truly arrest these people and bring them in alive much less extradite them to the U.S because these capos are the ones that deal with the higher echelons of the government and defense forces. They have the insider knowledge on who is corrupt within the government, that itself is powerful information.

    The circumstances surrounding his death are very suspect to begin with, it was all over very quickly report neighbors. There was a confirmation that was later withdrawn or not commented upon by the government that Coronel had been captured and was in custody about two months ago. All of this is very suspicious as it all involved "Nacho".

  11. I'd like to know how much time you gringos spend on the ground in Mexico? You come off like a pack of pontificating piss ants without clues. You rely on the computer for news without real on the ground experience and then you make your uneducated judgements. Come on down to Sinaloa and Chihuahua and get a reality check and get off your soap box. Do you have the courage?
    Donkey Dan from Culiacan

  12. "I'd like to know how much time you gringos spend on the ground in Mexico? You come off like a pack of pontificating piss ants without clues. You rely on the computer for news without real on the ground experience and then you make your uneducated judgements. Come on down to Sinaloa and Chihuahua and get a reality check and get off your soap box. Do you have the courage?
    Donkey Dan from Culiacan"

    I was critical of some of the comments from the US side, but I guess we have ignorant small minded idiots on this side too. Sorry!

  13. Inelegantly articulated and maybe a little off subject (given the previous comments), but, nevertheless a very valid commentary by LaBurraDePorLosTresRios.

    I really enjoy the comments, but lets not turn BB into a repository of rants by "Fair and Balanced (used as a Psy/Ops slogan)," moralizing, law and order, American Constitutional pulpiteers (that seem to forget there's more than just a 2nd Amendment).

  14. pffff!!! he aint dead trust me..a powerful man like him grater than chapo ... there might b pics but all i can say is that he aint dead,..and this is all bull open ur eyes dont see wat u only want to see cuz thats wat the gov wants u to see.. see the truth


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