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Monday, August 23, 2010

4 Headless, mutilated bodies hung from Cuernavaca bridge

Four decapitated and mutilated corpses were strung from a bridge, in a popular getaway outside the Mexican capital Sunday, the latest atrocity as the country battles an escalating drug war.

The bodies of the four young men were discovered early on Sunday, hung upside down by their feet from a bridge near a wealthy area of Cuernavaca, a leafy city about an hour outside Mexico City, where many of the nation's elite own homes.

According to the Morelos State Attorney General's office, the victims' genitals, index fingers and heads had been cut off and left alongside the highway with a handmade sign which read: "This is what will happen to all those who support the traitor Edgar Valdez Villareal"


Cuernavaca has become a battleground for control of the Beltran Leyva cartel since its leader, Arturo Beltran Leyva, was killed there in a December shootout with marines.
Authorities said the four young men, between the ages of 25 and 30, had been kidnapped days earlier in the vicinity of Jiutepec. Police found their vehicle abandoned in Cuernavaca.

Cuernavaca has become a battleground for control of the Beltran Leyva cartel since its leader, Arturo Beltran Leyva, was killed there in a December shootout with marines.

Mexican authorities say the cartel split between a faction known as the South Pacific Cartel(CPS)led by Hector Beltran Leyva, brother of Arturo, and another led by Edgar Valdez Villareal, a U.S.-born kingpin known as "the Barbie".

Between Thursday night and Friday morning, in a ten hour lapse, two other men were found executed and a house set on fire between the municipalities of Jiutepec and Cuernavaca.

According to police reports, the first case occurred on Thursday night, at approximately 21:00 hours, on the street corner of Citlalli and Centennial Avenue, where they found the body of 35 year old Carlos Antonio Reyna Ramos inside a gray Nissan Pickup truck. Police report he had two .38 Super lethal gunshot wounds.

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Friday morning, at the junction of Avenida Vicente Guerrero and km. 82 of the Mexico-Acapulco highway, police found the headless body of a man whose torso had been completely wrapped in clear plastic and duct tape and covered by a blanket. His assassins also wrapped the severed head in clear plastic and tape before leaving it alongside another narco message which warned people of supporting "the Barbie". The message was signed CPS.


  1. Edgar Valdez villarreal group appeared to have been incurring many loses the past few months...from "CPS" and the he losing any power or status due to this...any comments?

  2. Because they have to resort to Medieval torture to get ample attention from the media?

    For the record, you already have it!

    I don't know if they understand this, but whichever faction wins out is going to be cancelled out by Guzman-Loera anyway, so what's the point of fighting each other.

    And again, these are your choices for retirement: Death or Prison (which is the equivalency of being dead by the way).

  3. True, but possibly El H or Barbie can reach a new agreement with Sinaloa, after the war, or maybe one already has the support. But, that far down in Morelos, I think the Beltranes hold the most power, but I do get the impression they are fighting over crumbs, but that may not be true. I think Barbies days are numbered, but thats been the case for like 5 years.

  4. does seem Barbie's days are numbered...his group does not appear to have the upper hand in this situation...if Beltran allies with Sinola, Barbie days are for sure numbered...

  5. Sinaloa cartel is the leading one (many international secret agencies state this)...even if los zetas have a magnigicent military tactic sinaloa has the cash, the dimension, the men so has the crown. What is totally disgusting is that they are not satisfied of simply killing enemies but they have kind of pleasure torturing and slaying them; once there was the "kill for business" that means no hate or personal involvment; now seems that they feel big hate against enemies. And the worst side is that civilians are day by day more wounded by thier wars.

  6. Valentina I red ur wishes and... Is so nice to see that there're still people that believe in justice! This world is goin always worse and worse, and mostly because money has became the main reason of men's life (i said men because women have near no guilt about the world's distruption). Even cartel's wars depend on money-greed.

  7. To me, it seems that Sinaloa seems to keep it's hands the cleanest out of all of them, at least PR wise, very seldom do bodies appear tortured/mutilated with a message from CDS, but Zetas, CDG, CPS, LFM, Juarez do this frequently. CAf also usually leaves just dead bodies, (under El Inge, not Teo). Sinaloa's attitude toward CPS/El Barbie might be one of indifference, let them kill each other, Chapo has a lot of offensives, at this point.

  8. Anonymous (August 23, 2010 12:01 PM):

    Yes, I believe in justice, but I also strongly believe in the importance of developing a social consciousness.

    In fact, I believe both are integral parts of a healthy society.

  9. Yes valentina, I'm again agree! Social consiusness would be the starting for socialism...and that is the first step for the dreamed perfect society. With evolved humans that have the total understanding of respect and peace and that are completely conscius about the importance of peace for prosperity. Social consciusness is not much loved by capitalists who know that clever-conscius people are hard to be manipulated for their business. But this can be a too long speech. I hope that mexico will find peace and that its "pueblo" will be ok the soon as possible...too much blood has flooded the streets and too many kids and women have been killed

  10. @ anyone/everyone

    Social conscience? that is too simplistic, in order for people to unite and wage any type of encounter they first must be apprised of what is occuring and how wide spread it is.

    Since I live and work in Coahuila and work in NL and Chiapas I feel I have a good view of just what the citizen on the ground knows and feels. I made it my duty to inquire. On the murder of Edelmiro I asked a group of friends and my staff how was the media covering the story...and guess what? until late sat. they were NOT. and it was a condensed version of the story. The citizens are not being told! They think the cartels work in few scattered areas, they do not know that they are now in every state in the US as well. The first order of buisness is that they are educated to the ugly facts, they need to feel the frustration and anger we feel by what we know exist. I gave up my Monterrey Apt because of the violence.. some mothers were upset when I said we will not pay for them to take their children to Monterrey for medical because it is too dangerous. They thought I was crazy until I made a booklet of news they never see, and now? and now no one asks to go...they simply do not have access to the truth. Instead of soft terms such as social conscience...which does no good maybe it should be discussed why the social conscience seems lacking or weak? Why Mx do not speak about what is occuring? Few have access to computer internets, the media is controlled by the WTF??? How do they get the news? remember the brave underground papers of WWll? that is the spirit we/they need..I do what I can, when I can to the point that my staff is so concerned about my safety. I was told in Jan by a top state level person to stay away because I am a kidnapping target. I refuse to stay away, my committment is stronger, but when I hear peace, love, social conscience of course we know all that, I have heard that for 6 decades. It is well past time for words and time to examine WHY? and WHAT? can be done so every citizen of Mx has access to the truth. I know what I am doing, in my small but effective way. WHat are YOU doing? You all of you that seem to care??

  11. I am angry today...I am angry to learn that in Juarez in the maquila district only 1 murder has been committed in a few years. also that 11 corporation intend to locate there or expand. and that 24K new jobs have been created..IN JUAREZ!!...they are not abandoning because of violence...because there is no violence in their part of the city. wrap yourself around that fact. Why are the american and foreign corp being sosucessfully protected, and why the cartels do not bother the maquilas? It is because of the heavy presence of fed soldiers..they have created a safe GREEN ZONE...for the green area they have competant soldiers...& plenty of them resulting in no crime, no violence and one murder. Yet in one week-end 52 people killed in the same city...because for those areas there are not enough resources...I am blazing mad at those facts.

  12. The owner of Crosby's wants you to believe the media is responsible for reporting the overblown Mexican violence.

    Eat Drink and be Merry! Then get get your car Jacked..

  13. Abuela, first I'm sad for u that have left Monterrey because of fear for violence (and I think u had no other choice) and I can feel how is it for u; second "social conscience" imply knowledge and in Mexico people, as u just said, has no knowledge of what is happening. Cartels control the nation, the biggest part of Mexico money-flow is in cartel's hands and they have over 100.000 men under their orders (100.000 is a real army!!!!!!!). I'm not mexican but I do know what means to have massmedia that censore informations and that manipulate facts; this is so awful because they're playing with people lives just to satisfy politicians or maybe even cartels (possible?). Another sad part is that "western people" suplly cartels buying tons of illicit drugs and that western states (especially USA) are somehow happy about the mexico criminals because they have so much cash for buy thousands of weapons and in crysis time that's like holy water. I think that our whole society needs to redeem fully (I'm not meaning religious redemption!!).

    No peace or prosperity is possibile if people are ignorant, no real freedom is true if persons are unaware of what happens and what surrounds them. I dream a world with same rights, with none richer, poorer, some with more happiness and freedom while some have less of them ; a world where there's no third world that with its blood feeds First World's luxury

    my best reguards

  14. P.S: Abuela Chivis from what is known outside mexico many institutions (police, politicians, army , massmedia etc) are infected by cartels and anyways maybe some others simply fear to be killed or have family member killed...maybe even the manipulation of news depends on the general situation

  15. abuela chivis....lot of truth there... bottom line cartel influence and power are setting the pace in Mexico... social justice is not even a consieration at this time's a primal and violent war that has no end in site

  16. The 1910 Revolution, how did all the people know then?

    It is difficult to believe, whether they have a TV or not, that they do not know. From fear they speak not for if they speak his name he may come.

    Those pamphlets break the silence.

    Mexico has a deep river of great culture. Trust must be restored and the people and the ruling class joined against these ambassadors of ruin.

  17. @2:12 thank you for understanding where I am coming from...exactly the point if the good people of Mx are left ignorant to the facts they will never respond. It is so basic but true. and those who know feel powerless because they observe the cartels are in power over media, politics, elections, so how can they being so "small" fight the lion? This is their feeling. I can tell stories of my exp directly with one cartel who actually wanted to "help" my foundation but I am afraid to give facts....but because I am a believer in free enterprise I cannot support no poor no rich. No one handed me a fortune but I live in a country that affords me freedom with that freedom I was able to work from a small loan then expand to 8 countries, giving up a lot of life in the process but now I am able to bring resources to poor children, giving hope & possibilties where none existed before

    Of course Crosby's says that! as probably Crosby's will soon lock their doors. Laughlin does not even allow anyone to spend leave in the city Crosby is in, they should do what Manuel's did build a new place on the US side, for now, to supplement the Mexican side.

    of course this is just my dos centavos

  18. Abuela, USA are even happy that cartels do exists and shoot! Because this way weapons-lobbies (mostly americans) make so much cash! That's why Obama is not attempting to stop weapon market to mexico! The sick part is that, again, all this is done to make cash, and for cash Juarez poor people are left like sheep in wolves' cage while american industries are ok (maybe cartels are advised that they have to stay away from maquilas; who knows if there's some kind of reward if they stay quiet and not disturb that district? maybe they recieve protection or even weapons or passports? Everything can be)

  19. Abuela Chivis

    I inserted the link for the Crosby's article. I live in Del Rio and ate at Manuel's last week (Ribeye and Fried Quail). So I have been following the issue for quite sometime.

    Thanks for your commentary.

  20. I meant social consciousness within the community, nothing relative to communism or socialism; I don't want Mexico or any country in Central America to be the next Venezuela.

    I'm still looking for the interview on Youtube. It was an excellent interview of Alejandro Poiré and it may or may not be on tonight on Televisa (México), but it's worth watching again.

    Granted, he was mostly bobbing and weaving questions, and although his answers were pretty weak - the questions were awesome.

  21. Is Barbie's Cartel now El Cartel de la Sierra? and if so haven't they suffered a large number of losses? I don't see how he is going to keep his crew together it seems they are outgunned, outnumbered, and few of the old traffickers want to do business with him. After all, he is a Guero from Texas...

  22. @ 3:12

    no, it is simple, the cartels do not venture into the "green" zone (lets call it that like Iraq) because of the heavy federal soldier protection, why would they bother? Nothing they want there, why bother? My point is Mx can protect, they are capable and this is the proof. They should have been in Monterrey a year ago or sooner.

    @ 2:58 your first sentence is spot on...BUT life is different now we rely on the media to inform (not me but most) & Mx is no different, BUT they are not provided with the scope of truth...

    @ 3:22

    Awwww Manuels..did you ever hear the story when El Chapo rode into town & dined in Manuels? No one could leave or go in, all cell phones collected until his group left? I always laughed at my staff for such a Novela...but then I read that chapo does just that! SO who knows..the valet guy swears to it but tells me Sra. Chivis don't tell my manuels as good on the US side? I have a home in your city also, but rarely use it.

  23. Abuela,
    Read up on Shock Doctrine and Disaster Capitalism,
    youll find most of your answer there.

  24. Abuela @ 1:58 PM

    I don't understand. If green zones (is that a money pun?) are created in the maquila area that proves peace can be achieved. Follow their model and extend the green zone to include the whole city.

    There is a security model the businesses are using. Probably participating in the selection of the officers, Mx could use that model. There is probably remunerative incentive also, the city, state, and fed can make that happen if they were not so greedy.

    *** BB might consider a way to process commentary faster. He's getting so much traffic there is a lag that loses continuity.

  25. isabella u don't want socialism/comunism...better to be imperialist-capitalist like USA right? That gets business from third world and thet make cash selling weapons to cartels...or maybe better a land like USA that attacks foreign states like Afghanistan or Iraq to steal some oil (so easy to be rich stealing resources as USA does from tens of years!) and that use the LIE and PATHETIC kid's justification like "they're evil and we are good , we make the world free"...sad that Bush and Obama forget to say that USA supported for years both Saddam and talibans ... USA is a nice place uh? isn't it? Better to be poor with dignity than rich with disgusting soul... I've sweared to myself that I will never step in that corrupted land!

  26. "*** BB might consider a way to process commentary faster. He's getting so much traffic there is a lag that loses continuity."

    Whoa! You can say that again!!!!!
    The heat is on!!!!

  27. anyways a part from our political vision (I like socialism/comunism...and I hate discriminations and disparities that are specific of imperialism-capitalism) what is sure is that Mexico cannot be left alone and ignored. Its situation, must be remembered, depends mostly from foreign States that like to have cheap workers (like in maquila area in juarez) mostly keep ignorant and with an unstable situation due to continous cartel wars; and also I guess that organized crime (mafias not only cartels) corrupted many politicians and state institutions so that the illicit drug market is somehow promoted and keep safe even if with massmedia politicians say "drugs are poison, they kill our child " etc etc. Sincerely I feel a huge responsability as a western person for all those victims that will never have a "tomorrow". To save mexico we can do much, even without moving from our cities : we can make people change mind about illicit drugs, we can stop buying products made from "maquila areas" that are expensive here in western states but are producted with few cents in mexico or other lands; this way we can give a big help to stop those who steal (lobbies) and who kill (hitmen) mexicans.

    [@BB admins: no problem, some minutes lag is nothing bad... I do have to thank u for the informations/images that u share with all the world...would be nice if everyone watches them!]

  28. @ everyone/anyone
    Ay...I am too old to discuss ideolgy...but I do agree with Valentina..socialism does not work. But who am I to dictate to a country what to choose. But for myself I like discussion but action better, but when I see radical viewpoint either liberal or conservative I do not pay attention, like nasty little nats, swat! go away! Or I must take out the bug spray. Ok..I am just messing with you, you have the right to any opinion.

    Now...about the green God do you seriously not know what a green zone is? It is where I am going next to build centers for blind children, but the safe green zone of Iraq is getting less safe. The creation of the "green" zones in Juarez was created by the Mx gov who sent in an abundance of fed soldiers surrounding the perimeter to in effect guard the maquilas...Of course it is for $$$, because the maquilas can pick up and source in China very easily, so the Mx gov made it safe "green" as in GO. no one is being paid "off" it really is as simple as the maquilas expressing their concern & threatening to leave. You repeated my point, if they can do that, why no the entire city? or why not in Monterrey before the freefall? It is no security model it is foreign entity saying "if we are not safe we will leave" and abbra cadabra Mx forces went in like it was fort knox.

    as for a faster way to post, there are faster ways but in lieu of that at least a system that we can subscribe to a THREAD and be notified when another reply is available to view. I don't know what I will do when I go back to work with much less time, I need a BB app on my blackberry...jaja

  29. Abuela do you know how many mexican regular soldiers are actually working? Do you know how many cartel "soldiers" do exist and how good they're armed? I think that in the best hypothesis they're equivalent (but I'm near sure that cartels can be even stronger...). I think that Mexico government is challenging something really hard to beat, is a war against a strong and trained army; and because cartels are really rich in terms of CASH is easy to understand that they are able to corrupt whoever they want (so there're even "inside-enemies"). Remember that some people is ignorant and some of them are confused about what to think and are not sure ready to revolt against mobs. However for a predictable coincidence the nature of cartel itself (selfish-egoism) is destroying them with internal wars and this can be an opportunity for honest forces to neutralize them. I repeat that the real guilty is not the cartel at all, but is the western imperialism-capitalism. Anyways protecting 100.000.000 (and even more) people singularly is something crazy, and this is not the cure for nothing; and anyways I think that soldier's lives need to be respected a little more (why do they have to be like living-target for hitmen???). Militarization is palliation. Is like when u invest all in surgery to cure cancer...that's not a cure that's removal! The real cure is prevention, this is the only way to eradicate the plague. So must happen for cartel, and if the "pueblo" does not react or revolt to this situation there's no escape; the "pueblo" is the only source for epocal changes (is exactly what mexico needs).

    (I'm comunist because I do know exactly what means cpitalism and its perversions...indeed "USA happy capitalist people" goes to Cuba for hospital healtcare and to Mexico to buy medicines; maybe USA miss something during its "evolution" like care to poors and to not-businessmen but maybe is a detail, in USA someone who has not cash has no right to be in good health)

  30. You seem as a thoughtful person, but I will not engage in political argument...of any type.

    as for do I know how many ETC. I almost addressed this in my last post because I knew someone would misinterpret my point. Of course the Mx forces cannot protect all of Mx...but it sure as hell can along the border and disrupt key narco logistic focus points. Also to save important cities, such as Monterrey the leader in Mx supplying world class medical. That was my point. I do not go for throwing out the baby with the bathwater, nor the word can't when it has not been tried. I do not allow my staff to say "can't be done" unless they are half dead from trying.

    this is an old link but says some of the things I mentioned...this from feb 2010 (video)

  31. Sinaloa cartel is still surviving, even though they have lost a numbers of their associates to death / prison, but it still stands. Criminal thugs beaten but the cartel is yet to beat. El Chapo and El Mayo are very intelligent bastards, but maybe they probably are draining with their emotional and physical as well as still grieving with the loss of their beloved ones. Who knows?

  32. " God do you seriously not know what a green zone is? It is where I am going next to build centers for blind children, "
    "so the Mx gov made it safe "green" as in GO. no one is being paid "off" it really is as simple as the maquilas expressing their concern & threatening to leave."
    It is no security model it is foreign entity saying "if we are not safe we will leave" and abbra cadabra Mx forces went in like it was fort knox."

    There is a security model, businesses do not do magic. It's not just money, it's a plan. Business performance bonus is not a pay off, it is being rewarded for quality work. Mx did not hire just "any" LEO's for the macks, if so, they could be affiliated with those hired by the good Mayor. They could apply this same business security model everywhere. No research group needed to figure it out, it's been given to them and they are selectively using it.

    You are discontent at the ""green" GO" maquiladoras because they are there, yet you are going to go there. Why couldn't all of Mx operate like the macks? It could. It would be necessary for the ruling class to give up their thrones and let the people control their property. What if PEMEX were in private hands and not govt? That money would be circulating amongst the people instead of gilding a mansion.

  33. Beheading and hanging up motionless bodies in the public totally is the craziest thing they have done, from what I have seen in those pictures. I wouldn't describe how I feel if they did the same thing to my beloved ones. Mexicans (of course not everyone in the country)are psychos.

  34. @ 8:28

    Sorry I did not make myself clear..I rushed to finish..I am going to the GREEN ZONE of Iraq. I will be with US military, Preseh woman soldiers and Kurds. Not the green zone of Juarez...why would I go there? You missed my point completely and went off on a road I was not on. I am not discontented with the soldiers guarding the maquilas in of its self, my point is a simple one, it demonstrates how effective Mx Forces can be but are not unless it is to protect revenues. I agree PEMEX & even Telmex should not be restricted by government or a one party private enterprise. Look at the monopoly with the telephone-cell-internet it results in high prices that most Mx cannot afford, not competition. don't take my sarcasm as a statement made...because you lose my message. I am overwhemed by it all, my heart is heavy. My Mx kids returned to school today. and I am have a very angry day. I am angry because brilliant kids that have the misfortune to be orphans living in hogars, or poor, are cut from enrollment for High School they pass the tests but do not have the money for enrollment fees, or transportation fees, & they are the best of Mx. but Mx is so class sensitive that these kids are doomed.. they are cattled to "tech" schools to learn a trade, but not even all of them can go there because the enrollment qty does not allow for everyone...the whole thing disgusts me; these kids could do great things in life for Mx, but now we will never know. Mx narrows its field of potential greatness because only those who can afford go on. So this week...the week of school returning...each year I become upset, at what is, and that I don't see a change in my life time,,but I keep on helping those kids in my universe the best I can. It is the kids of Mx that named me Abuela Chivis, a long story, but how it happened still warms my angry heart today.

    please do not say Mexicans are psychos..say narcos, and they are powerful but only comprise a small % of the population, Mx are good people, caring people, loving people, do not generalize in that way, Please? I am asking nicely...

  35. aguela what u said in last comment is one of the reason why I'm communist and I'm day by day more sure of my ideology. People must be free to study if they want, and they don't have to pay absurd bills for doing it: culture/science is not a private property is something that must be shared; an ignorant "pueblo" can never be really free, never (that's the reason why big capitalists invest so much money on massmedia; manipulation and fake-culture is the next chess-table). In my utopisthic society people will never do those kind of things, and will never even like to produce illicit drugs that litterly poison mentally weak persons; for their life money will mean nothing and sure they will not sell their lives to become rich; in my dreamed world feelings, peace and respect will be the rules and money will be what it is: paper and metal. I'm completely sure that this process can need years or even hunder of years but I'm also sure that is the only possible way to save this planet (remember that pollution, wars, climate changes, 3rd world poverty...all depends on imperialistic-capitalism!) and our people.

    I will never think that mexicans are psychos, because I think that even those crazy-executors that slay and cut heads are not that much happy to do it but they recieve orders and those orders are made for get enemy-cartels, statal authorities and even common people in a scared state (or at least they try to scare them). It's a pervert way, I'm sure of it, but I think that the incredible money business that there's behind cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and synthetic drugs makes some bosses capable of everything (real everything!) as they did this year in Nuevo Leon with that poor 30 yo female-lawyer that was cut in pieces and stabbed in the back to attach a paper with threats. Narcos know exactly that if they become too "weak" in terms of repression someone can start to decide to attack them and this not only can mean less business but even death... the original problem is that in borderline drug business there's a so big money flow that guys that have been dramatically poor and ignorant will consider crime an easy and the only good way to stay decent (mostly of cartels' men and bosses were poor); if this money flow will be break I bet that things will change so fast...but again culture and evolution of humanity is the key

  36. abuela about the right consideration that u made reguarding the maquila "green zone" I repeat that army is not the right solution (I know that to stop a "balacera" is important to shoot against hitmen, I'm not like gandhi!), and I suspect that if will happen what u asked , like borders'high intensity militarization, because if u use all ur soldiers there in other places you will be disarmed and that will grant to cartel freedom...remember that cartels have so much money to buy even more people than they actually have!

    Anyways I appreciate you, because you use mind and heart to try solutions, and this is the first path for change a world!

  37. sorry, I called u "aguela" and I wrote "hunder" while I wanted to write hundred.

  38. I think la barbie should have never tried to be a cartel boss.Hector Beltran use to give orders to la barbie since Hecotr and Arturo Beltran ran the cartel and after Arturo's death la batbie became a traitor to his own boss and for the ones saying that sinaloa could be sideing with no thats not ever going to happen as there was a narco message signed by el chapo that his going after Hector and la barbie to kill them for being traitors on that note i think La barbie wont last another year.

  39. @ 12:22

    I will reveal that I run the family foundations (2) but the business we have owned for 30 yrs is in Asia. and since late 80s we have our corp offices in Dong Guang China...mainland china, with offices throughout the pacific rim. We have been in communist China for years and all I can say I kiss the ground of my country when I return. If you love communism I invite you to move there to see how equal and fair and lovely it is. I do not speak of things I read on a blog or from the media, my vast experiences in foreign lands with an assortment of ideolgy gives me a viewpoint that is different than just about anyone. The wages in China make Mexicans appear to be royalty. Schools? you are so wrong, it is not equal because perhaps fees are nonexistant but to live near university or transport to higher level ed facility is without reach of 80% of the populus. the poorest class are the farmers and hill people, and they have nothing. the Medical care is horrible in ghastly conditions and be clear in China there is a wealthy class that is set apart from others. I predict communism will fail in china and will cease within the generation of my children. the people have been exposed to capitalism and free trade and good view of the outside world and they want that for themselves. socialism & communism does not work. You speak of US citizens going to cuba for medical? I think you said that, but what a joke, why do you suppose people from canada & the UK and others with universal health care come to the US for medical? Because we have a free enterprise that promotes discovering cures, medicines and new medical procedure. R&D would not exist if not for the dangling carrot of profit.

    I am not a big believer of entitlements. No one paid my way through school, in our family we began working and saving by the age of 15, week-ends, summers whatever, I did not need anyone to hand me an entitlement, why should my neighbor pay for my schooling? My 3 kids never asked us to pay for theirs, they know the drill, you want a university education? work hard for it. So even though we are considered wealthy, my children are independent and have never asked for financial help. they never cried "oh someone should pay for my education" it was a non-issue, but they knew if they worked hard they would be able to pay for their own. In Mx there are not enough schools or tech schools, it is limited. In the states if your grades are good enough you will get scholarships no matter what your income level. I live in the greatest country in the world, not because of its wealth but because of the freedom of choice. I love my country, yes it has warts but it is the best, which is why others risk their lives to gain illegal entry.

  40. not concern yourself with typos, I knew what you meant those who are obsessed with finding tiny errors need to get a are not graded by BB, me or anyone...but how about an "A" for thoughtfulness & passion? jeje
    I perhaps came across too strong yesterday, I was feeling so much pain from chemo and surgery but today I feel stronger physically but emotionally I remain in the pits.

  41. China is not comunist...china has national-capitalist , that has nothing to do with comunist. Please before judging comunism read, read, read, read...culture is the first way to find the light of real knowledge!

    So using ur syllogism christians are murderers and women killers? Ye, centuries ago they burned thousands of people because of suspects of "sorcery".

    Use mind, activate brain...always. And before discuss or criticize anything remember to know exactly what're u talking about.


  43. I will tell the ruling and comunist party of china (the official title) they are not communist. Each of our 400 employees there consider themselves living under communist rule.

    I do not have to read-read-read---i see-see-see
    first hand.

    I love the US. I hate communism and dislike socialism...that is my prerogative. Just as your entitled to your opinion. I respect that. But nothing you can say or do will change my opinion, that ship sailed long ago after I research ideolgy and history to death. this is why I do not like to engage in these conversations, they are pointless and worthless to me and my life. you now have made it personal attacking me instead of sticking to what is important..

    you still do not say why you do not live in a communist coutry? or do you? You should and it is easy to do.

    also what exactly is it you do for Mexicans and their plight?

    but really ideolgy...that just wastes energy and time to dicuss when two parties are firm in belief then it becomes contentious for no cause

    no mas

  44. @ 10:27 PM
    ...I did not make myself clear...

    Thought the mack areas included schools etc

    Best wishes and prayers for your safety and success in the real "GREEN ZONE", no money pun. And best wishes and prayers for your recuperation.

    I think we're pretty much on the same page for the other.

  45. Is the same for me, what u said will not change my mind especially because u are talking about things that u ignore (u say u don't "read-read-read"...but u "see-see-see"... MEANS IGNORANCE and u are simply confirming what I said). The saddest part of ur speech is that u are proud of your ignorance that also means u are an arrogant ignorant! U even don't know that comunism fights against capitalism that is the minimum knowledge about comunism...and this is the reason why u say that China is comunist, a place where there's the biggest concentrations of capitalism's industries. What are u waiting for? Go to USA!!!! But don't go to Cuba if u need hospital-care thanks, they're comunists (REAL comunists, not like modern-China that has nothing to do with Mao's China). Naturally go even to kill some afghani civilian or support miliary-weapon market with mexican-cartels or with talibans, that could be amazing and really american style... The only difference between me and u is that I speak about things that I do know while u don't (I know what comunism is and I also know what capitalism is). Ur "hate" about comunism and socialism is typical of USA-media addicted (take care because not every american is in an Holliwood super-castle with 3-4 swimmin pools and golf areas), u prefer to have a TV indeed of neurons, it is McCarthy style (I'm pretty sure u ignore whoever he was..typical ). Better to "see-see-see" TV than to "read-read-read" and have a culture, capitalists are happy if u burn books and watch their media ;)
    Have fun in ur mental limbo

    I want mexican people leaders of their existences without any owner of more spanish conquistadores, no more cartel, no more king. Freedom , real freedom and this is what they need from centuries. U posted a video of "juarez industries" but it seems that u even watch bad videos, IT WAS SAID MANY TIMES THAT WORKES ARE UNDER-PAID...this is ur beloved capitalism, the reasion of world's pollution and climate changes!!!!!!

  46. "those who are obsessed with finding tiny errors need to get a life" ...these words self-comment, maybe u have a very distorced view of culture.

    I red that u substain "chemo" and "surgery" , I'm sorry for u, hope it will be under-control and sincerely I wish u the best in this situation (I know about oncology and related pathology but actually I know that this is a public place and sure u don't need to talk to me about it ...anyways if u want we can in private conversation).

  47. Legalize the drugs and you will destroy the back that carries the legs.

  48. @ 5:22

    listen sir/madam I do not want to fight with you at all, and please understand I am 65 yrs old, what I meant was I had many questions in my young life of religion and ideology, I have lived and worked in 2 muslim countries (longest was Malaysia) I have lived and worked in 2 communist countries...Mainland China, and Vietnam, tho by your definition there must be only 3 communist countries, N.K. Cuba & laos, I have lived and worked in socialists countries, as the true definition and self definition are the same 5 countries as communism, and I have offices and homes in both Vietnam and Mainland china. I no longer need to study I am satisfied with the results of my research and my experiences living/working there. I have stayed long term in cape verde (muslim) and Indonesia. My work has given me such a unique opportunity to live & study at a multitude of countries, it just made me strong in my position, this is right for me, as I said before I respect your freedom of opinion.

    as for the live-live-live comment I was just teasing you & your read-read-read- comment because if you knew me personally I am such an avid reader...sorry if you took me seriously as though I am unread.

    The comment above about finding tiny errors once again you misunderstood, I was responding to the posting of someone asking to be forgiven if they had rushed and produced typos, I said simply it should not be a concern ,,,and if it isto anyone then THOSE persons need to get a life because it is the essence of the message that counts not if the message was in perfect grammar. I honestly cannot seeing you take offense in that reply. You need to chill a bit. Your life span can be shorten with so much contention and worry

    I have a very rare form but since my mother died from the same type my doc was always checking to see if it would present itself. It was discovered early I think I will be ok, thank you for the kind wishes

  49. Abuela I respect ur opinion too, but if u say at 11 pm that is mid-day is an opinion but a is a clamorous false one... when u say that comunist county is the same as socialist one is a pure illogic opinion...socialism precedes comunism, they cannot be together because in the comunist society there won't be any State at all; hope that now u got the point of what I'm trying to explain to u. But this definition, dear Abuela , is not MY definition is the base itself of comunism's ideology (marx, engels , lenin...all of them said it). When I say CHina is not comunist or Vietnam is not comunism is because they're not comunist! Comunism is total equality of rights and duties, if this is not true in a specific place there's no comunism there, u got it now? I can say I'm a comunist but if I parasite "el pueblo" making them slaves, imprisoning people that oppose to me etc this is not comunism even if me and 200.000.000 of people (hypnothized or scared bu me) say that I'm comunist. For this reason I say that umust know-read some real author. I'm not idiot (even if maybe u could have thought something like these from my last comments) and trust me that if I say that the real comunism is the best and utopisthic society possibile; but to be true it needs a very big evolution in humans' mind. It's not like USA said, "all poors", "all slaves" etc etc...this maybe happened to the false socialist States like China, URSS etc. In comunist society men is so evolved that he does not even need police or army because his insticts are changed so much that his brothers/sisters (not in the genetic sense!) humans are for him important as his/her own life and egoism/selfish is something near forgotten. Is so long to explain, but I'd like to if u are sometime interested.

    I cannot realize the tumor type (sarcoma? carcinoma? even if it could be even lymphoma or leukemia because spleen or nodes are removed also in some of theese cases) and I've no idea of tissue but I can say that once was easier to die for cancer while today, luckily, most people are save-able so whatever u have I' m surely more optimistic now-days! Abuela sorry but I was not goin to attack u personally, just tried to explain to u these few things that I'm sure now u have understood.
    Anyways as a general rule remember that the more ur diet is rich in vegetables the best it does to ur body and immune system! Meat and animal foods are really bad (personally I think must be avoided or at least eaten so so so rarely) and oxidative and immune-hijackers.
    Again nall the best wishes for a fast recharge back!

  50. I am vegan so we agree on something! A great book to read "The China Syndrome"

    as for the other I cannot devote anymore time to ideolgy. OK? This is how Vietnam& China defines them selves. This reminds me of pointless arguments some love to engage in. Such as I say I am Catholic and a response is "oh you are not Christian" pointless, but the bigger issue is I no longer have questions, I am satisfied and positive my ideolgy is the correct one for me. Lets agree to disagree, I know you are wrong, and you know I am, but I choose not to waste my life arguing on these points, I use priceless time helping children of the world, that is my passion and because I am 2nd gen mexican born american What is happening in Mx kills me, so I am doing something that we can all do writing op's and articles & forwarding them to news sources of the world and our friends and assosciates.

    I have asked you several times but you do not you live in a communist country? If no, why not? If you are American you can walk into an Am Embassy hand over your passport and say you are there to relinquish your citizenship. It really is that easy. Then you can move to Cuba or wherever and not be so frustrated.

  51. So nice to hear u are vegan!!!

    Anyways this is not like u said: remember that if u are USA-american and u go to Cuba u can even be sent in jail from police!

    I can be frustrated even if I go to Cuba, did not u know about the British Petrolium catastrophe in mexican gulf??? Did not u know about climate heathing due to air pollution? Don't u know about forest destruction? This damage is caused by capitalism, this is my frustration and the solution is to destroy it anywhere.

  52. @ 11:57AM my new Vegan Buddy!

    Aw but yes actually it is pretty easy to relinquish your citizenship (US) a close friend of mine did it and his wife. You must go to a US embassy in a foreign country, you must already have the naturalization process in another country well on its way for obvious reasons. ( in your case you can choose Laos, N Korea or Cuba. You must pay income tax for 10 years and are still suject to military draft if imposed.

    My friends hated to do it, they love the US and still consider it the best country in the world by far. But we are also the only country that taxes its citizens on world wide tax base even if you have not lived in the US for decades, as in their case. It amounts to double taxation and taxation without representation. Not fair, and I agree, they have lived abroad for 24 years and are only given a small tax break for the taxes paid in europe. Also they hate the death taxes which amounts to triple, quadruple etc tax. So they gave it up and now regret it because they want to live in the US when they retire in 4 years, but that is part of the deal also, they can'tever reside here. I have another childhood friend who worked in Nica building libraries and medical clinics for 15 years, fell in love with a cuban doctor, moved to Cuba for 6 years. SHe was so excited, idealistic as she was a hard working activist. SHe now lives in Boston with her husband and his children from Cuba. She hated Cuba and the propaganda & lies. No one is equal, medical is still rationed as well as food. Do not argue with me I am just the messenger. She calls it her dark years and how wrong she was.

    In your case it would seem that you would not want to return to the US, and you could go to another country like canada and then to Cuba.

    But it seems my Vegan friend in order for you to be happy you will have to establish a new country. Please I joking again, I am sorry it is a part of my personality. But seriously your passion and energy could be used in the countries i work in doing good for the children of the world. I am not ideolgy or religion based (my foundation) and even if I wanted to I would be deported my most foreign countries for taking a position. When I finidh my work with the Zapatistas (4-5 small schools one in each caracol) then I have to choose Iraq or Haiti, I have been invited to both.

    Yes my friend I hear of the forest and it has been abused the world wide.
    Yes I hear of the inconvient truth, which I believed and kept an open mind but alas I feel it is a hoax. Because as far back as recorded weather history we have experienced natural ebb & tide curve such as we saw for a few years.. time will tell, wouldn't it be nice if I am correct? I am a positive person and do not like negatives but I am also living with an open mind.

    I just returned from a doc appt...did not go very well but I am hopeful that will change. more try...are you american?

  53. Abuela I don't believe in nations... I'm a world inhabitant, as u are. I did not ask ur nationality, it changes nothing to me...u're a person, this is all.
    Americans must revolt and demolish this system that uses their lives like puppetz or chess-pawns. Aguela u know what is MK-Ultra? Operation North-woods? U know that CIA recovered most of the highest SS officers and added them in the CIA operations? What about the un-equity of health-care? When I say that I hate USA I don't mean I hate people, I love people because they're victims and I'm always on the side of the victims! Don't u smell the disparity of rights , lobbies'chiefs never go to do wars that feed their business , they sent poor guys that are brainwashed and sincerely think that their people is in danger.
    I know so many cases of corrupted cubans that were payed by USA to say all the worst about Castro and socialism. USA has always the same people to rule, feemasons (many of the "skull and bone" like the Bush family) that have control over economy , weapons, oil, banks, and naturally politics.
    I am sorry if I was rude with u, I think you are like so many americans (I know many too!!!) foundamentally good and with nice intentions (and you said u support children, and this is si kind!) but in USA remember that comunism is forbidden and that can allow u to understand what kind of "true" information u can recieve about this ancient ideology (even platon, like over 2000 years ago spoke about it!!!) that is anti-violence and really has nothing to do with any-kind of violent totalitarism u can report to me. Americans have a deep hatred against comunism because they still recieve the "McCarthy influence" and they consider comunism URSS, or public execution in China or dunno whatelse...they totally ignore the readings of Marx, Engels, Rosa Luxemburg, Bakunin (was more anarchist). As u can understand I 've no kind of respect of stalinism or actual China. And I hate carnages of innocents as maybe u do too.
    U are not ideology based and this is good, I mean, most of ideologies are pure cheats and the real democracy can exists when people have a culture and are totally aware of everything (still now there over 90% of americans that ignore MK-Ultra project...something that even Clinton described as a very bad action against americans). I don't vote, because I consider everyone an hypocrite with no real interest in people's business and because, mostly, they are not really chosen by people...people have 1 ,2 or 3 candidates but this is not democracy, democracy means to chose not to vote someone that have been chosen by others ...right?

    Abuela, I'm finisching medicine studies and I'm gonna specialize myself in pathology, but I prefer that people use natural remedies than chemical stuff for everyday's problems...that's why i suggested u vegan food, because I do know that most of cancers, heart attack and strokes depend on bad nutrition (animal fats, animal proteins, salt, chemicals etc...scarce vegetable fibers, anti-oxidants etc).

    Abuela if u do have a prophile here or somewhere I would like to continue the conversations with u.

  54. What a country! Freedom of speech.
    We just need to be respectful of each other. Words like ignorant, stupid, etc. should not be used by respectful people. The passion of our opinions must be toned down so as not bring down another person. Peace to all!

  55. Pink ignorant is not an a state of human mind. And, unfortunatly, most of the world's people are ignorant, to understand this there's no need of a Nobel Prize, it's intuitive considering that over half of humans have even problems to drink and eat everyday so their main problem is to survive... Ignorance is the golden-eggs-chicken of capitalism, people who know few or nothing of things that surround them are easy to be controlled and manipulated with massmedia. No culture, no democracy, simple and right.

  56. @ 4:01 Vegan friend

    I am 2nd generation American of Mexican descent. If I could, I would.. write that here a thousand times because I am as proud of one as I am the other. Though I live roughly 40% in other countries I would never say that I am anything but the aforementioned. I am very curious why a person would not say their nationality/race ever. That makes no sense at all. I am going to say you are not American, but you are here in America using our institutions to gain the degree in pathology you desire. Further I think you are Cuban living in Florida. That is my best guess. But of course you do not have to answer the question that obviously brings you such discomfort and pain. & honestly even if you denied it I still think I am correct. But you are wrong only the radicals have a deep hate of communism, you have the freedom to be communist, what most of us know is that socialism and communism is a failed concept, tried and failed,one by one-gone.. but to say we hate it is incorrect, it is a non-issue with us, I cannot remember how many years it has been since I have discussed communism or even said the word, no one much cares. but We can co-exist. that is what is so great in my country we have that freedom, it is why my grandparents immigrated & why people of the world risk their lives to enter illegally...probably even you.

    @ Pink

    you are correct. when someone called me stupid...they said simply "your stupid" which was a joke because of the bad grammar and I wrote a taunting post but regretted it immediately.. so asked that it not be posted. We are independant thinkers so of course we will not agree. But I think we all agree that what is happening in Mx is horrific, and that is the bottom line.

    I respect my vegan-communist poster pal even though I think 180 from his stance. He is passionate about his beliefs as I am mine. He did take a shot at my intelligence in a post but I knew he was just frustrated and for sure ESL so I gave him a wide berth.. so gave him another opportunity to communicate with me. I find him wrong but interesting, thoughtful and I think caring. Though I am running on one last nerve

  57. Abuela I didn't attack ur intelligence ...; 1st) USA-people risk their lives to go to CUBA in hospitals because in USA they are not allowed to be cured in a decent way because they have not enough money to recieve an medical-insurance; 2nd) USA-people risk their lives in Iraq and in Afghanistan were they've been sent for weapons' and oil's companies interests, after over 20 years of active support (with cash and weapons) of Saddam Hussein and like 10 years to talibans. And USA-people are killing many civilians (hope without intention); 3rd) americans are red-skin natives american, the others are descendents of invasors who have killed millions of real inhabitants and so have kidnapped black africans and used them as slaves and are actually stealing resources of the entire world and making the >60% of all the pollution present (and this is something unacceptable...naturally most of USA-people are not even using those resources and making pollution, lobbies are doing it); 4th)I'm not from USA and I'm proud of it! If u had red past comments u will see that I've sweared I will never go to that hybrid land of money obsessed humans till natives will not become again the leaders of their land and UK-freemasons imported freemasons will go to hell; 5th) Again, u express ur ignorance about comunism (and u don't know anything about it) and continue with ur TV-brainwashed behaviour. U said u know what is but u don't know anything because u don't read anything about, just watch TV-McCarthian-news and read some McCarthian-paper, What can I say? Continue this way, I'm not interested in discussing with u. Your behaviour is classic and typical of who just know USA-mass-media (property of lobbies that obviously hate comunism) mis-information and this leads u believe that u know about everything. In USA is forbidden to be comunist-socialist, so don't say lies and don't be imaginative when u say that there is the freedom to be comunist...It seems that u know less about ur new-"nation" than I do, and this is typical of USA-people, are totally brainwashed by TV (and TV is the main reason why most of immigrants come to USA, because they start to believe that having a pollution-making SUV or a Cadillac is the real sense of life...they come from lands that are poor but are poor because of USA-lobbies!!!!). 6th) Abuela this words u said "honestly even if you denied it I still think I am correct" is what suggests to me to say goodbye and realize that I'm not goin to waste other times this way. "We have freedom"...ahuahauhauahuahauahauhauahuahauahuahauahauhahauhauahauhauhauahuahauaha that's why lobbies prosperate over ur fleshes, u are a so perfect experiment of brainwashed with mass-media...INFORM-URSELF ABOUT UR LAND!! U DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE U ARE LIVING! INFORM ABOUT MK-ULTRA SOMETIMES!!!! 7th) I consider USA and its lobbies the biggest threat to world's peace and life, they are killing the planet with pollution and wars and with destruction of the third world. Their arrogance and out-law behaviour is unacceptable.. This is outrageous!!! Anyways ur "fantastic nation" is dead, China owns over 70% of ur endless nation-debt and even if u are trying to change things attacking afgganistan and iraq u are a deads-walking but u even don't know because mass-media talk about reality-shows and about next football match.

  58. @ my vegan pathologist friend

    "have fun in your mental limbo" has but one meaning....

    First I will say you have confirmed what I guessed, you are a Cuban communist in the US to gain a degree in pathology! I knew it nothing else made sense. Yes we have freedom to be radical, senseless, irrational, communist, atheist, or whatever. But I do not know why you do not join your commrades in N. Korea-Laos-Cuba...the only 3 countries in the universe that remains communist. A logical person would see it is because it is a failure....if you hate the US, why step one foot on our soil? that is being a do not know china at all. but I will not waste my time. I simply will wish you the best, and hope that one day instead of writing and condemming perhaps you will do something for the world you say is destroyed. Do as I and my many humanitarian friends, feet on the ground working for good...BTW I hate football and do not watch much assume so much and know so little. I did not say you were FROM the us but have no doubt you are here at one of our fine medical universities.. but you are ashamed of who you are, and where you are from..and scared to say where you are...there is only one reason why a person would feel that way.

    You have found my last nerve and chewed through it, you should learn when you communicate in a radical manner one will listen except radicals that share your belief. And that goes for anyone being radical about anything. and I do not know what "ahu" means or many of your words, but if you want people to listen to your point of view you need to take public speaking classes because my friend no one will listen to you with your present delivery...I would say God bless you but I am certain you are atheist as well...

  59. My NEO-CON friend...maybe of Wolfowitz faction

    U've some kind of deafness lady, I'm not cuban and I've already written it (maybe u have some problem even with reading??that explains why u ignore 99% of facts)...And I will never do a single step in USA till they are ruled by masons and lobbies. I did never visit ur "beloved" masonry-totalitarism and I'm so happy for it :)
    ...u're so funny when u say "if u hate US why step one foot out of OUR soil?" UR SOIL???bahuahauhauahuahauhauahuaahuahaahauhauahuahauhauahuahahuahauahuahauhauahuahauahuahauhauahuahauhauhauahuahuahauhauahuahauhauhauahuahauah. Anyways I let u that soil, I'm not interested in the land of racism and mason's power.

    Ur mental-blindness is drammatically severe... U are kind of neo-con or some hell like it. Aren't u? A fan of Bush and Rumsfeld the butchers... AND THE BEST UNIVERSITY ARE NOT AMERICAN (I sure do prefer to go to Cuba for studies than USA!!!) !!!! In USA even the study is linked to lobbies and business.
    With people like u, who ignore realty and are proud to be so, free-masons have a so easy game!! U can believe in any fiction on TV...u don't have any kind of self-idea , u simply repeat TV-speeches.

    As I already told, u speak about things that u ignore, I do speak about things that i know so much. I bet ur last book was Harry Potter something, wasn't it? You wrote 20 lines about nothing, pure fiction, assuming things that are totally false.

    another big and loud laugh when u say "you do not know china at all" ... For ur information I do know china very well, and I also know its recent and past history (things that u, naturally, ignore at all...). But maybe for u to know china means go to chinese-restaurant or to eat canton-rice once in life...In ur world this is called "knowledge".

    Be proud of ur ignorance, use it like a shield and a weapon, like talibans...yes, those old friends of USA , armed and financed for years that suddenly became the n°1 enemy (maybe because of a pipeline that USA-lobbies wanted to make but talibans refused...of course u ignore this story, on football matches there's no space for it , uh?!)! Now cartels are supported by USA with weapons (Barrett 50, M16, M4A1 etc). Maybe in some years when some-business stuff will happen USA will say "cartels are criminals, we gotta stop them!" ...after thousands of mexican have already be killed in these years by those criminals USA-supported. For me criminals are always criminals, money changes nothing...USA-lobbies and politicians have another view as we know! I'm sure that as a neo-con u first loved talibans and know say that they're terrorists etc etc...bytheway those maniacs were supported so much by ur party of neo-cons ;)
    As u also supported Mr Saddam Hussein, because u wanted him to erase Iran..uh?? NEO-CONS way.

    ...Another explanation for ur speeches can be that u use something from the cartels...something "dusty" , got it?! I suggest to u to stop, they're doin so bad to u!

    You're certain I'm atheist...and I was 1500% sure you are of some fanatic religion.

    Take care... and turn off TV!

  60. This blog is dedicated to the reporting of organized crime on the broderline between the USA and Mexico. Neither country will ever become communist. I imagine there must be many other sites available for the discussion of that topic. I realize Abuela you got pulled into it. You are right, but please don't respond to that person again, he is wastin our time. Pray for your enemies. The temporal is too short.

  61. is this a blog about Mexico?...or something else...with all the blah seems a little off track..pray for your die soon...pray for Mexico to improve soon...pray for some of the comments here to end soon...pray for me to win the lottery

  62. With all due respect for the time and effort all of you take in posting comments, I must remind everyone that this blogsite is not a platform for discussions on Marxist or Capitalist ideologies that stray from the theme of violence and insecurity in Mexico, drug trafficking into the U.S. and the complex relationship between both neighbors.

    Thank you for the comments and ideas that expand the debate.

    Su Servidor,

  63. this is the most worst thing i have ever sean


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