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Friday, July 2, 2010

Cloned Marines Responsible for the Execution of Torre Cantu

Although the Tamaulipas authorities have not given details of the three vehicles they recovered that were used in the murder of Rodolfo Torre Cantú, who would be candidate for governor, it is believed that the trucks were cloned to look like military vehicles.

Sources close to the investigation carried out by the Attorney General of Tamaulipas and the PGR report that sicarios were disguied as Mexican Marines who apparently had inside information of the PRI candidate, and mamanged to execute the ambush in full military precision.

According to information published by the newspaper Reforma, witnesses report that the candidate's convoy was passed by a truck that suddenly started traveling at low speed and a a few feet ahead of the the road was atractor trailer that was use to block the road.

Once the procession was forced to stop, two cloned trucks, made to look like military vehicles, came from behind and from inside numerous men that appeared to be wearing marine uniforms got out of their vehicles.

"The bodyguards of the candidate, believing they were stopped by marines, also got out of their vehicle to let the marines know who they were escorting," reported Reforma.

At that exact moment, testified some of the survivors, Rodolfo Torre Cantú, Enrique Blackmore, the driver and two more body guards also descended from their vehicles.

And at that exact point, the disguised sicarios from the trucks located on the back and front opened fire on the candidate and his entourage. Torre Cantú was mortally wounded.

Other team members were also killed and at least three more were sprayed with bullets while onboard their vehicles.

In the formal declaration of the Ministerial it was reported that the target was Torre Cantú but they had no problem killing everyone on the spot.

Before the shooting at aroune 10:00 am on Monday, Torre Cantu, his brother Enrique de la Garza Montoto, his main secretary Henry Blackmore, and his private secretary Alejandro Martinez had left the house of the candidate to go to the Pedro Jose Mendez Airport.

The drive to the airport is approximately 12 miles where the candidate was scheduled to fly to Matamoros, where he had a series of campaigns and a private meeting with the members of the media.

In the attack the sicarios used one truck to force the convoy to slow down, two more to carry out the attack, and a tractor trailer to block off the road.

More Pictures:

A video of pictures after the execution of candiate for governor Rodolfo Torre Cantu:


  1. Who is in charge in Mexico? Obviously, for decades, Mexico has had nothing but "puppet" politicians set on serving and assisting organized crime. All these killings of politicians will only insure that it continues.

  2. It's time for President Calderon to take off the gloves and invoke Article 29 of the Mexican Constitution; Put in law the death penalty and start killing these fucking animals. He needs to tell "Human Rights Watch" to fuck off and stay out of their bailiwick. The death penalty needs to be given to any person in power who gives aid and comfort to these animals. That includes anyone giving inside information so these animals know their targets' agenda to be able to carry out these atrocities.

  3. The World Bankers are in charge of Mexico. There are Goverment units working all over Mexico to destablize the nation. One more reason to send MORE Formal U.S. troops into Mexico. Ultimate goal = Unite Mexico with U.S. The Mexican states will beg for it. Why because most of Mexicans are uninformed and still look up to America, not knowing that the U.S. has become a tyrannical fascist corporate state.

  4. @Anyonymous July 2, 2010 8:41 AM

    As if an american involvment would change anything. The US plays a big role in the mess Mexico finds itself in. I know it's not nice to hear and many will probably object in here. But if we put aside all patriote feelings and analyse the situation objectively most of us will have to agree that the money with which the Narco's finance themselves comes from the US. This money mixed with an unable mexican government produces a horrific cocktail!

    The US should focus on reducing their budget deficit before engaging in a new war.

  5. I AGREE ABOUT THE WORLD BANKERS...they well know that people will sacrifice personal freedom for security anytime...or just to be able to walk around without the imminent threat of is a shame that no one can be left alone ...the mexican people are being abused with such violence that they will be glad to accept peace , no matter who the hidden masters are ,..and some of us know who they are ...Monterrey WAS founded by that particular religous sect , so associated with money , power, and world domination, now maybe they are just coming into their is definately interesting to see a comment here that dosen't trot out the old ...blame the USA drug problem...the local boy narcos are being weeded out...the ones who think they are real old time bandidos will be exterminated...the ones who remain will know who to is all necessary to be able to supply the emerging CANADIAN is all part of the plan...Mexico will be domesticated, everbody will work in some factory ,or service job... be in debt for the rest of their lives, paying interest, taxes,and insurance, get fat and complacent , and watch documentarys about the wild west days in old Mexico...I really wonder sometimes how many of the perfectly planned murders of large numbers of police, and high ranking politicians are the work of mercenarys, at the behest of the international bankers...knowledge is power...except in this case knowledge is just sad...Mexico is a major target..they still have the family unit, people work under the table sin hacienda, have some personal freedom, have morals,are healthy, are basically happy short , all the things that the bankers want to destroy... America is their sword arm...Mexico will be their brothel....ok i gotta stop now before i cry

  6. By reading some of these comments I would assume that the government and the bankers are the enemy and that we should support the activities of the Cartels for they are fighting for the common man.

  7. did you arrive at that?...where did you read assume erroneously...maybe you have reading comprehension problems....but just to clear it up for you...THE NARCO CRIMINALS ARE THE FRIEND OF NO ONE BUT THEMSELVES...THEY ARE LOYAL ONLY TO MONEY, AND WHAT IT BRINGS...POWER...some of them pretend, maybe they even believe they are some sort of
    "heros of the people" , but really they are after the power, they want to be the "government"...personally i think i would rather have a tyranny of democracy (glorified mob rule) than the rule of the narcocracy (rule of the gun)...the best I think is a benevolent dictator/king...but that is a bit out of fashion now the international bankers abhor kings, as they are we are stuck with elected officials who are then controlled by the power broker/ least you can walk the streets in peace , as long as you don't threaten their control in a serious way ....and of course pay your are fine....feel better now?


  9. hassenfeiffer, I think the anonymous who said the police and govt were the enemy was being sarcastic. What I got from his comment was that he thinks the people on this board believe what he was saying, not that he believes it.

  10. hassenphieffer for king i say...

  11. Exactly Mark, what I'm saying is it doesn't matter, the Cartels and the Gov are all one and the same, just a lot of in-fighting. PRI is Sinaloa, PAN is Zeta IMO voting doesn't matter; we are just voting in the most popular Cartel at the moment.

  12. We live and work in the north of Mexico and see that the people are afraid. This page reports the major violence, but the violence goes all the way down the line with threats and extortion to the small businessmen. We see it every daily. Just today a supplier called and asked for help to pay ranson for three relatives, children, kidnapped. Violence is a daily event everywhere. The government is truly losing control. If you knew Rudolfo Torres it would be easy to understand why he was killed. He was kind, honest, immensely popular and it cost him his life. The criminals fear power and Dr. Torres had true power, honesty and popularity.

  13. Something is really wrong! Looking at the pic above, it seem that lot of people wanted that man and everybody else dead. You can see in the pic, how much little help the survivors got. You can see people talking on cellphone why the wounded are on the floor. WOW! What a bunch of corrupted law enforcement force! A really sad story!!!

  14. @Anonymous July 2, 2010 10:33 PM

    Unfortunately the people in this pictures lying on the street are not wounded but dead so every help has come to late for them anyhow! So that relativizes the scene I think!

  15. Solved the problem! President Ojinaga (Origami?)
    is dispatching his Crime Czar, 500 Community Organizers and 4200 ACORN employees equipped with RED RYDER repeating BB guns and 27 Pago Pago National Guard members to Ahome!

    Stand by oh great states!

  16. No. They are NOT all dead. A couple of them at least, are raising their heads and arms unassisted.

  17. I didn't realize loony anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists followed borderlandbeat. The truth is usually much more complicated, filled with many little and competing conspiracies, rather than one grand arching conspiracy.

  18. @ 8;29 Oh , Grand Poobah of all knowledge, do forgive us forsaking your ultimate guidance with all things.

  19. This is just so sad. I really don't know how all this is going to end. There are sooooo many untold stories that are happening and people are just too afraid. I saw the news on tV and there was many crime scene investigators taking pictures, measuring.....FOR WHAT???? Nothing gets solved. These crime scene investigators are probably also being threatned. What is Mexico coming to? This ruthless killing is barbaric. May GOD have mercy on their soul.

  20. not really anyone at allJuly 7, 2010 at 9:13 PM

    didn't realize loony anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists followed borderlandbeat. The truth is usually much more complicated, filled with many little and competing conspiracies, rather than one grand arching conspiracy.


    nor did i realize ignorant sheeple followed it either ...who said the word semitic here first bah bah little sheep ...YOU REALLY DO KNOW WHO CONTROLS THE WORLD MONEY SUPPLY DON'T YOU...the founder of Monterrey was burnt at the stake for being a crypto...baahhhh baahhhhh.....but it is all just a crazy conspiracy ...right?..are you in debt...i hope so...

    big conspiracys are composed of smaller ones don't ya tink shlomo


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