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Saturday, July 3, 2010

29 Gunmen Dead In Shootout 12 Miles From The Arizona Border

The unofficial death toll for Thursday morning’s battle between rival organized criminal groups has reached 29 according to reports coming out of the Nogales, Sonora area. The shootout occurred approximately 12 miles south of the little used border crossing point in the town of Sasabe, Arizona, located in Pima County.

According to Mexican press reports and official statements a large group of gunmen affiliated with the Sinaloa cartel and traveling in more than fifty vehicles was ambushed on the road to Sasabe between the small towns of Tubutama and Saric.

Since Wednesday evening residents of the neighboring towns reported a high number of pickup trucks and SUV’s traveling on the roads leading to Tubutama. By some estimates close to 100 vehicles assembled in Tubutama Wednesday night where X’s were painted on the windows and red cloths were attached to car doors and rear bumpers for identification purposes.

There are rumors that several active and former members of the Nogales police force were present in the group of armed men.

The convoy left Tubutama heading north on the desolate road to Saric early Thursday morning.

The purpose of the army of gunmen was a “cleansing operation” to dislodge a rival organized crime group that had seized the trafficking route from Saric north to the Arizona border. According to sources this group in Saric is aligned with the Beltran Leyva cartel and had already survived several encounters with Mexican army troops and federal police.

Residents reported a tremendous level of gunfire between 4:00 and 5:00 AM Thursday on the outskirts of Saric. According to statements from the state prosecutor’s office the group of gunmen traveling in the convoy was ambushed in an area where hills straddle the roadway by the rival group which had dug in on the high ground and directed a withering crossfire on the vehicles.

Municipal police were alerted and arrived first and were greeted by the carnage at the ambush site. At least 10 vehicles littered the roadway and the dead were laying on the road and inside their destroyed vehicles.

State police and army troops arrived soon after and sealed off the area to initiate the investigation and search for any remaining gunmen from either camp.

Ten men were taken into custody at the scene. Six of those arrested suffered non life threatening wounds. Two of those arrested were minors, one 15 year old and one 17 year old.

Official statements from the state prosecutor’s office put the death toll at 21 but observers at the scene said the number of deaths was much higher. The local media was removed from the scene as soon as the army arrived.

Several of the dead gunmen were reported to be from the states of Sinaloa and Tamaulipas.

As of Friday the area was still sealed off by roadblocks of army troops and police.

It was not known if the border crossing between the towns of Sasabe, Sorona and Sasabe, Arizona was temporarily closed.

It is in part due to the growing instability and lawlessness in Sonora and the border area that Arizona’s tough new immigration bill, SB 1070, was passed into law.

Southern Arizona serves as a major drug and human trafficking route for the rest of the nation. More than half of all illegal immigrants and drugs are apprehended on the Arizona border.

In recent months the level of violence in Arizona from Mexican smuggling operations has increased as the dispute between rival traffickers for the lucrative smuggling routes has spread north into the U.S.

The violence is mostly limited to encounters between traffickers stealing drug loads and kidnapping undocumented persons from rival smugglers.

Ranchers and residents in the sparsely populated areas of southern Arizona now say that drug loads and groups of undocumented aliens are escorted by armed guards.

Bureau of Land Management sign on I-8 just south of Casa Grande, Arizona approximately 90 miles from the border crossing in Sasabe, Arizona.

On March 27 of this year Robert Krentz, a prominent rancher in Cochise County was shot and killed in his ranch 20 miles from the border by in all likelihood an armed smuggler from Sonora. The day before the murder his brother, Phil Krentz, had called the border patrol to the Krentz ranch where 8 undocumented immigrants were arrested and 200 pounds of marijuana was seized.

Vehicles and weapons abandoned at ambush site

Borderland Beat


  1. 50 100 vehiceles...guys entrenched on a hilltop...29 dead....daaaannnngggg!!!!!...this is lots more fun and exciting than Afghanistan...i wish cnn had some reporters embedded with these is not at all sporting of these chaps to not allow press coverage...bloody savages they are

    1. 29 dead, and you call it " fun" ?. you are a heartless man... some of those dead are someone else' s brother, son or huspand...couldn't have worded it with a little more compassion.

  2. Maybe they need to consider an absolute curfew in these trouble areas. Not that they are afraid to kill in broad daylight, but if patrols see anyone out after curfew they can shoot first and ask questions later. It's harder to hide a big action like over 100 men during the daytime.

  3. Interesting yet kind of offbeat analysis from a sporting chap.......but if you consider that Afghanistan is thousands of mile away and this happened within 30 miles of the US does make you think the way these armed groups are going at eachother the US is border is only a minor roadblock to having the violence like this take place in the US..

  4. What is interesting to me is that we spend billions fighting over seas for stupid reasons in countries that dont want help and dont really affect the US directly But here we are with our neighbor country and all they are killing over is the "Right to the trafficking route". Put up a damn fence, put our troops from Afghanistan and Iraq at the border, then start helping our fellow Mexicans regain their country.

  5. Another sad case of violence in mexico. So many lives are being lost and over a stupid war that apparently has no ending. And we can sit here and judge them all we want. But these guys weren't born killers. They just lost all faith in their corrupt govt. and see no other way to make a living. Cause in mexico there is no jobs that pay enough to support a family. There is no middle class. And all the help the u.s does send only fills the pockets of those corrupt politicians.

  6. I would like to bring up one point; if the cartels are assassinating and kidnapping troublesome politicians and police officers in Mexico, what will they do when the Arizona law gets in their way?

    This is only the beginning of a very long war.

  7. I live in Arizona, and have been following the border security issue for some time.
    What worries me is that the Border Patrol coverage of this area is very limited, and the Pima County Sheriff's Department coverage of this area is effectively non existant. Therefore if this same two convoys of armed men had chosen to contimue across the border into Arizona, there is nothing to stop them. Not even a barbed wire fence. Check out the area on Google Earth.

  8. Anon in AZ: What you folks need is US Military NORTHCOM or STRATCOM Command Special Forces teams:

    Code words: HELP NOW

  9. looks like russian steel cased 7.62

  10. Does anyone else NOT find it surprising that this and other stories like this are NOT covered by the major news agencies here in the States? This is the kind of crap that Obama and his cronies do NOT want he American public to be made aware of as it will damage their attempts at offering amnesty to those illegals already here in this country. It is time for the citizens of America to stand up and protect her borders since the government doesn't seem to want to do the job.

  11. Mr patriotic you sound like the rascist tea party scumbag.

  12. OH BROTHER.... Protect HER borders?

    Its the minute men again…or is it the Tea Smokers?...with 30 lbs of homemade deer jerky packed in their GMC pick-ups trucks, their tents at the ready and the deer rifle rack in the back window... ...aind they's gonna kill 'em sum dem Mexicans wannin to invade this here cuntry...rather than go thru the "front door" and leanin them some proper English.

    The fact of the matter is that “dem Mexicans” are coming because your own red state Rotary Clubs and Chambers of Commerce are begging them to come.

    How many non-immigrants that have been unemployed for (its getting to be) years have made a career shift to the lucrative "Crop Picking Engineering" fields? There's onions, there's apples, there's strawberries or as many other crops as any of you unemployed Patriotic Border Sentries want to pick. Or how about a "Chicken Plucking Machine Operator?" Or how about an exiting career as a Scullery Tech [I hear the "Lobster Barrel Restaurant" on Hwy 1 is hiring!].

    It is a VIRTUAL GOLD MINE that you're letting the Mexicans take from right under your nose! "THEY’RE TAKING OUR JOBS!!!"

    You idiot bumkins need to figure out how you're going to sustain the American agricultural food basket industries (here, within our borders) without the "dang Mexican" that's living down at the end of your block...or the one that you run into at the grocery store... How about we just get rid of the Mexicans, get rid of the agricultural industries and just import all of our food? Why not import all of our hotel cleaning ladies from a Scandinavian or Germanic Country. I know that'll make you idiots feel better since they won't affect the American Cultural Identity; right? How about the Construction Industries?

    As long as you Red Staters keep listening to the red socialist baiters, the Brown and Black haters, and xenophobes (that know just how to "rile ye up" come election time) your politics will always be exclusionary and atrophic (believe it or not, I know we need a strong conservative politic in this country; ...but not a dumb one, please).

    Where's Mitch McConnell's (R-KY) proposal to prosecute undocumented immigrant's employers? It's an easy Fix! 1000 more federal immigration prosecutes to go after employers. 1 year in jail and $10,000 fine per undocumented employee. Even Kentucky doesn’t want to get rid of its illigals; THEY JUST WANT THEM TO NOT BE SEEN.

    HOW ABOUT THIS JOBS BILL: about $60k a year for recruiting 1000 young prosecutors fresh out of law schools across the country (they're unemployed too, so they'll love the idea...). THAT'S $6 Million Dollars in salaries! PEANUTS!! But, imagine the affect!! NICE! That’s an average of 20 Prosecutors per state (you can move some from R.I. to California, Texas or Georgia!)

    How about that? How about some ideas from you?



  13. The previous poster nailed it.

  14. I guess that the only thing missing there is the fact that all this cartels are just covering a "DEMAND", laws of free market right? If US didn´t have as many junkies as it does, probably all this violence at the border wouldn´t exist. And other thing if ther is a war going on atthe border, I´m guessing that isn´t beinf fight for fun, there is a corrupted police officer, border patrol man, congres man and so on that allows the distribution after the cartels deposit the drugs in side the US, so not only Mexican civil servants are corrupted.

  15. 11 million illegal immigrants...mostly Mexican illegal workers...25 million Americans out of work...Mexico has a very strict policy towards illegal immigration, also it is not easy to obtain a work permit in Mexico..I have some friends that are working in tobacco for 7 dollars an hour , and are glad to have the work, Mexicans were doing it but they didn't show up, not enough pay, so i guess poor Americans are taking the jobs Mexicans don't want...some or you wise asses need to wake up and smell the coffee about illegal immigration/labor...i DO agree, start with prosecuting the Employer, and the illegal work problem will solve tomorrow , when it is 100 degrees in the field us rich American workers will be hoeing tobacco for 7 bucks an hour...just who am i supposed to feel sorry for now?, i forgot, oh any body but an American worker ..right?

  16. i wish some of these guys would come on up here and have a big 'ol shootout ...i need a new truck.....and bein all shot up like that would just give it character...

  17. jerky...ha ha does fit

  18. 25 million Americans out of work cause they think 7 dollars an hour not worth it lol

  19. sure come and pick your tomatoes, onions, chicken plucking machines, whatever, BUT...

    you can't have anchor babies, you can't have benefits, you can't have social services

    still want to come? or does the $7/hr not entice you anymore?

  20. I thought the x was the sign of the CDG....

  21. it is like Mexico dosen't exist to CNN..they don't cover anything .. and if they do it is some brief thing about something months coverage of the flood in Monterrey, nothing about the shootouts....amazing

  22. Try again, Cornbread.

    ...see... This is exactly what I'm talking about. We need better arguments than what’s above from the other side!

    So, what I read from your posts is that Mexicans should pick all the cotton, onions, strawberries and tobacco and wipe all your babies asses, clean all the hotel rooms then we should be careful that the door doesn’t hit us on our way out (you don’t want us damaging your door, after all)? This reminds me of when southerners wanted to have the blacks (their chattel at the time) counted towards determining representation in the House and Senate, but then not really treat them as full citizens within their states. I recall that they got to have that cake and ate it too; but for less than 100 years. Here again, the same political conservatives want the labor and also withhold a chance at American Dream [To work till you’re dead, and then owe it to the banks that financed your dream.] The more we change, the more we stay the same…..

    Lets try to make some sense of what you’re saying: …since illegals can’t legally get access to TANF (“welfare” administered by the states) because they’re undocumented, and you really can’t outlaw people from f***ing, your idea is that you want the federal government to outlaw what you call “anchor babies” so that when a rugrat (from parents of any nationality, but mostly Mexican, of course) is born here, it does not become the conduit through which their undocumented immigrant parents receive “benefits?”

    Well I’ll be… Aren’t all you on the Right the ones that hold their copies of the constitution on their nightstand besides a copy of a book written for King James? YOU Constitution eliciting, flag waving, hot dogs on the 4th of July eating patriots (…dumb-ass nationalist posers, if you ask me…) need to read the 14th Amendment to the Constitution and US Code Title 8.


    What!?! Some guarache wearing, tortilla eating, burrito sniffin, tomato pickin, chicken plucking, dish-washing Mexican has read it? Yea, remember? This is the amendment you don’t like because it defines blacks and any other person born in the US as citizens; remember that one?

    Your idea, taken to a logical conclusion, wants us to amend the Constitution to strip […as if its yours to give or take away…] US born persons their citizenship for being born to parents that are (undocumented, illegal, whatever…) laborers. So… since the parents are illegal, then child is illegal, before it is born. That way the parent can’t get those lucrative “benefits” and the kid won’t vote for the Democrats when they grow up, either! Brilliant!!

    Yup…a real masterpiece of political argument there!!!

    WELL, YOU CAN’T DO THAT TO ANY PEOPLE WITHOUT DAMAGING YOURSELF, YOUR PARTY AND THE AMERICAN POLITICAL CLIMATE MORE!! We should be working with the understanding that our real claim to history is that we pretty much TRY fix our problems way before we come to blows or hurt people. Didn’t you get the memo?

    So, how to get around that inconvenient 14th amendment to the Godly inspired Constitution? Employer enforcement is the way to go. It’ll stop the influx without making an ass out of your country. …too bad that this can’t be said of all the states, now can it?

    So, there (…WIPE…). See, a Mexican is wiping your ass again since you can’t get past your emotions long enough to utter an argument worth making policy from.

    Like I said… try again Cornbread. […I mean that in the nicest possible way… ;-) ]

    Por la Modelo en

    “I’m a rodeo clown. It takes great skill.”
    -Glen Beck

  23. it looks like the XXX got shot up here...but by who..the Z...???

  24. hey what is wrong with pan de elotes...(cornbread) is great with beans..sopa de frijoles con pan de elotes y un corte de cebolla...fukn tasty hombre...

  25. ...bueno pero no te enojes...

  26. The cars were marked with "X" because that is the "Comando X" a cell from the Sinaloa Cartel. The "Comando X", who is led by El Chino Antrax, was ambushed.

  27. Yeah, keep buying more cocaine and marijuana. Your addictions are fueling this war!

  28. What U.S has to do is worry about its own problems. Why they worried about the capos in mexico ? The U.S consumes 85% of drugs in the world !!! Somebody in the U.S IS BUYING LARGE QUANITIES OF DRUGS . So the soon as they fix their problem all problems will be solved. The smart ones are the mexicans cant blame them for feeding the U.S what they LOVE. Ive never heard of the U.S taking down a Capo in their own country. The white man is buying it all !!!

  29. The 14th amendment was writer so the children of the newly freed slave would be citizens!!! That's the only reason for the amendment. Over the years its scum bag lawyers that keep bending laws and amendments!!! We know this intent by reading the journals keeped by the men who drafted the 14th amendment, todays difention of the amendment is based appon what activist judges and lawyers FEEL it should mean today! Why don't you research why left wing Canda dump there anchor baby clause when Chinese were over running Canada in the 80's! There left wing and they even saw it was breaking there country. So there is a place the lives the way you would like to already, its called europe!! And in this country if YOU don't like it you are free to buy an airplane ticket and move were the lifestyle is the way YOU like it!!

  30. A.R.
    Por la Modelo en
    Matamoros. Calm down old boy,your getting your panties in a twist,oh my,these intellectual types go on,and on,and on.He is so very clever.What doe's intellectual mean?Tell me oh learned one?

  31. Wrong. This is the "Gente Nueva" led by el R-5 of Caitime


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