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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

US State Department Warns of Alliance Between Zetas and Federal Police

A confidential report issued by the US State Department warns the Mexican government of a complicity of a new alliance between the criminal group Zetas and the commission Secretariat of the Federal Public Security (PFP), Genaro Garcia Luna and other senior officers of the Preventive Federal Police.

It is alleged the Zetas were to make payoffs of sums of millions dollars in order for the federal police to implement an all out offensive through a mega operation against members of the Gulf Cartel.

Such alliance, according to the confidential report, was reached between Miguel Angel Treviño Morales, aka "Z-40," and mediated by a close relative who forms part of ranking members of the federal police agency, which calls for them to conduct operations to capture or kill his enemies.

Despite the fact that the Federal Police had been replaced in the direct fight against organized crime by elements of the Sedena and the Navy because they had lost trust and for suspected of being infiltration by organize crime and corruption, the federal police in full complicity with the Zetas is preparing to wage an all out offensive against the Gulf cartel in the border cities of Reynosa, Matamoros, Miguel Alemán, Camargo, Mier, Nueva Ciudad Guerrero y Díaz Ordaz (known as Frontera Chica).

This is according to the confidential U.S. report, which was obtained from statements given by a sicario that had been captured in the "frontera chica" and is one of the closest associates of Z-40.

As a result of this, the Federal Preventive Police in an unusual way has established bases of operation in "Hotel Tío Luz" in the town of Miguel Alemán, while in Camargo they have set up a base in "Hotel Arturo's." This new offensive was authorized by Genaro García Luna and senior officers of the PFP, after Morales Treviño through his family/contact used the excuse to blame the Gulf Cartel for recent killing of two highway officers in the municipality of China, Nuevo León.

He also blamed the Gulf Cartel for the abduction of police officers in Cadereyta, a zone controlled by the Zetas, this is alleged information provided by El Flaco, a lieutenant for Z-40.

However, the above remains unsubstantiated, because since early last week, following the incursion of elements of the Secretariat of National Defense who discover a lair of the Zetas located in the community of Vallecillos, Nuevo León, where in addition to confiscating an arsenal of weapons, they also found the badges of the officers killed by this criminal group.

The U.S. Department of State has offered a reward of $5 million for information leading to the arrest of Treviño Morales. It has been established that since 2008 this has been Treviño Morales' modus operandi to eliminate his enemies, even the very members of the operational structure of the Zetas, including his own boss Heriberto Lazacano Lazacano Alias El Lazca.

The files from the federal agency of the United States reveal that Treviño Morales has conducted reprisals and executions of members from within the same organization and the ranking structure of the Zetas.

First, he hired a sicario to execute Efraín Teodoro Torres "Z-14" or "La Chispa" who was in charge of the plaza in the state of Veracruz.

Then, using the assistance of his connection from the family member working within the ranks of the Federal Police, he provided information that eventually reached the Deputy Attorney Specialized Investigation of Organized Crime (SIEDO) of the Attorney General of the Republic, that resulted in the arrest of Luis Reyes Enriquez alias “El Rex” or “Z-12”, in the municipality of Atonilco El Grande, in the central state of Hidalgo.

At the same time, Morales Treviño finding himself displaced as a second in command to Heriberto Lazacano by Daniel Perez Rojas alias "El Cachetes" and assigned to control the movement of drugs from Central America to Mexico through Guatemala. El Z-40 filtered information about the whereabouts of Rojas to federal authorities so they could capture him.

Daniel Perez Rojas was one of the original 31 former military Special Forces Airmobile Group (GAFE) who deserted to form Los Zetas, the armed wing of the Gulf Cartel. Rojas was finally arrested by the Civil National Police of Guatemala.

"El Cachetes" received training thanks to the Mexican Army on psychological warfare and special operations, most was provided at the military base in Fort Bragg, USA. He established himself as one of the key men next to Heriberto Lazcano, the current leader of the Zetas. He joined the expansion plans of the organization to operate in Latin America.

Authorities admitted that this explains the presence of "El Cachetes" in Guatemala, or at least until he was betrayed by Treviño Morales. Since the end of 2008 Miguel Angel Treviño "Z-40" provided information through his cousin that included phone numbers and codes from radios of communication of Jaime González Durán aka "El Hummer," who was ultimately located and arrested by Federal Police in Reynosa.

Similarly, in November 2009, using the same method he leaked information to the PFP that facilitated the capture of Sergio Enrique Ruiz Tlapanco, alias "El Tlapa," principal operator of the Zetas in the states of Veracruz, Tabasco and Puebla.

In this way Treviño Morales intended to gain absolute power of the Zetas, he also planned to eliminate his top leader, Heriberto Lazcano.

To do this, with the help of federal authorities in exchange for millions of dollars, he was planning the capture Heriberto Lazcano, when he convened a meeting of the top officers of the Zetas in the ranch of El Atorón in the state of San Luis Potosi.

The Federal Preventive Police then mounted an operation to capture Heriberto Lazacano dead or alive, however the leader of the Zetas managed to escape and evade arrest.

During the flight to evade arrest a personal confident of Lazca and manager of la plaza of San Luis Potosi named Pedro fell into a ravine and his body was found three days later.

In that same raid the federal police managed to arrest "El Chiricuas" who was a lieutenant and right hand of Heriberto Lazcano, as well as another subject who went by the name of "Paguas Grande," a high ranking Zeta.

In the absence of leadership in San Luis Potosi Morales Treviño appointed another man of trust nicknamed "El Cachorro" who retains control of the city.

Following the raid, Lazcano currently is experiencing a state of paranoia from persecution, which has caused problems within the organization, mainly with Miguel Angel Treviño Morales and his body guards, due to the extreme measures Lazcano has adopted in fear of being betrayed by "Z-40" that might eventually lead to his arrested or to be killed, the report said.

Source: Metro Noticias.


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  5. Miguel Angel Treviño's brother lives in Coahuila. He married an 17 year old girl named Carolina Fernandez who recently had a baby in eagle pass Texas. She an her family are from Allende Coahuila. El 42 40's brother controls northern Coahuila and has several ranches including a training camp near Villa Union Coahuila.

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