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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One Million and Moving On

On behalf of Borderland Beat we would like to thank our readership base, since December 3, 2009 we reach one million hits today.

We are trying to provide information about the war the Mexican government is waging against the drug cartels and the mayhem the drug cartel are causing on the population of Mexico. Most people in the US don't have the slightest idea what is really happening across their border in the south, primarily because it does not get a lot of coverage.

We think Mexico to a degree is trying to take control of the problem, the question is why are they not succeeding or showing any significant results. Statistics speak for themselves, I won’t bore you with the numbers as we have presented them here over and over.

But truth be told the answer is on the writings on the wall, all you have to do is read the chaos in every post on this site and you will start to see a disturbing pattern. Greed, corruption at all levels of government and a thirst for the demand for drugs, makes for a complicated and lethal combination. The only true victims are the people of Mexico, they deserve better.

We allow for readers to post on topic with constructive comments and insight to the issues at hand. We do moderate our comments. This site is not to discuss the immigration debate or to propagate hate toward any ethnic group, it is about the organize crime. We do an honest attempt to moderate this as best as we can, while allowing readers to participate without taking the discussion out in to left field to push unrelated issues and personal agendas. That is just how it is, sorry.

We also hear a lot of debate about gun control in the US and the problem of smuggling of weapons in to Mexico. I believe that the Mexico cartels have the money, in dollars, from the drug trade to purchase high caliber assault weapons where ever they need to get them from. So yes, Mexico needs to do a better job controlling what is coming in (drugs or guns) and the US needs to make sure we are not arming any terrorist or drugs cartels. The question is how to do it effectively without interfering with the rights of people in the US?

Thank you all for joining us in hitting a mile stone at Borderland Beat, with 1 million hits and growing in just 6 months in existence. I specifically want to thank all the Borderland reporters who post without earning a cent, just to inform others of what goes on in the other side of the border.


  1. Best site by far anywhere on the web for news on the current problems in Mexico. Thank you for your courageous and thorough reporting!!

  2. By far , the best source for information on the sad situation in Mexico. Thanks to all the reporters!

  3. Great website, enjoy reading the articles. I would like to know more about what the US is doing, if anything, to assist Mexico other then sending lot's of money and hoping it somehow helps. Thanks for the information.

  4. Congrats! I'm older than God and have lived in Mexico (Torreon, Monterrey, D.F. and Matamoros)
    off/on since '46 (my family since 1900s)and this
    is the best site I've found that bypasses the BS
    put out by the Govt (both), realtors, tourism
    "experts" and "It's all on the border, they don't bother Gringos not involved in drugs" idealists. Keep it up!

  5. Good job!


  6. Thank you for keeping us informed. Your work is greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

  7. Yes it's true. Very little is known in the U.S. about the situation south of the border...Living close the border I know this is very real. And thanks to this site, it makes it clearer that it is more than just about drugs...

  8. Thank you and all of the courageous reporters for all you have done and continue to do! I have recommended and passed on this site's address to many friends and acquaintances over the past 3 months.

  9. Great reporting and fact finding information that the reporters are doing. Otherwise we would not know what is going on. Not all of this
    information is always in the U.S. newspapers.
    America's appetite for drugs needs to be reduced
    and the drug cartels need to be squashed like


  11. Without comparison, by far the best coverage of the Narco-Wars in Mexico. very professional - being' telling everyone I know about this website.


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