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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sedena Coverup Continues

According to an official news release issued today by Notimex , Mexico’s Defense Ministry (Sedena) has concluded that the 2 children allegedly shot and killed by the Mexican army at a checkpoint in the outskirts of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas on April 3, 2010 were in fact caught in a crossfire during an altercation between army troops and cartel gunmen.

The news release states that Martin and Bryan Almanza Salazar were killed by shrapnel wounds inflicted by 40 mm fragmentation grenades that are not issued to Mexican army personnel and that the soldiers at the checkpoint did not have these weapons at their disposal. This statement, in effect, blames cartel gunmen for the children’s death.

Here is the press release issued by Notimex.

However there is a problem with this version of events. Either the Sedena investigators are inept or there is a deliberate attempt to coverup certain facts. Here is visual evidence that 40mm grenades are in fact issued to Mexican army personnel. Why is Sedena denying the fact that this weapon is issued to the army?

It is true that this weapon is also used by cartel forces but this denial by Sedena, who is responsible for knowing what weapons are issued to the army, puts the results of the investigation into very serious doubt.

The following 2 photos show Mexican army vehicles with mounted MK 19 40mm belt fed grenade launchers (40mm grenade machine guns)

 The following 2 photos show Mexican army soldiers with standard issue HK G3 assault rifles and attached 40mm grenade launchers.


  1. Very good observation Gerardo, I would hope the parent think about doing an independent autopsy of the children to see if they died as a result of a grenade. The mother maintains that one of the boys died in her arms from bullets from rifles.

  2. The parents should definitely initiate an independent investigation AND autopsy. From the beginning I knew the military would end up trying to use a cover up instead of admitting their wrong doing...whether it was an accident (how it would be an accident, i have no clue), or on purpose, the military should just say the truth!

    I don't know whom we should be more afraid of, the military or the cartels.

  3. Seems people would want to blame the military and just excuse the cartel who are reason the military is involved in the first place. There is no evidence that the military targets civilians. The cartels target eachother, the military, and civilians who get in the way. So to say that who people be more afraid of military or the cartels is a very weak statement being that the answer is obvious....the cartels.

  4. But if you are an innocent bystander and are getting shot by the army because you are caught in the cross fire and are considered just "collateral damage," I bet $100 you too would have the "pucker factor."

    I guess it depends who they ask, huh? If they ask you the question, your response is the cartel as you mentioned above but if they ask the same question to the parents of the two students that were killed in Monterrey by the military, I have this gut feeling that their answer might be a little different than yours.

    Wake up!

  5. Why does the Mexican government allow the Army and Police get into shoot outs with the Cartel. Do they not know that there are LOTS of innocent bystanders. And for the President to sit there and say that only 5% are innocent bystanders is a whole lot of crap to me. And the US is doing nothing about it but giving them money for this to happen. Maybe they should put stipulations and say that they have to do everything to protect the people of Mexico. Not just we'll give you the money and do what you have to do at EVERY cost necessary.

  6. anonymous 2, no one is arguing that it is the cartels' fault that the military is now involved, and no one here has said anything about excusing the actions of the cartels. So to say "Seems people would want to blame the military and just excuse the cartel who are reason the military is involved in the first place" IS a weak statement. I think all anonymous 1 is trying to say if the military is at fault for what happened, they should just admit it. An honest apology will not bring these innocent kids back, but it may help the kids' mom find peace.

    And the military may not be targeting civilians directly, but I do know of some instances where they have abused their power and have had run ins with civilians...who's to say that these soldiers didn't abuse their power? It sounds sick, but hey, you would be surprised what trauma(if they've witnesses extreme situations that are presently occurring) causes people to do.

  7. The U.S. might as well say they are involved as well! because if they really wanted to help Mexico they would have been there a long time ago. Just like they helped afghanistan! I guess since Mexico doesn't have anything they want, it's just not worth it, but it's ok the people of Mexico maybe at their lowest right now, but I beleive that Mexico will overcome these scums without anyone's help. That will prove that Mexico's people are strong and proud at the end!

  8. to the last comment. I am pretty sure the reason the US doesnt get involved, is because they have not been asked to. We get enough shit for going into IRAQ, if we went into Mexico, everyone in mexico would be against it. You act like the US is the worlds janitor, just around to clean up other peoples mess.

    "I guess since Mexico doesn't have anything they want, it's just not worth it"

    you speak like a fool.

  9. It would be nice if the US gets involved in their own country reducing drug use and money laundering and gun control.
    The war is held in mexico but the drug use problem is in usa, how come there is no war against drug use and trafiking in usa? The money and guns that come from usa make the drug cartel strong, how come there is no war against that??????


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