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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Photos of the Massacre in San Fernando Tamaulipas

Photos of the Massacre on the business called "Big Cola" in San Fernando Tamaulipas found in a Mexican narco-blog.

These photos are from approximately 15 days ago on an attack supposedly carried out by Los Zetas to the business Big Cola, in which the owner is a relative of a member of a cartel.

They killed the workers and wrote notes with messages on the trucks and on the walls....

The building is located next to a secondary school. All this happened in the city of San Fernando Tamaulipas which has seen an increase in constant fighting for control of the plaza because it is condiered an important route to the city of Reynosa.

This attack is presumed to have been carried out by the Group of Los Zetas, at least 5 men are seen killed in the photos.

Messages left:
"Here are your people of your business Gaby Montes"
"Here are your people of your business Gaby Sierra"

No news media has covered this, if you know any information on this you can send it through the comments:



  1. Hey, Austin, TX, sanctuary city for illegals, city just voted to oppose the New Law in Arizona. They need to see photos like posted on this Borderlandbeat. The lefties in Austin have some big big surprises coming in the next years, lets see then how many oppose law enforcement of illegal immigration (a felony).

  2. Sorry anonymous guy but your post makes no sense at all. These photos are of events that took place in Tamaulipas, a state in Mexico, not arizona. And both the killers and the people that were killed were more than likely Mexican citizens living in Mexico, not illegal aliens in Arizona lol. I'm guessing what your trying to say is all mexicans are murderers and if the US doesn't get rid of them this will start happening in the Us? If that's not what your saying please explain.

  3. First Comment is just an example of midjudging mexicans.. These photos are due to Cartels fighting for their territory.. Why do you think illegal urge to escape this violence.. Have you seen the prices of having to become a US citizen? A hard worker in mexico probaly cant make what you make in 4 months! If prices were to go down in having to become a US Citizen then illegal immigrants WOULD NOT be a problem!!

  4. I think what he is saying is hey Lefties! Wake up! This kind of violence is coming north!

  5. are u people retarded this kind of violence isnt comming to the usa. there fighing only in mexico cause the cartels want territory i heard they are trying to take over tampulipas which is a mexican state thats all they want. i know cause i have family in that state in fact just not to far away from san fer.

  6. Fuck the people who did this what kind of fuckin animals would do something like this

  7. these people dont give a fuck who you are, if you have family, kids, they dont have no type of heart or soul. But for sure this type of violence wont make it to the U.S. they get away with it in mexico bc in mexico you can just pay off the police and you can, and most of the police are part of the zetas or the cartel de gulfo... one of my cousins died in this killing. they didnt work at the business they worked on the side for the owner of this business. my cousin was kidnapped monday afternoon and they were found friday morning (may 1, 2010)

  8. que ya no agan mas matansas de personas en mexico ya que muchas veces matan gente inocente ya sea ninos y senoras deven de chingarse a los jefes... no a personas inocentes cabrones como no se chingan al chapo guzman si son tan chingones madren a ese buey pero se culean pinchis jotos mejor matan ninos ...pues no estan armados ni se defiendes pinchis culeros ojetes.

  9. como es posible que este pasando todo esto en mi mexico lindo y querido ..depues de que era un pais de gente comun y corriente esos perros que andan matando tanta gente son unos culeros que no tienen madre ni hermanas ni hijos para tener ese corazon de matar tantos ninos y mujeres pero son las personas mas bulnerables ..pues no tienen armas con que se defiendan ojetoneeees..

  10. It won't be the mexicans doing this to us in Austin, maybe the police or military. But the problem is our politicians our government this president they don't give a shit if murderers like that get into Austin or El Paso or Phoenix, or San Antonio etc. There should be military on the BORDER!!Not in iraq anymore. not in Afghanistan. Not in Libya. Our Border!

  11. Well, if they're battling over a trade route for illicit drugs, where on earth could the demand be coming from?

  12. howdy folks, i've been living here in central mx. for over five years now. i've paid several bribes for some b.s. traffic infractions and have relatives politically involved in mexicos corrupt system. people blame millions of u.s. citizens who are dope addicts as the primary cause of this vicious cycle of violence, but this corruption, low wages paid to police officers, and massive bribes paid to politicians, judges......etc this tragic trend will continue. i forgot to mention the mass exportation of illegal firearms approximately 90% coming from the u.s. i could write a book on this subject! where i live a low level cop earns about 60$ dollars a week. a domestic worker earns about the same!

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