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Friday, May 14, 2010

The Alert for May 15-17 2010

On May 8, 2010, a Spanish-language flyer was placed on a vehicle in Brownsville, Texas, warning that the upcoming weekend of May 15-17, 2010, would be one of the “most violent weekends in all of Mexican history” as members of an unidentified drug trafficking organization allegedly plan to battle an unspecified rival criminal organization.

The message advises the public to remain calm, be cautious and most notably, not to wear dark colors. The message claims that gunmen will be wearing black during the weekend for identification purposes; the wearing of black or dark colors with orange lettering supports recent intelligence which has been circulating in association with the Gulf Cartel.

Narcobanners and printed flyers have long been used in Mexico by cartels to relay messages to rivals, the government, issue warnings and garner public support. Mexican cartels have also been known to use such messages for psychological operations, often warning of events that do not materialize.

At this time the validity of the threat mentioned in the flyer is unknown. However, due to the increase of threats and violence along the border, it should still serve as a precautionary measure to law enforcement along the Mexico-Texas border. All officers are highly encouraged to utilize extreme caution when encountering possible cartel members and are reminded to remain vigilant of their surroundings whether on or off duty.

English translation provided by the Texas Fusion Center:

Subject: Take precautions, it is going to get ugly:

For what is the trafficking of drugs!!! This is a multi million dollar business; don’t think it is only about territory, which is why we are informing you to move out of the way this weekend. We are going to finish the cleansing that we have been undertaking of our rivals.

So don’t go out because it is going to be but very [expletive]. We are in a verbal agreement with our rivals that we will riddle each other (with bullets) this weekend wherever we may encounter each other. Lots of our associates visit different bars, dives and restaurants…All dressed in black and that is how we will identify ourselves to kill our rivals.

Therefore we recommend that you do not dress in dark clothing, because it will be like making yourself a target for our enemies. Do not be concerned this weekend. We will finish with all of this and the [expletive] of the sons of [expletive] who want to come into our territory.

Very soon peace will return to this beautiful state which we love dearly and which earns us millions of pesos, and we are not going to leave it to just anybody. Therefore it is best to not go outdoors because this weekend will be the most violent weekend in all of Mexican history.

And please stay calm and be cautious. Because we are going to be very alert to any strange things and we will not hesitate to kill whomever. This is our job and we know how to do it well!!! Take care and ask (pray) that all turns out well and that we will be done with these [expletive] kidnappers…Our only business is drug trafficking!!!

Atte: In memory of the boss of bosses!!!

Original message:

Subject: FW: Tomen precauciones se pondrá feooooooooooo

Para lo que, es el trafico de droga!! Este negocio es de muchos millones de dólares, no crean que solo es por el lugar, así que les informamos que apartir de este próximo fin de semana vamos a terminar con la limpia que hemos venido haciendo con nuestros rivales...

Así que no salgan por que va a estar muy pero muy %. &/ &,90 / %. . Ya estamos apalabrados con nuestros contrarios que nos vamos a acribillar este fin de semana donde nos, encontremos...muchos compañeros nuestros visitan. Diferentes bares, antros y cantinas..

Tonos vestidos de negro y así nos vamos identificar. Para matar a los contrarios…así que les recomendamos no vistan ropa obscura por que seria ponerte como blanco para nuestros contrarios. .. No se preocupen este fin de semana vamos a terminar con todo esto y las $%$!& de los hijos de $%$!& que se quieren meter a nuestro territorio. ..

Ya muy pronto volverá la tranquilidad a este bello estado por que lo queremos mucho al darnos aganar muchos millones de pesos, y no se los vamos a dejar a unos cualquiera...así que mejor no salgan por que el próximo fin de semana será "el mas violento de, toda la historia de México, y por favor manejen tranquillos, y con precaución.

Porque vamos a estar muy alertas de cualquier cosa extraña y no vamos a dudar a matar a quien ,sea ..Ese es nuestro trabajo y lo, sabemos hacer muy bien!!! Cuídense y pidan que todo nos salga muy bien y acabemos con estas $%!% y secuestradores ....nuestro negocio solo es traficar droga! !!

Atte. En memoria del jefe de jefes!!!


  1. So if this flyer is legit and it was found in Brownsville, does it mean that matamoros will be the battleground? Otherwise it would have been found in phar or McAllen right?

  2. they are not gonna do shit the Zetas or whoever wrot e this flyer are full of SH!T there will be nothing js watch ..ppl the Mexican Army and authorities are taking care of the cartels so dnt be scared this is js a BS flyer to get ppl scared in Brownsville..

  3. Who's to say this is even legit?

  4. It's not legit, that email it's from the mexican state of Morelos (cuernavaca). Like 1 month ago the city of cuernavaca was a ghost town for a weekend and the same email was involved.


  5. Esta carta se la dejaron a un camarada y luego luego me lo informa la semana pasada si es real la carta dice lo mismo aver que pasa aqui en matamoros

  6. in memory of the boss of bosses? They can't mean Arturo Beltran...

  7. This is legit. Don't know about the person writting it, but it was left in a car in brownsville and the DPS (Department of Public Safety) issued a warning in PDF. It was emailed to me by a viewer on this site.

  8. that´s a fkn internet hoax i have recieved many times that kind of mails (just change the date, the city, the names and some particular points like 40 suv´s, 60 pick up´s, etc...

    the narcos are so coward´s they only attack when his team is superior in number, weapons, when his rivals or victims are alone, unarmed and when they didn´t expect an attack.

    How did you think it´s posible?? just imagine a conversation like:
    -hi am i calling to the Zetas??

    -Yes, who is it?

    -we are the CDG and we are calling you to make a death battle!

    -WOH cool!!! we are waiting for that!!! let´s do it MFkrs! when did you want it?

    -Right now Btchs!!

    -UH mmm no, sorry we can´t do it right now bcause it´s laundry day... but how about friday (May 15-17 2010)???

    -deal!!! but don´t forget to use black clothes because we don´t like to shoot inocent people

    -right! well put this on an email and send to your contacts an we will do the same to advertise them!

    --see you on friday!!! ...hope all of you die!

    -me too!!

    Narcos don´t do any appointment´s they only fight his rivals wherever or whenever they find them, if they do this kind of appointmets will be very easy to catch them...

  9. Well if it is or isnt true we might as well be safe than sorry.

  10. 12:06 anonymous, you have an amusing, yet solid, point.

  11. so ..go out this weekend wearing flashy black ropa, an put a large z on your suv, and see if it is a hoax, i suggest Miguel Aleman, a small city, so you wont be missed...let us know how it worked out for you, ok?

  12. Makaveli are u saying what the flyer states is legit? Or are you saying that the fact that the flyer was found is legit I didn't understand. I've read your post in the past and I respect your opinions and your posts. so please clarify bc I have a baseball game this weekend in mex and I really don't want to miss it unless absolutely necessary.

  13. it's actually a brilliant comment. Weather accurate or not...I choose to err on the side of humanity. The message was meant to scare someone. If it was worked. The message was decisively scary. However, Anonymous brings us back to reality and removes all the fear for good and with excellent reasoning. Congrats and thank you.

  14. excelent good point

  15. Chale, pobres Darkies y metaleros, no van a poder salir este fin de semana. (Shit, poor Darkies and Metal fans, this weekend stay in home).

  16. to anonymous 10:31pm on may 14th...this flyer was found (that's the part that's legit - someone really did find this)...whether or not information is legit is up for debate.

    but like another person stated, better safe than sorry

    so has anyone heard if anything has happened yet?

  17. "Narcos don´t do any appointment´s they only fight his rivals wherever or whenever they find them, if they do this kind of appointmets will be very easy to catch them..."

    Mmmmmh! you are missing the whole point and purpose of these things, they don't intend to send them to each other (cartels) they send them to the public so they don't get caught up in the cross fire. Although some of these are just rumors, some have comes true, but I am glad they are posted for the information value.

    Come out here and live in Comales for a week and your mind will change in a heart beat, I guarantee it!

  18. mmmm this shit make me sick i hate tha kind of "messages" is just shit dont be afraid

  19. Looks like the warning was legit, but it was also a decoy. A Torreon Night club got hit 250 miles south of the border and it is suggested that the CDG hit the Zetas. I wonder if the Zetas were laying low where they could have been dancing and dancing were they should have been laying low.

  20. Tell that to Diego Fernandez de Cevallos "Jefe Diego" that it's a hoax. Tell that to the 8 killed in the bar in Torreon that it's a hoax.

    Not sure of any of you who keep typing that all is fine in Mexico are reading what is happening there. Look out the window, quit living in denial. Just because it has not happened to you yet, doesn't mean it’s not happening.

  21. Anonymous 10:31pm
    Sorry I didn't explain myself correctly. The statement was issued by the DPS, that is the legit part. The letter I think was a Hoax, because a lot of people claim to have received that same letter format with different information.
    Now although I think the letter may have been a fake, a lot did happen in Tamaulipas. Over 20 people killed from Friday to Sunday (Now)



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