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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mother Says Her Child was Killed by Bullets and Not Grenade

Tamaulipas - The president of the Human Rights Committee of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Raymundo Ramos, said the prosecutor of Military Justice, Jose Luis Chavez Garcia, "lied" in the case of slain children, Bryan and Martin Almanza Salazar. The two were killed on April 3, 2010 in their personal vehicle while traveling with their parents.

He said that the version of facts given by the military prosecutor about Martin, who was riding in the back of the truck, died from grenade shrapnel, however, the Committee on Human Rights presented a picture where you can clearly see the back of the child has two bullets wounds of large caliber.

This is evidence that can't be refuted and which contradicts the official version given by the federal government that is trying to present misinformation to the public and they have not made any effort tell the truth of what really happened.

Ramos said that Chávez García had mentioned that in his investigation the three offices of prosecution are involved: that of the state of Tamaulipas, the Federal Ministry General and the Military.

Ramos maintains during his interview that in the sequence of event there are several inconsistencies, for example one is an April 17 statement from the Attorney General of Tamaulipas when it was reported that the supposedly confrontation occurred at 10 pm however Ramos maintains that the event involving Bryan's family and Martin happened at 7:30PM.

"We understand that the federal government intends to put together two entirely different incidents into one to absolve the army of their responsibility," he said.

Ramos said that in the first place the family of the boys has been left out of the investigation and the PGR has not allowed them access. Second is what was presented today by the federal government was just information of alleged facts and were not part of the preliminary investigation because the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) should have been presenting the facts of the actual investigation.


  1. There are other things going on the parents want to blame the military so they can be financially compensated if they were killed by narcos they get nothing and less sympathy. Borderlandbeat youve dedicated six or seven articles to the back and forth on this matter there is other news to report pleases report it. I'm sick of this incident I want to know what else is going on move on please.

  2. I for one want to continue to be kept informed about these incidents, especially this one because the Mexican main stream media doesn't report it. If us the public don't question some of these issues that come up, then who will? The same federal government who was involved in the incident to begin with?


    We can't afford to live in denial.

  3. It is sad of what happened, but how can anyone go to Mexico or drive around in a black SUB. It is only an accident waiting to happen since SUB's are the prefered vehicle of both groups. I think that the military did open fire but it was only a case of mistaken identity. Just admit it and conpensate the family, what else can be done. How can anyone get punished since soldiers are just trying to do their job with the so limited resources that they have. For all we know maybe it was los Zetas or CDG but they have no face like the military does.

  4. to post 1, mexico isnt like the US, mexico does not compensate people for a loss. Its not like the parents can sue and if they can they will not get anything. If they were killed by narcos they will still get sympathy. They lost there loved ones. This is to show that the mexican government is trying to make it seem as if though they are doing nothing wrong. Like if starting a Gun fight in the middle of a City with LOTS of innocent bystanders is okay. They are just doing their job.

  5. I agree, is not about the money for the family (you can't sue the military), if you saw your children killed you would want at minimum for them to take responsibility.

    I think this site has been good about reporting beyond what we see in the news and it is important that BorderlandBeat continue, that is why we come here in the first place.

    Sorry that some people don't want to hear the facts or see the bloody pictures, but it's out there people and it's real.

  6. LMFAO!!!! Compesation???? They are not in the U.S! There's is no compesation for government/military mistakes!

  7. Im the number 1 poster and I respect the grief the family feels but innocents in mexico and children are murdered by narcos everyday without the media blitz or borderland beat attention that this story has received. I reiterate the military is the only thing standing between total chaos why is there such a push to villanize the people who are fighting and dying for their country. This family is no different from the thousands of other families that have been terrorized by the narco-terrorists however they dont receive this much attention because if the narcos do it its normal but if the military makes a mistake they want to crucify them. So once again I say move on its a tragedy the family had their five minutes of fame and tragedy so borderland beat ask your reporters to get back to reporting not dwelling on the same subject matter. Three articles back to back on this subject is a atrocity and insult to journalism. I want to understand the inside story of the cartel wars makavelli seems to be the only who has any real insider information borderland beat is a great blog so get back to it.

  8. Los soldados en nuetro pais son unos cerdos asesinos, estan entrenados para agreder no para defender a los ciudadanos. Ya van varias familias que asesinan en retenes, hace un par de años balearon a toda una familia, y habia evidencia de que los soldados estaban drogados.

    No apoyo al crimen organizado, pero que se mueran todos aquellos soldados que hayan apuntado sus armas a ciudadanos inocentes

  9. I want to be updated on situations like these (the missing boyfriend in Miguel Aleman, the missing Eduardos, etc)...Borderland Beat, keep it up! You guys are the source of my news when it comes to this unfortunate drug war!

  10. I think that the reason this story continues to receive attention, is because it's not over. If the military had accepted responsibility, showed some remorse and assured the citizens that this will not happen again, it would be the end of story.

    But here is the military investigating their own accusations of wrongdoing and doing a press conference that is not believable (you don't actually believe their version do you?). So instead of ragging on borderlandbeat for reporting it, demand answers and accountability from your own government.

  11. After reading all the articles here is my conclusion on the Borderbeat reporters. Buggs reports on the facts of major events and sometimes has opinions about subject matter. Iliana gets caught up in the emotional issues of the stories, that is why you have multiple posts on this issue (not saying is bad, just an observation). The Rise Makaveli takes us deep inside the cartel where is "on your face." Gerardo has not posted much, but he seems to have a grasp of what is happening on a broader level.

    I think all this brings good balance in my opinion, it just Iliana has been posting most of the material lately.

  12. First of all, we want to thank you all for your comments and contribution. Remember this site is here to provide you information concerning organize crime effecting Mexico and the US.

    Reporters here don't have a lot of restrictions on stories, other than they need to be related to organize crime. So they select the stories. They are not paid, they do it just because they want to help in sharing information, that is all.

    Some may agree other will not, but it's god to have a healthy debate, that is why we have the comments section. You can send reporters an email or ask them a question directly on their posts in comments, I am sure they will be happy to answer any question.

    Our whole purpose here in Borderkand Beat was to have multiple reporters around the border reporting, so we are always looking for contributors. If you feel a point of view is not getting attention, why not request to be a contributor and have your voice heard by sharing your information?

    Send us an email if you are interested in contributing a Borderland Beat reporter at

  13. "he Committee on Human Rights presented a picture where you can clearly see the back of the child has two bullets wounds of large caliber."
    CHR claims that its only one bullet wound.

  14. If you look at the picture I just posted that is being held by the CHR, you can clearly see the 2 bullet holes.

  15. "GGC said...
    CHR claims that its only one bullet wound."

    Everyone is reporting two bullet wounds according to the press conference by CHR:

    Is there something you know that we and all the media in Mexico don't know?

  16. It's interesting I wonder when a bunch of bloggers became forensic pathologist or ballistic experts come on get real illiana and all others you have no idea what the difference between large caliber bullet holes and shrapnel damage so your suggestions are disingenous and do the story no justice. I really wish you bleeding hearts would aim your anger towards the true common enemy of the people which is the narcos not the army drop this story move on let the children rest in peace.

  17. I saw the pic, cant say anything from it. And they dont show anything to back up their "bullet wounds" version.
    On the video CHR guy says "esta herida" and "provocada".

  18. On the video and offical statement they said two gunshot wounds, quit being stupid! I guess you know more than the actual mother that was there and saw her child shot up.

    Herida talks about the injury and provocada talks about an action.

  19. herida - heridas can you tell the difference?

    One comment didnt make it =/

    what if the mother says the wound its from a machete ?
    The child was in the back, so she didnt know anything for sure.

  20. The BB and the Babe-alonyan have been doing balanced work. There have been only a few (5 or 6, I think) postings on this story and I don't see the imbalance. In fact, I think it would be an imbalance not to publishing it.

    I strenuously disagree with that Anonymous poster. The story here is government’s response to an obvious injustice it perpetuated and whether it can be held accountable.

    This story should be BEAT INTO THE GROUND and the pix BEAT INTO EVERYONE’S BRAIN. The weight of this story should hung around the necks of the people that have something to loose over it and then tossed into the Rio Bravo. This is a great story! It has everything! Violence, Official Misconduct (by negligence), True Crime, even SEX (seems like Anonymous#1 is toooo close to this story. I think ya-kno-wat-I-meen... ...i'm just saying.... ) ;)

    That poster ought to get a "BorderlandBeat Handle" for how much “Annonymous” poop he’s layed on this story; throughout its permutations. least I can recognize that person's narrative style. Can you? the woman said, if you've got a story you want to see on here, then contribute it ! By the sounds of it, we can all contribute (why don't you contribute a few clicks and do as little as send BB a link to the positive military stories they've been missing; mainstream or not?). Since the military is so deserving of some good press, why don’t you give it to them and launch a whole new career for yourself?

    No. As much as some might like to make it seem so...these mistakes are not just the broken eggs that made an omelette; these are the lives of children.

    No se que rechingados tienes en la cabeza personas como esta persona. SON CHAVALONCITOS BUEY! ...DE 5 Y 9 AÑITOS! ¿En tu MEXICO es justo que una madre llegue a rogarle a Dios por la muerte de su huerco porque TU (es tu gobierno, ¿que no?) le diste un plomazo en la pancita?

    POS HAZ JUSTICIA! A TI TE TOCA! Por lo menos callate el.... ...digo.... boca.


  21. Now, now children play nicely. I for one am glad BB is covering this piece and it is good Liana took it personal.

    Coverage has been balance, I hust read The President on Organize Crime, Military and Cinco de Mayo by Buggs giving kudos to the military:

  22. You should investigate Raymundo Ramos. He defends narcos because he's one of them!


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