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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Military Finds a Zeta Narco-Camp in NL

In the municipality of Higueras, the Mexican military discovered a "narco camp" that resulted in a confrontation that left one dead and a seizure of trucks, high-powered weapons and grenades.

Higueras, Nuevo Leon - About sixty Mexican soldiers attacked a training camp of the armed group Los Zetas in Nuevo Leon from helicopters and land vehicles, leaving one gunman dead and the seizure of an arsenal of powerful weapons, said a general who coordinated the operation.

Among the weapons seized were more than 230 long and short guns, 60 grenades and rocket launchers, as well as trucks and communication equipment.

The action by the army began when four helicopters of the Mexican Air Force arrived at the camp of Los Zetas, located in a rural area of the municipality of Higueras, 45 miles northeast of Monterrey, capital of Nuevo León.

"About 50 sicarios at the camp began to flee when they heard the sound of the helicopters," a military source said.

The soldiers fired on some of the sicarios from the air and others were chased on the ground by troop at the training camp for sicarios.

One of the sicarios was killed 500 yards away, after soldiers found him hiding behind some trees. The other sicarios managed to escape deep into a mountainous area near the camp, where the Zetas were conducting training.

At camp, the soldiers found 13 trucks, three rocket-propelled grenades, two rifles Barret .50 (with a range of two kilometers and capable of penetrating armor), 60 grenades and 230 weapons that included; AR-15, AK-47 (cuernos de chivo) and hanguns. Also located were cartridge belts and uniforms with the insignia of Los Zetas.

This criminal group which emerged from elite military deserters is one of the most violent of the country, which originally served as the armed wing of the powerful drug cartel of the Gulf (CDG), for which they conducted executions of rival gang members and also against police and military forces.

Part of the 230 weapons were about 80 AR-15 found at the training camp.

Earlier this year the alliance between the Gulf and the Zetas was broken off and now they are waging a bloody war mainly in the states of Nuevo Leon and neighboring Tamaulipas (Gulf of Mexico).

Grenades found at the Zeta camp.

In another development, the state attorney general, Alejandro Garza Garza, said that there are already 12 municipal police officers who were detained in Monterrey on Tuesday by members of the military for their alleged links to organized crime.


  1. Simple question: should the military get off the street and go back to their barracks?

  2. I bet most of those weapons were sold to these narco-terrorists by US gun dealers. God forbid a modern Pancho Villa dares to make a raid across the river to spill some blood on US soil with their own munition. I don't think that's an outrageous possibility. But a devilish political trick it would be!

    Please stop gun trafficking!

  3. how did they let them get away..they have helicopters...don't they know simple military tactics, like an air supported pincer movement...this and lots or other incidents like it really make me wonder what is going on..i am sure the US army would nail these pendejos to the ground ..pronto..the Mexican army seems very capable, well trained , and really seems like they don't want to catch them...q tal

  4. Response to simple question. .....with all these weapon should the military go back to their barracks. ...hope your being. sarcastic. ... because that would just leave these criminals to do more of whatever they want

  5. The quickest way to end this senseless violence is to legalize marijuana in the United States and tax buying it. Not only would it end the border wars but it would build the Federal budget via taxation.

    The US is the CONSUMER of these illegal drugs!

    People who don't use drugs now, probably won't then either; if they're using harder drugs, let natural selection take place.

    The impetus of the drug wars could be taken out of the equation so simply.

  6. Hmmm.... the 5:53AM poster brings up an interesting point. What if the Narcos fired across the river at patrolling CBP officers? CBP officers shooting back would technically be a declaration of war, correct?

  7. Or the Mexican army isn't giving accurate figures of casualties.

  8. good point anonymous....good point..

  9. "What if the Narcos fired across the river at patrolling CBP officers? CBP officers shooting back would technically be a declaration of war, correct?"

    Only Congress or governmental state can declare war???????

  10. I wish there was more information on the Mty portion of the story. Yesterday a friend saw a crumpled body on a step surrounded by police with guns on her drive home through San Pedro, and we are curious what that was about. Maybe it was connected?

  11. If someone fired a weapon in self-defense across a border that could hardly be considered an act of war. Our govenment has crossed foreign borders many times without war being declared.

  12. Amusing how Mexican want to blame Americans only and speak of declaring war. Our military takes over countries with large groups of terroist worldwide the mexican military cant even stop drug cartels withing there own borders.

  13. I grew-up along in the RGV; what most folks don't understand is that these killing have been going on for a long, long time; why all the attention all of a sudden; sound like politis to me....

  14. This violence has created a cycle that isnt gonna stop tomorrow even if the new president sits with the cartels and tells them to stop killing an I will let you work. One person die's then that persons brother gets pay back then that pay back has to retaliate an so on. As for the military some probably didnt want to shoot because they would be shooting the people who have them on the pay roll.

  15. Marshall,
    U.S. hasnt actually taken over any countries full of terrorists yet... they have been trying for years though

  16. Last time I checked, you CANNOT get grenades, rocket launchers, or fully automatic weapons from U S gun dealers. Research your facts before making stupid comments.

  17. "Last time I checked, you CANNOT get grenades, rocket launchers, or fully automatic weapons from U S gun dealers. Research your facts before making stupid comments."

    Of course you can, it isnt legal, but you definately can....

  18. @2:47 Maybe you need to CHECK AGAIN before responding to stupid comments. But please don't bother looking in the classified ads!

    I wonder, for each one caught, how many more are still out there doing business as usual?

  19. Hmmm.
    Too many of Mexicos citizens on this site spew hateful things toward Americans such as the person above, calling for "spilling U.S. blood" with alleged U.S. bought arms. Let's say they ARE purchased from CRIMINALS in the U.S. Who is to say that many of those very criminals are not Mexican cartel members or the gangs they create? The U.S. is infested with Mexican cartel activity.And do you think that the drug infestation in the U.S. has not ruined the lives of millions of innocent family members of those whom fall prey to the lure of drugs? MANY articles on this very site have stated that for decades, the Mexican citizens have looked the other way in regards to their drug cartels activity , as long as, the citizens lives were unaffected. You think this makes you completely innocent as a citizen?
    Let's turn that narrow and hateful sentiment around ? How's about if Mexican citizens get some Meth or coke crammed down their throats for the trafficking into the U.S. that they have turned a blind eye to?

  20. Of course you can, it isn't leagal, but you definately can....

    Isnt this the same line the media used last time there was a large amount of grenades and weapons found, then later admitted the majority of the weapons came from Korea, and corrupt Mexican military members selling items. Lets face it, this is who is at fault: the U.S. for the demand, Mexico for fighting to be the one cartel making the money, and the producers who want the profits. No "one" group or country is the soul group responsible.

  21. Someone said the guns were PROBABLY sold by Texas gun dealers. If that person is so intent at blaming Texas gun dealers, do you think, and I am sure that this is totally wrong, that there could possibly be anyone providing guns to the cartels from South America. I am sure that could never be considered or is correct that it is always the Texas gun dealers who are the problem. Come on open your eyes and minds that there are more illegal things being supplied from S. America and other interested nations. Not just the USA gun dealers.

  22. let me get this right is all the fault of the USA that over the last 30 OR 40 YEARS Mexico has made untold billions of dollars a year transporting contraband, and supplying drug addicts in the USA, and only now when it has impacted Mexico does any one care, never mind the blind eye that has been turned or the glorification of criminals in folk and pop culture.... now it is all the gringos fault...hmmmmm...yeah that sounds about right for Mexico...awwwww pobrecita

  23. Whatever the origin of the weapons, US or elsewhere, few would find strong arguments against the fact that there are a lot of US drug dollars in the hands of those buying them.

    There's a lot of responsibility to spread around and the important thing is to see the connection between cause and effect before we can even think of a possible healing process for both nations.

  24. War in Nicaragua. War stops. Lots of weapons left over.
    War in El Salvador. War stops. Lots of weapons left over.
    Contras in Honduras. War stops. Lots of weapons left over.
    Drug wars in Colombia. War winds down. Lots of weapons left over.

    Why in hell would anyone go to Texas to buy non-military, non-automatic, new expensive weapons when Latin America is hip-deep in weapons?

    You lefty bedwetters hoplophobes need a dose of reality. Guns aren't the problem, they are a tool used by the problem. You don't buy Automatic weapons or RPGs in Texas by walking into a store. And by the way, the link about the "grenade launcher" in NJ says it's a 37mm. That's not even classified as a grenade launcher. It's a flare-gun. No special permits required (federally... I'm sure NJ has their own add-on rules). It's not even a class III wpn. Grenade launchers are 40mm. Leave it to anti-gun "journalists" in an anti-gun state to mischaracterize a wpn to further their anti-gun agenda.

    And finally-- be realistic. These guys violate the law as a career choice. More controls, more rules, more laws would simply be ineffective except on all of us NON-criminal gun-owning Americans. Catch 'em and convict 'em based on the laws we already have. There are plenty of legal tools to use to clean this problem up, the challenges are in RESOLVE and LOGISTICS.

  25. US Soldiers are needed in Mexico...but it will never happen...GOM politicians and Police Officers are too corrupt...

  26. Points:

    The Barrett Light Fifty is a .50 caliber 12.7mm weapon. It does have the statistics mentioned, but it is not a 50mm weapon.

    Also, look at those "AR-15" weapons piled up. The furniture is that of the M16A2, which establishes these weapons as relatively new (late '80s); and most have the buttstock like that seen on the M4, which didn't get really popular until more recently.

    This is a big clue that they're interested in new weapons. It's possible that the Zetas are on to the idea that spray and pray is stupid and they're giving their sicarios semi-autos, which should be more than enough to put down petty dealers with pistols or beat cops with shotguns.

    Alternatively the Zetas are able to modify semi-auto weapons to full auto capability. In which case, who wants ten year old assault rifles? The A1's had their own reliability issues anyways.

    The RPG and the pair of Barretts is pretty distressing. You cannot claim that the Barretts come from El Salvadorean stockpiles, as those weapons are very limited issue to begin with.

    I suspect the real truth of the matter is that "assault weapons"/semi-auto assault rifles will either come from the US or from other sources. Ammunition is best when it's new, so it probably comes from the US, though with the wars overseas ammunition prices have gone up, and maybe they'll dig into the old stuff to save money.

    Hats off to the military for putting the smackdown on the Zetas. It's not over yet, not by a long shot.

  27. We should all stop pointing fingers, the truth of the matter is that both the US and Mexican politicians benefit in some way or another. We are all poor helpless citizens, you mean to tell me that the US could not stop this or Mexico?? The US could send in the Special Forces to eliminate any threat anywhere and you wouldn't even know it. Mexico and the US know where the major cartel scum reside...where is the action???

  28. As for those "AR-15" pile of weapons. A lot of those rifles have the M4 style forestock & buttstock but with the longer commercial(US legal) barrel. So those are probably from the US gun market. The AK-47 type weapons all seem to have wooden furniture on them and I rarely see those at Saxet's or at the gun stores. Most have plastic furniture on them now. So I would say all those together with the RPG launchers and that Vietnam era 40mm grenade launcher and the several M16A2's come from Central America or the international gun market. I would say the source of the Barretts is 50/50 US market or Mexican military. The grenades 50/50 Mexican military or Central America. The sidearms probably US. That Marlin lever action was probably stolen from a ranch in Texas.

  29. It's silly to try and deflect the claim that these came from the US market by saying that South/Central American sources make more sense. The Zetas is one gang in a patchwork of gangs throughout Mexico. They only control so much territory, and they only have so many routes of import available to them. There is no NAFTA among drug cartels. Being that they are a borderland gang, going to the US is perhaps the only route they have for importing weapons.

    Also, these gangs have no issue with cash flow. Having enough US bills on hand is the least of their problems. And, as another poster already stated, why would they buy some M16 or AK47 that's been sitting in cellar in a Nicarguan jungle for 10 years, when you can buy new arms with the mountains of cash you have. So what if they're semi-auto?

  30. I was going to state that the AR-15's in the pile were from the US, but couldn't pin down if they were M16A2's or commercial weapons. The only thing I had to go on was the buttstock, but good catch on the US legal barrel.

    SOCOM would never catch the drug lords, despite all the credit we give them. I mean, look at how long it took to grab Escobar. Look at all the issues we have trying to grab HVTs in Iraq and Afghanistan. And then we'll be in Mexico and I imagine half of the Mexicans in the US will celebrate that the narcos are being put down and the other half will call it American imperialism. It'd be chaos to say the least...

  31. The bigger picture is this. In order for the Bilderberg Group to use its major political puppets to help usher in the N.W.O. ALL sovereign nations must be eventually, stripped of or coerced , by any means necessary, into surrendering of its sovereignty. To the point that each believes it has NEEDFULLY and WILLINGLY ASKED for a world leader.
    An ENTIRE world order cannot be achieved otherwise.
    As far as they are concerned, population decreases are as welcome as can be. The SICK, EGOMANIAC, SATAN SERVING JERKS!

  32. The war between the cartels right now, as anyone knows, is over the entry points into the U.S. for the drug runners. It boils down to needing more entry points, and the territory is much more important than the lives it costs to obtain it. So, my point being, if it is U.S. weapons dealers that is selling the weapons they are using to kill each other off, then, by all means, let's help them out. They sure don't have any qualms about the families in the U.S. that are burying their children because of the drugs they are bringing into the country.

  33. to be completely realistic are you going to stop cartels? legalizing drugs? i dont think so. they are billion dollar organizations not some petty "gang" from mexico. and drugs are not there only source of income trafficking, human smuggling, kidnapping, murder for hire. you take away drugs they step up everything else to fill the void. live in chicago? denver? best believe cartels already have sleeper cells and enforcement all over your cities. look what happened when they took down escobar, it created a power vacuum in all of south america and gave way for mexican cartels to take over. you take down top cartel members and it starts bloody power vacuums in which other members of the cartel vie for power while other cartels try to take advantage of the weakness and start a war to take over smuggling routes. if guns arent coming from the US, they will come from somewhere else in larger bulk for much cheaper. its almost sad to say leave the cartels be but when they have infiltrated the highest ranks of the mexican government much hope is there, really?

  34. The US Govt. sells military weapons to Mexico and then the corrupt Mexicans sell them to the cartels.

  35. For those who say that most of these weapon came from the US do not know what they are talking about.

    Most weapons are sold to them by corrupt mexican gov, or stolen from gov organizations. Some might come from straw purchases but not the majority.

  36. @ the anounymous genius who posted the news link about the man selling a 37mm "grenade launcher"...

    That is a legal 37mm flare launcher, not a real 40mm grenade launcher, big differance there.

    40mm grenade launchers are controlled by the NFA, they are not availible from the average gunshow or dealer. You have to got to special Class III dealers for them. They are not being bought by straw purchase and moved over the border.

  37. They aren't buying those machine guns, RPG's, and hand grenades at gun dealers in the US. They are very highly regulated and even if they could do you really think they're paying the $200 NFA tax on a $30 grenade when they can buy surplus for pennies to the dollar else where? I don't think so, they may be getting ammunition for hand guns and rifles, maybe even .50 cal ammo but not anything that falls under the NFA which includes machine guns, and destructive devices.

  38. Pfff lets get an RPG 7 at walmart....

  39. If most of these guns are being trafficked from the United States, which Cabela's is selling those hand grenades, M203, and GP30 (Grenade Launcher) grenades, and RPG 7 anti-tank rockets? I could use some for deer hunting!

    Stupid Liberals want to curb an American Constitutional right to help another country with their weapon problems, when the majority of weapons in the Cartel's hands aren't from the US at all.

  40. To @3:12

    You said:

    "@2:47 Maybe you need to CHECK AGAIN before responding to stupid comments. But please don't bother looking in the classified ads!"

    Maybe it is you (and the NJ State Police) that need to check again. A "37mm projectile launcher" is also know as a Flare Gun.

  41. What a riot. Anonymous posted on May 12, 2010, at 6:03 AM: "I bet most of those weapons were sold to these narco-terrorists by US gun dealers... Please stop gun trafficking!"

    Of course he or she posted anonymously, because this pantie-wetter would lost the bet.

    U.S. gun dealers don't sell RPGs or hand grenades. Full-auto M16s go for around $15,000 each, and much paperwork and registration is required.

    Anyone who really thinks these guns were purchased from a dealer in the U.S. is totally clueless.

  42. Some people want to live with their eyes shut and they seem to get pleasure from their own denial. A dealer is a dealer.

    They say that for every cockroach you see, there are dozens you can't see.

    Here are a couple you may have missed:

    But to me, you see one you've seen them all.

  43. How about this one?

  44. Did you see the picture of 20 million in cash in a room? These cartels have enough cash on hand to buy anything or anybody - and that which cannot be bought, they can buy some to destroy. Legalizing the light stuff may not fix the problem, but would take some of the trade out of criminal hands. But then keeping it criminal plays into the hands of the law-enforcement/industrial complex here and there.

  45. where in the hell can we find RPGs and automatic weapons in that amount here in the good old USofA?

  46. I don't think that we should be focusing on those weapons, that look like they mostly came from south America, especially the 203 round, RPG-7 and especially the M16A2 with 203 grenade launcher. But issue is the money. Where dose is go and what banks r helping the narcos launder the money. I think shutting down those gangster banker, that r most like American bankers is the real solution to this issue. Unfortunately those bankers are protected by the US government.


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