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Friday, May 28, 2010

Commando Attacks Mid School Students in Reynosa from Helicopter

Unidentified individuals opened fire from a helicopter on students and teachers of a Mid School that resulted in the injury of a student, Daniela Oyervidez, 13 years of age.

Students from the school told the media that around four in the afternoon last Tuesday they were in break a period at which time they saw a green and black helicopter flying low over the campus. As the helicopter flew over them, people aboard suddenly opened fire.

"It started with one gunshot, then it was four rapid shots and that is when they hit Daniela", said one student.

According to other witnesses, the gunshots were apparently were taken without seeking a specific target. The attack caused panic among students and teachers who were in school, located on Avenida Acapulco, in the community of San Ricardo.

Daniela Oyervidez, the student injured by one of the bullets, was hit on the thigh of the right leg and was subsequently taken to a hospital for medical treatment.

Meanwhile, for some unknown reason the "Information Service of the Government" of Tamaulipas has stopped providing reports to the public of incidents in the state since May 25.

Resource: Proceso


  1. well after forwarding this to krgv 5 news i was told that this can not be confirmed.
    that they"krgv" have a policy of not using anything off the internet. i finished up the conversation asking them "krgv" to please try and confirm this story and run it.
    I personally have great faith in what i have read here at borderlandbeat. I bet if this was the 1930's and 40's and people had cell phones with twitter, photo and video capabilities in Germany that all reports of concentration camps and atrocities committed would be discredited as hearsay.

  2. Where are all the cell phone and twitter reports about this event? What is the source for the information? How many sources were there? Help me to confirm what is alleged.

  3. I live there, it did happen, it's just the local media does not reported so the people don't hear about it!!!

    Borderland Beat posted the source with a link to the story. Proceso, a national newspaper, it was also on Mileno another national newspaper.

    You are not another person who does not want the news to get out and living with your head in the sand are you?

    If you are really concern abour confirming the incident, get off your ass do a little research on the internet, you you will find plenty of info about it.

    the question is better who are these "commando?"

  4. That is funny you would say that, Valley Central ran the story yesterday morning:

  5. Here is a source, stating that the commandos where mexican army and they were shooting at a convoy of narcos.

  6. The Monitor ran this story, but there is no mention of a helicopter.

  7. One witness cant say if it was an airplane or a helicopter, but he is sure that it was armed and shooting
    WTF ?

  8. valleycentral did cover this, but valleycentral is still crap.

  9. The term "commando" as used in the context of drug violence within Mexico refers to "a group or squad of heavily armed individuals"


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