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Sunday, April 18, 2010

"ZetaCapo" executed, Marin, NL

An anonymous call to the authorities, warned of an executed man. Upon arrival, authorities found a deceased corpse of a man, who showed the "Cartels" favorite trademarks; tied hands, tape and signs of torture. Body was found on the intersection of Porfirio Diaz and Leandro de la Garza.

At first, "Policia Estatal de Caminos" had a hard time trying to find the body, or so they say. The deceased body of a man wearing an open white button shirt, blue jeans and boots, was found in an abandoned house.

Upon questioning from our honorable policemen, neighbors reported that the house had been abandoned for atleast 4 months, but upon further investigation and due to the fact that fresh food and toys where found, they came to the conclusion that the house was in use.

After further investigations, the body of the man that was believed to be in his 30s, was said to belong to that of "El Rafa", a high ranking Zeta Capo who ran the Plaza in Marin, NL. At the time of discovery, the man had been dead for no longer than 5 hours.

Officers also found a "NarcoMensaje" (I'm sorry, I think that putting Narco infront of everything is pretty stupid, but hey, I'll break my routine, and go with the flow this time!!) that read "Esto les pasa por Zs, y por andar con la raza, asi les va a pasar a todos. Atte. Fusion de Carteles, along with a happy face.

Ok, now let's analyze the facts.. "Zeta" murdered.. Nothing new, right? Wrong..

"El Rafa" was not just any "Zeta", according to sources, "El Rafa" was a very close friend to "Lazcano" current leader of The Zetas. The man was tortured.. Huge bruises where found in his abdomen, along with his face taped.. Now what can this mean? Ok, let's paint the worst case scenario here.. The house he was found in.. Odds are that it was not a CDG hideout..

They left his dead corpse in his own house.. Now if the house was being used, chances are it was his own house.. Now within the last weeks, Nuevo Leon has been a battlefield, so it would be understandable that this man, "Jefe" de la Plaza, would be in hideout.. Don't you think? Ok, going back to the worst case scenario, what if his family was present.. Wouldn't you break? I think if this man had vital information about "Los Zetas", the CDG just got educated on it.

Only time will tell if this murder was of any importance to this war..

Here reporting for BorderLandBeat", RiseMakaveli -


  1. hahaha o wow marin nuevo leon :D

    that is one damn small town, how are they not going to know whos the leader there...

    anyways good, thats what this cancer needs, an extermination

  2. it wasent him .........mexican news cast got it wrong but didint want to go back and say it wasent him this was a foot soldier


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