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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Questions of Impotence in Creel

Questions of Impotence in Creel following the latest executions.
Creel, Chihuahua - Creel Residents expressed their repudiation of the way a convoy of gunmen arrived to town in plain daylight hours and also question how it's possible for the police authority station in the area not to be able to see the caravan of 16 trucks that arrived to execute seven people with no regards that some of victims were young girls or women. This was the exact same scenario that was played out in the massacre of 13 people in Creel in August 16, 2008,

For his part, Father Javier Avila Aguirre lamented about the residents of the area saying they need to prepare and to get used to the violence, He was unwilling to elaborate further on the subject but said that he talked with some residents of Creel and that the incident happened so fast that it has not yet sink in.

On that dreadful day that the sicarios planted fear among anyone they came in contact in the usually busy main street in Creel, no one dared to ventured out of their homes, not to mention the tourists industry that despite it was a public holiday, they were nowhere to be seen. With a tinge of sadness in his voice, "El Padre Pato" pointed out that everything is forgotten almost immediately as life has to go on.

After the bloody events of that early morning, residents of San Juanito and Creel continue with their lives. "El Padre Pato" said that despite what happened, everyone has to continue with their normal lives, going to school, working, shopping, and perhaps the town will be again calm and feel just a bit safer.

Why didn't any of the  active checkpoints operating in the outskirts of the towns stop them? Where was the Cipol who are stationed in the area? These are the questions locals from San Juanito are asking, but they still declined to give their name for obvious reasons. The entire town could hear the burst of gunfire from the gunmen for at least 10 minutes while they were executing people. The 10 minutes of loud gunfire echoing in the walls of Creel seem to last an eternity, but no police authority came to the aid of the victims who were being mowed down. This is part of the suspicious reality that is prevalent in the community.

Meanwhile the injured survivors of the massacre remain fearful in a hospital in Cuauhtémoc because there was a rumor circulating in the city that a commando wanted to abduct or finish off the rest of the wounded, said the mayor of the city, Gerardo Hernández Arzaga.

At times there was fear among the staff of the hospital where the survivors were receiving medical care and where there has already been one execution. At this point this is just a rumor, said the mayor and fortunately we have not had any recent violent acts in the clinic.

It was finally decided for security reasons that in such cases where patients of gunshot wounds were brought in, such as the ones from Creel, would be transported to the hospital in the state capital where they have the adequate security in their hospital.


  1. does anyone know why they targeted this group of people. Revenge

  2. This is not the only town targeted. Others that come to mind are camargo and comales. If you google maps and look at the stratigic locations of the towns being attacked it looks to me like they "the cartels" are setting up smuggling routes that have USA towns with small populations therefore small police presence. Other factors may also be at play here so lets see what others think.

  3. I can not believe this is happening the authorities must do something people can not be living under fear. This is ridiculous that the drug cartels rule the villages of Mexico doesn't the government feel bad for the people who lives in those places. COME ON Calderon didn't you promise to end this horrible situation that Mexico is experiencing. Mexico wants peace not war.

  4. Mexico has been in a severe deficit since the clinton administration. They cannot afford to fund a soilid protection of citizens from cartels. It seems as tho the cartels are the ones allowing the mex gov to exist. for now.


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