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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wife of "El H" Abducted and Set Free

Hermosillo, Sonora - At around past six last Monday Mrs. Clara Elena Laborín Archuleta,supposed wife of Capo Hector Beltran Leyva, known as "El Hache," was left on the sidewalk of the streets of De la Reforma and Luis Donaldo Colosio, right next to the University of Sonora, with her hands and feet tied and her head wrapped with a piece of cloth up to her nose.

A white cardboard was left on top of her with a narco message, she had been left by unknown sicarios driving a gray sedan.

It is said the men fled the scene at a high rate of speed on the street De la Reforma while shooting several shots, but police authorities at the scene were unable to find any spent casings.

On April 23, 2010 Mrs. Laborín Archuleta had been abducted (levanton) at her residence outside the streets of Del Paseo and Juan Navarrete, in the community of La Alameda, not far from the headquarters of the Sonora State Preventive Police.

A group of men armed with large caliber weapons AK-47 (cuernos de chivo) and AR-15 arrived at Laborín Archuleta's residence in two cars, both Chevrolet Malibu, one was gold and the other white. They had been following a 2009 black Toyota Tundra that was driven by a female identified as Rebecca, 46, who was in company of her two small daughters.

At that time the female was being escorted by at least three armed guards apparently belonging to a police agency that were taken in to custody by an agent of the Attorney General of the State for questioning.

Immediately after arriving at the luxurious residence, the sicarios violently abducted Laborín Archuleta who was hit numerous times but was not seriously injured.

Also at that time was it was learned that the Toyota driven by Laborín Archuleta was registered to Alan Pérez Gutiérrez who resides in the border of Agua Prieta.

The message on the card.

This was the message left on the cardboard: "We are going to teach you how to be a man and to respect family, murderer of children. Here is your wife, which you refused to answer for. I hand her back to you healthy and safe so you can see and learn that for us family is sacred. We do not kill women or children, we are only going after `El Hache´ y `El Dos Mil,´ as well as several police officers working for Hector Beltran Leyva and Francisco Hernandez Garcia."

According to police authorities Héctor Beltrán Leyva, known as “El H” took control and leadership role of drug cartel that had been led by his brother Arturo "El Barbas", who was killed by members of the Mexican Marines in Cuernavaca, of the state of Morelos. His other brother, Carlos, who was responsible for running the finance of the drug cartel was arrested as has been the infamous Alfredo, better known as "El Mochomo."

Meanwhile Francisco Hernández García alias “El Panchío” or “El Dos Mil” is capo of one of the cells in Sonora and has caused a lot of violence, especially against different police agencies that have supposedly have connections to rival criminal groups.


  1. I think it weird how even though the sinaloa cartel said the would go for el H and el dos mil none of them have yet to be killed.

  2. Viva Beltran leyva!!!


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