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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Slaughter Continues in Juarez

Despite the fact that President Felipe Calderon has sent over 5,000 federal police officers to Ciudad Juarez, the violence continues at a record pace. At least 15 people have been killed within the last 24 hours, among the dead are six teenagers, in various violent acts in Ciudad Juarez which borders the United States.

It seems like the more federal police they send, violence just increases, nothing changes in this criminally torn city. People continue to be executed at all hours of the day in Juarez, and we see some of the low level sicarios get arrested, but what we don’t see is the arrest of the heavy weights, they remain immune.

Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua - Shortly after four o'clock in the morning 8 people that were in the bar "Aristos" located on Avenida Vicente Guerrero and Honduras in the community of El Barreal in Ciudad Juarez were shot dead.

Gunmen (sicarios) entered into the bar and took the eight people into the back yard where they were then placed against a wall and executed. The sicarios then walked next to each body and shot each one of them point blank on the head "coup de grace or tiro de gracia" style.

Authorities have mounted a huge police deployment throughout the city in search of those responsible, unofficially it is said that several people were injured and taken to different hospitals in the city.

Police found 12 spent casings and a 1990 Chevrolet Blazer, which apparently belong to the people massacred, said Arturo Sandoval, spokesman for Chihuahua state police.

Several customers and employees were apparently traumatized and were terrified after witnessing the bloody massacre.

The victims were identified as Francisco Pérez Álvarez 22, Miguel Ezquiel Morales Barrientos 40, Mario Alberto Morales Flores 22, Hugo Rodolfo Trejo Guerrero 17, Jesús Arturo Morales Barrientos 31 and César Alejandro Lares Lares 19.

 One thing that needs to be investigated is why the bar gave access to minors in the bar at these late hours of operation as neighbors said that the bar would sometimes remain open until five in the morning.

It was unofficially reported that the victim might be possible members of the street gang Aztecas, as most of the bodies had tattoos depicting the gang's symbols, but this information has not been confirmed by authorities. According to media reports, the dead were apparently members of the Los Aztecas gang, with ties to the Juarez drug cartel. Later in the day the Mayor of Juarez, José Reyes Ferriz, said that it's possible that some of the victims might have ties to criminal activity.

The execute three in front of a school.

This morning there was another bloody event when two men and one woman were executed right in front of a public school in the community of Bellavista. Small children were being paicked up at the school during the shooting, that caused parents to run with their children in hand in panic for cover and protecion.

The exact place where these people were cruelly executed is located at the intersection of María Martínez and Oro. The victims were inside a sand colored Cadillac with New Mexico license plates and ended up in the middle the street.

The victims were identified as José Ángel Torres Ávila 30, Ivan Gabriel Rodríguez Torres 30 and Ana Lourdes Sánchez 31.

Other violent acts

Four men were shot this afternoon outside a convenience store located on Cuatro Siglos and Arizona street.

The dead bodies were inside a 1998 green Cavalier car without license plates in the parking lot of the convenience store. The victims were identified as Cristian Iván Orosco Sapién 19, Pedro Efraín Soteno Fierro 18, Manuel Isaac Torres Magallanes 19 and a male not yet identified that was at aproximately 18 to 20 years old.

It was learned that the age of victims varies between 18 and 30, and two of them are students UACJ.
Gunmen fired 16 rounds in an attack at 2:45 p.m. in which three men were killed outside the Smart supermarket on Boulevard Zaragoza and Durango street, said Vladimir Tuexi, spokesman for the Chihuahua state attorney general's office.

A 17-year-old boy was also shot and wounded and taken to a hospital. The slain men had not been identified, but authorities said they appeared to be between 18 and 30 years old. Two of the victims died in the driver and passenger seats of a car.

Around 5 p.m., a man, identified as Marín Orosco, 36, was shot and killed in the parking lot of Plaza Juárez mall on Avenida Tecnológico, officials said.

State police on Tuesday identified five men killed in a shooting at a house on Monday night in colonia Infonavit Casas Grandes.

Heavily armed gunmen fired 45 shots at the home, killing three men inside a garage.

One man died while being driven in a truck to a hospital. Another man died at a hospital. One person was wounded and hospitalized.

The dead were identified as Arturo Méndez Valenzuela, 30; Ronald Piña López, 30; Edgar Jesús Tafoya, 30; José Jerónimo Garibay Romo, 34; and Manuel Alonso Ramírez, 35.

In other news, a Juárez police officer shot and killed a robbery suspect at a Oxxo convenience store late Monday night on Avenida Manuel Talamas Camandari.

City police officials said the man was shot while he was robbing the store after he pointed a handgun at the undercover officer who had ordered him to drop the gun. The man has not been identified.


  1. its very bad that this happen because one of them were my cousin he name was hugo rodolfo trejo guerrero and if i go to juarez im going to look foir the people that killed him am going to kill there familly who was ever responsible for his death. az

  2. That's the kind of reaction that keeps this going and perpetuates murder. "I'm going to kill their family"? Honestly? Their family will come looking for you, and yours for theirs, and somewhere along the way some child on the street will get caught in the head with a bullet for an act of blind anger. There is no more to be said.


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