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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sedena Identifies the Heads of Los Zetas

The Ministry of National Defense identified the main leaders of the criminal group Los Zetas who are operating in some municipalities of Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas, and who are identified as responsible for the killing of soldiers, as well as entire families.

These sicario leaders operate in the municipalities of Mier, Miguel Alemán, Camargo, San Fernando, Ciudad Mante and Ciudad Victoria, all these located in the state of Tamaulipas. While in Nuevo Leon they identified the ringleaders in municipalities of China, Cadereyta, Cerralvo and General Bravo.

This week the Army discovered a clandestine grave in the village of Comales municipality of Camargo containing the bodies of men, women and children, all killed by the Zetas.

The authorities managed to find the location of this narco-grave through interrogation of detainees that belonged to the criminal group Los Zetas, who pointed out that the acts of these massacres were ordered by the following commanders; Juan Vera Ovando “El Colmillo” an army deserter, Noé Minez “El Tigre” and Juan Pedro Saldívar Farías “El 27” or “El Orejón,” who are responsible for the Plaza of Camargo and Comales.

Also the people of Camargo are constantly targeted by this criminal group who set fires to a number of shops and private homes on the direct orders from José Alberto González Chanate “El Paisa” or “El Paisano” who is in charge of managing the northern part of Tamaulipas. Also running operations here is Miguel Ángel Treviño Morales “Z-40” second in command of the Zetas and works under Heriberto Lazcano Lazacano “El Lazca”, “Z-14” or “El Licenciado”.

The military authorities have identified an individual nicknamed “El Mostachón” as the boss of the plaza in Nuevo Laredo, while in Miguel Alemán and Ciudad Mier there is a man leading criminal activities who is said to be from Reynosa and goes by the name “El Karate.”

In the villages of La Misión, Comales and Santa Gertrudis in the municipaly of Camargo, the group of Los Zetas is commanded by a person nicknamed “La Estrella,” while “El Puchini” and “La Ardilla” are responsible for the Plaza of San Fernando, Tamaulipas.

With respect to Nuevo León, the Ministry of Defense identified a man known as "El Chaparro" as heading activities in the plaza in the municipality of China, while Matías "El Conejo I" and Beto "El Conejo II" ( both brothers) are responsible for the town of Guardias in that same municipality.

In the town of Cadereyta, Nuevo Leon, "El Talibán" or "El 50" is in charge of the plaza.

The Zetas were described as birds of prey for looting and robbing grocery stores, gas stations, convenience stores and restaurants, and to charge fees (cuotas or piso) to shopkeepers and street vendors, under the threat of murder, along with their families, unless of course they pay.

These people are also cited as responsible in the mass killing of cattle and robbing ranches along the border.

They are also responsible for trafficking in drugs on the American side and smuggling weapons from the U.S. in to Mexico. They are known to conduct extortions by telephone and kidnapping.

In order to commit their illicit acts they steal late model trucks or SUV's from individuals or businesses, as was the case with the company of Schulemberg and Ticsa where they stole 30 trucks, as well as the Chevrolet dealership in Miguel Alemán where they stole more than 10 vehicles.


  1. All this is happening just the other side of the US Mexican border. I guarantee that some of these zetas have been across the border to visit contacts on our side of the river. This mass grave of men women and children is just the tip of the iceberg.

  2. wait, you mentioned several nuevo leon (municipios) or (countys) what about cerralvo nuevo leon, thats a main city too, and hell i know there are bigger capos there than in china nuevo leon..and i belive the cerralvo and china capos had a fued over who would control los aldamas, los herreras nuevo leon (countys)...and also they just menton the conejo brothers and el chaparro from china,, boy theres alot more heavier dudes from that town...why mentioned the wackiest ones? sedena is full of shit.. i rather believe the word from the street than, the sedena or any media....

    zetas have cells in houston and other parts of texas and the U.S, so does the rest of the cartels, just that here in the US they operate with out attracting heat,

    the truth is i hate all the damn cartels. they are alll the same pile of SH IT

  3. this article feels planted, i mean there is a 100% blame cast on the Zetas for everything from killing cattle to burning businesses and it identifies all of the zeta plaza commanders, looks like the CDG found themselves a press agent

  4. We report on both sides Sherlock! I don't take sides, it is what it is!

  5. Rio Grande City Texas and Roma Texas along with Mission Texas are all Zeta towns in the Texas border. Most people living there have relatives living on the other side of the river hence are force to cooperate with Zetas.

  6. zetas are in piedras negras coahuila


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