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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Cartel's Arsenal

Mexican Drug Cartels Armed to the Hilt.

Today I did a telephone interview with a national US media outlet about the weapons in Mexico. People in the U.S. seem to underestimate the weapons these cartels pack. They are usually well equipped and trained. The Juarez cartel has been using street gangs to do their bad deed, but in general the sicarios (hired assassins) are armed to the teeth. Here is an example of one seizure of weapons in TJ.
The cartels usually prefer the AK-47 (Europe and China), but for them it's easier to get the AR-15 (U.S.), and seems to be common among the cartel. Very rare do you see them with revolvers as handguns, usually they are semi autos. Some of the ammo is the kind that will penetrate almost anything, including body armor.
They love their grenades.

The AK-47 is the preferred weapon of choice.

The semi auto handguns, along with the, very popular among law enforcement, Glock.

The Capos have their favorite, usually the Colt .45

But they don't limit themselves, any semi auto will do and they are all lethal.

Sometimes the Capos will decorate their favorite weapons.

Or plate them in gold.

They will get weapons that can do some damage, in a massive way.

Many times they are better equipped than the police or even the military.

And if that is not enough, they will pull out the explosive devices.

Recently there has been a lot of debate as to where they get their weapons, most of the Ak-47 are probably not from the U.S., but the U.S  is still the easiest way to get their weapons. They say drugs go north, while the money and weapons go south.

Their arsenal of weapons can be impressive, something not seen in the US crime, yet.

On the day Mexican authorities arrested drug cartel leader Jaime "El Hummer" Gonzalez Duran, they also seized the largest arsenal of weapons in one day.

And the damage can be devastating; no bullet proof vest in the world can protect you from this fire power. Their victims don’t stand a chance.


  1. Be interesting to see what's said when some of
    the "missing" Stinger, ground to air, missiles
    start showing up. There's about 500 of those un-
    accounted for from Sandanista days. The batteries are still working. Don't see many of
    those at Texas gun shows or RPGs. "Right to carry" doesn't include those items.

  2. Cartels in the border have teenagers running the guns for them. They go to neighbor cities and purchase this guns, scratch the serials, and cross them through the border.
    The Zetas have a huge house in Matamoros with guns lying around all over the place. All kinds of guns too. As far as I know this guys do runs every like 2 days for them.

  3. I thought the FARC in Columbia sold a lot of AKs to the cartels? The FARC gets them from Hugo Chavez and/or other sympathetic sources and they sell the cocaine and the AKs to the cartels.

  4. I wonder if this weapons are gonna start getting bigger

  5. It must be a warm cuddly feeling to live in a country that has strict gun control like Mexico. Ha Ha LOL. It is their bed let them lay in it, after all they made it. But in the mean while "WAKE UP AMERICA", IT CAN HAPPEN HERE ALSO. NO GUN CONTROL PLEASE. H. Dale Jennings

  6. one thing for sure, plenty of weapons to go around to the law enforcement, shootem up boys and girls

  7. clearly these pictures were not enough for u. And yes this can happen in our beautiful country. this is not a matter of whom made a bed etc. its bad government. our economy is already suffering. just imagine if this carried over. the us has been selling them weapons so careful about what we as Americans say.


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