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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Terror in Creel

Creel, Chihuahua - An armed commando aboard about 16 vehicles took control by assault the towns of San Juanito and Creel, both are mountain communities of Boycona, where sicarios executed seven people and wounded six more, according to the Attorney General of the State (PGJE).

It was early morning when the gunmen raised terror in both towns about 15 kilometers away, firing from their vehicles left and right as they pursued their victims, residents said. Several said they heard the horrifying gunfire.

A police report detailed the sequence of events stating that at the stroke of 5:00 pm on Monday, the convoy broke the silence of San Juanito while chasing the men on at least two vehicles. On the road toward the community of Creel they were able to catch up to the victims and there they sprayed them with gunfire. Luis Manuel Solís Bustillos, Paúl Ramiro Solís Rascón and José Luis Beltrán were killed on the spot.

The sicarios then proceeded to Creel, where they abducted four people, who were later found executed on the highway to Creel-Arareco. Of the four dead they were able to only identify one person by the name of Emilio Hernández Torres, 22, originally from Batopilas.

In Creel, the sicarios shot up a house that injured four women, one of 12 years old, and two men. One of the girls was shot in the head, and is described to be in the brink of death, said spokeswoman for the PGJE, Alexa Lara.

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